List of Vegetarian Only Restaurants in Ladakh


If you are carefully a vegetarian, afresh a cruise to Kashmir and Ladakh will absolutely get you cerebration about breadth you will be eating. About all the restaurants actuality will serve vegetarian dishes but award one that serves abandoned vegetarian can be a little troublesome. This creates a big botheration for humans who will not eat at a abode that cooks and serve non-vegetarian dishes too. If you too are a vegetarian abandoned person, afresh beneath is a account of some acceptable vegetarian restaurants in Leh that you can eat at. All these places serve abandoned veg dishes and there is no non-veg accessible here, not even eggs.

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The account beneath comprises places not abandoned vegetarian restaurants in Leh but at added towns too that you will be arch while traveling to Ladakh. I will present this in anatomy of an itinerary; starting from Srinagar, accoutrement all places in Ladakh and catastrophe at Manali. I would aswell like to acknowledgment that I am not a vegetarian abandoned and accept not eaten at all of these places. The absorbed is to abandoned abridge advice actuality for the account of anyone who is traveling to Ladakh and searching to eat at a vegetarian abandoned place. I either noticed some of the restaurants listed beneath myself while traveling to Ladakh, or I accustomed this advice from friends, added readers or from the web.

Krishna Vaishno Dhaba:

It is amid adverse Auberge City Plaza, abreast United Nation Office, abutting to Dal Gate. I accept never eaten actuality but it has been awful recommended by several accompany for adorable food. They serve abandoned vegetarian.

Pincer Vegetarian Foods:

It is addition acceptable vegetarian abandoned restaurant. It is amid Abreast Auberge New Park,Opp.Ghat No-, 9, Boulevard Rd, Durgjan, Srinagar. Their buzz bulk is 094190 68017 in case you accept agitation analysis the place.

Vishal Vaishno Dhaba:

Addition veg abandoned abode amid abreast Dal gate. Their buzz bulk is 9906118786 in case you accept agitation award it.

Radha Ki Rasoi:

This is amid abreast Malik hotel, at Boulevard Alley in Srinagar. Buzz bulk is 9697770000.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Sonamarg

It will be absolutely harder to acquisition a vegetarian abandoned restaurant in Sonamarg; as a bulk of actuality I do not anticipate there is any. Your abandoned advantage is Auberge Sonamarg Palace, amid in foreground of Thajiwas Glacier District Ganderbal, Sonamarg. They accept a vegetarian abandoned restaurant breadth you may eat; even if you are not a bedfellow at the hotel.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Drass

There is no vegetarian abandoned restaurant in Drass. All the hotels and Dhabas actuality serve both veg and non veg dishes. I will acclaim that you eat at Sonamarg and get something arranged too for the adventure ahead; just in case.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Kargil

Like Drass, there is no vegetarian abandoned restaurant in Kargil. This is the acumen why I mentioned that you should get something arranged at Sonamarg; so that you at atomic accept the advantage of heating up what you bought at the auberge and accept it for dinner. Your best bet to eat vegetarian in Kargil would be a baby Dhaba abreast auto stand, in capital market. A Sardarji owns it. Addition acceptable best to accept vegetarian aliment would be Auberge Caravan. If it fits in your budget, you can analysis in to this actual hotel. If you are blockage elsewhere, they accept a restaurant breadth you can go and eat.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Khalsi

Samyas Restaurant:

Afterwards Kargil, the next abode breadth you can acquisition vegetarian abandoned aliment is at Khalsi. There is a Jain restaurant actuality by the name of Samyas which I accept heard serves absolutely adorable food. You can accept your cafeteria actuality while on your way to Leh from Kargil.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Mulbek

There is a baby restaurant/dhaba at Mulbek, just adverse the admirable Buddha statue, whose card is bound to vegetarian only.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Leh

Most restaurants in Ladakh serve vegetarian dishes but aswell accept a affluent non-vegetarian card as well. If you are not too choosy about your meal adapted in aforementioned kitchen as non-vegetarian; options are in plenty. About if you accept any such restriction,; there are a few places in Leh that serve abandoned vegetarian.

Neha Snacks:

This abode aswell goes by the name of Neha Sweets and is amid in capital bazaar of Leh. It is absolutely a acclaimed abode and you will accept no agitation award it; just ask anyone and they will point you in the appropriate direction. In the account of vegetarian restaurants in Leh, this one consistently comes to be on the top.

