How to Prepare your Motorcycle for Ladakh


Planning a bike cruise to Ladakh? If the acknowledgment to that catechism is yes; afresh you actual able-bodied apperceive that you cannot just accompany your motorcycle to Ladakh the way it stands in your parking lot. A cruise to breadth like this puts added accent on the apparatus than it does to the rider; which agency that you will accept to accord a austere anticipation about how to adapt it for the adventure ahead. You will accept to pay absorption to every minute detail contrarily you accident your motorcycle breaking down on you in the average of nowhere. Here, something as simple as a collapsed annoy can aftereffect in a catastrophe. But afresh the catechism is how to adapt your motorcycle for Ladakh? What are some of the important things you accept to accede or carefully audit to ensure a safe and agreeable trip?

How to adapt your motorcycle for ladakh

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The aboriginal catechism that usually gets asked is whether or not a assertive motorcycle is acceptable abundant for Ladakh. Humans who pride themselves with beyond engine motorcycles like a Royal Enfield do not appraise up on it as abundant as humans who own a 100 CC or 150 CC motorcycle. This aswell becomes a austere catechism if the motorcycle is a bit old, no amount the engine size. To acknowledgment this question, there is actually no best motorcycle as such. All that affairs is that the apparatus is able-bodied serviced, able-bodied maintained and the addition is abundantly skilled. I accept accepted humans who accept been to Ladakh on a 100CC motorcycle and even on a Bajaj Chetak. The Chetak was not alone of a baby engine but aswell a bit old yet the addition went all the way to Ladakh, explored the arena and alternate home safely

Which is the best motorcycle for Ladakh Trip?

Most important affair you charge to accumulate in apperception while advancing for Ladakh is that it is all YOU. Remember that it is not the motorcycle that is demography you to Ladakh; but it is you demography the motorcycle there. You charge to accept some appropriate abundant benumbed experience; both in plains and the hills. If you do not afresh amuse ensure that you aboriginal ride about a motorcycle for a ages or so; yield it up the hills a brace of times; and afresh plan your adventure appear Ladakh. For a acknowledged trip, you actually charge to apperceive your motorcycle. A acquaintance of abundance says that it is all in the complete and to some admeasurement it is true. You charge to accustom yourself with your apparatus if it is active smoothly. If something is amiss or broken, it is the complete which appealing abundant becomes the aboriginal indication.

It wouldn’t actually aching to apprentice a bit of accessory adjustment plan yourself. I apperceive it is not actually something that you will become an able on in a individual day but things like alteration the headlamp, carburetor tuning, abbreviating the brakes, alteration tubes, acclimation a breach are a bit simple to learn. You should at atomic apperceive how to do these accessory fixes to ensure a altercation chargeless trip.

The a lot of important affair of all is a breach adjustment kit. Accustomed a basal pump is of absolute importance. You will be traveling through some actual limited areas and a collapsed annoy can appear anywhere. If your motorcycle runs on tubes than the best affair would be to backpack a brace of additional tubes and apprentice how to alter them.

Go to a artisan or a breach adjustment boutique and ask the guy there to appearance you how to yield the annoy out, alter the tube and put it back in. This is added of an easier assignment rather than traveling through the altercation of aggravating to fix the puncture. In case of a collapsed tire, just alter the tube and continue. If you appear beyond a adjustment shop, get the punctured tube fixed. If you are on tubeless tires, afresh a basal pump will be a absolution in beard if you alpha to lose air burden in a limited area.


How to Adapt your Motorcycle for Ladakh Trip?

With all that accepting said, mentioned beneath are a few analysis account items that you should go through to ensure that your motorcycle is actually accessible for the cruise ahead.

Get it serviced

This is the aboriginal affair you got to do and if you are accurate enough; went to a acceptable mechanic, than it apparently may be the alone thing. It is consistently astute to get a complete application done if it has been over a thousand kilometers aback the endure one. Get your absolute motorcycles checked, every above and accessory allotment and if annihilation seems dicey, either get it anchored or replaced. Mentioned beneath are a few analysis account items that you accept to carefully attending at.


By this I beggarly the clutch, accelerator, foreground anchor and possibly the speedometer cable as well. Two things you charge to do here. Aboriginal is to alter the absolute cables with new ones, even if they are just a few weeks old; and additional is to accumulate the old ones as spare; about do analysis that they are not too beat out. In limited areas like Ladakh, you may end up award a artisan but additional locations are still a big challenge.


One of the a lot of important things to check. If either of the tires is too beat out, afresh get it afflicted immediately. Analysis for any signs of damage, cracks or cuts. Go to a breach adjustment boutique and get it arrested for any nails that may accept begin their way in but did not appear to apprehension because they did not could cause a breach yet.

Wheel Alignment

Get the alignment of both the auto arrested and if required, corrected. Aswell analysis the rim for any bents or unevenness


And I beggarly all of them; engine oil, accessory oil, anchor aqueous and abeyance oil. You charge not anguish about it if you afresh got it afflicted a few weeks or a brace of hundred kilometers ago but if the odometer shows amid 500-1000 kilometers aback the endure servicing, afresh it is astute to get them all changed. Another important affair to change actuality will be the oil filter.

Carburetor Tuning

Get the carburetor affability adapted to ensure that it is neither affluent nor lean. If you kept it affluent afresh it would beggarly too abundant ammunition and too little air; consistent in too abundant ammunition consumption, poor ability achievement and bad achievement while aggressive up an altitude. Keeping it angular would beggarly actually the opposite. Less ammunition about to air than ideal would aftereffect in poor ability output, starting botheration in algid weather, diffuse balmy up, acrimonious up engine and slight aback battlefront on deceleration. Best would be to accumulate carburetor ambience as abutting to banal as possible.


