List of monasteries in Ladakh


Hemis Monastery

The Hemis Abbey amid about 45 km south of Leh is one of the better and a lot of acclaimed monasteries acceptance to the Drukpa or Dragon order. The abbey houses an amazing accumulating of the age-old charcoal such as the idol of Lord Buddha fabricated up of chestnut gilt, gold and argent stupas, and admired thangkas, authoritative it one of the richest monasteries in Ladakh.

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The abbey founded by the aboriginal apotheosis Stagsang Raspa Nawang Gyatso in 1630, and if it was called Changchub Samling, the babyish Buddhist association actuality was born. This abbey has amazing collections of the age-old charcoal such as the idol of Lord Buddha fabricated of chestnut gilt, gold and argent stupas. Accepting such a majestic monastery, it attracts visitors from assorted corners of the world, abnormally during its commemoration anniversary accepted as the Hemis Festival. This commemoration is a much-revered commemoration to mark the bearing commemoration of Guru Padmasambhava.

This abode is a accept to appointment while you are on your Leh Ladakh bike expedition.

Held on the 9th and 10th day of the 5th ages of the Tibetan calendar, you accept to watch the commemoration celebrations as monks put up ball performances cutting ablaze dresses and audibly the alluring angelic affectation dance. It is captivated on the 9th and 10th day of the 5th ages of the Tibetan calendar

Location: The Hemis Abbey is amid 45 km appear the south-east of the basic city-limits of Leh.

Thiksey Monastery

The Thiksey Gompa is one of the a lot of admirable monasteries in Ladakh and belongs to the Gelukpa adjustment of Buddhism. The Gompa was aboriginal congenital at Stakmo by Sherab Zangpo. Afterwards the nephew of Sherab Zangpo, Paldan Sherab, founded the Thiksey Gompa on a acropolis to the arctic of the Indus River in the year 1430 A.D.

There are abounding angelic shrines axial the abbey of which the acclaimed one is the Lakhang Nyerma, committed to the Goddess Dorje Chenmo. If the altar was constructed, it was one of the better of its time, but now alone its charcoal can be apparent on the bounds of the monastery.

The abbey is now referred to as ‘Mini Potala’ of India as it resembles Potala Alcazar in Lhasa, Tibet. There are 10 temples in this 12 acclaimed abbey with the basic adoration anteroom apartment a 40-foot bronze of Maitreya Buddha (future Buddha) built-in on a lotus, it covers about two floors of the monastery. Abounding adored and attenuate statues, mini stupas and swords are on affectation axial the monastery.

The Thiksey Gustor Commemoration is captivated actuality during the 10th ages of the Tibetan agenda during the months of October – November if the angelic affectation or Cham dances are performed by citizen monks and nuns as a allotment of a ritual. About 80 Monks resides actuality at present, overextension the ambient of accord and abysmal Buddhism behavior to the locals there.

Location: The Thiksey Abbey is amid 17 kilometres south of Leh and is one of the best places to appointment during your Leh expedition.

Diskit Monastery

Amidst the abrupt and arid Nubra basin stands the admirable and alabaster white Diskit monastery. The oldest and better abbey in Nubra, Diskit abbey is amid at an ambit of 3142 meters. It was founded in the 14th aeon by Changzem Sherab Zangpo, a adherent of Tsongkhapa, architect of the Gelugpa affected of Buddhism, aswell accepted as the chicken hat sect.

Within the Tibetan appearance Gompa, there are admirable frescos and gompas. An iconic affection of the abbey is the bronze of Cho Rinpoche (Crowned Buddha), which is a allotment of the adoration hall. Appointment the abbey in the ages of February if it hosts the acclaimed Dosmoche festivals which see a ample bulk of tourists witnessing these celebrations while on their Manali Leh Srinagar biking trip.

Here you can curiosity at the affluent collections of Lord Buddha idols, the superb interiors and architectonics designs accompanying with the religious atmosphere which is just a arresting experience. Campaign to the abbey for a amazing appearance of Ladakh and accomplish the accomplishment to be present there in the morning if you can attestant the acclaimed Morning Adoration commemoration which is absolutely an adorning experience.

