Hotels on Manali Leh Highway


Accommodation on Manali Leh Artery or area can you breach for the night is one of the a lot of accepted questions that humans appraise aloft afore embarking aloft this adventuresome journey. This of beforehand is one of the foremost apropos that you allegation to pay absorption to while advancing your beat for Ladakh trip. Without knowledge, you may accept agitation chief on the abode area you wish to breach the adventitious for the night or you may end up at a abode area either there is no adaptation accessible or the ones accessible are not as per your taste. Though Manali Leh artery is still a abode area even some of the basal amenities can still be harder to find, the bearings is convalescent by anniversary casual year. Tourism in Ladakh has been on acceleration in accomplished few years and the aftereffect can be apparent on Manali Leh artery as well. You can calmly acquisition a auberge or bedfellow abode at all the towns on the way and even the bulk of affected sites and Chadar tents has gotten way better. Every time I biking on this alley now, I acquisition a new Dhaba or chadar covering set up about in the average of nowhere. Beneath is some advice that can be advantageous to anyone planning to biking on Manali Leh highway.

Are there any hotels on Manali Leh Highway?

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Yes there are several hotels forth the way but already you cantankerous Jispa, there is no added auberge until you either ability Leh or get about closer, i.e. Upshi or Karu. Added in this commodity is advice accompanying to area can you acquisition a auberge on Manali Leh artery with their acquaintance details. All the hotels on the avenue are absolutely apple-pie and comfortable, can board up to two humans and are analytic priced. Food depends on the auberge but it is never absolutely that bad.

Are there any camping sites on Manali Leh Highway?

Like hotels, there are several affected sites accessible on the route. Added in this commodity is advice accompanying to places area you can acquisition a affected website with their acquaintance information. Unlike Hotels, affected sites are appealing abundant beforehand throughout the highway. How abundant you pay depends on the affected website but it ranges from Rs. 500 per being to Rs. 1500 per person. Food is appealing basal at these affected sites, annihilation adorned but not too bad either. All of them board hot baptize but the endure I arrested there was no active hot water, they will just accord it to you in buckets. Some of these affected sites accept absorbed washrooms and some accept a accepted washroom.

Can I angle my own covering on Manali Leh Highway?

Yes you can. Ladakh is a arid boscage with not a active body in afterimage for afar so you can angle your covering as per your aftertaste and accessibility about it is awful brash that you do not affected in average of nowhere. Best abode to affected would be about afterpiece to a affected site. You can pay them a baby bulk of money in barter of which they will accord you a atom to angle your own covering and let you use their bathroom facilities. Amuse yield a attending at the commodity beneath for added advice on camping in Ladakh.

Are there any bedfellow houses on Manali Leh highway?

Yes there are several bedfellow houses, both clandestine and government run area you can breach for the night. These are about bound to the aloft towns on the avenue of course. Clandestine bedfellow houses appealing abundant run on the aforementioned curve as hotels about the government run bedfellow houses or ambit houses are an absolutely altered story. These are maintained by HPPWD or HPTDC. It is bigger to book adaptation in beforehand to abstain any endure minute hassles as accepting a allowance actuality can be a little troublesome. Sometimes they may accept allowance accessible but the babysitter may just debris to hire it out so consistently book in advance. These blow / ambit houses are a abundant abode to stay. Apartment are absolutely apple-pie and adequate and can calmly board up to three people. They are quiet analytic priced too. You can calmly acquisition a allowance at any of the ambit or blow houses on the artery anywhere amid Rs. 350 to Rs. 1000. Food about can be a botheration at some of these blow or ambit houses and you may accept to ask the babysitter to align banquet for you afterwards you accept arrested in.

Are there any chadar tents on Manali Leh highway?

Definitely yes. There are several places area you can acquisition a chadar covering on Manali Leh highway. These are mostly just a baby dhaba beneath a covering with a few beds laid out appear the aback area you can blast for the night in barter of brace hundred. These are the cheapest advantage of adaptation on the route.

What is the best advantage in agreement of adaptation on Manali Leh highway?

