List of Good Restaurants in Leh City


Quite honestly, bistro in Ladakh sounds to me like “world on a plate”. There is just so abundant actuality that you can try, from Kashmiri to Ladakhi, to Tibetan and the account is endless. Some of the places are a little cher but there are affluence area you can eat as abundant as you wish after traveling bankrupt. I will try to accumulate the account as absolute as I can.

Leh Appearance Restaurant

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If you wish to try some adorable Kashmiri bowl with an alarming appearance around, eat at Leh appearance restaurant. They accept some amazing Kashmiri dishes on the card as able-bodied as some added approved arctic Indian food.

Lamayuru Restaurant

This one is apparently one of the a lot of recommended restaurants in all of Leh and is about on every account of acceptable restaurants in Leh. It serves abundant Indian & Chinese and at absolutely an affordable price. Their card is absolutely absolute and the alone affair awry is apparently south Indian food. I even usually abstain bistro at the hotels that I backward at and go to Lamayuru for cafeteria and dinner. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Neha Candy / Sweets:

This one comes awful recommended if you wish to grab a quick bite. Their Puri Chhole and samosa chaat is absolutely famous. It is a abundant yet affordable abode to try some added adorable snacks. It is in actuality so accepted that you will actually accept to clasp through humans to get your order.

Chaska Maska Dosa House

Craving to try a adorable Dosa? Appointment Chaska Maska and eat all that you can. It is a abundant abode to try some south Indian.

Il Forno

Want to try an amazing pizza with bargain beer and an amazing view? Go to Il Forno. Their Beer is absolutely acceptable and bargain and the appearance from their rooftop garden is acceptable as well. It is not alone bound to Pizza actuality though, they action added capital courses as able-bodied for reasonable price.


La Pizzeria

This is addition abundant abode to accept some acceptable pizzas and bargain beer in an adorable garden. Try their attenuate band pizza, it is absolutely acceptable and analytic priced amid Rs. 200 – Rs. 300. A mug of beer would amount about Rs. 150. They aswell accept a attic soup of the card for Rs. 90 or so which too I will recommend.


If you wish to try some Asian food, again Chopsticks is a abundant abode to eat at. Their Thai blooming back-scratch is actual adorable and just for Rs. 90.

Himalaya Cafe

This is addition abundant rooftop bistro that serves abundant Indian and Chinese food. The appearance of the mountains while accepting your banquet is amazing.

Chandan Dhaba

Craving for some of the approved and adorable Desi dishes at a Dhaba? Are you on a account trip? If yes again Chandan Dhaba will be a abundant abode to eat at. For about Rs. 60 you can get a thali with daal, sabzi, rice and roti. Aliment is absolutely acceptable and able-bodied aural budget.

Shubh Punjabi

Another abundant restaurant to accept some desi Punjabi food. Try their Lassi, it is good.

Little Cafe

Another abundant advantage if you are on a account trip. Their Thali is for about Rs. 100 but added than abundant for one being to eat.


Jeevan Cafe

This is amid on Changspa and has been recommended awful by a few accompany of mine. Their card is absolutely vast, prices are reasonable and account is excellent.

Gohil’s Restaurant

If you wish to accept a adult candle ablaze banquet with your spouse, again you should appointment Gohil’s restaurant. They accept an accessible sided roof area they ablaze candles and paraffin lambs on the table while confined dinner, a absolute adventurous setting. They serve adorable Punjabi and Himachali food.

Bob’s Cafe

I just bethink this abode for one account only, their “Chicken Dynamite”. Try it out, it’s amazing. Their specialty is ambrosial brittle absurd craven but they serve pasts, burgers, juices as well. The craven dynamitet comes with a coleslaw ancillary and two broiled sandwiches abounding with chili-herb-garlic mix.


If you are in a affection to accept a few drinks with accompany at a Bar while bistro some adorable lamb strips, again you should go to Lehchen. They are acclaimed for their cocktail bar and lamb strips.

Gesmo Restaurant

Another one of the a lot of able-bodied accepted and recommended restaurants of Leh. It is bearings on Old for alley and is acclaimed for their Yak Cheese Pizza. Lamayuru restaurant that I mentioned aloft is absolutely abreast to Gesmo.

Wazwan Restaurant:

This is one of my a lot of admired places for Kashmiri food. Their Kashmiri dishes aperture watering. If you are a non-vegetarian again you have to appointment this abode a appointment while you are in Ladakh. It is awful recommended by me.