When and How to Rent an Oxygen Cylinder for Ladakh Trip


Is it all-important to backpack an oxygen butt for Ladakh cruise is one of the lot of common questions that I get asked by humans planning for their adventure to Ladakh. To be honest there is no beeline acknowledgment to this question. I accept been to Ladakh abundant times in endure few years, both by alley and flight; and never accept I had the allegation for an Oxygen cylinder; but again the aforementioned cannot abide applicative for everyone. Whether or not you will accept to anguish about Oxygen depends on several factors like how you are traveling; who you are travelling with and if there is any medical bearings involved. In this article, I will accommodate some advice on this affair followed by area you can hire an oxygen butt in Leh; if required.

oxygen butt for ladakh

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Before I go any autograph any further, let me aboriginal acknowledgment that I am not a Doctor and accept no medical background. What I address beneath is alone my apprenticed ability as a non-medical person; acquired either from my own campaign to Ladakh; or based on acknowledgment accustomed from abundant humans that I accept assisted with in their trip. If there is any affectionate of medical bearings complex like Asthma; I acerb acclaim that you argue a Doctor afore traveling to Ladakh.

I will aboriginal accommodate advice on area can you acquisition oxygen cylinders for hire in Ladakh and the bulk involved; followed by some data on do you absolutely allegation to backpack an Oxygen butt for Ladakh and if yes, again why.

Oxygen Butt for Ladakh trip

There are two agencies about this. Either you hire an Oxygen butt from your home boondocks and backpack it with you; or you aboriginal ability Ladakh and hire a butt there if required. Both these options accept their own pros and cons but I would alone acclaim renting one in Ladakh only. Beneath is why.

First of all is the altercation of accustomed the butt all the way. As a rule, you cannot backpack an Oxygen catch basin in a flight due to assurance concerns. Accustomed it on a motorcycle is of advance out of catechism so you can alone accede accomplishing so if you were traveling by your own car. Even then, it may become an amplitude affair depending on how abounding humans you accept in the car with all their luggage.

Second is the ambiguity of whether or not you will in actuality allegation it. If you did not again it would become just an accidental altercation and added bulk as the rent.

The alone upside of renting from your home boondocks is that the hire per day will be a bit less. Bulk of oxygen butt is analogously a bit abrupt in Ladakh.

Oxygen butt in Leh

Next comes the catechism of area can you hire an Oxygen butt in Ladakh. There has been a audible addition in tourism in actuality in endure few years about the actuality is that it is still abundantly a limited and acute region. Leh boondocks is the alone abode area you accept the aggressiveness of award a abode to hire oxygen catchbasin from. Diskit in Nubra basin is added abode area you can achievement to acquisition medical abetment in this aspect; do not about calculation on it. If I say medical assistance, I beggarly there may be Oxygen butt accessible at a medical aperture area you can use it in acute allegation but cannot hire and backpack it with you. Apart from these two places, I do not accept you will appear beyond Oxygen cylinders abroad in Ladakh.

So in short, if you allegation to hire an Oxygen cylinder, you accept to do so from Leh itself.


Renting an Oxygen Butt for Ladakh Cruise from your Home Town

If you adjudge to hire one from your own home boondocks again allege to any Doctor or chemist and they will be able to absolute you to a abode that provides this facility. The way it works is that they allegation you some bulk as aegis for the cylinder, and again some bulk for the refill. If your catchbasin ran dry while still in Ladakh, you can consistently get it refilled in Leh. Already you acknowledgment to your home town, you can acknowledgment the butt and will be refunded the aegis bulk you paid earlier. Just like it works for the LPG cylinders; you alone pay for what is central and not the cylinder.

Please aswell accept anxiously while they acquaint you about how to use. It will not aching to even shoot a video in your buzz while they are alive you through the instructions; something that you can accredit to later

Oxygen Butt bulk in Leh

The bulk of Oxygen butt in Leh will alter depending on the type, accommodation and time of travel. There are two options available.

The aboriginal one is a carriageable Oxygen Cylinder. Its accommodation is 6 liters and has about 150 oxygen shots. This will bulk you amid Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000, depending on the brand. Oxy99 is one that comes for about Rs. 650 and you can buy it online as well. Use and bandy it abroad already the butt is empty.

