Tourist Places in Zanskar Valley


It is one of the far-off areas of our country but at the aforementioned time, is one of the a lot of admirable ones. Appointment Zanskar and memories will endure a lifetime. It is a abode continuing still in time alms accord and ataraxia that it harder to acquaintance elsewhere. There are several day-tripper places in Zanskar which are account a appointment but the better allure of advance charcoal to be the accustomed beauty. From the majestic Himalayas, to the abundant blooming of Suru river to the complete white of Drang Drung berg and the arid adorableness of a algid desert, you get to see it here. For anyone planning a cruise to Ladakh, including Zanskar on your beat is a must, if time allows. What do you see in Zanskar valley? Well, beneath is a account of some of the day-tripper places in Zanskar basin and its vicinity.


Suru Valley:

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Contrary to accepted belief, your absolute chance from Kargil to Padum is not through Zanskar valley. Half of the journey, from Kargil to Rangdum, is in actuality Suru basin and it is afterwards Rangum that Zanskar basin starts. You will be afraid by the abundant blooming you will attestant in Suru which is in complete adverse with the adjoining Zanskar, a arid algid desert. This spectacularly admirable basin is a afterimage to bolt in itself but decidedly doesn’t accept abundant absorption as a lot of the humans just canyon through hasty appear Padum. The Suru Basin is the starting point for rafting trips (in Suru River), and it aswell provides a abject for mountaineering expeditions to the Nun Kun abundance massif.



Shafat Glacier:

It is a 14 kms continued berg in Suru basin which gives acceleration to the peaks of Nun and Kun and aswell provides abject to ascend these two mountains. Water from this berg forms a beck accepted as “Shafat Nala” which adds to the breeze of Suru river. It is a broken, ice falling berg melting at an alarming amount due to the Global warming.

Parkachik Glacier:

Amid at a little ambit of Parkachik, it is a majestic accumulation of ice affective boring down the slopes of Nun and Kun peaks. You can airing up to the berg via a abeyance footbridge over the Suru river. Huge slabs of ice occasionally bark off the 300 ft top foreground bank of Nun Kun and abatement into the Suru River, accouterment a arresting appearance of the huge ice-fall.

Drang Drung Glacier:

At the top of the Pensi La pass, you will be greeted with animation demography angle of massive Drang Drung glacier. It is added or beneath a river of ice and snow and is advised to be the better berg in Ladakh alfresco Karakoram range, additional alone by Siachen Glacier. It aswell gives acceleration to Doda aiguille which lies in the rear ancillary of the berg and is the antecedent of Doda (also accepted as Stod) river.

High Altitude Passes

Parkachik La:

The alone way to ability this canyon is an simple campaign from Panikhar. If you are blockage brief at Panikhar, you airing up to the canyon and acknowledgment by evening. Another way is alpha from Panikhar, cantankerous the canyon and alight down to Parkachik on the added side. This canyon provides amazing angle of Nun – Kun massif and added peaks in the capital Himalayan backbone amid Kashmir from Ladakh.

Pensi La:

Accepted as the Gateway to Zanskar, this is a about easier canyon to cantankerous as compared to added passes in Ladakh. As a amount of fact, you will be on top of the canyon afore you even apprehend that you are aggressive up. The coast from Pensi La appear Zanskar basin is in actuality steeper than the ascend up from Rangdum but not too difficult. Pensi La is 4,400 m (14,436 ft) aloft sea akin and connects the Suru Basin arena to the Zanskar Basin region.

Umasi La:

Attainable alone by a boxy trek, this 5342 meters top canyon connects Zanskar to Lahaul valley. There is no alley beyond this canyon yet and accepting aloft this canyon is a tough, several canicule long, biking expedition.

Shingo La:

This canyon is on a long-distance aisle bond Zanskar and Lahaul valleys, from Darcha to Padum. For trekkers it is a about easier canyon with no berg biking or abrupt climbs. A alley active beyond this pass, abutting Darcha in Lahaul and Padum in Zanskar is currently beneath architecture but for now, it is alone attainable by foot.


Nun-Kun Massif:

If it is a bright day, you will abide to see the ascent accompanying peaks of Nun and Kun for a lot of allotment of your chance appear Rangdum. Nun is the accomplished aiguille in the allotment of the Himalayan ambit lying on the Indian ancillary of the Line of Ascendancy in Jammu and Kashmir. Together, these two beautifully abstruse mountains are one of the better attractions of Suru valley. Nun is always covered in snow, a white aiguille admitting its next aperture neighbor, Kun is arid black. These two mountains are appropriate next to anniversary other, a absolute admirable aggregate of atramentous & white that never changes.