Location: The Diskit Abbey lies 15 km north-west off the Khalsar-Panamik route, at the bend of the arid in Shyok valley.

Alchi Monastery

Renowned as the oldest Buddhist acquirements centre, the Alchi Gompa is one of the alluringly congenital monasteries in Ladakh. Amid 70 kilometres west of Leh on the banks of the Indus River, it is aswell the better and a lot of acclaimed of the gompas congenital by Tibetan translator Rinchen Zangpo in the average of the 12th century. With the abridgement of a monarchy, he appointed four families to attending afterwards the abbey till the 15th aeon if it was taken over by the Lekir Monastery.

Different from added monasteries, this one is congenital on collapsed arena instead of on a hilltop. It has three basic structures. The Du-Khang is the accumulation anteroom and the better part; the Sum-tsek is a three-storied anatomy with a four-armed bronze of the Bodhisattva application two storeys with abstracts of Maitreya Buddha, Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri on the arena floor; the third anatomy is Jampe Lhakhang, a temple of Manjushri. This temple aswell has carve and painting of Rinchen Tsangpo.

Adorned with ablaze colours and intricately fabricated statues of Lord Buddha, it takes about two hours to absolutely adore the adorableness of these monasteries in Ladakh. An absorbing and fun actuality is that locations of Bollywood hit like Dil Se and Tashan were attempt actuality at Alchi.

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Location: Amid 70 kilometres west of Leh on the banks of the Indus River.

Lamayuru Monastery

Renowned as Tharpa Ling which agency the ‘place of freedom’; Lamayuru abbey is one of the oldest and better monasteries in Ladakh and said to accept been congenital about the aforementioned time as Alchi Monastery. It is amid about 127 km from Leh on a abrupt abundance amid Bodh Kharbu and Kha-La-Che. The abbey belongs to Red-Hat Affected of Buddhism. At its peak, the abbey housed 400 monks but nowadays there are alone 50 inmates. About 150 monks accept in Lamayuru village.

This abbey was founded by Mahasiddha Acharya Naropa the 11th aeon who came to the abode for meditation.There are abounding legends associated with the architecture of the monastery, one such predicted that the basin would be broiled and a abbey would be complete at its place. If the basin dried, Naropa begin a asleep bobcat there and chose to assemble the aboriginal temple of Singhe Ghang (Lion Mound). The architect again complete 5 barrio but alone one exists today.

The abbey is acclaimed for its affluent bank paintings, a accumulating of thangkas, murals, scriptures and statues of altered forms of Buddha and added deities. Every year on the 17th and the 18th day of the 5th ages of the Tibetan lunar calendar, a angelic masked ball is performed by the monks of the monastery.

Location: Lamayuru is about 125 km from Leh boondocks and can be visited on the way to Leh from Srinagar.

Phugtal Monastery

A cruise to the Phugtal Abbey is a surreal experience, assuming an angel as if ashore in the mountains in the anatomy of a honeycomb. Anchored at the aperture of a cave, aloft a cliff, it is abutting to a above accessory of the river Lungnak and was founded by Gangsem Sherap Sampo during the aboriginal 12th century. From here, the appearance is arresting as it makes a account absolute ambient of the mountains, abundant greens and the aboriginal Lungnak River.

This is the far-off monasteries in Ladakh and is a accepted destination for tourists visiting Ladakh in winters. This Buddhist abbey is not alone congenital on a bluff but it aswell has a accustomed cave. It is believed that about 2,550 years ago important sages, scholars, and translators visited this place. The Phugtal abbey was and it still is a adopted abode by the advisers and agents to meditate. This abbey which has a library as able-bodied as adoration apartment houses about 70 monks.

This one of the a lot of abandoned monasteries of the arena is fabricated up of copse and mud. Biking accepting the alone agency of extensive this monastery, it creates a abstracted and agreeable acquaintance to ability to the top and blot in the ambient of this all-powerful place.

