How to Rent a Bike in Manali


A motorcycle cruise to Ladakh is a dream which if becomes a absoluteness leaves memories that you will admire for life. Your aboriginal cruise to Ladakh will consistently be your a lot of memorable one, no bulk how abounding times you may acknowledgment to bethink the experience. There are of beforehand several means that you may plan to ability there, like self-drive, accessible carriage or aerial but the best way to accomplish the a lot of out of this adventure is to ride a motorcycle to Ladakh. It doesn’t bulk if you are a hardcore biker or just a approved motorcyclist; if you accept a appropriate abundant acquaintance of benumbed or administration a motorcycle than this is how you accept to plan your trip. In this post, I will explain how you can hire a motorcycle in Manali for either Ladakh cruise or visiting any added adjacent areas.

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For humans active in Delhi NCR arena or the Northern states of India, planning a bike cruise is almost easier than humans active in added locations of the country. For them, the better catechism that arises is whether to ride all the ambit in plains as well, which of beforehand will be time arresting and boring, or to abode the bike aboriginal to about afterpiece to Ladakh. Both these options of beforehand are an added hassle. Again there is aswell the actuality that not all of us either own a motorcycle or own a motorcycle that is acceptable abundant for a Ladakh cruise and appropriately comes the anticipation of renting a motorcycle for the trip. Foreign tourists planning a motorcycle cruise of beforehand accept no added advantage than to hire a bike or buy it and advertise afore they leave India.

Where to hire a motorcycle in Manali?

There are several places from area you can hire a motorcycle in Manali. Almost all the biking agents and bout operators accept this arrangement. In addition, the mechanics as able-bodied action this account so award a motorcycle to hire in Manali is not at all a difficult task. Just yield a airing about the boondocks and you will see affluence of shops/workshops alms motorcycles for rent.

Can I hire a motorcycle in Manali and use it in Ladakh as well?

A BIG NO. Amuse do not do this or you may acreage in trouble. If you are renting a bike in Manali, alone use it to ability Leh and your acknowledgment journey. For visiting the bounded day-tripper attractions like Nubra valley, Pangong and Moriri, amuse hire addition motorcycle in Leh. The locals there do not acquiesce tourists to use motorcycles busy alfresco of Ladakh to run there. You may about use it aural the city-limits of Leh.

Can I hire a motorcycle in Manali and bead at Srinagar?

Not for free. A lot of the renters will accord you a beeline no for this acceptation that you will accept to accompany their motorcycles aback to Manali itself. Some of them about would accord you a best to leave the motorcycle at either Srinagar or Jammu for an added bulk which could be anywhere amid Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000.

Can I hire a motorcycle in Manali and leave it in Leh?

Yes this too is an advantage provided by some renters for an added cost. It is actual attenuate that you won’t get answerable for this. Added bulk would be about Rs. 10,000 in barter of which you can hire a motorcycle in Manali and leave it at their bead point in Leh. That way you can either bolt a flight home or accomplish some added arrange for your acknowledgment journey.

Is there a minimum or best rental period?

It depends on the bedfellow but some of them do accept a 7 day minimum criteria.


How abundant does it bulk to hire a motorcycle in Manali?

It in fact depends on which motorcycle are you renting but apprehend the bulk to be about amid Rs. 1000 per day to Rs. 1500-1600 per day. If you are cerebration a Royal Enfield, again the allegation would be a minimum of Rs. 1200 per day for Classic, Accepted or Electra and abutting to Rs. 1600 per day for Thunderbird. For Pulsar it would be abutting to Rs. 1000 per day and for added motorcycles, it may be a bit beneath by a brace hundred.

Is this bulk negotiable?

Hard to acknowledgment this catechism but I do not anticipate it is negotiable. They appealing abundant accept a accepted bulk all beyond the boondocks and no biking abettor or artisan would lower the bulk unless it is a accepted acquaintance or your agreement abilities are of consign quality. LOL.

Do you accept to pay a aegis drop in adjustment to hire a motorcycle in Manali?

Yes you do. No biking abettor or artisan would accommodate you a bike after the aegis deposit. The exact bulk of the drop can alter highly, it can ambit anywhere from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 or maybe even more. Usually the renters let you pay allotment of the drop and yield blow as a cheque or maybe accumulate your acclaim agenda or some added affidavit as aegis drop for the actual amount. Bulk can depend on how old the motorcycle is, or the bedfellow you are ambidextrous with. This bulk of beforehand will be refunded to you if you acknowledgment the motorcycle. If there is any damage, the adjustment bulk will be deducted from the deposit. If there is no accident or adjustment required, your drop will be refunded in full.

What are the abstracts appropriate while renting the motorcycle?

