Hotels in Zanskar Valley


When you biking to a bound area, the aspect of “where to stay” becomes a lot of crucial. Ignore this and you may acquisition yourself continuing in the average of nowhere, in the average of the night with boilerplate to go. You accept to anxiously accede if the abode you are visiting has adaptation accessible in any anatomy and if what they action will be as per your taste. Aforementioned aphorism applies to Zanskar valley. Adaptation in Zanskar basin is absolutely not an simple affair. While there has been a audible addition in tourism in Ladakh, Zanskar still charcoal to be a abode atomic visited, a abode that alone a baby allotment of tourists traveling to Ladakh add on their itinerary. Like blow of the Ladakh, even this absolute basin consists of a scattering of villages put together. A abode breadth even the basal amenities abide to abide missing and the alone best of adaptation is in the anatomy of either government run day-tripper bungalows or actual simple bedfellow houses. Options are acutely bound and the ones accessible are actual simple, annihilation fancy. If you are planning to appointment Zanskar anytime soon, actuality is a little advice on adaptation in Zanskar and breadth can you achievement to acquisition it.

Hotels & Bedfellow Houses:

Best Deals for the Month

Bound to alone a brace of places. Padum is the alone abode breadth you will acquisition a three brilliant auberge and a brace of added appropriate abundant hotels.

Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Bungalow:

These are government run day-tripper bungalows and the best advantage to breach while visiting Suru and Zanskar valleys.

Paying Guest:

If you are accommodating and can acquisition a aborigine affectionate abundant to allure you in his home, you can pay him for aliment and adaptation in abode for a night.

Renting a allowance at the monastery: This is my favorite. Acquaintance the affairs of a abbot and hire a allowance at one of the abundant monasteries in the valley. It is already in a lifetime and one of its affectionate experience. Karsha Monastery I apperceive offers adaptation and aforementioned adjustment is accessible at Phuktal Monastery as well. You may ask about at added monasteries too while you are there.


Camp Sites:

There are a few affected sites accessible breadth you may either hire a affected or hire some amplitude to angle your own tent.

Below is a breakdown by towns / villages in Suru and Zanskar Basin and what affectionate of adaptation you can apprehend there. Aswell mentioned are names and acquaintance advice of a few hotels I am acquainted of. Please agenda that I accept not backward in all of them (cannot of course) and these are just some hotels that I am administration the names and acquaintance advice of.


Adaptation in Sankoo is accessible in the anatomy of a J&K tourism bungalow , actual basal home stays and a few bedfellow houses. It is the better and a lot of developed boondocks in Suru Valley. Alley action is acceptable until Sankoo and it won’t yield you continued to ability actuality from Kargil because of which not abounding humans breach actuality for the night. A lot of the tourists visiting Suru and Zanskar valleys stop actuality for a quick break, accept breakfast and be on their way. There is no auberge actuality as far as I know.


Panikhar too has a J&K tourism bungalow which is the best abode to breach here, if you can acquisition the babysitter to accessible it for you. Apart from this government run bungalow, alone added advantage is to allocution to the locals actuality and appeal them to accomplish align for your night breach which they acquiescently will in barter of a baby charge. A lot of the villagers in Panikhar hire out their additional or abundance allowance to travelers during day-tripper season. Please be brash admitting that you will alone be accepting a matters, blankets and an “angeethi” blazon allowance heater. There are no dhabas or restaurants accessible and your banquet will be simple home adapted aliment served by your host.


Pretty abundant the aforementioned adventure as Panikhar. You can breach at the J&K tourism bungalow in Parkachik or ask the locals for a home stay. The tourism bungalow actuality goes by the name of “Parkachik Alpine Hut” which leads humans to accept that this is a altered bedfellow abode but it is not. Meals are able at the bungalow by babysitter on request.


Rangdum has a PWD bedfellow abode and a J&K tourism bungalow as well. There is aswell a affected website actuality by the name of Nun-Kun Deluxe Affected (01982 252153 or They will adduce amount as top as Rs. 2500 per being but you can aswell just airing in there and accommodate for as low as Rs. 1000 per person, depending on your agreement skills. There are a brace dhabas (cafes) in Rangdum breadth you can stop for a cup of tea and some snacks. These cafes too action some actual basal accommodation. It is aswell a acceptable website to angle your own tent. Another abode to breach is Zanskar Express Bedfellow House. You can stop actuality for some actual simple aliment and they can aswell align a night breach in a apple home for a amount as low as Rs. 200 to Rs. 300.


Padum is the address of Zanskar Basin and appropriately the a lot of developed boondocks in the region. Actuality you can acquisition a buzz booth, internet cafe, array of restaurants, hotels, and bedfellow houses.. Mentioned beneath are names and acquaintance advice of a few hotels in Padum in case you would like to alarm and ask in advance. A lot of hotels abutting from Late October to June, except if appointed in beforehand for winter biking groups. There is aswell a camping arena in Padum, adverse Day-tripper office.

Chamling Kailash Auberge ( Located on the capital artery of Padum)

Mont-Blanc Guesthouse –

Buzz : 01983 245183. Amount can be anywhere amid Rs. 300 to Rs. 500.

Phukhthar Guesthouse –

Buzz : 01983 245226. Amount ambit abutting to Rs. 500.

Marq Guesthouse (Has Wi FI facility)

Hotel Ibex – Buzz : 01983 245214

Hotel Changthang

Gakyi Auberge – Prices abutting to Rs. 1000

Hotel Rigyal – Buzz : 094692 24500


A baby apple about 10 kms from Padum on the alley appear Hanumil. There are three bedfellow houses here, all priced abutting to Rs. 500.

Tinkuling Guesthouse

However, if you are planning to breach actuality than Karsha Monastery is the best place. You can hire a allowance at the Monastery for a actual baby charge. You may ask at added monasteries as well.



There are two baby eateries actuality with achievability of a actual basal home stay.


Adaptation is accessible alone in the anatomy of home stays.

A few added tips apropos travelling to and blockage in Suru or Zanskar valleys

  • Facilities actuality are actual basal due to the absorption of the region.
  • Electricity accumulation in the absolute breadth is bound to just a few hours in the day.
  • Room ante are appreciably bargain and you can calmly acquisition a acceptable abundant allowance for beneath than Rs. 500 (charges are usually amid Rs. 200-500) per allowance excluding food.
  • There is no active hot baptize and you may charge to pay alone for hot baptize which will be provided in buckets.
  • In case of medical emergency, alone hospital in the arena is Community Health Center in Padum. The hospital decidedly is able-bodied able because the location.
  • Padum aswell has a buzz berth from breadth you can accomplish STD / ISD calls.
  • Only coffer in Suru and Zanskar too is in Padum, a J&K coffer annex but no ATM.