Location: Phugtal abbey is amid in Lungnak Valley, south of Zanskar and is attainable alone by foot. You can accept to get alone from Padum to the absorbing little apple of Ichar, from area you accept to campaign up to the monastery.

Spituk Monastery

Overlooking the attractive Indus River, this abbey in Ladakh was congenital and founded in the 11th aeon by Od-de, the earlier brother of Lha Absolutist Changchub. Initially, the gompa acclimated to run on the principals of the Kadampa academy (Red Hat sect) but it afterwards came into the bend of Gelugpa adjustment (Yellow Hat sect).

Today, it is home to 100 monks as able-bodied as a behemothic bronze of goddess Kali, which is apparent to the accessible during the anniversary Spituk festival. The a lot of iconic affection of the abbey is the icons of Buddha and 5 thangkas administration amplitude with sculptures and mini chortens. You absolutely cannot allow to miss, its different accumulating of age-old masks, aged accoutrements and accomplished thangkas here.

A little college up the acropolis is the temple of Goddess Vajrabhairva. The bronze of the goddess is kept covered and is apparent alone already during the Spituk Festival. The abbey plays host to the commemoration Spituk or Gustor Commemoration captivated in the 11th ages of the Tibetan calendar, area the monks accomplish masked dances apery able-bodied over angry and acceptance depicting the activity of Buddha.

Many travellers who are on their Manali to Leh auto carnival expedition, generally appear actuality to attestant this actual beauty.

Location: This abbey in Ladakh is amid 8 km abroad from the basic city-limits of Leh.

Likir Monastery

Also accepted as Klu-Kkhyil gompa, the Likir Abbey was ordered to congenital by the 5th baron of Ladakh Lhachen Gyalpo and was appropriately founded by Absolutist Duwang Chosje in 1065. The abbey is of the Gelugpa affected or Chicken Hat Affected of Tibetan Buddhism. Even today, Buddhist article and the three basal Pratimoksha disciplines are preached on the site. Likir agency the Naga encircled.

The abbey got its name as it is believed two serpent spirits, Nanda and Taksako bouncer it. The abbey aswell plays host to the commemoration anniversary captivated in the 12th ages of the Tibetan Agenda from the 27th to the 29th of the ages and this commemoration is acclaimed with abundant pomp. The locals put up religious ball performances forth with the monks who accomplish angelic rituals on these advantageous days. This abode welcomes abounding travellers during their Manali to Leh cruise and never ceases to affect them with its beauty.

Location: Likir Gompa is amid about 62 km to the West of the basic city-limits of Leh.


Shey Monastery

Shey accepting originally the basic of Ladakh was congenital in 1655 by Deldon Namgyal, the baron of Ladakh. Amid in the bounds of the Shey Palace, it is believed to be the summer retreat of the aristocratic ancestors of Ladakh. Anchored 16 km from the city-limits of Leh, it is en avenue Thiksey and Hemis Abbey in Ladakh.

Currently, the alcazar now a abbey houses the better Buddha bronze fabricated of gilded chestnut accepted as Shakyamuni Buddha, accoutrement three floors of the building. In foreground of the bronze is a ample wax basin with a blaze that is continuously lit for a year afterwards which it is replaced. The cold of afire the blaze is to highlight the accent of candor and adherence to the tourists visiting the monastery

With admirable murals and paintings adorning the walls, it’s lower abbey has a library which is believed to accept the better accumulating of thangkas in Ladakh. As you airing up to the monastery, you’ll aswell appear beyond 5 Buddhas carved out of bedrock forth the roadside. Abutting to the abbey is aswell the Druk Padma Karpo Institute, now renamed Rancho Academy afterwards its affection in the Hindi cine 3 Idiots.

There are two festivals captivated at this abbey in Ladakh every year; Shey Stubla on the 30th day of the 1st months and Shey Ru-lo on the 10th day of the 7th month.

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Location: The Shey Alcazar has anchored 16 km from the City-limits of Leh and is en avenue the Thiksey and Hemis monastery.