The added one is the big Oxygen butt with beyond capacity. Prices of these will alter at the time of your biking and capacity. The better one with about 1800 liters accommodation will bulk you Rs. 2500 in off-season and Rs. 3000 – Rs.3500 in day-tripper season; for 3 days. It has abundant oxygen to endure for about 11 hours if acclimated continuously.

A catchbasin of about 800 liters accommodation will bulk Rs. 1500 in off-season and Rs. 2000 -2500 in day-tripper season. These can calmly endure for about 5-6 hours. The abate ones of 200 & 400 liters accommodation will bulk amid Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000 depending on which one you chose and time of the year. These can endure for about 2-3 hours.

Which Oxygen Butt to hire for Ladakh?

Which one should you opt for? It will depend absolutely on the being you wish to hire it for. If you wish to just accumulate it for accord of your apperception for a advantageous alone again a carriageable butt will do just fine. These are ablaze and simple to backpack around. You can just put them in with blow of your baggage and they will hardly yield any space.

The bigger cylinders are of advance ample in ad measurement beefy to backpack around. You will accept to acknowledgment them to the abode area you busy it from afterwards they are empty. Plus point is that they accept abundant Oxygen to endure for 3 days. Widely the carriage able ones are mostly not advised acceptable abundant and humans tend to opt for the big cylinders. If you are traveling with your elders, ancestors or anyone with a medical condition, again opt for a beyond butt and not the carriage able one.


Where to hire Oxygen in Leh

After the contempt addition in tourism, there are several places in Leh city-limits area this ability is available. The “Oxygen Bars” at Changspa alley are a abundant best if you wish to get some Oxygen while blockage in Leh. If you wish to hire a butt for traveling appear Nubra Basin or Pangong Tso, again you can acquaintance Mr. Mohammed Iqbal @ 9906991393. He runs a boutique by the name of “Ladakh Oxygen shop” abreast capital petrol pump. You can acquisition all array of Oxygen cylinders for hire at his shop.

Do you allegation to backpack Oxygen butt for Ladakh Trip?

Whether or not you will in actuality allegation an Oxygen butt for Ladakh depends on several factors which I will account down below. So far, I accept alone appear beyond a scattering of humans who had to use it. For a lot of advantageous individuals, able blow and acclimatization will do the trick. There are about assertive situations area an Oxygen butt can be acclimated as an added assurance measure.

Medical Condition

This will be the aboriginal and foremost bearings if you should accede accustomed an Oxygen butt for Ladakh trip. If you ache from Asthma & COPD, Respiratory Infections, Heart Conditions, Breathlessness, hypertension, claret pressure, Migraine etc again you accept to backpack an Oxygen cylinder. But afore even accomplishing that, you accept to argue a doctor and accomplish a accommodation on whether or not you should yield this trip.

Traveling with your Elders

If you are demography your parents or added elders from the ancestors with you on the trip, again you should accede accustomed renting an Oxygen cylinder. I do not beggarly any breach by it but age does yield a assessment on our bodies and a cruise to Ladakh will absolutely beggarly added plan for the body. Even a baby airing can be backbreaking for an aged being actuality because of low oxygen levels causing breathlessness. An Oxygen butt can prove to be of absolution in a bearings like this.

Traveling with Children

Remember if you were a baby adolescent and just could not sit ideal for a minute? Remember if all that you capital to do was to run about and how you acclimated to get aflame about every new affair or place? This is what kids do. They are over alive and will apply themselves quickly. You can accede an Oxygen butt in this case but it is not a accept to as continued as you are able to yield able affliction of your accouchement and accumulate them from advance themselves.

Reaching Leh by Air

Catching a flight to Ladakh agency that you will yield your physique from plains to an alarming 3500 meters in Leh. You are apprenticed to get hit by AMS in this case and will accept to acquiesce time to your physique to acclimatize and acclimatize. I am not adage that you will accept to hire a butt but in case you were accepting acute difficulties in animation on your aboriginal day, you may accept to appointment the Oxygen Bars or a Doctor to assimilation Oxygen until your physique adjusted.


In the end, afore you go to Ladakh, amuse accede every aspect and adapt accordingly. Accede bloom of every affiliate of your ancestors or accumulation who is accompanying you on the trip; and again adjudge whether or not you should hire a butt or not.

Also, do not anticipate of an Oxygen catchbasin as a cure to AMS because it is not. It can alone be of advice if you starting asthmatic for breath, due to low oxygen levels. It will never advice cure AMS which is an absolutely altered barbarian altogether.