How to Go to Ladakh on 100CC Motorcycle


While to some people, this may complete like an assignment impossible, the accuracy about is that yes, with a little alertness and precautions, you can actually ride to Ladakh on 100CC bike. In this article, I will accommodate a few tips on how you can adapt your abate engine motorcycle or scooter for Ladakh, what are some of the challenges you will face and some precautions that you accept to beam while on the trip.

Ladakh on 100CC, 150CC & 350CC Bullet

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Information beneath in fact does not administer to just 100CC bike but to as well added abate engines like 125CC and to some extent, 150 CC as well. When anyone mentions of a cruise to Ladakh; the angel that anon comes to apperception is of an addition and his Royal Enfield. But is it actually necessary? Does it accept to be an RE or some added abundant motorcycle? Can you ride to Ladakh on Splendor? How about traveling to Ladakh on Activa or some added automated bikes like Hero Maestro or Mahindra Gusto? Well, there will actually be some hurdles that but annihilation that should stop you from acumen this dream; from accomplishing what others may just appellation as crazy.

Challenges while travelling to Ladakh on 100CC Motorcycles

Let me aboriginal account down some of the hurdles that you will be facing; both on your way to Leh and while visiting some of the adjacent areas like Nubra Basin and Pangong Tso.

Steep Ascents

This becomes the bigger claiming if you are benumbed to Ladakh on 100CC or 125CC motorcycle. Ladakh is an acreage of top distance passes and you will be bridge several of them throughout the journey.

Some of these passes like Penzi La in Zanskar will be easier to cantankerous while others like Khardung La, Chang La, Tanglang La are a abrupt ascend for several kilometers. If your motorcycle refuses to go any added and stalls, it will get difficult for you to abide the adventure any further.

Challenging & Torn Roads

This will in fact be a hurdle no amount how able your motorcycle is but it becomes even a bigger botheration if you are traveling to Ladakh on scooter like Activa. On your way, you will be bridge several rivulets, baby streams of baptize created by melting snow, some of which can be actually abysmal with abounding stones beneath the water. Due to low arena approval of a scooter, demography it beyond may become a challenge. At several stretches, anchorage will be actually torn and as you ride across, stones will accumulate hitting the abdomen of the scooter.


Long Rides

Typically, abate engine motorcycles are advised best for city-limits purpose; abbreviate rides from one abode to another. If you ride these continuously for several hours; it may aftereffect in a heating problem. This will added advance to accelerating botheration and in some cases; bike may even debris to appear animate if engine shuts down.

There are of advance a brace of advantages as able-bodied of benumbed to Ladakh on 100CC bike. What are those?

Light in weight

Bigger the engine agency added the motorcycle. A 100 or 125 CC bike will not be that abundant which will become an advantage while action it through difficult terrains or slush. It is as well easier and lighter to push.

Better Mileage

This is addition big advantage. Abate engine motorcycles appear with a abundant breadth which agency you will not accept to anguish so abundant about accustomed added fuel.

How to adapt for a adventure to Ladakh on 100CC motorcycle or Scooter?

After challenges, let us yield a attending at how do you adapt your motorcycle for the boxy ride ahead. Listed beneath are a few accepted but important tips that can be of advice while traveling to Ladakh on 100cc motorcycle or scooter.

Know your bike

This is the a lot of important factor. You got to apperceive your motorcycle in and out. I accept been benumbed a Royal Enfield for 10 years now and just by its complete I can acquaint if it is active calmly or is there any problem. Its capabilities, area it can go, area it can climb, weight it can yield and area would it canal me. I apperceive how to action it about abrupt ascents and aciculate turns. You go to apperceive this about your motorcycle so that you are able to handle it properly.

Test It

Very important. By analysis it I do not beggarly that you analysis it in Ladakh; that can aftereffect in a catastrophe. If you accept never taken your bike up in the hills, or rode it for a 8-9 hours at a stretch, afresh I awful acclaim that you do it afore traveling to Ladakh. This will prove to be benign in several ways. Yield the motorcycle to a adjacent acropolis base on a weekend cruise and you will apperceive if the bike and you both are able to handle the climbs. Yield a day cruise on a Sunday; ride the bike for 6-8 hours with baby breach in amid and see how it performs.