Ta Tso and the Lang Tso lakes:

These are two baby lakes amid at the top of Pensi La pass.


Fort of Rangdum:

5 Kilometers from Rangdum, amid on a baby but stEep hill, is the Rangdum Gompa which was in actuality acclimated as a breastwork by Dogra armies of General Zorawar Singh.

Zangla Acropolis or Palace:

In age-old times, Zanskar was beneath two altered kings, one cardinal Padum and added cardinal Zangla. The age-old Zangla acropolis or alcazar was the abode of the baron of Zangla.


Doda River:

Aswell accepted as Stod river, it is a 79 kms continued river which forms the Stod basin aural Zanskar. This river is acclaimed for chance sports and rafting contest are organized throughout its length.

Zanskar River:

The Zanskar river is formed afterwards Lungnak river merges into Doda river abreast gzhung khor, (Zanskar’s axial valley). Zanskar river assuredly merges in to Indus river abreast Nimmu.

Suru River:

For a lot of allotment of your chance through Suru valley, you will be travelling on the banks of Suru river. This river, basic from Panzella berg which lies at Pensi La canyon abreast the Drang Drung Glacier, is a above accessory of Indus river and is aswell the sole acumen abaft the abundant blooming of Suru valley. The Suru River has all-encompassing possibilities for rafting which is accomplished during the summer.



Zanskar basin is said to accept the longest ceaseless Buddhist ancestry of any arena in the world. It is believed that it was through Zanskar that Buddhism fabricated its way into Ladakh. Some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries are amid actuality and are absolutely account a visit. Beneath is a list.

Sani Monastery:

Advised to be the oldest religious website in the accomplished arena of Ladakh and Zanskar, this abbey is amid at a ambit of 6 kilometers from Padum in the apple of Sani. It is said to be founded by the acclaimed Kushan emperor, Kanishka.

Bardan Monastery:

Amid about 12 kms from Padum appear Reru, it is a 17th aeon monastery. The area of this abbey is absolutely scenic, on a huge bedrock appropriate next to the river. The abbey consists of a ample Dukhang or accumulation anteroom which has some admirable statues of Buddhist abstracts and several baby stupas in clay, bronze, copse and copper.

Dzongkhul Monastery:

Amid abreast the apple of Ating, this abbey is acclaimed for murals believed to be corrective added than 300 years ago. This abbey aswell offers anesthetic angle of the basin arch to Umasi La Pass.

Rangdum Gompa:

5 Kilometers from Rangdum is the Rangdum Gompa. Amid on a baby but abrupt hill, this abbey looks like a breastwork and in actuality was acclimated as one by Dogra armies of General Zorawar Singh. It is an age-old abbey from 18th aeon and a appointment is recommended.

Karsha Monastery:

Karsha is the better and the a lot of important abbey in Zanskar. It is anon beneath the ascendancy of the adolescent brother of the Dalai Lama. There are age-old rock-carvings at the website and the several bank paintings from 958-1055 AD.

Pibiting Monastery:

Another age-old abbey amid abreast the apple of Pibiting, on the alley appear Hanumil.

Stongdey Monastery:

Aswell accepted as Stongde, Stongday, Tonday or Thonde, this abbey is amid about 18 kms from Padum on the alley to Zangla. It is believed to be founded in 1052 AD.

Phuktal Monastery:

Aswell accepted as the cavern gompa, this abbey is an about 4 to 5 hour airing from the apple of Anmu. It is a 14th aeon abbey acclaimed for 700-year-old mural bits in the Alchi style. The appearance of the surrounding basin from this abbey admitting are its greatest appeal. This abbey aswell offers apartment for hire so you may go campaign there, break at the abbey for the night and acknowledgment to Padum the next day.


If you are lucky, you may be able to bolt some wildlife in Zanskar like marmots and foxes.


Chadar Trek: This is a campaign that alone happens in the months of January and February (sometimes even March). The chat “Chadar” is acclimated to call the area of ice arctic on the Zanskar river. Campaign is from Nimmu to Padum and you airing alongside the arctic Zanskar river.