20 Best Places to Visit in Monsoon.

Monsoon is the season when most of the people think that going on a vacation would be uncomfortable. However, this is not true. There are a large number of places in India which look exceedingly beautiful during the monsoons. The beautiful hill stations, beaches and other tourist locations of India can be visited during the monsoons. At this time of the year the climate is cool and comforting after the hot summers and is therefore an ideal time to spend a lovely vacation in the different parts of the country.


Lonavala is a popular hill station located in Maharashtra at the Sahyadri slopes. It has a stunning view surrounded by thick woody forests, lakes, waterfalls and hills. It has a refreshing atmosphere and is undoubtedly an amazing location to visit during monsoons. It is a tourist spot and is visited by a number of visitors throughout the year. Its cool and pleasant climate makes it an ideal destination to spend a relaxing weekend with family and friends.

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Kodaikanal is one of the most visited hill stations of Tamil Nadu. It rains moderately in this region during monsoons and the climate is quite pleasant. Those planning a trip during monsoons can surely visit this place. It is one of the most beautiful locations of our country surrounded by lush green hills, waterfalls, and beautiful sky.

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Massoorie is an ideal location for nature lovers. The climate here during monsoons is pleasant and the spectacular view is breathtaking. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. The visitors can find a lot of waterfalls here like Battha and Kempty along with Naga Devta Temple and some beautiful churches. Massoorie is one of the most beautiful hill stations of India which becomes even more beautiful during monsoons serves as an ideal destination to enjoy a short trip with family and friends.

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Coorg is one of the most beautiful monsoon destinations of India. It is gifted with the stunning view, beautiful waterfalls and lush green trees. During the monsoons the Abbey and Jog falls look spectacular when they flow in their full might. Visitors can enjoy some adventurous activities like trekking to highest peak of Tadiandamol which is famous for its beautiful scenery. The tourists can see the vast coffee plantations, Madikeri Fort, Bylekuppe and a few others. This is a perfect destination to enjoy a few days of monsoon vacation with family and friends.

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Andaman and Niccobar Islands.

Andaman and Niccobar islands are a group of 570 islands and has the most spectacular surrounding which will make the visitors fall in love with the place. The amazing wildlife, thrilling water sports, beaches, mountains and the natural beauty of the place is breathtaking. This is an ideal location for tourists looking forward to spending a peaceful vacation during the monsoons. It is visited by nature lovers, beach lovers and adventure enthusiasts to rejuvenate themselves.

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Udaipur is a beautiful location reflecting royalty and beauty. This place in Rajasthan has quite high temperature during the summers but it revives its greenery during monsoons. This place has a pleasant climate during the monsoons and can be visited for a short vacation as there are a number of places to visit, especially the stunning palaces. This is a different tourist spot to enjoy which is surrounded by greenery during the monsoons and is an amazing place to spent some peaceful time with family.

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Ladakh is one of the coldest spots of our country but its beauty attracts the visitors from all over the country. Surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains, the beauty of this place can be compared to heaven. The best time to visit Ladakh is during end of summers and monsoons. There is a ‘Ladakh Festival’which takes place between 17th and 27th September every year and is attened by a large number of people from all over the country. One would not regret their stay in this amazing place.

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Pondicherry is one of those places in India which is very uncommon and different from other parts of the country. Beautiful villas, old colonial houses, cobble stoned streets, seafront cafes and bars makes this a tourist place whose beauty is enhanced during the monsoon months. It is an ideal destination for those who like beaches, shopping and exploring new places. The visitors can also enjoy some adventurous water sport activities at the beach. This is the place where people can spend a memorable monsoon while exploring and chill.

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Darjeeling is known as the queen of hills and is located at the foothills of Himalayas. It is a perfect monsoon getaway as it receives heavy showers of rain during the monsoon season which make its surrounding even more green and beautiful. Surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains, Darjeeling offers a stunning view. It has beautiful tea plantations and is known for its tea industry which is a popular tourist spot of Darjeeling. This is a wonderful hill station to enjoy a short holiday during monsoons.

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Munnar is a beautiful hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala. There are a lot of places which can be visited near Munnar and it is also called ‘Kashmir of South India’. Its beautiful environment makes it worth visiting. Beautiful green hills, tea gardens and the peaceful atmosphere becomes even more stunning during the monsoon season. This is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway and a 2-3 days trip would be more than enough to rejuvenate ourselves.

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Ranikhet is a beautiful tourist location located in Uttarakhand. Its natural beauty is breathtaking and refreshing. The lush green hills, waterfalls and cool atmosphere make this place worth visiting. Visitors can enjoy adventurous activities like trekking on the hills. There are a number of temples which can be visited here. During the monsoons the surrounding becomes green and even more beautiful. A number of rare animals can be spotted here like snow leopard, Asiatic Black Bear and different species of birds. This is a wonderful location to enjoy a short trip with family and friends.

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Mount Abu.

Mount Abu is a beautiful hill station located in Rajasthan. There are a lot of temples which can be visited at Mount Abu. The natural beauty of this place is stunning and therefore attracts a large number of tourists from all over the country. It is one of the best monsoon destinations of India. A number of temples, stunning view points, gardens, lakes are the locations which can be visited and helps to make the vacation enjoyable and memorable.

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Wayanad is located in Kerala is a popular monsoon destination. It is located in the Western Ghats and offers stunning view. The stunning natural beauty, hills, waterfalls, wildlife and adventurous activities in the hills makes this place worth visiting. During the monsoons the natural beauty of the place is incomparable. There is a lot to explore here and this is the place where the flower called ‘Neelakurinji’ blooms only once in 12 years. This hill station also celebrates a monsoon tourism festival called Splash- a three day event of fun and memorable experiences.

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Mahabaleshwar is considered to be the most romantic places, especially during the monsoons. It is located in the Western Ghats. The calm and peaceful environment surrounded by hills, greenery, waterfalls, foggy roads and rain makes it an ideal destination for vacationing. The Lingamala waterfalls whose flow increases during the monsoons is a captivating site. Other than the natural beauty there are a lot of places which can be visited in Mahabaleshwar like Pratapgad, Elephant’s Head Point which makes this an ideal holiday destination.

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Cherrapunji is located in Meghalaya is another hilly region which is worth a visit. The forests, farmlands, pastures and humble lifestyle is worth watching. During the monsoons the beauty of the place is enhanced as there is greenery all around. This place should be visited by those looking forward to a relaxing a peaceful vacation, away from the busy city lives. Cherrapunji looks even more beautiful when it rains and the waterfalls here are worth watching. The pleasant climate and calm atmosphere makes this place worth vacationing with family and friends.

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