Where to Rent a Bike in Manali


To hire a bike in Manali is a abundant best for humans who wish to appointment the areas in and abreast Manali; and aswell for humans who are traveling appear added destinations like Spiti and Ladakh. Even admitting Manali is one of the a lot of admired acropolis stations of our country, affective about actuality locally can absolutely become a problem. There is not abundant of accessible carriage accessible and hiring a clandestine auto is not absolutely a account options. In this case, renting a bike can absolutely be a abstemious and amount able way to administer your visit.

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And it is not just about visiting Manali locally. Manali lies at a centermost point for a cruise to both Ladakh and Spiti. These places are frequently referred to as a “Biker’s paradise”. Thousands of humans biking anniversary year to reside their dream of benumbed a bike beyond the asperous terrains of Ladakh and Spiti. For humans active in arctic allotment of the county, this can be analogously easier as they reside abutting enough; but for humans advancing from far abroad states, accepting their own motorcycles can be a bit challenging. In this case, the alone advantage is to hire a bike in Manali or Shimla and ride on.

There are several bike rentals accessible in Manali. Go searching for one and you will accept an amaranthine account of rental companies, biking agencies and even mechanics alms motorcycles on rent. Where to hire from again absolutely becomes a ambagious question. Daily rental of advance is one of the foremost things you will accept to accede but a added important one is the believability of the motorcycle. A bike that you busy for a cheaper amount may not be the optimum best if it ditches you in the average of nowhere.

Make no mistake, every bike you acquisition out there accessible for hire will be done and animated bright. The alien actualization about does not accord abroad the accurate picture. These motorcycles mostly are ailing handled by assorted users; and not actual able-bodied maintained by the agency. Some of the accepted problems will cover low aces up, bad breadth and breakdowns. Finding one of these busy motorcycles disturbing to ascend up an ascendance is not absolutely an aberrant sight. An even added austere botheration will be if the bike stalls in the average of boilerplate with not even a individual body in sight.


Hire a Bike in Manali

In this case then, it becomes absolutely important that you hire a motorcycle from a reliable source. Mentioned beneath is a rental bureau in Manali that I accept alone busy motorcycles from and accept aswell recommended it several added people. My own acquaintance with them was absolutely abundant and the acknowledgment provided by others too was absolutely good.

Road Kings Rider

Address: Near Chaitali Hotel, Gompa Road, Manali

Phone: 93186 46559, 98168 77113, 9318157948

Contact Person: Parvez Khan

Bikes Accessible on Rent

They accept about all the motorcycles that are frequently busy in Manali, Ladakh and Spiti. Royal Enfield of beforehand is the hot admired with its bigger engine and affordable rent. If you ambition to get abate engine motorcycle like Pulsar, KTM etc than that too can be arranged. If you would like to get a automated scooter to move about in Manali, it is accessible for hire as well.


Daily Rental

These guys will action you a abundant accord in agreement of the circadian rentals. Please see the rental advice mentioned below.

  • Royal Enfield 350CC – Rs. 1000 per day
  • Royal Enfield 500CC – Rs. 1,200 per day
  • RE Thunderbird 350CC – Rs. 1,100 per day
  • RE Himalayan – Rs. 1,200 Per Day
  • Bajaj Avenger – Rs. 800 per Day
  • KTM 200 CC – Rs. 900 per Day
  • Other Bikes like Pulsar or Automated Scooters – Rs. 700 per Day


I accept busy bikes from them a brace of times and again appropriate them to a few accompany of mine. All the bikes that were accustomed for hire were absolutely able-bodied maintained and never gave any problem. My accompany took the motorcycles to Leh and Spiti both and never forth the avenue did any of the bikes acquired any trouble. If required, they can aswell advice you with befitting your admittance for Rohtang abiding if you busy from them. Luggage carrier, benumbed accessory etc can aswell be abiding at a nominal charge.

An all-embracing chump account acquaintance too was great. They are actual apprehensive and even if you appointed a bike in advance, you will still accept the best of demography a analysis ride to your achievement afore you agree it. I would awful acclaim Road Kings Rider to anyone who wants to hire a bike in Manali.