Which is the Best Motorcycle for Ladakh Trip


Not long ago, if someone had mentioned a motorcycle cruise in Ladakh, a Royal Enfield alone would seem to think. And insure me; discussions would go on like a Royal Enfield 350CC or you would pay an Enfield 500 CC for the trip. Speaking of a motorbike tour in Ladakh and humans would anticipate you like crazy. Then, it was a dream that only the adventurous blazon would have made a sign. Humans who did not own an Enfield but had an added bike would have borrowed or rented one. But Enfield was captivating and abundantly labeled as the only acceptable bike for Ladakh.

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But is it absolutely true? Do you absolutely charge an Enfield for Ladakh? Will he make some bikes? Can you give a Pulsar to Ladakh? Or can you deliver a 135 CC or 100 CC motorcycle to Ladakh? These are some of the questions that I accept so often; and the much accepted catechism of all is; what is the best bike for the journey in Ladakh?

The recognition is that there is no better motorcycle as such. The recognition depends on many factors such as the amount of luggage in abundance you carry, accepts a passenger or how old your motorcycle is? Accusation with accusation that it is not your bike that will take you to Ladakh but you are traveling to drive the motorcycle in Ladakh. I accept by myself the accepted humans who agree to be in Ladakh on 100 CC bikes, an old Hero Honda Splendor to be exact.

How to Prepare your motorcycle for Ladakh Trip

There is no denying the fact that accepting a capable motorcycle with an abundant engine of advancement gives an advantage, if one accepts it by similar annihilation. I’m early about an Enfield here. The larger the engine agency added the capacity that the agency added that driving would be fluid, abnormally abruptly and you can unload all the luggage you want on your bike. But at the moment mentioned above, it is no accident that a lighter motorcycle cannot do the job. If your bike is in an acceptable condition, it is not as old as my grandfather, and you are excited about how to ride full bodied again, you can sell it wherever you want. Whatever your bike, the following are some factors (most of which are applicable to reduce motor motorcycles) that are charged to you to pay for the absorption attached to the head first if you sell it or not on the hills.


No, I’m not talking about your age but actually about your bike. I do not intend to enter the proven “Old ammunition is bigger and added a powerful” altercation, but the activated carbon that is previously the apparatus, the college of the adventitious is that it breaks or shakes in several places. If you accept a 10 CC motorcycle of 10 years sitting in your garage, don’t even anticipate the demographics in Ladakh.


If you are a real 500 cc motorcycle, your luggage is absolutely not a big problem, but if it is a 150 cc bike, do not put away your baggage again. Just give up everything you need. Adding luggage to the motorcycle would involve a real challenging and difficult ride, both for you and your car.


This is very important. You absolutely have to pay to drive your motorcycle crazy. You should appreciate how it behaves uphill or at high speeds. No amount of motorbike you own, it charges you 100% certainty that you have no implementation problems. If you also accept the aborigines of the doubt, first let it dock.


Staying on your bike, there are no out-of-the-ordinary places, annihilation that can break through or be knocked down. Whatever seems risky, alter it.

Get it serviced:



Always make sure you have your motorcycle repaired at the first atomic anniversary before you leave. Check all cables, wires, fixing plates, alternation sets, tires, wheels. After maintenance, constantly guide him for an anniversary to make sure he is meeting expectations.

That being said, there are some motorcycles in advance that will dress the bigger possibility than others.

Royal Enfield:

With annihilation, they like to give in to Ladakh in advance. The large engine, whether it is 350 CC or 500 CC, gives it and folds over all added motorcycles. The greater admiration of the motorcycle simplifies the transport of luggage. The acceptable acceptance and the location of the basement make it suitable both for the addition and for the authoritative passenger for the continuation of the journey. Enfield was an aftertaste acquired in advance due to an abundant bang that appropriate decompressions, no electric starter, the layout of the auxiliary anchor larboard but later all these changes in the most recent models, has now become everyone’s motorcycle. The only control with Classic, Standard and Electra is the collecting basin in abatement that makes it an ammunition backpack authorization while besieging Enfield in Ladakh. This check is not with Thunderbird which has a tank of ammunition over it. If you have a Royal Enfield, you are ready to not charge for advancing the notice before you demographicize it on Leh.

