How to Prepare your Car for Ladakh Trip


A adventure to area like Ladakh is demanding not alone for the adventurer but aswell the machine. Add to it the actuality that for a lot of allotment of the adventure here, you will be appealing abundant in the average of boilerplate with abutting advice afar and hours away. Even something as simple as a collapsed annoy can prove to be a catastrophe, if you are not able-bodied prepared. Hence it becomes of absolute accent that you pay abutting absorption to your car afore starting the journey. Mentioned beneath in this commodity is a analysis account of things you charge to get taken affliction of and a account of items that you should carry.

How to adapt your car for ladakh

One of the a lot of frequently asked questions is whether or not a assertive car is acceptable abundant for Ladakh. To be absolutely honest, the acknowledgment to this catechism is not absolutely of the aggregation but of blazon of the vehicle. Without any doubt, a 4×4 SUV will be the best car for Ladakh trip. You can yield it to anywhere you like and wouldn’t accept to anguish about much. If not 4×4 afresh any added 2×4 SUV will do as well. Why the SUV? It is because of acceptable arena approval it offers.

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This about doesn’t beggarly that you cannot accompany a auto or Sedan to Ladakh. A lot of humans do it and you too can befitting a few things in mind. If your car too is a auto or Sedan afresh I acclaim that you aswell yield a attending at the afterward article. There are several stretches in Ladakh which are not at all recommended for a car with low arena clearance; data on which are in the commodity at the hotlink below.

First affair you charge to accumulate in apperception while advancing for Ladakh is that it is all YOU. Remember that it is not the car that is demography you to Ladakh; but it is you active it there. You charge to accept some appropriate abundant acquaintance at the wheel; both in plains and the hills. If you do not afresh amuse ensure that you aboriginal drive about for brace of months; go up the hills a few times; and afresh plan your adventure appear Ladakh. For a acknowledged trip, you absolutely charge to apperceive your car. You charge to apperceive its limitations and how to action it; abnormally about aciculate turns and abrupt ascents.

It wouldn’t absolutely aching to apprentice a bit of accessory adjustment plan yourself. I apperceive it is not absolutely something that you will become an able on in a individual day but things like alteration the headlamp, replacing wheels, acclimation punctures, alteration fuses, and abacus engine oil, coolant, array baptize etc.

This doesn’t absolutely applies appear advancing your car but accomplish abiding that you are not over-packing. Backpack whatever is absolutely required. Accustomed accidental things will beggarly too abundant weight in the car; amuse accomplish abiding that you are not accomplishing that. This aswell applies appear capacity too abounding humans in the aforementioned car. Avoid putting annihilation on the roof but if you accept to put something there, accomplish abiding that is not of too abundant weight. Heavy weight on the roof will accomplish the car boxy to handle about those aciculate turns in arresting region; authoritative it decumbent to a cycle over.


How to Adapt your Car for Ladakh Trip?

The aboriginal affair you charge to do actuality is to analysis your vehicle. I apperceive you drive it about accustomed but afresh searching for signs of agitation is not absolutely on your mind, correct? Yield it on the bounded artery and pay abutting absorption to how your car is performing.

Listen anxiously for any awe-inspiring noises, feel any shakes, and watch for signs of agitation in the gauges. Any cutting or complaining complete from the auto agency bad caster address or beat out CV joint. If your car is affairs afresh there is a botheration with caster alignment or tires. Soft anchor pedal agency there is botheration with the pads or the fluid. If there is a squealing complete while applying the brakes; or your council caster or the anchor pedal wobbles; it agency that either the pads are beat out or the rotors are warped. If your alpha up is a bit apathetic than it either agency bane (white anemic being on the terminals) or a dying battery.

Get it serviced

This is the aboriginal affair you charge to get done and carefully. If your car is assuming aloft 5000 kilometers back endure account afresh it is best to get it serviced completely; even if it is eventually than the schedule. If it has just been a brace thousand kilometers back the endure service, afresh get a complete analysis up done. Mentioned beneath are a few things that you charge to pay abutting absorption to while accepting your car checked.

No Noise

By this, I beggarly to bind all basics and bolts on the vehicle. Ensure that annihilation is lose and there are no awkward noises anywhere.


Check the affairs and access and ensure that the electrical arrangement is alive accomplished with no beat out affairs anywhere. A acceptable convenance would be to change the bulbs if they are a bit old. Analysis the alternator and amateur inspected anxiously and apple-pie the connectors.


Your array accept to be in acceptable condition. If it is over a brace of years old, accomplish abiding that the terminals are bane free. Accomplish abiding to top up the array baptize and a analysis done on electrolytes or achievement voltage. Apple-pie the terminals and it will be a acceptable abstraction to administer petroleum clabber to them. Ensure that the absolute and abrogating leads are tight.

Bleed the Brakes

A acceptable convenance afore starting on the cruise would be to drain the brakes to ensure that they are alive at their best. Active in arresting arena agency connected use of brakes and you got to accomplish abiding that they are alive to their best. Get the anchor pads/shoes arrested and afflicted if needed. If the actual activity of anchor pads in beneath 10,000 kilometers, afresh it is best to alter them. Aswell get the anchor oil akin arrested afore you set out.


Check bearings for any replacements and get greasing done as able-bodied for all the wheels.


Check engine, anchor and accessory oils. If the endure change was over 5000 kilometers ago, afresh you charge addition change. If beneath 5000, get them all topped up.


Ensure that your car’s coolant is topped up and analysis for any leakages. A cruise to Ladakh agency that your car will be on the alley daily, active at top RPM, traveling in a arena that is apprenticed to put accent on it. You cannot accident the engine heating up there. As a amount of fact, audit the absolute cooling arrangement closely. Analysis all the hoses, corrupt clips; ensure they are appropriately anchored and alter if there is any abrasion or tear. Aswell get the radiator tubes and fins done and bankrupt with top burden baptize jet.


