ATM and Bank Facilities in Leh City


Are cyber banking casework accessible in Ladakh? Can I use my ATM or my acclaim agenda there? These are some of the questions that are apprenticed to appear to apperception if you plan a cruise to a bound abode like Ladakh. To acknowledgment the catechism in one line; yes there are banks in Ladakh but not at all places. Availability of ATM is carefully bound and you cannot absolutely use artificial money at a lot of places. In this article, I will accommodate advice area can you achievement to acquisition a coffer in Ladakh; area is an ATM avaialble and places area you will be able to bash either your debit or acclaim card.

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One of the abounding affairs you charge to accomplish while demography a alley cruise to Ladakh is befitting the banknote handy. It is not one of your approved day-tripper destinations area you will appear beyond an ATM at every corner. There was one instance if I went to Ladakh and we had to survive the absolute avenue aback until Srinagar on the banknote that we withdrew from Manali. This was several years ago and at that time there were alone two ATMs in Leh and both remained out of account during our four canicule stay; and we had to account our costs on the banknote we had in our pockets.

Fortunately for us, we did plan in a way that we withdrew abundant at Manali and the petrol pumps in Leh accustomed the debit agenda abroad we would acquire been in austere agitation and would acquire had no best but to break in Leh until the ATMs were anatomic again. This about was over a decade ago and things acquire abundantly bigger now afterwards the contempo addition in tourism here.


Banks in Leh

In all of Ladakh, Leh city-limits is the alone abode area you will acquisition a coffer and can airing into a branch. About 6-7 years ago, there were alone 2 government banks actuality but now there are several. Below is a list.

List of Banks in Leh

  • Axis Bank
  • Central Coffer of India
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • IDBI Bank
  • Jammu And Kashmir Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • State Coffer Of India
  • Syndicate Bank

Manali Leh Highway:

The endure ATM on this alley is in Manali and there is none until Leh so you got to backpack cash. If you are planning to catchbasin up ammunition in Tandi, again you got to backpack banknote for that as able-bodied because they do not acquire the accessories to acquire artificial there. Excluding the ammunition charges, a two to three day biking from Manali to Leh can calmly be managed in as little as Rs. 1000/head, depending on your expenses. There are appropriate abundant and analytic priced hotels in Keylong, tenting apartment in Jispa and Pang so your account per being can ambit anywhere from Rs. 1000 / arch to whatever your wallet is able of. About all above banks acquire branches in Manali but if you are travelling from Leh to Manali, again you will acquire to abjure banknote at Leh afore you alpha your journey.



There are several Banks in the city-limits of Leh now including SBI, PNB, Axis, HDFC and J&k Coffer and they all acquire ATM accessories so it is about absurd that you acquire adversity accepting banknote in Leh like it happened in my case. There are about no ATMs in Nubra and appear Pangong and Tso Moriri so you will acquire to backpack banknote if you arch appear these areas.

Srinagar Leh Highway:

There are ATM casework accessible in the boondocks of Kargil. SBI, HDFC and J&K Coffer acquire branches actuality but the alone botheration is of availability of banknote in the ATMs. A safer bet is to abjure banknote at Srinagar or Leh, depending on which ancillary you are travelling from, abundant to endure the absolute route. Petrol pumps in Kargil do not acquire acclaim or debit cards so you will acquire to pay up in cash.