19 Spectacular Roads That Will Make You Forget The Destinations

Road Trips

1. Himalayas

Ladakh, India

A road to heaven (Image Source: blogturismo.com)

2. Mountain Of Fitz Roy

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Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

A road is not about milestones but the moments

3. Northwoods

Wisconsin, USA

A bend in the road is not the end (Image Source: Flickr @- Ted_Engler)

4. Blue Ridge Parkway

Virginia, USA

A road through fairyland (Image Source: debbieshelton.com)

5. A591 Road, Lake District

Near Ambleside and Grasmere, England

Pass the pastures peacefully

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6. Alfama

Lisboa, Portugal

The cobblestone studded road running down the hill (Image Source: Flickr @Armin_Rodler)

7. Niagara Escarpment

United States and Canada that runs westward from New York State

The road less taken (Image Source: Flickr @Bill_Barber)

8. California State Route 120, Tioga Road

Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park, California, USA

Up the hills, down the valley, around the mountains, here we go

9. East Riding of Yorkshire

Great Britain

The country roads always take us closer home

10. La strada, Tuscany

Mugello, Italy

When end is not in sight (Image Source: Flickr @Giuseppe_Moscato)

11. M-94

Looking east towards Munising, Michigan

Celebrate the colourful autumn along the road Image Source: Flickr @James-Marvin-Phelps)

12. Machida


Zooming past this won’t be easy

13. Ambleside and Windemere


Let’s get lost (Image Source: Flickr @Mycatkins)

14. Minor Road Near East Kilbride

South Lanarkshire, Great Britain

A vision in white

15. Louisburg to Lenane

Doolough Pass in Southwest County Mayo, Ireland

A road to nowhere (Image Source: @Peter_Mooney)

16. Srinagar-Leh Highway


Sometimes, direction-less is the state to be

17. The road to Arthur’s Pass

New Zealand

Seems like a long road, but it’s worth it (Image Source: Flickr @Tom_Hall)

18. Walbach

Alsace, France

The road back home

19. Kancamagus Highway

New Hampshire

Headed towards light (Image Source: Flickr @Nietnagel)

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