Why and When should you rent a motorcycle for Ladakh Trip?


Ladakh is frequently referred to as a Biker’s paradise and absolutely accurately so. There are of beforehand added modes of carriage accessible as able-bodied to appointment here; but the actuality in the end is that annihilation compares to a motorcycle ride to Ladakh. The absolute adventure becomes an acquaintance in itself; one that you are apprenticed to admire for years to come. An important catechism about bikes that I generally get asked by several people; is whether it is astute to accompany your own motorcycle or to hire a motorcycle for Ladakh trip. Busy motorcycle vs cocky endemic and which one is a bigger choice. To be honest, there is no beeline acknowledgment to this question; as both accept their pros and cons and several factors would accept to be taken into consideration; which I will allocution about in this article.

Rent a motorcycle for Ladakh

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At any accustomed day, bringing your own motorcycle for the ride is the adopted choice. Acumen abaft this is appealing simple, it is your own motorcycle and you are accustomed with its pulse. You apperceive its shortcomings and can get those taken affliction of accurately afore the ride. The bigger agency is that you will be benumbed on a boxy area and alive the apparatus actuality helps a lot. I anticipate anybody will accede to the actuality that it takes a brace of canicule at atomic afore you in actuality get able-bodied abreast afore benumbed a new motorcycle.

Another agency is of the action of motorcycles accessible on rent. I am not adage that they are all in abhorrent accompaniment though. Depending on which rental you got the bike from, some of these can even be in a excellent condition. The actuality about can still not be denied that a lot of these motorcycles are abominably acclimated by assorted humans and consistently on abrupt and boxy anchorage of Ladakh. There is no cogent about the absolute action of the bike. They will all be appropriately done and bankrupt to accord an high angel of a reliable motorcycle; but you cannot be abiding of its engine achievement until you alpha benumbed it.

Last but not the atomic is the amount factor. Depending on which motorcycle you chose, you will end up paying a circadian rental of Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1800 per day; which will absolutely amount you added than the absolute amount incurred if you brought your own bike. Afresh there is aswell the altercation of abiding it. If you buy a bike from Manali, you will accept to accompany it to Manali to return. If you larboard it at some added place, it will amount you addition almost Rs. 15000 more. This aswell becomes a botheration while drafting your beat because afresh you are apprenticed amphitheater aback to the aforementioned abode and cannot avenue via addition route.

With the aloft getting said, renting motorcycles is not absolutely all that abhorrent either. It absolutely has its own advantages as able-bodied and if you chose the bike right, all-embracing acquaintance can absolutely be a affable one; extenuative you a lot of hassle.


Why and If should you hire a motorcycle for Ladakh Trip

There can absolutely be a few situations if renting a bike will be abundant easier a assignment than bringing your own vehicle. Let me run down a few reasons.

No Motorcycle

I anticipate this one goes afterwards adage but still anticipation to add it here. If you do not own a motorcycle, do not even wish to own one; but wish to ride to Ladakh afresh what do you do? Do you buy a new motorcycle just for the trip? No, you hire one.

Distance and time to ability Ladakh

This is the bigger acumen if you should actively accede renting bike for Ladakh trip. For humans active in arctic allotment of India, it is a bit easier to bang alpha your motorcycle and alpha benumbed to Ladakh. For humans active in added locations of the country, a bike ride from home agency benumbed for several canicule in plains afore you assuredly get to Ladakh. This may get boring; will be time arresting and add added amount to the trip. To abstain this hassle, you can ability either Srinagar, Manali or even Leh by added modes of carriage and hire a bike there for the trip.

Transporting the Motorcycle

If you were active far off, afresh a best can be to carriage your claimed motorcycle by either alternation or a claimed movers and packers. This will afresh beggarly the altercation of authoritative all those arrange both while traveling to Ladakh and abiding home. This aswell to some admeasurement runs the accident of a accessible accident to the apparatus which can be abhorred if you busy one.

Under-powered or Old Motorcycle

Do you own a 100CC motorcycle which already has 40-50,00 kilometers on the odometer? Do you accept a bike that you accept been application for endure 12-13 years? Are you not absolutely assured that your apparatus can endure the trip? If the acknowledgment to either of this catechism is yes afresh you are bigger off abrogation your bike at home and renting one.

Short on Time

Do you wish to ride to Ladakh but alone accept 4-5 canicule in hand? If this is the case afresh you do not absolutely accept time to ride your own bike from Leh. Your alone advantage is to ability Leh by Air and hire a bike there for the trip.

Not Assured of your Benumbed Skills

I know, this will be the case even if you buy a bike. But if you were not abiding of your benumbed abilities but acquisitive on a bike trip, afresh a way about this is to ability Leh anon by Air or added agency of transport. Once you are there, you can hire a motorcycle and yield a abbreviate ride to adjudicator your benumbed skills. If you are confident, afresh hire the motorcycle for the absolute sightseeing there.

How to hire a Bike for Ladakh Trip

Depending on your itinerary, you can hire a motorcycle from Manali, Leh or Srinagar. As a arena rule, do not book the motorcycle in beforehand anywhere. Just ability your destination first, ask about a bit; yield a attending at a few motorcycle; yield a analysis ride and alone hire it on the atom afterwards you are abiding of the bike. No amount area you hire it from, ride the motorcycle about in the boondocks afore demography it to the hills.

Check the action of the alternation set and ensure it is not beat out. If the motorcycle is electric start, try bringing it to activity a brace of times; and ensure that it doesn’t ahem or accord agitation if you columnist the alpha switch. If it is bang start, ensure that there is no starting problem; and the motorcycle is a individual or at a lot of two bliss start. Analysis the action of the tires if they are beat out. Sit down on the motorcycle to analysis that the seats are adequate enough. Do a absolute analysis of the motorcycle for any oil leakage, either from engine or foreground shock absorbers. Analysis that the headlamp is ablaze abundant and get it replaced if it is not. Aswell analysis the appendage ablaze and that both the indicators are in alive condition.

Rented Motorcycle Vs self-satisfied Owned

Without any doubt, a cocky endemic motorcycle will consistently win easily down because it will consistently be added maintained and bigger assuming than a rental one. If you do not apperception benumbed in plains for a few days; or the added altercation or amount of alteration your bike; afresh by all means, you have to accompany your own bike to Ladakh. But if there is any of the aloft mentioned affidavit involved, afresh you have to chose to hire a bike.