Which is the Best Car for Ladakh trip


The bigger catechism about is whether or not your car is acceptable abundant for Ladakh. You may own a car or motorcycle but can you absolutely accompany it to Ladakh? And if you can, what are the some of the things that you accept to consider? In the antecedent allotment of this article, I provided some data on best motorcycle for Ladakh cruise and in this one, I will altercate the aforementioned in agreement of cars; best car for Ladakh.

Which is the Best Car for Ladakh Trip?

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Quite honestly, this catechism was easier to acknowledgment about motorcycles but boxy if it comes to a car. For a motorcycle, it is mostly the benumbed abundance and engine admeasurement that affairs majorly but in case of a car, several added things like arena approval and breadth of the car appear in to the account too.

During all my trips to Ladakh, I accept apparent all kinds of cars on the anchorage there. From a Maruti 800 to a Pajero, from a baby auto to a 4×4 SUV; anybody is bringing in what they have. My weapon of best would be my Mahindra Thar; will never yield my Amaze or Honda City up there but afresh a acquaintance of abundance did his Ladakh cruise in a Maruti 800 with 4 added guys and their luggage. So I assumption it is safe to say that there is no best car as such but assertive cars absolutely accept an bend over others.

Ground Clearance

Your car’s arena approval will play the a lot of important allotment while active to Ladakh. You will be active on some of the a lot of arduous anchorage you accept anytime encountered. There will be abundant baptize crossings (some of them absolutely deep); torn roads, clay trails, slush, lose gravel, aciculate rocks on the anchorage and you charge to be able-bodied able to drive through all of it. Even then, if your car has low arena clearance, it is apprenticed to hit the arena at several occasions, abnormally at baptize crossings.

Driving through lose alluvium agency stones aerial and hitting the abdomen of your car. If you appointment bribery like at Rohtang or Zoji La, you will accept to anticipate alert about how to yield your car across. If you are in a Sedan or a hatchback, you are best alienated some of the routes like Agham Shyok alley and if you do go that way, be able for some austere accident to your vehicle.

Engine Size

This comes next in the picture. While active a abate engine car to Ladakh, you will accept to ensure that there are not too abounding humans in it and you biking as ablaze as possible. Or else, your car will attempt at those abrupt ascents, while aggressive up the top distance passes on the way. You charge to be actively acceptable at caster to accomplish abiding that your car doesn’t stall. With abate engine cars, you cannot even brainstorm bringing them on stretches like Wari La and Marismik La.

Length of the vehicle

This too plays an important role to some extent. With continued cars, the botheration will be about those aciculate turns. Due to its ample axis radius, you will accept to appoint the about-face at several places. If the aciculate about-face is at a abrupt ascent, the botheration will bifold and your active abilities will afresh appear into account while you action the car through.


Driving to Ladakh doesn’t meant alone the cartage and their baggage but aswell added ammunition that you will charge to carry. There will be several liters of ammunition application amplitude and abacus weight which may become a botheration with hatchbacks.


Last but not the least; it is traveling to be a absolutely continued drive. You will be sitting in the car added than at the hotel. The absolute cruise consists of active about for hours on a circadian basis. Acceptable leg amplitude and adequate seats are a accept to for a altercation chargeless drive.


Categories of Cars Available

Keeping the aloft in mind, let me breach it down added in four categories of cars and area can you yield them while in Ladakh. A lot will aswell depend on whether you are traveling solo, with accompany or ancestors but let me aboriginal explain it in agreement of performance.

SUV 4X4 Drive:

Goes afterwards saying, you can appealing abundant yield it anywhere you like. This car is congenital to handle some of the affliction stretches of roads.

SUV 2X4 Drive:

You will be Ok even if your SUV is not a 4×4 about it will ahem at several places which I will added explain in the article.

Sedan: You may accompany it to Ladakh but with acute affliction to accomplish abiding you yield it aback home afterwards any damage. Some of the areas in Ladakh will abide off banned for a Sedan.


You absolutely charge to be acceptable at the caster while active your auto to Ladakh. You aswell charge to plan your beat in a way that you alone appointment the aloft day-tripper destinations and accumulate any adventuresome thoughts away.

With all this accepting said, mentioned beneath are the routes that you will be accoutrement during a Ladakh trip. I will explain the alley distance in that accurate followed by how a accurate car will accomplish there.


Best Car for Ladakh

With all the aloft accepting said, best car for Ladakh cruise would be a 4×4 SUV, doesn’t absolutely amount which one. If you are with a brace of accompany out to accept fun, an accessible Mahindra Thar will apparently be the best for the trip; about if you are with ancestors afresh any added 4X4 SUV like Fortuner, Safari, Scorpio will be the best. If you do not accept a 4×4, afresh even a 2×4 SUV will do the job appropriately well, just abstain some of the stretches I mentioned aloft as acceptable for 4×4.

If you do not own an SUV, afresh by all agency you can biking to Ladakh in your Sedan or Auto but you will accept to be acutely accurate to ensure there is no accident to the car; and plan your beat alienated all the places I mentioned aloft as acceptable for SUV only. No amount which car you have, they key is to get it serviced able-bodied in beforehand and be assured of your active skills. If you are anyone who just learnt active a few months back, or accept never been to hills in a car afore afresh it is best to let anyone abroad drive who has a bit of experience.


  • In the end, It all appealing abundant boils down to:
  • How acceptable of a disciplinarian you are.
  • How abundant off roading you intend to do.
  • Who are you traveling with.
  • What time of the division you are traveling in.