Lamayuru Restaurant:

A acceptable and not so big-ticket abode to eat. I accept been to this abode myself and the vegetarian dishes actuality were absolutely delicious.

Tenzin Dickey:

If you are in for some Tibetan food, afresh this restaurant will be your best bet. They are not absolutely that big-ticket and aliment is absolutely good. It is at Fort alley in Leh.

Punjabi Rasoi:

If you would like some acceptable Indian food, you should go to Punjabi Rasoi. This too is amid in capital bazaar and is a authentic vegetarian abandoned restaurant. The best allotment actuality is the bisected confined option; so if you are traveling abandoned or bistro alone, you should go here.

Himalayan Restaurant:

If you wish to try some veg Chinese, afresh Himalayan Restaurant will be a abundant abode to eat at.

Hotel Mandala:

I backward at this auberge during one of my trips to Ladakh and begin it to be absolutely good. They accept a vegetarian abandoned restaurants that aswell serves Jain vegetarian food. You can either analysis in actuality or you can break abroad as able-bodied and appear eat at this hotel.


Vegetarian Restaurants in Nubra Valley

After Leh; it gets a bit catchy for vegetarian people. Affair is that a lot of the Ladakhis eat non-vegetarian; both Muslims and Buddhists. So it is traveling to be acutely difficult for you to acquisition a abode that serves abandoned vegetarian; as a bulk of actuality I do not accept there are any.

Most of the restaurants and hotels actuality will serve vegetarian but if you cannot eat at a abode that serves non-veg too, your best will be acutely limited.

Maggie will be your cafeteria or banquet here. There are several Maggie credibility in Nubra basin and award a tea boutique or baby Dhaba that serves Maggie will be not a problem. Try to attending for a home break and ask the buyer if they can serve vegetarian food. As I mentioned aloft though; a lot of the humans actuality eat non-veg so award a authentic veg home break will be a difficult task.

There is a home break in Diskit by the name of Khardung Home Break that I would recommend. I accept they serve abandoned vegetarian. You can ask while you are in Diskit about this place. Again, I am not too abiding about this but it’s account a shot. Ask about in Diskit for this abode and any of the locals will point you in the appropriate direction.

Vegetarian Restaurants at Pangong Tso

There is absolutely no auberge or restaurant at Pangong Tso; just chadar tents and affected sites. Non-veg is adapted at these sites on adjustment but they usually serve eggs in breakfast which can afresh be a botheration for some people. There is about a restaurant in Tangste breadth I ate a brace of years ago. I do not bethink the name of it but it is just a baby restaurant and there were no non veg items on their menu. Eat actuality afore you advance to Pangong Tso and may even get some aliment arranged for your dinner. Tangste is a actual baby boondocks and award this restaurant will not be that difficult a task.

Another affair that you can do is to ask about at the affected sites and acquisition one that does not serve non vegetarian aliment at all. This about is a continued attempt and affairs of award such a affected website are slim.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Karzok (Tso Moriri)

It is appealing abundant the aforementioned accord as Nubra Basin and Pangong Tso. There are a few hotels and affected sites which will serve you both vegetarian but they baker non-vegetarian as well. I do not accept there is any restaurant at Karzok which is carefully vegetarian only. There is a tea boutique abreast the abbey in Karzok breadth I accept they just serve tea, Maggie, Paranthas and noodles. I am not too abiding about the non-veg allotment but you can ask here. Rest of the bedfellow houses and hotels bisect both veg and non veg.

Vegetarian Restaurants on Manali Leh Highway

While traversing on Manali Leh road, the aloft abode credibility are at Pang, Sarchu, Jispa and Keylong. A lot of the humans traveling to Leh or to Manali from Leh stop at either of these places.


There are abandoned Chadar tents actuality and no anchored hotel. Some of the Chadar tents serve non-vegetarian as able-bodied but not all about egg is something that they all do.


Sarchu too is mostly a camping website and Chadar tents. Situation actuality is appealing abundant the aforementioned actuality as Pang. Chadar tents do not usually serve non-vegetarian dishes but they do accumulate and serve eggs.

Chamba Dhaba:

The Dhaba I acquaint account of aloft is just afterwards arch Baralacha La appear Leh. Last I was here, there was no non-vegetarian account on their menu. It was just bound to Maggie, Paranthas, simple roti, daal & Chawal; no eggs too for that matter. You can stop actuality and accept lunch.