Get it serviced

You accept to get your bike serviced thoroughly and you accept to get it done at atomic 7-10 canicule afore the trip. Alter whatever seems dicey. Afterwards servicing, ride it consistently aural the city-limits for at atomic a anniversary to ensure that aggregate is alive fine. Check the tires, if they assume beat out afresh buy a new set.

Inspect the alternation set to see if you charge to alter it with a new one. Get the absolute base arrangement arrested and if needed, get it changed. Alter clutch, accelerator and anchor affairs with new ones. Get both foreground and rear brakes checked; if it is boom brakes afresh ability as able-bodied just put in new anchor shoe. Check the brawl bearings to ensure they are all right. Ladakh on 100CC agency that every individual allotment of your bike will be fatigued so bigger to put new than befitting the old ones.



Ensure that you are accustomed some all-important added locations like headlamp bulb, set of clutch/accelerator/brake wires, alternation locks, a apparatus kit, breach set, a brace of added tubes, and a bottom pump.


You accept to apprentice how to fix a punctured annoy and replacing the tube. This is of absolute importance. If you can, as well apprentice how to apple-pie air filters and carburetor.


If accessible and aural budget, get the approved tires with tubeless ones. If not, afresh backpack but ensure that you are able-bodied able to handle a collapsed tire.

How to ride to Ladakh on 100CC motorcycle or Scooter?

Next catechism or advance is; how do you handle the challenges? How do you auspiciously ride to Ladakh on 100CC bike or any abate engine motorcycle or Scooter?

Ride Solo

By this I do not beggarly that you biking all abandoned by yourself. No, I beggarly to ride afterwards a pillion rider. Accustomed a pillion not alone agency addition getting but as well baggage of two humans which your motorcycle may not be able to handle.

Ride In a accumulation if possible

Ride with a accumulation if accessible at all or at atomic accept a few added humans accompanying you on the adventure on added motorcycles. This way you can be abiding that if something goes wrong; if your bike breach down or you get ashore in bribery or a rivulet; there will be anyone about to help.

Travel Light

Keep your baggage to bald minimum. Just yield what you will actually charge and try to biking as ablaze as possible. Too abundant baggage not alone is added weight on the motorcycle; but as well as altercation to braiding it about every morning and afresh abolish every evening.


Stay on the road

While this of advance as well agency that do not abatement off a cliff; what I meant to betoken actuality was to abstain demography shortcuts. At several places, as the alley goes uphill, you will apprehension a clay aisle arch beeline to the top area of the road. Do not yield any shortcuts at all and breach on the road.

This is acutely alarming for both the motorcycle and the rider. One baby miscalculation or if the bike stalls midway, you will appear aerobatics down. I noticed a lot of humans attempting this during my Ladakh travels; both humans traveling in a 4X4 and motorcyclists as well. If you see anyone accomplishing this; just abstain and abide on your way. While this may attending thrilling, you charge to accede the risks complex and the after-effects as well.

You are on a abate engine motorcycle which will be fatigued aggravating to go up a abrupt clay path; some wire may snap, brakes may get burnt and worse of all; the motorcycle may just debris to ascend any added and appear to a complete halt. You will yield a fall, get aching and the absolute cruise will be ruined. It is just not account to accident for a few account of thrill.

Heating Problem

Since there is no engine temperatures gauge, your motorcycle may calefaction up at several places, abnormally at abrupt and attenuated climbs while benumbed in lower gears. If that happens, do not panic. Yield a break, adore the vistas about you, let the motorcycle air-conditioned down and be on your way again. Just accomplish this a deride aphorism that you accept to yield a abbreviate 10 mins breach afterwards every 20 odd kilometers; afterwards bridge every abrupt ascend or afterwards every 30 account of ride. Do not ascend in aboriginal or additional accessory for added than 2 kilometers, if you do so afresh yield approved breach afterwards every 2-3 kilometers. If your engine is starting to heat, afresh the aboriginal assurance would be the decelerating process.


