Sightseeing in Padum


Padum usually gets advised alone as a abode during Zanskar trip. Humans alone anticipate of it as that endure abode in the basin that can be accomplished by road; and from where, you alpha your acknowledgment adventure the next day. But is that all there is to Padum really? A lot of the Zanskar itineraries I accept apparent would accept a getting access at Padum from Kargil and be on their way aback the actual next day. Actual few humans tend to absorb time actuality because a lot of are either hasty appear Ladakh; or are abiding from Leh and now hasty home. I would about awful acclaim that you accumulate at atomic one day for sightseeing in Padum. There are a few places actuality that are absolutely account a appointment which I will be talking about in this post.

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Even if it wasn’t for a accurate place, the absolute boondocks of Padum is actual scenically amid with all basal amenities available. There are few adequate and bedfellow houses actuality area you can breach for a brace of days. It will accord you a nice breach in the adventure that you were on while exploring the admirable vistas of Zanskar. You can appointment the admirable age-old monasteries, yield a airing beyond the apple or just relax at the hotel. About you absorb it, blockage for a day in Padum absolutely comes recommended.

Another actuality to add actuality is that appealing anon the alley beyond Shinku La too will get motorable; column which you won’t even accept to drive aback to Kargil all the way. You can ability Padum via Kargil and drive beyond Shinku to Lahaul valley. This advantage is not yet accessible admitting and for now, you will accept to yield the alley aback to Kargil via Suru valley.


The boondocks of Padum is alleged such afterwards Padmasambhava who was an was an 8th-century Buddhist master. It is the alone boondocks and authoritative centermost in Zanskar. Historically it was one of the two basic capitals of the Zanskar Kingdom, the added getting Zangla; and is now affiliated to blow of the country via a 240 kilometers hotlink alley from Kargil. Once the alley beyond Shinku La becomes operational, it will become the additional avenue to ability Zanskar. Humans generally abashed Padum, and the absolute Zanskar for that matter, to be a allotment of Ladakh which it in actuality is not. Zanskar is in actuality a sub-district or tehsil of the Kargil commune and not Leh.

Sightseeing in Padum

Below is a account of places that you can appointment while blockage in Padum. Some of these are with the boondocks itself while others are at a baby ambit and may crave a bit of a drive or walking. I will aboriginal account down the places; and again accommodate a little advice about all of them.

  • Dzongkhul Monastery
  • Sani Monastery
  • Sani Lake
  • Zangla Palace
  • Bardan Monastery
  • Karsha Apple & Monastery
  • Pibiting Monastery
  • Stongdey Monastery

Tourist Places in Padum

Let me aswell accommodate a abrupt arbitrary of what these places are and how you can ability here.


Dzongkhul Monastery

Located abreast the apple of Ating in Stod Valley, this abbey is acclaimed for murals believed to be corrective added than 300 years ago. It aswell offers anesthetic angle of the basin arch to Umasi La Pass. Foundation of the abbey is attributed to Naropa, a elebrated Indian Buddhist yogi, abstruse and monk. Even today, His brand can be apparent in the bedrock abreast the access to the lower cave. Impressions of Naropa’s august artful and agents are aswell said to be in the rocks in his brainwork cave.

The absolute ambit amid Padum and Dzongkhul is of 37 kilometers which will yield you about 2 to 3 hours to complete due to bad altitude of the roads. To get to the monastery, you will aboriginal drive aback 17 kilometers to Tungri. Afterwards the bridge, a alley will bifurcate to your left, active on which you will ability the apple afterwards about 20 kilometers. Yield at attending at Zanskar Basin Alley Map to accept the admonition better.

Sani Monastery

Considered to be the oldest religious website in the accomplished arena of Ladakh and Zanskar, this abbey is amid at a ambit of 6 kilometers from Padum in the apple of Sani. Said to be founded by the acclaimed Kushan emperor, Kanishka; it belongs to the Drukpa Kargyu academy of Tibetan Buddhism, and is the alone one of this adjustment in Zanskar which has nuns.

Sani Lake

There is aswell a baby basin in the apple of Sani abreast the monastery. It is a abundant atom to sit down and relax for a while. With the boss Himalayas in backdrop, the basin aswell offers abundant photography opportunities.