Jispa has just one abounding auberge which serves both veg and non veg. There are aswell a brace of camping sites actuality which mostly serves vegetarian but can align for non-veg as able-bodied if any of the guests asks for it.


I am apologetic but there is no accepted vegetarian abandoned restaurant here.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Manali

Manali is one of the aloft day-tripper spots of our country and you will accept no affair award a vegetarian restaurant here. I will acknowledgment a few that I apperceive to be good.

Sharda Satyam:

This one is amid in capital bazaar breadth and a authentic vegetarian restaurant.

Hotel Tirupati Classic:

Addition vegetarian abandoned restaurant.

Mehak Restaurant on Mission road

Il Ferno

: If you like to try some veg italian afresh Il Ferno is the palce to go to. It is abreast the arch in Old Manali.


This one is addition acceptable and vegetarian abandoned restaurant in Manali.

If you are in for some vegetarian Himachali aliment afresh attending for a baby dhaba abreast Jana avalanche at Naggar.


Vegetarian Restaurants in Zanskar Valley

There are no vegetarian abandoned restaurants in Zanskar; or at atomic not that I accept noticed. Some baby restaurants in Padum or forth the way do not accept craven or mutton readily accessible but they serve eggs and Omelette. If that is a concern, afresh you will accept agitation award a abode to eat actuality and will accept to survive on snacks.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Pehalgam

Ok this one is off the avenue but anticipation I would still add it here. If you are on a Kashmir cruise and visiting Pahalgam, afresh Nathu’s rasoi and Dana Pani would be your best for vegetarian only. Nathu’s rasoi is adverse Auberge Mughal Darbar and Dana Pani is abreast Auberge Mount View. Just ask anyone and they will point you in the appropriate direction.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Gulmarg

If you are planning to yield a detour appear Gulmarg from Sonamarg, afresh Punjabi Rasoi and Bakshi Restaurant are the ones in Gulmarg confined vegetarian only. There is addition restaurant by the name of Falak which has a acceptable veg abandoned menu. Bakshi restaurant aswell serves Jain vegetarian.

These were some places that I begin out to be confined authentic vegetarian abandoned means. These are not many, I know; but traveling to a abode like Kashmir and Ladakh can acutely absolute your choices if you are a austere veggie. Beneath are a few tips that I accept can be helpful.\

  • If you cannot eat at a abode breadth non-vegetarian is cooked; or eat in plates that may accept been acclimated for confined non-veg, afresh I awful acclaim that you backpack some accoutrement with you. A heating pot, frying pan, plates, bowls; few spoons will appear in absolute handy. That way, if you acquisition a vegetarian abandoned restaurant, you can aswell get some aliment arranged for adventure advanced and afresh use your own accoutrement to calefaction it up later.
  • While traveling to limited places, or appear Nubra or Pangong, accumulate an eye out for baby eateries, like tea shops. They usually do not accept non veg on their card at all and just serve aliment and paranthas with tea. Some of these may be confined eggs and some may not so do ask advanced if you accept any such restriction.
  • Maggie will appear to accomplishment while traveling to limited places. Though you will acquisition it about everywhere in Ladakh, I will still acclaim that you backpack a few packets afore you alpha from Leh or any aloft boondocks breadth you see it on sale. If you brought your own accoutrement with you, you can get it adapted anywhere; even at places breadth they serve non-veg items.
  • Chadar tents/dhabas are in affluence all over Ladakh. They too do not usually accept non veg on their menus, except eggs; some of them do not even accept eggs. This will be your next best abode to eat while not in Leh.
  • Backpack abounding bulk of candy with you all the time, no bulk breadth you go.
  • If you are a Jain by acceptance and accept austere limitations about what and breadth you eat, a cruise to Ladakh will be a absolute botheration in agreement of food. The best that I can advance is that you backpack some basal affable and bistro accoutrement with you. There are aswell some biking agents that will align your absolute bout and serve Jain aliment with no onions, garlic etc. Addition tip would be to align your visits to Nubra and Pangong as day visit. Ask at the auberge or any restaurant in Leh to baker your mean, backpack it for the day adventure advanced and be aback in Leh by evening. Just my two cents though; may complete a little asinine or aboveboard and I am apologetic if it does.