How to Book HP PWD Guest House


HPPWD blow abode is a bedfellow abode like structure; congenital by the government in adjustment to board the break of its admiral traveling to that region. Aswell accepted as “Circuit House” or “Forest blow house”; these blow houses are accessible at even some of the far-off locations of Himachal Pradesh. I accept myself backward at absolutely a few of these and to be actual honest; accept consistently begin a HPPWD blow abode bigger than any added clandestine auberge in that region.

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A accepted approach about government run entities in our country is that it will be in charcoal and not maintained at all. Surprisingly, break at a HPPWD blow abode and this approach will prove wrong. All these ambit houses are absolutely clean, in accomplished action with all basal accessories and at a beauteous breadth with amazing views. If you are planning a cruise appear Spiti, Ladakh or traveling to any added allotment of Himachal for that matter; blockage at a PWD ambit abode will be a abundant best in agreement of accommodation. In this article, I will accommodate data on how you can book your break at a HPPWD blow house; forth with some added data like availability of facilities, aliment and how abundant it is traveling to amount you.

Please appointment the afterward links to get a account of all HPPWD blow abode locations, buzz numbers and accuse you will accept to pay. For the aboriginal link, it will yield you to a page with a map of Himachal. For example, if you are visiting Lahaul & Spiti, bang on the blow abode figure and it will abide a account of all blow abode locations in that region.Charges of HP PWD Blow Houses

The aboriginal catechism actuality is can you absolutely break at a HPPWD blow abode with not accepting a government official? The acknowledgment to that catechism is yes you can. It is not an accustomed business that a PWD being will be visiting that accurate breadth for government accompanying business. A lot of the times, these blow houses abide abandoned and even if there is a guest, it is at a lot of one or two apartment occupied. So befitting that in mind, PWD lets tourists break at the bedfellow for a nominal charge; provided that there is no official appointment appointed at that time.

Before traveling any added in the article, let me aboriginal account down some of the advantages of blockage at a PWD bedfellow house.

Superb Location:

This apparently will be the best allotment in my opinion. All the ambit houses that I accept been to so far were at an accomplished breadth with anesthetic views; a little out of the capital boondocks /village and in a peaceful area.


No amount how limited the region, all these PWD blow houses are amid with all all-important facilities; like electricity, allowance heaters, western appearance washrooms etc. Availability of a Television about can sometimes be doubtful.


As I mentioned aloft in the article, all these blow houses are in acceptable aliment with apple-pie apartment and beds. There is aswell mostly a nice garden out at foreground with able basement arrangements.


Considering all the above, the assessment answerable would be annihilation as compared to what you would pay if blockage at a hotel. If you are out on a account trip, blockage at a PWD blow abode would be your best bet for award affordable yet appropriate accommodation.

No abode is absolute so of beforehand there are some disadvantages as able-bodied which too I will acknowledgment here.

Availability & Booking:

This is the bigger altercation with a PWD bedfellow house. If you are not a government official, accepting a allowance actuality to break can be absolutely a bit of a task. There are several blow houses that are not accessible for tourists at all so you ability be in for a abruptness afterwards you ability there. The ones that do acquiesce tourists to break will crave booking in advance; a action which will accomplish you feel in every way that you are ambidextrous with government clerks. Let us accept that you somehow managed to get in with on-the-spot booking and a government official afterwards shows up; you will accept to abandon the bounds no amount what time of the day or night it is. How to book is added explained in the article.



This will be the additional bigger concern. There is just a babysitter at these blow houses and affairs are that he will not baker for you no amount what. You will either accept to allocution or pay him into affable or at atomic acquiesce you to use the kitchen. If neither works, you will accept to accomplish added meal arrangements. During my break at the PWD blow abode at Bairagarh, we had to airing two kilometers to the apple even for a individual cup of tea. The alone affair accessible at the blow abode was apparent water.

How to Book a HPPWD blow abode / Ambit Abode / Forest Blow House

With all said and done, now let us appear to the bigger question, how do you book your break at a PWD blow house? There are three agency about this:

Have anyone in HPPWD book on your behalf:

The aboriginal way is the easier and a lot of assured one. This would crave that either you or one of your acquaintances accept a acquaintance with anyone either in Himachal PWD or some added government job in HP. If you can acquisition a contact, again there is no bigger way to do it. All you charge to do is accept your acquaintance alarm PWD and book a room.

The way PWD gives antecedence to their guests is they will accede government admiral on plan accompanying business first; additional will be government admiral for tourism and third will be non-government humans on tourism. So if an HP government official can alarm on your account to book in his or her name and there were no added bookings at the bedfellow abode at that time; blow assured that you will absolutely get a room. This is a approved and activated formula. Every time I backward at a PWD blow house, my bookings were done by anyone I apperceive alive for HP government.

On the Spot Booking:

The additional way is easiest of the three but atomic guaranteed. This involves you assuming up at the blow abode with no above-mentioned booking and talking or angled the babysitter in absolution you stay. I accept myself done it a few times but alone if I had no above-mentioned ambition of blockage at the blow house, was traveling with affairs to break at a auberge and was afraid to acquisition a blow abode there. Whether or not the babysitter will let you break depends on how acceptable you of a bland anchorperson are, how able-bodied you can arrangement and how able-bodied you can tip.

The bigger affair actuality would be the abridgement of aggressiveness of your stay. Even afterwards the babysitter allows you in; there will consistently be a achievability that some government official may appearance up and you will accept to abandon the premises. Affairs of this accident about are like one in a million. Another big botheration with this advantage is of a missing babysitter which happens a lot, abnormally with blow houses in limited regions. If there is a appointment scheduled, the babysitter gets a notification in advance. Because there are not abounding visitors and the aggressiveness that he will get a notification, these caretakers can ancient go missing for days.

The Traditional Booking Method:

The third way is a lot of assured but atomic easy. This agency you booking a PWD blow abode with no central acquaintance and throwing yourself at the benevolence of PWD officials. Below is a footfall by footfall breakdown of how you can do it.

Call the booking appointment and ask about booking a break at the adapted PWD bedfellow house.

They will ask you to forward a accounting appeal by Fax. Affirm the fax amount and fax in a request. Ensure that you are putting on a fax # area they can fax you back.

After accepting the fax, the official at PWD appointment will affirm that there are no added visits appointed about your time of travel.

The acknowledging administrator will assurance off and accept your request.

PWD will affair a certificate in your name acknowledging your stay; you will accept a archetype of it by fax.

A archetype of the certificate will aswell be beatific to the babysitter at the bedfellow abode area you will be staying.

Few Important Tips:

Please agenda that you will accept to consistently chase up with PWD if you are not accepting a response. Forward in your appeal at atomic 2 – 3 weeks above-mentioned to your biking date. If you did not accept the approval document, alarm aback and ask for a archetype of the same. Aswell accumulate a agenda of the being you are speaking with. Affairs are that you will access at the PWD bedfellow abode and the babysitter will acquaint you that he accustomed no certificate or notification of your stay. If this happens, alarm the being you were speaking with at PWD and let him allocution to the caretaker.

Always accumulate a advancement plan accessible even afterwards accepting a acceptance of your stay. There will still be a adventitious that you will access at the bedfellow abode alone to acquisition a missing babysitter and the architecture locked. A lot of important; ensure that you are accustomed something to eat as active to the abutting Dhaba will not consistently be possible. Carry something brand chips, biscuits and added snacks.