Your active authorization is a accept to and appealing abundant the alone affidavit you will charge to abide as it works both as an Identity affidavit and abode affidavit as well. Someone asked me on an email if you accept to abide the aboriginal and the acknowledgment to that is no. You are appropriate to backpack your DL with you during the cruise and just charge to abide a archetype at the abode you are renting the bike from in Manali.

Is benumbed accent accessible for hire as well?

No it is not. The alone affair you may hire with the motorcycle is a helmet and that is appealing abundant about it. Benumbed jackets, knee guards, bend bouncer or any added accent is not accessible for rent. If you cannot ride after it, you will accept to buy it.

Is baggage carrier accessible for rent?

Most of the Royal Enfield’s accessible are able with it already. They baggage carrier forth with the amplitude for accustomed Jerry cans is army on the motorcycles. About if you charge an Enfield after the carrier, that is accessible too. If you are renting some added motorcycle and it does not accept baggage carrier, ask the artisan if he can arise one or accord you some added motorcycle.

Is there any paperwork complex while renting the motorcycle?

Yes there is. The abettor or the artisan will accept you assurance a affidavit which appealing abundant lays down the terms, for archetype what happens if you blast or accident the motorcycle etc. Amuse accomplish abiding that you pay abutting absorption to these agreement and analyze annihilation that you are not abiding of.


What abstracts should you ask for forth with the motorcycle?

Make abiding the RC, Insurance abstracts and abuse affidavit is handed over to you forth with the motorcycle. Analysis the dates anxiously and ensure that all these abstracts are still accurate and not expired.

Can I book a motorcycle in beforehand over the phone?

Yes you can but you accept to not. The a lot of important affair afore renting the motorcycle is to analysis it and you will be beggared of this advantage if you book it in advance. The best affair would be to airing through the town, analysis out several options, the action of the motorcycle, the costs complex and again accomplish a accommodation of area to hire it from.

How is the action of the motorcycles?

It is never acceptable is what I can say. Action will alter from getting OK to bad to even getting affecting which is why it is of absolute accent that you do not book in beforehand and audit the motorcycle carefully afore paying the amount. These motorcycles accept been acclimated by assorted humans and consistently in the arresting region. Acclimated is in fact the amiss word, these motorcycles mostly get abused and appropriately the bad condition. From the engine to ammunition efficiency, it will never be at par with a alone endemic motorcycle.

What to analysis afore renting the motorcycle?

I am not a artisan myself but I will still account a few things. Analysis the action of the alternation set and ensure it is not beat out. If the motorcycle is electric start, try bringing it to activity a brace of times and ensure that it doesn’t ahem or accord agitation if you columnist the alpha switch. If it is bang start, ensure that there is no starting botheration and the motorcycle is a individual or at a lot of two bliss start.

Check the action of the tires if they are beat out. Sit down on the motorcycle to analysis that the seats are adequate enough. Do a absolute analysis of the motorcycle for any oil leakage, either from engine or foreground shock absorbers. Analysis that the headlamp is ablaze abundant and get it replaced if it is not. Aswell analysis the appendage ablaze and that both the indicators are in alive condition.

Other tips that may be advantageous while renting a motorcycle in Manali?

The aboriginal tip is that analysis how old the motorcycle is and how abounding kilometers are on the odometer. Try to acquisition a motorcycle that is analogously new, has been bought in endure brace of years and accept run bottom kilometers. Award a new motorcycle is harder but not boxy so if you acquisition one go for it. Second affair you accept to do is to break in Manali for a day and analysis the motorcycle. Yield it appear Rohtang Pass and get an abstraction about how it performs on abrupt ascents and ammunition efficiency. If there is a fix required, get it done immediately. If there is a accountability too big or time arresting for repair, dump the motorcycle and acquisition addition one.

Third affair would be to accomplish abiding that you are accustomed some capital spares like clutch/accelerator/brake wires, headlamp, additional tubes, a toolkit, alternation hotlink and atom bung etc. You accept to apprentice how to yield off the caster and change the tube in case of a collapsed tire. Any added basal automated ability too will be benign so apprentice a little basics of bike adjustment like acclimation puncture, alteration sparkplug, clutch/cable wire, headlamp, headlight, adhering alternation hotlink etc. My final admonition would be that do not be angry down to a accurate motorcycle, do not go with the mindset that you alone accept to hire an Enfield or a Pulsar. Rather attending for a motorcycle which is inacceptable active action irrespective of which cast it is.


With all this said, addition point to accede actuality would be that if you accept a motorcycle of your own, alteration it to and from Manali would in fact bulk you beneath than traveling through the altercation of renting a motorcycle in Manali. Since it is your own motorcycle, you will consistently accept the assurance on its capabilities and appropriately the accord of mind. Something to anticipate about.