Tourist Attractions in Nubra Valley


The Nubra Basin is one of the most popular destinations for day hikers in Ladakh and agrees to take up residence in a distinctive way if you travel with the family. There is plenty of attractions for day trips in the Nubra basin appropriate from the adored habitability of the dwelling to religious monasteries. It is believed that the aboriginal name of the basin was Ldumra, actually a basin of acceptance of flowers. Now also accepted as “Orchard of Ladakh”, it is an extraordinarily admirable dwelling that attracts sacks of tourists from the anniversary. Nubra is a three-armed basin formed by the Shyok and Nubra rivers (also accepted as Siachen) and is one of the main agronomic areas of Ladakh. The absolute basin is a later image to be captured in itself with its advanced landscapes and the Shyok river which abounds through the Himalayan cape. Diskit is the best boondock in the Nubra basin and also its headquarters. The area of the boilerplate of the basin is about 10,000 feet.

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If you asked me, the absolute Basin of Nubra is in itself a fascination by day and there is a reality of annihilation that does not see the bill. Appropriate from the adorable habit of a dry arid to the admirable human active here, it is a knowledge that you will admire for a long time. There are assertive places that become the highlight of the adventure that I will talk about in this article.




Khardung La: Once advised as the accomplished motorable alley in the apple (now this affirmation is acknowledged by most), Khardung La is one of the primary day-tripper attractions of absolute Ladakh arena and not just Nubra valley. At a acme of 5,359 m (17,582 ft), this canyon was congenital in 1976 by Bound Roads Organization and opened for noncombatant cartage in 1988. The top of the canyon is at a ambit of about 35 kms from Leh and the absolute amplitude is a abrupt ascent. There is an Army run canteen at the top that serves chargeless tea to tourists and a gift boutique (also run by Indian army). The canyon offers a across-the-board appearance of the surrounding snow-capped ranges and abrupt valleys.

Hunder Beach Dunes:

These beach dunes are amid Hunder and Diskit villages and present an amazing website of white sands. It is aswell a allotment of the top camping sites in Ladakh.

Bactrian Camels:

Aswell accepted as two-humped camel, it is a actual attenuate beastly with their citizenry estimated alone two actor all over the world. You will see band all over India but a Bactrian biscuit can alone be apparent in Nubra valley. These are begin at Hunder and a biscuit carnival in the beach dunes is one of the, a lot of accepted day-tripper activities in Nubra valley.

Maitreya Buddha:

Amid abutting to Diskit Monastery, it is an absorbing 32 beat bronze of Buddha that was congenital in 1996 and sits adverse Pakistan. It is said to be congenital with three basal functions in mind: protection, blockage and peace.

Hot Baptize Springs:

Amid in Panamik, Nubra valley’s hot baptize bounce is a accept to visit. Villagers accept congenital baby bathrooms about the bounce breadth you can yield a dip in the auspicious water. The baptize of this bounce is said to be curative, due to the attendance of sulfur and added chemicals in it.

Samstanling Monastery:

Amid in Sumur village, this 140 year old abbey was congenital in 19th aeon by Lama Tsultim Nima and is home to added than 50 monks.

Diskit Monastery:

Diskit Abbey is the one of the oldest monasteries and the better in Nubra Valley. Congenital in 14th century, it is a accepted day-tripper destination alms a amazing appearance of Nubra Basin from its roof. There is a bronze of a Deity in the Gompa captivation a diminished animal acquaint and arch [believed to be of a Mongol Warrior] in its hand.

Yarab Tso:

Advised sacred, Yarab Tso is a baby but admirable basin amid at a backpack of about 15-20 account from Panamik.

Ensa Gompa:

A 250 year old Monastery, Ensa Gompa is amid abreast Panamik on top of a bedrock that overlooks the snow capped mountains of Nubra valley. It is a 6 hours expedition to ability the abbey from Panamik. If you wish to acquaintance the accurate acceptation of the average of nowhere, here’s breadth you should go.

Hunder Gompa:

It is one of the accepted attractions bridge through the Hunder Beach Dunes.

Lachung Temple:

A admirable temple amid abreast Diskit Monastery.


Zamskhang Palace:

Amid abreast Sumur in the apple of Kygar, Zamskhang Alcazar is believed to be the abode of the kings of Nubra. Continued alone and continuing in ruins, it is now a website of several tiny stupas. Authorities accept now started apology plan of this age-old palace.

Shoyok River:

Shyok River originates from the Rimo Glacier, one of the tongues of Siachen Berg and afresh merges into Indus river in Pakistan. Alignment of this river is actual unusual, abounding in a southeasterly administration aboriginal and afresh afterwards abutting the Pangong range, it takes a northwestern turn, abounding alongside to its antecedent path.

Siachen River:

Aswell accepted as Nubra River, it is a accessory of the Shyok River which ultimately joins the Indus river to the east of Skardu in Pakistan.

Road to Siachen:

Acquaintance the adventure of active on the alley that leads to the abundant Siachen Glacier. Warshi is the abutting and endure apple on the road, about 16 kilometers from Indian Army’s abject affected at Siachen Glacier.

Silence of the valley:

I apperceive this sound a little off the clue but you got to acquaintance this. The nights of Nubra basin are so silently abstruse with alone the complete of the wind to be heard. The calm and the accord of the absolute basin is enchanting.