Phyang Monastery

Denma Kunga Drakpa, the Dorzin or brainwork adept laid the foundation rock of this monastery. Fable has it that Drakpa backward in a tented affected to contemplate the adorableness of this abode and while apperception he saw Achi the protectress on a dejected horse. He took this as an advantageous assurance and complete this abbey to admire this event. The agreeable and serene ambiance of the abode provides its visitors with the much-needed accord of mind, physique and soul.

The name Phyang was acquired from Gang Ngonpo that agency the dejected mountain, which can be apparent appropriate abaft the abbey and belongs to the Dri-Gung-pa affected of Tibetan Buddhism. Home to about 100 monks, the abbey aswell houses a academy to admit training in Buddhism forth with avant-garde education.

With age-old bank paintings, collections of old thangkas and murals of Mahakala, the abbey aswell has a architecture that has 900-year-old collections of idols, scriptures, Chinese, Tibetan and Mongolian accoutrements and weapons. The Phyang Gompa becomes the area of Gang-Sngon Tsedup Festival, anniversary year, starting from the 17th day up to the 19th day of the aboriginal ages of the Tibetan calendar, which attracts a ample bulk of tourists every year. Dance, music and affectation ball are the top point of this event. The Cham ball by the lamas is aswell absolutely amazing to watch. This is a accept to accept acquaintance while you are on your Leh Ladakh alley trip.

Location: Nestled on the top of a hill, the Phyang Abbey is anchored about 15 kilometres west of Leh.

Stakna Monastery

Enshrined by Bhutanese saint and academic Chose Jamyang in the backward 16th century, Stakna agency Tiger’s adenoids which is aswell the appearance of the acropolis on which the abbey is located. Acceptance to the Drugpa affected of Buddhism, this abbey in Ladakh portrays an angel of the religious and cultural ancestry of India and Buddhism. There’s a big accumulation anteroom accepted as Dukhang, which is adorned with admirable paintings of Sakyamuni, Tsepha Kmad and Amchi.

Out of the several idols of the monastery, the a lot of cogent one is that of Arya Avalokiteshvara from Assam’s Kamrup region. To the acute appropriate of the courtyard, there’s seven anxiety alpine argent chorten which appearance the bronze of Lord Buddha with some adoration notes. The bank adverse to the access of the Accumulation Anteroom is corrective with three images, of a Bodhisattva, Padmasambhava and Tshong-san-Gompo. Statues of Sakyamuni (Past Buddha), the Present Buddha and Maitreya (Future Buddha) are aswell begin in the hall. Like added gompas, Stakna aswell has a arch for the arch absolutist of the monastery.

Home to about 30 monks currently, it has a bulk of sister monasteries, 3 of which are in Zanskar-Bardan, Stakrimo and Sani. The best allotment of this abbey is the arresting appearance of the Indus River Basin from its rooftop.

Location: The Stakna Abbey is amid 45 km from the city-limits of Leh.

Takthok Monastery

Takthok Abbey broadly referred to as Thak and Thag Thog by the bounded Buddhist humans is the alone abbey acceptance to the Nyingmapa academy of adjustment or Red Hat affected of Buddhism. The abbey came into actuality beneath the aphorism of ‘Tshewang Namgyal’. It is congenital about a cavern on a mountainside and appropriately derives its name Takthok which in English agency ‘rock roof’. According to the legend, the abundant Padmasambhava did his brainwork in this cavern in the aboriginal 8th century. This cavern is termed as Duphug (Tu-Phuk) Lhakhang and is a acclaimed crusade website for all the Tibetan Buddhists about the world.

The abbey has a temple, a Dukhang or accumulation anteroom which has statues of Maitreya, Padmasambhava and Dorje Takposal.

Buddhists set out actuality on a crusade to be adored by ‘dubchu’ or Angelic Water and to pay admiration to the angelic book of Buddha’s teachings, the ‘Kandshur’, which has 108 volumes, forth with added sets of Buddhists article to assure the humans adjoin angry spirits, blame and epidemics. These texts were accounting in authentic gold and argent letters. Lamas use the argument at the time of bearing of baby, afterlife of a being or for added rituals, and they aswell affirmation to adumbrate the approaching of a being by account the scriptures.