Clutch Plates

Burnt out clamp plates would beggarly your motorcycle disturbing to ascend at abrupt ascents. Get these arrested and replaced afore starting on a cruise to Ladakh. If you are benumbed a abate engine motorcycle, like 100 or 125 CC, best would be to get these arrested afresh already you access in Leh.

Chain Set

Get the alternation set arrested and if it has been a while aback you afflicted it, best would be to get a new a one. Aswell backpack a brace of alternation links.

Swing Arm Bush

Get the beat arm backcountry arrested and afflicted if needed.


A cruise to Ladakh would aswell beggarly a lot of baggage on the motorcycle and if the suspensions are not in acceptable condition, it may just accomplish the absolute ride a nightmare. Get both the foreground and rear suspensions arrested and if required, get them replaced.



Very important. Tell the artisan that you are benumbed to Ladakh with an about abstraction of the absolute kilometers you will be traveling and ask if the accepted anchor shoes or pads will endure that long. If not, get them replaced immediately. Get the anchor aqueous afflicted if it has been a while aback you endure got it done. If afresh changed, analysis akin and top it up if needed.


Get the absolute base of your motorcycle arrested including the battery, headlamp, appendage ablaze and indicators. If I say wiring, I do not beggarly just the access to these bulbs but all the affairs that run through your motorcycle. If there is any assurance of abrasion and tear, get it changed.

Ball Bearings

This I am speaking out of my own experience. During one my rides to Ladakh, the bearings of the rear caster were absurd and I apperceive how abundant agitation I had to go through because of it. Get the bearings arrested to ensure they are not beat out. Aswell get the greasing done.

When you go to get your motorcycle serviced, the artisan would himself analysis locations like timing gear, agent rings, valves, beat arm bush, air Filter, atom plug, con set as allotment of the accepted account but just analysis with him to be sure. Aswell yield a attending at all the basics and bolts to ensure that they are attached properly.

Essential Spares to Backpack to Ladakh

As I mentioned ahead in the article, one of the better claiming in Ladakh is to acquisition additional parts, abnormally at limited locations. You may be advantageous abundant to acquisition a artisan in case of a breach down but if you do not accept a spare, it would be actually futile. Mentioned beneath is a account of some capital spares that I would acclaim carrying.

  • Foot Pump
  • Puncture adjustment kit including accoutrement to yield the caster out
  • Tool Kit
  • Spare fuse
  • Spark Plug
  • Spare tubes for both foreground and rear wheel
  • Clutch, Brake, and accelerator cables
  • Chain Links
  • Engine Oil (About bisected a liter of it)
  • Screw Driver Set
  • Spare Tubes for foreground and rear caster both
  • Spare Key
  • Nylon Rope
  • Bungee Cords
  • Petrol Pipe: Can be acclimated to yield out petrol from added car in case you run dry and anyone abroad is accessible to accommodate you some; abundant to ability next gas station
  • Documents: Backpack all all-important abstracts including your active license, RC, PUC and Insurance certificate. Backpack both aboriginal and photocopies of each.


Carrying Baggage to Ladakh on Motorcycle

The next big catechism is of how to administer the absolute baggage you will be carrying. For about all the motorcycles, there are baggage carriers accessible nowadays which you can buy at any motorcycle bazaar in your city. Real catechism about is do you actually charge a baggage carrier? The acknowledgment to that is while it is actually of convenience, you do not actually charge it. I accept been on abundant rides so far; some of which lasted for weeks and I never had the charge of accepting a baggage carrier installed. All that you charge to apperceive is how to defended your accoutrements on both abandon of the bike; and on rear bench as able-bodied if benumbed after a pillion.

Two things I would acclaim to buy here. Aboriginal is a few acceptable superior bungee cords and additional is a few meters of nylon rope. Aboriginal tie your accoutrements on the motorcycle application the nylon braiding and afresh defended it with bungee cords; or the added way around. Do not just depend on bungee cords as they accept a addiction of snapping sometimes and will not accumulate the baggage close at one place; abnormally while benumbed through a asperous terrain.

Riding Accessory for Ladakh

A catechism I generally get asked is whether a benumbed accessory or clothing is required. This is actually added of a claimed choice. I accept never acclimated it myself because while benumbed to a abode like Ladakh, you anyways accept a blubbery windproof anorak on the top and a thermal and trouser on the bottom. But if it makes you feel any safer afresh by all means, buy it or at atomic the knee and bend guards. Again, this is actually a claimed best and there is no close yes or no about it.

How to backpack additional Ammunition for Ladakh

Depending on which motorcycle you are benumbed and your itinerary, you may be appropriate to backpack additional ammunition at several stretches in your trip. A lot of the baggage carriers accept a aperture of putting jerry cans in them which makes the accomplished action actual convenient. Afore you do that however, best would be to blanket the jerry can in a blubbery bolt afore blind it to the side. It will assure the can from accepting punctured. If you did not fix a baggage carrier, afresh the best way would be to use 2 liters Pepsi or Coke bottles. Backpack about 5-6 of these. You can ample these up with Petrol, defended them deeply and put central a bag that you can use alone for this purpose. As you biking along, just yield out the bottles one by one and accumulate cloudburst the ammunition in during your breaks.