Natural Beauty:

As I accept already mentioned this afore in the article, do not biking to Nubra basin befitting a few places or destinations in mind. The absolute basin is a day-tripper allure in itself so yield a drive and adore the accustomed vistas at every turn.



Mentioned aloft were what can be alleged as “tourist places in Nubra valley”. Below is a account of all the towns/villages amid in Nubra valley.

Khardung Village:

Little afore Nubra basin and a few kilometers down from Khardung La, this apple is a afterimage for the abscessed eyes. Distant hamlets and their check fields add a animal blow to the able-bodied backdrop and immense views, authoritative it attending like a application of blooming in the lap of arid Himalayan peaks.


Addition to baby apple on the way. Appropriate afterwards Khalsar is the bifurcation breadth the alley gets disconnected in two, one active appear Warshi apple and the added appear Turtuk.


As you yield the aberration appear Warshi, the aboriginal and somewhat all-inclusive apple you will appear beyond is Sumur. It is absolutely a breathtaking village, amidst with ablaze chicken alacrity fields and all-inclusive stretches of grass and vegetable farms. There are a brace of theories accompanying to how the name Sumur came into existence. Some accept it to be acquired from ‘Sum-yur’, acceptation ‘three irrigation channels’, an acceptance borne out by the three sources of baptize that augment the village. Addition approach about says that the name came from ‘Sum Yul,’ which agency ‘three settlements’based on the actuality that villagers actuality active two added places in the basin afore they assuredly set up home at the present site. Continuing abaft and aloft the village, Samstanling Gompa is the basal allure of this village. A little detour will yield you to addition baby apple alleged Kygar, aswell accepted as Tegar and referred to as “Tiger” by Indian army. Zamskhang Alcazar which was home to the bounded governor aback in 19th aeon if Ladakh’s aristocratic ancestors still resided in Leh’s alcazar is amid in Kygar.


22 kilometers from Sumur is addition baby but admirable apple alleged Panamik. Believed to be curative, the hot baptize springs are the prime allure of this village. Panamik aswell serves as the abject for the expedition to Ensa Abbey A baby backpack of 15-20 account will yield you to angelic Yarab Tso Lake, addition abode to appointment here.


It is the endure apple attainable to civlilians on this road. 16 kilometers from Warshi is the Siachen abject affected of Indian army which makes it the endure busy arena abutting to Siachen Glacier. Earlier, tourists were alone accustomed as far as Panamik but in 2015, Warshi was opened for tourists as well.


This will be the aboriginal aloft boondocks on the additional alley from Khalsar, traveling appear Turtuk. Diskit is the basal and address of Nubra basin and with the contempo access in tourism in Ladakh, it has adapted into Nubra valley’s bartering hub. It is Situated on the banks of Shyok river and has abounding hotels, home-stays and bedfellow abode options, some of which are attainable throughout the year. There are several baby restaurants in the basal bazaar breadth you can adore some Kashmiri dishes as well. The basal allure of the boondocks is the Diskit Abbey and Maitreya Buddha.


Addition aloft boondocks afterwards Diskit, Hunder is primarily acclaimed for its anesthetic Beach dunes and the two angled Bactrian camels. It is said that Hunder was beforehand the basal of what was accepted as Nubra Kingdom in age-old times. Charcoal of barrio from that era are still present here, including the King’s palace, the Langchen Khar (also accepted as Elephant’s palace) and a acropolis alleged Gula at the top of the hill. There are aswell two Buddhist temples actuality accepted as white temple (Lhakhang Karpo) and the red temple (Lhakhang Marpo).


Next apple afterwards Hunder on the alley appear Turtuk. This is the alone ample section of collapsed acreage in the breadth and serves as a aggressive airfield. The aerodrome actuality is a analytical ability acclimated to accumulation men and actual to Siachen berg and added bound areas on Indo-Pak border. Thoise stands for “Transit Halt Of Indian Soldiers Enroute” to Siachen.


Aswell accepted as Bogdang, aloft entering you will apprehend that the majority of the citizenry has angry from Buddhist to Muslim. This arena is inhabited by Balti people, that are muslims of Pakistani origin. This absolute breadth was taken over by Indian army in 1971 afore which it was allotment of Pakistan.


The lasting journey on the alley reachable by civilians. When you log in to Turtuk, you’ll appreciate what the agency has to “freeze over time”. One of the gateways for the Siachen glacier, is the enduring beginning in India, after the Pakistan-controlled Gilgit-Baltistan begins. The topicality of citizenship is mainly Muslim of Balti origin. The mural topicality would be faced from the Arid Ladakh to the flowering all around and you will acquire fields of aggregate from apricots, apples, cauliflower and cabbage tomatoes. It was opened to tourists in 2010 and human reality depends mainly on agriculture and tourism to live. Turtuk abounds with apricot, apple, tomato, cauliflower and cabbage aggregates. It was opened to tourists in 2010 and human reality depends on agriculture and tourism to live. It is an abundant dwelling to absorb a night and also an acceptable camping website. The actuality of the accommodation is real based on the anatomy of home stays and some bedroom homes that are very abundant for authority from 5 to 6 humans and actually clean. The high charm of this apple are the admirable, the panoramas and the immense peace. He is also acclaimed for walking sticks made from the horns of the agricultural ibex.