Hotels at Pangong Lake


The aboriginal time I visited Pangong about a decade ago, it was an absolutely altered book than it is today. I and a acquaintance of abundance were the alone tourists at Pangong that day; just the two of us continuing there with not a individual active body in afterimage except for a few villagers at distance. Adaptation at Pangong Tso aback again was bound to just one government run hotel; which was consistently awful cher and appointed months in advance. The alone added best was a individual ailing maintained allowance that the villagers had put up abreast the lake. They would allegation Rs. 100 per person; accord you a absolute and a mattress to beddy-bye on the arena in that room. If they got 10 tourists, again all 10 will be sleeping on the arena in that aforementioned baby room. In added words, options were next to none.

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While award a appropriate abundant abode to break was a challenge; there was about aswell an upside to getting the alone two humans at Pangong that day. The Indian Army acclimated to acquiesce canoeing in the basin those days; in their own convoying boats of course. Aback we were the alone two tourists around, we batten to them and got a adventitious to go canoeing in one of the a lot of admirable basin in the world. An acquaintance that is no best available.

LakeBoating In Pangong Lake

Much has afflicted in endure few years anytime aback the cine “3 Idiots”was released. Now appropriate from the point area the basin starts aswell starts a alternation of Chadar tents which is afterwards followed by a never catastrophe band of affected sites all forth till Spangmik. Now adaptation at Pangong Tso is not a claiming anymore.

You neither are appropriate to book your break months in beforehand afterwards paying a ample price; nor beddy-bye on the attic of a torn allowance captivated in a attenuate absolute (this was affectionate of fun in actuality now if I anticipate about it). Now no bulk what your account is, no bulk if you arrive, no bulk how continued your break is for; you will calmly acquisition a abode to break for the night.

As a bulk of fact, it is not just the apple of Spangmik area you can break now. A little added afterwards Spangmik, aswell on the banks of Pangong Tso are the baby villages of Man and Merak. Until a few years ago, no one had any abstraction about these tiny hamlets. Humans will just access until Spangmik and be back on their way to Leh from there. In contempo years, a lot of tourists accept now started visiting Man and Merak as well; as a aftereffect of which there are adaptation choices accessible actuality too.

There are 5 options accessible in agreement of adaptation at Pangong Tso; hotel, bedfellow houses, affected sites, chadar tents and paying guests. In this commodity I will accommodate added advice on all these choices with a few names and their acquaintance information.

Please agenda that Inner Band admittance is appropriate in adjustment to appointment Pangong Tso from Leh. You can either access this admittance online or from DM appointment in Leh. Apprehend How to Access Inner Band Admittance for Ladakh for added details.

Pangong is at one of the accomplished altitudes in Ladakh and affairs are that you may ache from top ambit affection while blockage for the night here. Please apprehend How to Handle Acute Mountain Affection in Ladakh for added data on how you can accouterment AMS better.

Chances are that no bulk which arrangement you are on; your buzz will not plan while blockage at Pangong. Alone arrangement that may get a arresting actuality is BSNL or MTNL; accession about for both would be acutely poor. Please apprehend Mobile Buzz Services in Ladakh for added data on area your corpuscle may or may not work.

Pangong Tso Hotels

Hotels at Pangong Tso are a attenuate breed; in actuality there is none but one. “Pangong Affected Resort” is the alone anchored auberge at the basin and the oldest blockage option. It’s a government run hotel, maintained by JKTDC, and a appealing acceptable one too. Apartment are absolutely adequate with hot baptize provided in buckets. Aliment is the best at this auberge and the account is absolutely satisfying. Expect the bulk to alpha from at atomic Rs. 3000 / 4000 for a bifold bed allowance and across-the-board of meals. It is the adopted and apparently the best advantage to break if you are visiting with family.

Only downside about is that this auberge is appointed months in beforehand and mostly by adopted tourists. It is at a walking ambit from the basin and provides an amazing appearance of Pangong; abnormally from its roof. It is about absolutely not a best if you are on a account trip.

Are you traveling to Ladakh with your kids accompanying you? Please apprehend How to Plan a Cruise to Ladakh with Infants or Children for a few tips on affairs and precautions you accept to beam in adjustment to ensure a altercation chargeless trip.

Pangong Tso Camps

Camps at Pangong Basin are apparently the a lot of accepted adaptation choice, admitting may not be a account advantage though. It’s a archetypal affected website with a sleeping adaptation of 3 to 4 humans per tent. Expect the accuse to alpha from Rs. 1500 – Rs.2000 per getting across-the-board of meals. Usually they will acquaint you that it’s a anchored bulk but you can consistently negotiate. Endure time I visited, I was able to allocution the buyer into bisected the bulk that he initially quoted. Tents are absolutely adequate with absorbed bathroom facilities. Superior of aliment will alter with anniversary affected but mostly it is OK, neither too acceptable nor too bad. Trick is to acquisition a affected that has few or no guests at all because that getting will be added decumbent to negotiating the price.


Chadar Tents at Pangong Tso

After affected sites, Chadar tents are apparently the added a lot of accepted adaptation best at Pangong, abnormally for humans who are on a account trip. So what is a Chadar tent? It is a billet appearance huge covering with a dhaba at the foreground and alternation of bed appear the back. These are in affluence in Ladakh and absolutely accepted too mostly because they are cheap. Blockage actuality makes a lot of faculty if you apperceive that all you allegation is a bed to blast on for the night because you will be on your way in the morning. They usually allegation amid Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 per person, depending on your agreement skills, excluding meals. You just yield your baggage in and beddy-bye on the bed assigned which is absolutely adequate because the money you paid for it.

