Most Popular Lakes in Bangalore

Top Lakes of Bangalore.

Bangalore was once known as the ‘City Of Lakes’ because of the presence of numerous lakes in the city. However, not all the lakes could be maintained but a lot of them have been maintained and looked after by the government or NGOs who have been able to preserve its presence and beauty. The beautiful lakes are visited regularly by a large number of visitors not only from Bangalore but also from nearby places. Lakes are ideal locations to enjoy a refreshing picnic with family or friends. Some of the recreational activities include boating, watching birds and photography surrounded by greenery within the peaceful environment.

Ulsoor Lake.

Ulsoor Lake is one of the biggest lake of Bangalore, situated on the eastern part of the city. It is also known as Halasuru Lake. It is spread of 123 acres and has a number of islands, with a 3 km shoreline. It is situated in the locality name Halasuru, near M G Road.

Visitors can relax and enjoy the tranquil ambiance of the place, click photographs, enjoy boating, trek around the vast garden areas with family and friends. The peaceful atmosphere near the lake makes the visitors forget their busy and hectic lives.

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Agara Lake.

The Agara Lake is one of the most well maintained lakes, located in the Agara, Bangalore. It is a 100 acre lake with a park and a jogging track surrounding the shoreline. The natural beauty of this place is mesmerizing and the visitors come here to enjoy the stunning view and also for bird watching. The lake is looked after well by different organisations and attracts a numbers of visitors because of its cleanliness and the peaceful ambiance. The lake looks stunning at night, reflecting the surrounding street lights.

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Madiwala Lake.

The Madiwala Lake is also one of the biggest lakes of Bangalore. It covers an area of 114.3 hectares. It is maintained well by the Karnataka State Forest Department. The natural beauty of the place and the peaceful environment makes this lake worth visiting. People can enjoy walk around the water body, click pictures and watch the migratory bird and enjoy a fun day of picnic near the lake. Children can play and have fun at the park and the adults can roam around, chat and have a chill time.

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Sankey Tank.

The Sankey Tank is situated in the western part of the city and covers an area of 37.1 acres. This is an artificial lake surrounded by a beautiful garden. Visitors can enjoy in the beautiful environment, click pictures, watch birds and walk in the garden. The cool breeze is refreshing and the visitors can also enjoy boating in the clean and well maintained lake. It is an ideal location to spend a chill day with family and friends away from the busy city life.

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Nagavara Lake.

The Nagavara Lake is the best and the most visited lakes of Bangalore. The lake is situated at the Outer Ring Road and is surrounded by a popular garden, Lumbini Garden, which makes this place worth a visit. Visitors can enjoy pedal boats, family bumper boat rides and bumper boating at the lake. They can also enjoy the cool breeze and the beauty of the place and feel refreshed and have a fun time with family and friends.

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Lalbagh Lake.

This lake is situated in the heart of the Bangalore city. This place is mainly visited by those who are fond of photography and bird watching. The Lalbagh Botanical Garden to the north of the lake is a major attraction of this place. A lot of tourists not only from the city but also from other parts of the country come to visit this park. There are two islands located in the lake, which makes the site so beautiful. Visitors can walk on the path encompassing the lake, sit and enjoy the cool breeze, enjoy the scenic beauty of the place and spend a wonderful time surrounded by nature.

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Hebbal Lake.

Hebbal Lake is the oldest and the most popular lake of Bangalore. It is situated in the northern part of Bangalore, along the Bellary Road. The lake is well maintained by the Karnataka State Forest Department. The Hebbal Lake is a seasonal lake which dries up in summer and is filled up with water during monsoons. It is a beautiful location surrounded by tall green trees. People can enjoy boating and bird watching here and can walk around the lake on the well maintained path. The cool breeze and peaceful ambiance around this area leaves the visitors refreshed and rejuvenated.


Ayyanakere Lake.

Ayyanakere Lake is an ancient lake located at the eastern base of Baba Budan Range Hills. It is the second biggest lake of Bangalore and is surrounded by beautiful green hills. Tourists can engage in recreational activities at the lake such as fishing and camping by the lake. Along with enjoying the natural beauty of the place the visitors can also enjoy trekking at the mountains surrounding the lake. It is an ideal location for a short and refreshing picnic with family and friends.

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Kaikondrahalli Lake.

This is one of the most well maintained lakes of Bangalore. A lot of birds including migratory birds can be seen here. The lake is spread over 48 acres near Kaikondrahalli. This lake is shaped like a spoon and the shallow part of it attracts a lot of insects, birds and reptiles. There is an island in the middle of the water body, a path to walk around the lake and park for kids. It is an ideal destination to enjoy the scenic beauty and wonderful climate of the place with family and friends on any free day.

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Kengeri Lake.

The Kengeri Lake is situated on the outskirts of the city on the Mysore Road. It is also known as Doddakere. It is a remote location and therefore has a peaceful atmosphere. Boating facility is available here. The visitors can have a chill time here boating, watching birds and chatting. A lot of recreational activities are not available here but this location can be visited by those seeking for solitude. There is greenery all around which adds on to the beauty of the place. It is an ideal location for a hangout just to chill and relax.


Varthur Lake.

The Varthur Lake is situated on the eastern part of Bangalore. It has been used for irrigating the agricultural lands nearby for a number of years. Recently, Varthur Lake has been getting overdue attention because of a series of pollution crisis. This area is quiet and calm and the visitors can enjoy walking around the lake just chatting and relaxing. The lake is surrounded by greenery which adds on to the beauty of the place.

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