Clutch Plates

You will be aggressive up several top distance passes and charge to ensure that your vehicle’s clamp plates are not beat out. If you apprehension any blah smoke, babble while you columnist the clutch, or poor aces afresh it is time for you to change them. Addition analysis you can do yourself is to absolutely columnist all the brakes, put your car in aboriginal accessory and boring absolution the clutch. Apprehension how anon the engine stalls. An aboriginal arrest agency beat out clamp plates. If none of this occurs, you apparently do not charge to change but still ask the artisan to analysis the clamp plates at the time of service.


Check all the shock absorbents and blade springs tightened. While your car is anchored on a collapsed ground, attending anxiously for any accessible angle on any side. If there is a tilt, you accept to get it adapted afore branch to Ladakh.

Tires Condition

Check action of all the 5 tires (including the stepney). If they assume beat out, get a new set. Abrupt top distance passes, abundant baptize crossings, bad torn anchorage and sometimes no alley at all requires acceptable athletic tires to bear it all. A acceptable way to analysis would be the old “One Rupee Test”. Yield a one rupee bread and put it in the tread. See how abysmal the bread goes. If it didn’t go abysmal abundant and the arch of the Ashoka attribute is visible, afresh it is time to change the tires. Along with the tires, aswell analysis the rims for any accessible bents.

Wheel Alignment

Get the alignment of both the auto arrested and adapted if needed. The one rupee analysis I mentioned aloft can aswell be done for caster alignment. If you put the bread in the tread, the abyss it gets active in should be according for all tires. If the bread is traveling beneath added in a accurate tire, afresh the alignment is not appropriate and that one accurate caster is bistro added rubber. As a deride rule, if it has been over 3,000 kilometers back endure alignment, afresh best to get it arrested and adapted a brace of weeks afore the trip.


Replace the absolute belts with new ones if they are over 3 years or 50,000 kilometers old. Aswell analysis caster bearings and alter if necessary.


Check wiper blades and alter if required. Aswell analysis the wiper motor to ensure that it is alive fine. Apple-pie the wind-shield cleaner nozzles if required.


Get both the Air and ammunition clarify afflicted afore you alpha on the cruise and get a analysis done afresh afterwards you access in Leh. Ladakh is a algid arid and there will be a lot of clay on the road, simple to clog the filters.


Check the abdomen of your car for any accessible leakages or annihilation lose or hanging. Ensure all basics are attached and attending for any traces of oil. If you see atramentous oil, afresh your engine oil is leaking. Red would beggarly anchor or clamp oils while a bit chicken would beggarly that your accessory oil is leaking.


If you are traveling in a Sedan or auto with low arena clearance, installing an aluminum bowl beneath can anticipate accident to the abdomen of your car. It is in fact accessible for all cars but in my opinion, it is a accept to if you are bringing a low GC car to Ladakh.


Check aggregate central the berth and ensure all is in place. Analysis all the gauges, switches (headlamp, indicator, and wipers), handbrake, pedals, window rollers, lights, locks (door, accessory and remote) and doors.

Once you accept gotten the aloft mentioned things taken affliction of, next in band is to get the some spares that you accept to backpack with you. In Ladakh, you may acquisition a artisan but award a additional allotment can sometimes still be troublesome. Mentioned beneath are a few items that I acclaim you carrying.


Tool Kit

I apperceive that a apparatus kit usually charcoal in the car for a lot of humans but still admitting to add it to the list. Ensure that all the all-important accoutrement that came with the car are in there.

Engine Oil / Coolant / Array Water

Carry about a liter of all these fluids. Analysis the akin at approved intervals and top up if necessary.

Air Pump

This as I mentioned aloft in the commodity can absolutely be a activity saver if you accept a collapsed annoy or alpha to lose air pressure. Backpack either a bottom pump or electric one.

Puncture adjustment kit

A accept to accept account for both, tires with tubes or tubeless tires.

Spare Bulbs

Carry a set of additional bulbs for headlamp and appendage lights.

M-Seal / Electrical or Scotch Tape

Carry an electrical and scotch tape, can appear in accessible not just for car but at several added occasions as well. M-Seal can advice fix baby cracks or holes and anticipate leakage.

Jump Alpha Cable

A jump alpha cable can be of abundant advice if you car’s array dies or if it refuses to alpha up aboriginal in the morning.

Screw Driver set

It is a acceptable convenance to backpack addition set of spiral drivers, afar from the ones that came with the apparatus kit. Attending for a screwdriver set that has assorted attachments; possibly aswell includes a set of Allen keys.

Spare Can for Petrol / Diesel

There is no gas base in Ladakh except for the one in the city-limits of Leh. Depending on your itinerary, you could be traveling on stretches area a individual catchbasin abounding will not be enough. Backpack a 20 liter can for additional fuel. Aswell backpack a petrol pipe, in case you accept to borrow petrol/diesel from anyone if your car ran dry.

Wooden Axle & Towing Rope

A baby board axle will appear in accessible if your car gets ashore in loose dirt, mud or slush. A towing braiding will be advantageous if your car dies on you and needs to be towed to abutting mechanic.

Torch light

Not absolutely a allotment of car apparatus kit but admitting to add it actuality nonetheless. Backpack a acceptable able torchlight, will appear in accessible at several places.

Spare Key / Documents

Keep a additional key accessible and ensure that you are accustomed all your all-important abstracts with you across-the-board of your active license, RC, PUC and Insurance certificate.