Bajaj Pulsar:

Apparently the bike is very accepted and recognized today in the Indian market. With a Pulsar you can be sure you can wait and it will absolutely enchant you nowhere. Whether it’s a 220CC, 200CC or 150CC pulsar, you can plan your opportunity with confidence. The huge ammunition collection basin makes it ideal for continuous travel and you will not accept so much ammunition for ammunition. However, it accepts its disadvantages. The aboriginal and the first is the location of the basement and on bad roads, it is apprenticeship to ensure that your amateur alpha hurts so much that it does not remain embedded in an aptitude position. Sit on the ground to take your weight off your shoulders. The second check is its bench which is not at all adequate and will annihilate the base during continuous runs, so an adequate acceptable awning is advisable. On a lighter note, be careful with your safety because you are brave while you are on the wrong track. Anyone who owns a Pulsar appreciated what begging here.

Hero Impulse:

Acceptable bicycle for Ladakh if you travel after the passenger. Double-action tires and continuous bicycle shocks make it fun to drive on dirt tracks. The upright position in a vertical position and the proper appearance of the basement do not guarantee fatigue. The biggest control is the 12-liter ammunition collection basin with a boiler plate of about 40-45 kmpl. Sometimes the low-power engine can be alarming in the event of sharp climbs, but on its own if the bike is unable to keep fit.

Yamaha FZ and Fazer:

These would be my next motorcycles adopted for Ladakh. Interesting the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above as Pulsar.

KTM Duke:

Appealing abundant the aforementioned advantages and disadvantages as Hero Impulse. This is one motorcycle that would be fun to ride on bad and arduous anchorage that Ladakh is so acclaimed for.

Royal Enfield Himalayan:

The newest off-roader motorcycle in Indian bazaar or shall I apparently say the aboriginal and the only, I am not too abiding because the Impulse and KTM bikes were too tagged the same? None the less, this motorcycle is a absolute for benumbed in Himalayan terrains. The 400 CC engine is able abundant to backpack it through any aisle or any ascent, admitting anyone who has ridden added models of Royal Enfield would feel that it absolutely lacks some juice. The sitting position is beeline and actual comfortable, both for the addition and pillion and there is affluence of amplitude to put all that luggage, including the Jerry cans for added fuel.

Bajaj Vikrant:

I am not absolutely abiding about this one and abacus it actuality for user comments. The Ladakh Bike rental affiliation added this one to their account afresh and it is now accessible for rental all over Ladakh. I would acceptable any comments from anyone who has been to Ladakh and accept ridden it there.

CBR 250:

The banal Contigo tires can be a botheration in the slush/ice/rain/gravel. If you can allow to alter with bigger tires, this motorcycle can be a beatitude to ride with its amazing torque and Fi advantage at college reaches.

These were some of the accepted bikes that I would have acclaimed for Ladakh. An accepted motorcycle that I would not accept at all is Bajaj Avenger. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an abundant bike but in my assessment it’s not at all acceptable for the journey to Ladakh. Almost all those I appreciate who have gone to Ladakh with the avenger have been slaughtered in a house or addition during the journey. It has a wide range of authoritative actions that are a little alarming in arresting the region. The acme of the child and the low basement become bothersome to anyone tall. The rear bench is absolutely not at the forefront of the passenger. The deejay in the foreground and the absolute position of the basement is that if you activate the sharp brakes in a sharp turn, you are apprentices to fall. You will be on the arena before reducing anxiety. This is just my requested and added judgment may not adhere to it.

If you are pestered by a passenger, do it again by yourself if you accept an Enfield. If possible, on all added motorcycles, drive abandoned, as the location of the basement and the alteration of baggage transport can be ambiguous during continuous runs. If you are on a 100 or 135 CC motorcycle, you agree to drive by yourself. If you are renting a motorcycle, choose a Pulsar or Hero Impulse again if you are abandoned and an Enfield if you accept a passenger.