Accommodation at Tso Moriri


Tso Moriri is one of the two gems of a basin of Ladakh; added getting Pangong Tso. This basin is a arresting adorableness in itself; its abysmal dejected presenting a barbecue for the eyes; beneath the dejected of a abuse chargeless sky; amidst by blooming fields; and adjoin the majestic blah of surrounding arid hills. It is one abode which in my assessment accept to acquisition abode in itineraries of every being visiting Ladakh. In this article, I will accommodate some advice on choices of adaptation at Tso Moriri; and at places forth the route. The acumen why I mentioned avenue as able-bodied is because there are altered anchorage that you can yield to get to Tso Moriri; data on which I will added explain in this article.

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There are three altered routes that you can yield to ability Tso Moriri. Aboriginal one is from Leh to Karzok via Chumathang. Additional one is from Leh via Tso Kar and Added Plains. The third avenue is via Pangong and Chushul.

First route:

Leh – Upshi – Chumathang – Mahe – Sumdo – Karzok (Tso Moriri)

Second route:

Leh – Upshi – Rumtse – Tanglang La – Debring – Tso Kar – Polo Kongka La – Sumdo – Karzok

Third route:

Leh – Pangong Tso – Chushul – Mahe – Sumdo – Karzok


Traveling by the aboriginal route, you can calmly ability Karzok from Leh in 6-7 hours and can aswell accomplish it a day trip; extensive Leh aback by evening. By the additional route, it will yield you about 7-8 hours and is best to break at Karzok for the night; abiding to Leh the next day.

Third avenue is the longest and it is best to do it in 4 days. Ability Pangong from Leh on day 1, go to Hanle on Day 2, ability Karzok on third and acknowledgment to Leh on fourth day.

Please agenda that Inner Line Admittance is appropriate in adjustment to appointment Tso Moriri. This admittance can either be activated for online or you can get it in being from DM appointment Leh. Amuse apprehend through the commodity beneath for added data on how you can annex the admittance and what the accompanying accuse are.

Tso Moriri and its adjacent areas are at one of the accomplished altitudes in Ladakh; appropriately authoritative it one of the places area you are a lot of acceptable to ache from top ambit sickness. It is best to awning Tso Moriri in your beat afterwards you accept spent a few canicule in Ladakh; or accept visited areas like Nubra basin first. Some humans try to awning Tso Moriri while traveling on their way to Leh from Manali. I would acerb admonish adjoin attempting so. Aboriginal acumen is of Inner Line Admittance for which you will anyways accept to go to Leh first. If somehow you managed to get the permits beforehand; afore you started for Leh; you will ache AMS during your break at Karzok.

For added data on what astute abundance affection is, what is affection are and how you can accouterment it better, amuse apprehend How to Handle Astute Abundance Affection in Ladakh.

Accommodation at Tso Moriri Lake

Below are data on adaptation choices at Karzok, the apple amid appropriate next to Tso Moriri lake. I will added accommodate advice on break options en avenue in the article.

Hotels at Tso Moriri

Karzok is a actual baby apple and there are no big adequate hotels here. The best of break is appealing abundant bound to a scattering of bedfellow houses, affected sites as paying guest. Auberge Tso Moriri and Basin Appearance Auberge are two acceptable hotels in Karzok.

Guest Abode Abreast Tso Moriri

A bedfellow abode is your best of break for accommodation. Admitting not luxurious, they are all actual comfortable, accurate and spacious. Prices too will not be that abrupt and you can calmly get a bedfellow abode amid Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1500. Basin appearance Bedfellow Gouse, Mentok Bedfellow Abode and Crane Bedfellow Abode are three that I accept heard acceptable acknowledgment on.

Tso Moriri Homestay

A homestay at Tso Moriri is best for airedale and amount able stay. There are assorted options accessible and you can calmly administer to break for the night for amid Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 including meals. Goose Homestay is apparently the one that I accept accustomed the a lot of absolute acknowledgment on. Absolutely a abundant abode to stay.


Camp Sites at Tso Moriri

There are a few affected sites at Karzok area you may chose to break at; but it is not a abundant advantage if aural budget. Tso Moriri Affected and Resort, Nomadic Life Camp, The Norling Affected and Golden Mark camps are to name a few. There accuse about may be out of account for a lot of humans but arrangement harder and these humans tend to carve down hardly from what they originally quotes.

Self Camping at Tso Moriri

If you are accustomed your own accessory again yes, you can absolutely affected at Tso Moriri. However, do accumulate in apperception that Tso Moriri avalanche beneath wetland reserve; which agency that camping too abutting to the basin or at its banks is banned by the law. You accept to affected at a distance. Bigger way about this would be to allege to a bounded villager; or an absolute affected site; and pay them off to accord you a acceptable atom to affected at. In barter for the money; afar from the camping spot, they will aswell let you use their washrooms which is a abundant option. Yield a attending at the commodity beneath for a few added tips on cocky camping in Ladakh.

Please yield a attending at the commodity beneath for acquaintance advice of the hotels/guest houses I mentioned above; and some advice on some added adaptation choices as well.

The aloft was in agreement of blockage at the Karzok. Mentioned beneath is advice on adaptation accessible on the three altered routes arch to the lake.

Leh to Karzok Direct Avenue via Chumathang

If you are demography the Karu, Upshi, Kumdok, Chumathang, Kere avenue to ability Karzok, again the endure accessible auberge is be at Upshi and again at Chumathang. There is just one actual basal auberge at Chumathang. About extensive Karzok in a day from Leh is actual easy. If you started early, you can calmly be at Karzok way afore dusk appropriately there is absolutely no point in breaking the adventure in between. If you about would like to break on the way, again Chumathang is a abundant choice. It goes by the name of Hot Bounce Resort; and as the name suggests, there is a hot baptize bounce abreast the hotel.

Tso Kar to Tso Moriri

If you are visiting Karzok while traveling to Leh or advancing from Leh via Tanglang La and Moore plains; the endure adaptation accessible would be at Tso Kar in anatomy of a Chadar tent. There is addition Chadar covering at the bifurcation area you yield the about-face appear Tso Kar but it’s not permanent. Affairs are that you may acquisition it there and you may not. Once you accept beyond Tso Kar, there are no added hotels, bedfellow houses or tents until Karzok.

Pangong Tso to Tso Moriri

If you are continuing to Tso Moriri from Pangong via Changthang valley, again you charge at atomic 2 canicule to complete this journey. Even admitting I accept done it in one day it is not at all advised. You will be tired, exhausted, will accept to ride continuously with actual few break and affairs are that you will end up benumbed even afterwards aphotic which can be actual alarming as there are no anchorage in this region, just unpaved clay tracks.

Accommodation is accessible alone at Chushul and Hanle on the way in anatomy of paying-guests; and one bedfellow abode in Hanle by the name of Sonam Bedfellow Abode (also alleged Padma Homestay). An ideal way to complete this adventure would be to ability Hanle from Pangong on Day 1, absorb the night there and abide to Tso Moriri on Day 2. There is no abode to break at any added apple [Loma, Nyoma, Mahe, Sumdo] on the route. There are HPTDC bedfellow houses at these villages but it absolutely depends on your luck. You may or may not acquisition the babysitter at the bedfellow abode and he may or may not let you stay. Added advantage is to allocution to the villagers and appeal to let you break as a paying guese for the night.