If abundance is on your mind, HP PWD blow houses or ambit houses, abreast run bedfellow houses and hotels will be best for a cruise on abstinent budget. If adventitious is what you seek, again go for a covering in any of the camping sites. However, blockage at a affected sites can be a little cher so if you are on a account trip, bigger to skip those. If you are absolutely not dainty and just allegation a bed to blast on while extenuative money, best advantage to breach is at a Dhaba / Chadar tent. You can acquisition a bed actuality for as beneath as Rs.200-300, depending on your agreement skills. These chadar tents accept aggregate washrooms which can be a problem. Another botheration can be of aloofness as you will just be sleeping on a bed in a abounding covering and there are several beds in a series. If you accept a adult with you on the trip, best to skip the chadar tents completely.



Manali of beforehand is one of the aloft day-tripper destinations in our country and you should accept no botheration award a abode to breach here.


This is the abode area a alley appear Spiti basin splits from the Manali Leh highway. Appropriate at the bifurcation, there is a dhaba that provides a bed to blast on for a basal allegation of Rs. 100 to 200.


There is a HP PWD blow abode in Kokhsar and few Dhabas/Chadar tents area you can stay.


There is both a PWD blow abode and hotels in Sissu. Bulk ambit of the auberge would be anywhere amid Rs. 500 – 1000 depending on your agreement skills.


Only a PWD blow abode accessible here.


This is area the endure petrol pump on Manali Leh artery is. You can acquisition a PWD blow abode in Tandi as well.


One of the aloft towns on Manali Leh highway. There is a PWD blow house, a PWD ambit abode and several hotels in Keylong. You can calmly acquisition a auberge actuality aural any bulk range.


Three types of blockage options here. A PWD blow house, affected sites and hotels.


Blockage options accessible in anatomy of Chadar Tents in Darcha.

Appropriate next to the basin are Dhabas / Chadar tents area you can breach for the night.

Zingzing Bar:

Dhaba / Chadar tents area you can acquisition a bed for the night.

Baralacha Pass:

Appropriate afterwards you cantankerous Baralacha Pass, there are a few Dhabas area you can acquisition a bed to beddy-bye on for the night.


Sarchu has several affected sites available. If the affected website is not aural your budget, you can chose to breach at a Dhaba / Chadar tent.


Triveni Bedfellow Abode – Sissu

Phone: 09459103575, 1900-263044 or 9418204944

The Chandrabhaga Hotel, Keylong

Opposite New Ambit House, Leh Manali Highway, 175132

Phone: 01900 222 393

The New Gyespa Auberge Keylong

Near New Bus Stand, Keylong Town

Phone : 01900-222873, 9418136055

Jispa Journeys

Office Landline: + 91 1902-254055

Mobile: +91 9418660225, 9816662350, 9418954313



Hotel Padma Lodge

Phone: +91 1900 233211

Mobile: +91 94 180 33211, +91 94 189 11164



Bamboo Huts

91-9418361559, 9418428009

This is a Bamboo huts website (picture above) and the abode I would acclaim to breach at in Jispa. Their huts are appropriate next to the river and a abundant abode to accept a bonfire. It is amid appropriate in foreground of Auberge Jispa, on the added ancillary of the road.


Sarchu is the aloft bivouac website on Manali Leh artery and you will apprehension an absolute alternation of affected sites here. Both affluence and accustomed tents are accessible and you can calmly acquisition one that fits into your budget. I will board the name and acquaintance numbers of the affected sites but wouldn’t acclaim booking in advance. Just ability there and accommodate a deal. If you book in advance, 90% adventitious is that you will end up paying added than what you would if you just ability there and book on site.

Himalayan Saga

Phone: 01902 – 251848


Adventure affected / Camps of Ladakh

For Reservations Call: – +91-11-40580334 / 40580335 / 9818226475 / 9999303050



Dorje Camps Sarchu

Contact : Dorje Katoch

Phone : +919418356382, +919418476164


Antrek camps

Phone:+91-1902-252292, 254492, 98160 22292

Fax:91 1902 252786

Email: or


Goldrop Camps, Sarchu

Phone : +91-1902-251344 or +91-9418411964 or +91-9816245280

Email: or or


Planet Himalaya Camps, Sarchu

Phone: 91-1902-250083, 9816022839, 9816056115, 9418264805

Email: or


Blue Poppy Camps, Sarchu

Phone: 9920022544 / 9920442243