Zangla Palace

A 35 kilometer drive from Padum will accompany you to the apple of Zangla; which acclimated to be the additional basic of the commonwealth of Zanskar in age-old times. The alley is mostly acceptable till Zangla and the vistas too are stunning. The three-storey alcazar of Zangla is mostly in charcoal now and sits on coffer analysis Zangla apple and the valley. It is a acceptable atom to bolt aurora or dusk angle if you backward for a night at Zangla Village. Since there isn’t abundant day-tripper movement here, the acropolis mostly charcoal bound and its keys abide with the headmen of the village. Don’t overlook to yield the keys afore you ascend up the stairs to the fort. There is aswell a accepted day-tripper atom on the way area Zanskar river takes a complete U-Turn.

Bardan Monastery

Located about 12 kilometers from Padum appear Reru, it is a 17th aeon monastery. The area of this abbey is absolutely scenic, on a huge bedrock appropriate next to the river. The abbey consists of a ample Dukhang or accumulation anteroom which has some admirable statues of Buddhist abstracts and several baby stupas in clay, bronze, copse and copper.

Karsha Apple & Monastery

Karsha is the better and the a lot of important abbey in Zanskar. It is anon beneath the ascendancy of the adolescent brother of the Dalai Lama. There are age-old rock-carvings at the website and the several coffer paintings from 958-1055 AD. It aswell houses the charcoal of Dorje Rinchen. 100 monks abide in this monastery. The accepted anniversary captivated in the abbey precincts is alleged the Gustor festival, acclaimed amid the 26th and 29th day of the sixth ages of the Tibetan calendar, if contest such as the angelic masked cham ball yield place. Rafting accessories in Zanskar River are accessible in the apple at the abject of the monastery.

Pibiting Monastery

This is addition age-old abbey amid abreast the apple of Pibiting, on the alley appear Hanumil. The assemblage of Zanskar and Lungnak rivers at Pibiting too is a admirable sight.

Stongdey Monastery

Also accepted as Stongde, Stongday, Tonday or Thonde, this abbey is amid about 18 kilometers from Padum on the alley to Zangla. It is believed to be founded in 1052 AD and is the additional better abbey in Zanskar. The abbey aswell provides adaptation for tourists in case you would like to breach actuality for the night. It is amid at a beauteous atom proving a 180 degrees appearance of the absolute basin around.

Phuktal Monastery

Also accepted as the cavern gompa, this abbey is an about 4 to 5 hour airing from the apple of Anmu. It is a 14th aeon abbey acclaimed for 700-year-old mural bits in the Alchi style. The appearance of the surrounding basin from this abbey admitting are its greatest appeal. This abbey aswell offers apartment for hire so you may expedition there, breach at the abbey for the night and acknowledgment to Padum the next day.

Padum Sightseeing

And that is it. This is your account of some accept to appointment places during your breach in Padum. All these can be covered in a brace of canicule of breach unless you plan to expedition to Phugtal Abbey which would again yield a brace of canicule more. Even if the abstraction of visiting a abbey did not absorption you, it is the drive to all these places that absolutely will yield your animation away. You will analyze through the admirable Zanskar basin and see all that there is to see. Even the area of some of these monasteries is at a absolutely beauteous location.


Where to Breach in Padum

Padum is the address of Zanskar Basin and appropriately the a lot of developed boondocks in the region. Actuality you can acquisition a buzz booth, internet cafe, array of restaurants, hotels, and bedfellow houses. Mentioned beneath are names and acquaintance advice of a few hotels in Padum in case you would like to alarm and ask in advance. A lot of hotels abutting from Late October to June, except if appointed in beforehand for winter biking groups. There is aswell a camping arena in Padum, adverse Day-tripper office.

Medical Assistance in Padum

In case of medical emergency, alone hospital in the arena is Community Health Centermost in Padum. The hospital decidedly is able-bodied able because the location.

Mobile Connectivity

Only BSNL / MTNL postpaid phones will accept connectivity in Padum; blow all the arrangement will not plan at all. There is aswell a buzz berth in Padum from area you can accomplish STD / ISD calls.

Banking Accessories in Padum

Only coffer in Suru and Zanskar too is in Padum, a J&K coffer annex but no ATM.


Kambhir is a bounded Zanskari Roti fabricated out of aureate and eaten for breakfast. While you are here, it is one of the dishes that I will acclaim trying. It is mostly served with aggregation and some Jam and Butter. Ask your auberge buyer about it and they will acquiescently serve.