The monastery’s new temple is aswell a above allure and is accepted for its murals, paintings and statues of Buddha. Consecrated by 14th Dalai Absolutist in 1980, the abbey is a above day-tripper allure mostly travellers who are on their Manali to Leh Bike trip.

The Takthok Abbey hosts an commemoration accident every year on the 9th as able-bodied as 10th of every sixth ages according to Tibetan calendar, forth with a angelic ball by the 55 monks residing here, to admire this event.

Location: The Takthok abbey is amid at a ambit of 46 km from the city-limits of Leh.

Rizong Monastery

According to accepted belief, Guru Padmasambhava forth with added lamas acclimated to meditate in the caves about Rizong in isolation, actual on one meal a day and alienated any acquaintance with the alfresco world. Afore architecture the abbey in 1831, Absolutist Tsultim Nima started a abbey at the website to advise monks about Buddhism, who even today accept by actual austere rules and regulations like afar from sacrificing all comforts and actual possessions, they are even banned to ablaze fires in their beef or even handle annihilation affected by women.

Known as a ‘Paradise for meditation’, this abbey in Ladakh belongs to the Gelugpa Adjustment or Chicken Hat affected of Buddhism and overlooks the arresting Indus Valley. Home to about 40 monks today, the Rizong Abbey educates and teaches these monks the abundant scriptures and the called aisle to God with a actual austere and simple way of life.

Located 2 km away, a nunnery, accepted as Chulichan (Chomoling), is beneath the awning of the monastery, area 20 nuns or the Chomos accept and adoration at the temples of the monastery, accomplish affairs like milking, spinning absolute and accepting oil for the temple lamps.

Location: The Rizong Abbey is amid 73 km from the city-limits of Leh.

Matho Monastery

Founded by Absolutist Dugpa Dorje in the year 1410, Matho is the alone abbey that follows the Sakya affected of Buddhism. In adjustment to acquaint the Monastic community, the baron offered religious acreage in neighbouring villages and the Nagrang commemoration was started, which is captivated on the 14th and 15th day of the Tibetan calendar. The abbey is home to added than 60 lamas, they are called as oracles every three years area they accept to abide accurate abnegation and brainwork over the continuance of few months to absolve themselves.

Apart from the Nagrang festival, the added festivals aswell organised accept performances of the Cham ball and acts of oracles which are done beneath the access of abnormal powers. The oracles run barefoot on the parapets of the abbey roof abrogation anybody in awe and abhorrence of them.

Constructed about 500 years ago, the abbey has a marvellous accumulating of age-old Thangas, walls adorned with angelic paintings, statues of Maitreya, Sakyamuni, the absolution Buddha and a thousand-armed bronze of Avalokitesvara.

Location: The Matho Abbey is anchored on the banks of the Indus River about 20 km south of Leh.

Rangdum Monastery

Perched aloft a mountain, the Rangdum Abbey looks like a citadel, overlooking and attention the serene valley, with rolling hills, mountains and aboriginal glaciers which alone enhances the adorableness of this place. Amid in Kargil Suru Valley, this abbey was congenital by Gelek Yashi Takpa about 200 years ago and some even accept it to be from the 8th century. Home to about 40 monks, the abbey has a affluent array of Tibetan antiques and added adored artefacts and you’ll acquisition the monks in abysmal brainwork in the agreeable ambient of the premises.

You will aswell acquisition a adoration anteroom amid in the axial allotment of the monastery, which will accord visitors a bright appearance of the age-old and rustic adorableness of this place. And while you’re here, you will get the activity of remoteness, back this abbey is amid far off the mainland.

Although the anchorage to the abbey are aflutter and crave a acceptable bulk of time to reach, it still receives a lot of visitors every here, due to its surrounding attractive vistas and peaceful ambient for meditation.

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Location: The Rangdum Abbey is amid in the Kargil Suru Basin about 130 km from Kargil and 343 km from the city-limits of Leh.