Though cheap, it is in my assessment a best alone if it is a agglomeration of guys traveling. You will pay beneath but will accomplish a huge accommodation on aloofness which is a big affair if traveling with ancestors or if you accept women in your group. Bathroom too is a big botheration with these Chadar tents. You will be accomplishing your affair at a abode that god alone knows how abounding humans accept gone to afore you.

Guest Abode at Pangong Tso

This is a abundant best of stay, both adequate and not that cher as well. The bolt about is that there is no bedfellow abode at Spangmik. If searching for a bedfellow house, again you will either accept to break at Tangtse which is about 35 kilometers from Pangong; or you will accept to drive until the apple Merak. With that getting said, the bedfellow houses at Merak are at a abundant location, appropriate next to the lake. Apartment at these bedfellow houses are absolutely ample and clean; and aliment superior is decent. Please do apperceive about that in aiguille day-tripper season, the bedfellow houses at Merak too will allegation you absolutely high; about as abundant as the affected sites.

Homestay at Pangong Lake

Staying as a paying bedfellow at Pangong Basin is accepted a part of tourists who would rather break aural anchored walls, aural budget, and would like to admix about with the locals a bit. Gongma Homestay is a name that gets talked about the a lot of in Spangmik but I accept not absolutely heard acceptable acknowledgment about it. As a bulk of fact, about every villager’s abode in Spangmik serves as a bedfellow house. You can allocution to any aborigine and they may acquiesce you a break for the night in acknowledgment of a nominal charge. Bolt is that there will be no electricity and bound hot baptize provided in buckets.

Gongma maybe is an barring but in a lot of cases, homestays are baby accurate houses with apple-pie washrooms and your hosts too are absolutely affable people. Addition affair that could be a analysis for some humans is that it is at a little ambit from the lake; acclivous in the apple of Spangmik. So if sitting at the banks of Pangong is on your mind; you wouldn’t like it about you will get an amazing mural appearance of the basin the moment you blink out of your window. If you allegation a homestay afterpiece to the basin again try active all the way until Man and Merak and allocution to the villagers there.

Self Camping at Pangong Tso

A lot of humans chose to angle their own tents; which too is a abundant best for brief break at Pangong lake. Up until a few years ago, places for cocky camping were far too abounding but these days, award a acceptable atom could be a bit of challenge. There are Chadar tents and affected sites one afterwards another, claiming those grounds, and may not let individuals set up their own gear. Best way for cocky camping would be to allocution to either of these website owners; pay them a little and in exchange, they will accord you a atom to camp. You can aswell use the washrooms for that affected website for the aforementioned bulk which is a abundant added benefit.


Accommodation at Pangong Tso

Below is a account of a few affected sites at Pangong and hotels adjacent with their corresponding acquaintance information. In case you would like to alarm and book in advance; you may do so but I would admonish adjoin it. Best would be to ability there, acquisition a abode to break that you like and is aural your account and analysis in. Booking in beforehand in a lot of cases would alone beggarly that you concluded up paying more; and got beggared of the best of blockage at a altered abode that you admired more.

Please do agenda that I accept not of beforehand backward at all the places mentioned below. These are just names and numbers that I aggregate from either if I was in Leh myself or from over the web. The affected sites area I accept mentioned Spangmik as area are the ones appropriate next to Pangong, added are in adjacent villages.

Pangong Affected Resort JKTDC :

Location: Spangmik

Phone: 0191 254 9065

Pangong Tso Kongma Resort

Location: Spangmik

Phone: 094695 30962

Camp Martsemik La

Location: Spangmik

Phone: 075030 33585

Camp Whispering Waves

Location: Spangmik

Wonderland Camp

Location: Spangmik

Phone: 094191 77723

Camp Watermark

Location: Spangmik

Pangong Delight Camp

Location: Spangmik

Phone: 095968 11649

The Kora Pangong Camp

Location: Spangmik

Phone: 094192 15066

Camp Redstart

Location: Spangmik

Phone: 094191 77245

Highland Camps

Location: Spangmik

Phone: 094198 19078

Gongma Homestay:

Location: Spangmik

Phone: 094695 34270

Peacefull Home Stay:

Location: Merak

Phone: 070511 11988

Dorjay Delbu Bedfellow House:

Location: Merak

Phone: 099069 93462

Hotel Pangong Residency:

Location: Tangtse

Phone: 094192 43495

Marzee Home Stay:

Location: Merak

Phone: 099069 93462

Peacefull Home Stay:

Location: Merak

Phone: 094692 80274

Himalayan Board Cottages:

Location: Spangmik

Phone: 09716507246

Price Range: About Rs. 4000 for a bifold bed cottage with two commons included

Yakmik Changla Bedfellow House

Location: Tangste

Price Range: Rs 1500 for a bifold bed room

Phone: 9469567990, 9469726902

Dothguling Bedfellow house

Location: Tangste

Price Range: Rs 1500 for a bifold bed room

Phone: 01981-201156, 09469726914, 09469188966

Eco Huts:

Luxury tents at Lukung village, bulk ambit amid Rs. 3000 to Rs 4000.

Contact: 09419177658, 09906981777, +91-1982-257030, 01982-253010

Location: Lukung