If your motorcycle stalls anywhere on a climb, let it arrest and appear to a complete arrest while still in the gear. Do not cull the clutch; if you do so the engine braking will go, motorcycle will alpha to cycle backwards and cull you alternating with it.

Chain Set

All the dust on the anchorage to Ladakh can achieve on chains and alpha to accomplish it rough. Accumulate an ear out for any abnormal sounds from the alternation set. To test, advance to 40-50 kilometers/hour acceleration on a collapsed stretch, get to neutral, annihilate the engine and see if the alternation is authoritative babble added than usual. If it does, anoint it. You should accumulate a baby canteen of adaptable oil for the cruise handy.

Itinerary Planning

Very important; plan your beat in a way that you breach abroad from sections that are either too challenging; or accept a bottom amount of day-tripper plying on the route. If you are benumbed to Ladakh on 100CC or 125CC motorcycle, afresh it is best to abstain routes like Wari La, Marismik La, Agham Shyok road. It will be as well bigger to not attack the Chushul avenue because in case of a breakdown, there will be no advice adjacent and actually accessible that no one abroad may canyon you by in the absolute day.

No Speeding

It is actually apparent and simple, no amount what others acquaint you. No dispatch anywhere at all, be it the plains or while benumbed up to Ladakh. Breach safe, ride slow, and adore the trip. A abate engine motorcycle is as well lighter in weight which agency that it will not handle absorption able-bodied on turns if speeding. Yield a attending at this like this, a lighter bike with abundant weight on the top; the addition and all the luggage; isn’t actually the absolute analogue of “well balanced”. You angular in too abundant at any about-face or activated abrupt brakes and you will be down on the alley in a second.

And that is appealing abundant it. Just accumulate in apperception the aloft mentioned rules and you will be able to complete your cruise to Ladakh on 100CC motorcycle just as able-bodied as a 500CC Royal Enfield.


Ladakh on Scooter

Now let us yield a attending at some problems that are specific to benumbed to Ladakh on Scooter.

Fuel Tank

You will accept to accomplish arrange for accustomed ammunition and in abounding amounts. Scooters usually accept a abate ammunition tank. For example, a Honda Activa is alone 5 liters in agreement of ammunition accommodation and a Mahinda Gusto is 6 liters. Try to accumulate your beat in a way that you do not breach abroad from a gas base for way too long. Backpack abounding ammunition for Manali Leh artery and afresh appear aback to Leh from Nubra, Pangong and Moriri respectively. Do not go beeline from Nubra to Pangong to Moriri. For example, go to Nubra basin on Day 1, acknowledgment to Leh on Day 2, Pangong on Day 3, Leh on Day 4, and so on and so forth.


The baby annoy admeasurement on a scooter will accomplish it boxy to yield it beyond a rivulet, bribery and torn roads. Just ride apathetic and actual carefully. Accept anyone continuing readily as you ride through a baptize stream; so that in case you get stuck, anyone is accessible to advance you out. Same argumentation applies for dank areas too. On torn roads, accumulate your eyes focused on the alley and ride slowly, alienated acutely damaged sections.

Shock Absorbers

Most of the scooters appear with a address shock cushion which will put accent on the apparatus and the addition as well. Your aback may alpha to aching afterwards connected blow for several hours. Plan your biking in a way so that you do not ride for over 6 hours a day. Ride apathetic and do not acceleration unnecessarily.

Engine Capacity

With abate engine and bottom torque, aggregate that I mentioned aloft for 100 CC motorcycles applies actuality as well.

In the end, you charge to bethink that it is not the apparatus that is demography you there but it is you demography the apparatus to Ladakh. It all depends on the way you ride and action your motorcycle or scooter. Accumulate your alcohol high, get challenged but not defeated afterwards getting over confident; ride apathetic and anxiously and you will appear aback from Ladakh with tales to acquaint for several years to come.