30 Amazing Things To Do In Ladakh- Experience the most amazing sites of Himalayan Beauty!

Leh-Ladakh is just out of the world place. The beauty of this place is cannot be described in words for sure! You have to experience this place to know the depth of its mesmerizing mountains and landscapes. Bounded by 2 of the world’s highest mountain ranges, the Karakoram and the Great Himalayas, it lays transversally two other, Zanskar range and Ladakh range. The gripping beauty of this place is simply amazing. Straight from the gompas to sensational momos, superabundance of eye captivating scenes make this city a real heaven on earth. It’s said that a man who is sitting under the sun with feet in shade suffers from frostbite and sunstroke at the same time. Ladakh holds some great surprises for its visitors and can only be awed. There are many activities to do in Ladakh from trekking to river rafting. Do not trust just words instead check out some awesome places and things to do in Leh Ladakh.

Things to do in Ladakh

Desolate Beauty of Ladakh (Picture Credit – Irumge: flickr.com)

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When you visit Ladakh then you will instantly fall in love with this place. It gives you hundreds of reasons to stop at each point and make your wonder how beautiful life is in Ladakh. The land of Leh is blessed with rugged beauty, traditions, hospitable and warm culture.

1. Life at highest mountainous range!

Beautiful Mountain Ranges of Ladakh (Picture credit – Pavan: flickr.com)

One of the most stark and striking differences among Ladakh and other tourist places is the fact that this place is one of the top most habitable places around the world located at 5000 meters approximately, above the sea level. It’s nestled in the magnificent Himalayas and reaching there through road is a recommendable journey around rugged mountain terrain and passes. You can enjoy views and have fun while thinking about various activities to do in Ladakh.

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2. Ladakh and Zanskar mountain ranges: wander between the giants

Mountain Ranges of Ladakh (Picture Credits – Irumge)

The huge mountain ranges of Ladakh and Zanskar will be your best companion all through your trip to Leh. They might be intimidating various times but your experience will be overwhelming. These high mountains make everyone feel small. Though, the main key to have fun at this place is by enjoying the beauty of these mountains. The steep terrain covered with all snow reflects heavenly skies. All point in Ladakh will make you want to visit this place again and again. The sound and view of loud rivers and mountains makes an absolute beautiful combination of heaven. You will find many activities to do in Ladakh!

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3. Pangong Tso Lake- unending lake of 3 idots!

Breath taking Pangong Tso Lake (Picture Credit – Alosh Bennett)

Do you remember the breathtaking striking lake from the movie 3 idiots? It is the Pangong Tso Lake, which traverses the international boundary from India to China. This lake is best site for late night camping and present hot spot for all individuals travelling to Ladakh.

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4. Tso Mori Lake- time stops here forever!

Fairytale Tso Moriri Lake (Picture Credit – Caffeine AM)

You will simply love this place as it has canvas colored along with blue white skies, clam blue lake water, white tops, blue green mountains as well as lush-green pastures. Tso Moriri Lake is perhaps not as popular as Pangong Lake but it’s yet a must visit place in Ladakh for anyone who is visiting this place. There are many activities to do in Ladakh like trekking, camping and water sports.

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5. Khardungla pass: highest motor road in the globe!

Khardung la Pass highest motor road in the world (Picture Credit – Saurabh Kumar_)

It may not look like a road yet you will get amazing experience to ride a bike and this is one of the best things to do in Ladakh. You must visit Kardungla pass at least once in your lifetime. You have to take care of your health and have to be fit to visit such height or traveling via such passes.

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6. Nubra valley: mesmerizing desert on snowy hills!

Arabian Nights at Nubra Valley Ladakh (Picture Credit – Ajay Tallam )

Desert is simply lovable and looks striking hot especially when you find them on snowy hills of Ladakh. The desert of Nubra valley provides the visitors a lot like Arabian Nights experience. You will find many things to do in Ladakh, most specifically in Nubra valley. This place has the most famous two humped camels, which is the highlight of this valley. The origins of this desert begin from Tethis Sea from where the pits of Himalayas have risen.

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7. Magnetic hill: feel like superhuman!

World Famous Magnetic Hill (Picture Credit – Kartikeya Kaul)

The magnetic hill science is unknown yet it is observed and believed that when you leave the car at hill base with brakes unlocked, then it’ll begin moving uphill steadily on its own. This is definitely not a magic but you will feel like a super human when you visit this place.

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8. Spituk Gompa Monastry!

Spituk Monastery: one of the oldest Monasteries in Ladakh Situated on the Hilltop (Picture Credit – Amit Rawat)

Ladakh is popularly known as the place of monasteries and monks and it is rightly said because of the Spituk monastery. It is one of the many old monasteries in Ladakh and its best known for its amazingly carved location on the hilltop. Nearby mountains are quite taller, the place isn’t actually a vantage spot yet the view is pretty amazing from the monastery.

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9. Namgyal monastery: find inner peace and experience life!

Buddhist Water Bowls at Namgyal Monastery (Picture Credit – Amit Bhawnani)

Namgyala Monastery or Namgyal Tsemo Gompa is specifically popular for its Buddha statue. It has earlier been visited by Dalai Lama. Buddhism and monks enthusiasts flock around the world to spend few days at this place. It permits people to reside at Namgyal Tsemo Gompa while having some peaceful days. You have many things to do in Ladakh.

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10. Hemis monastery: Known for mask!

Hemis Mask Dance Festival (Picture Credit – Amiya)

Hemis Gompa is one of the biggest monasteries of Ladakh and you can enjoy in Hemis festival, which takes place in the month of July each year. Lots of people around the world visit this place and find many things to do in Ladakh. You will see mask parade in this festival, which is the highlight of Hemis festival and its said to be the sacred ritual of Ladakh. Each year, this monastery holds 2 days celebration to honor the borth-anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava. He is known as the reincarnation of Lord Buddha.

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11. Lamayuru Monastery: night sky!

Showing Heaven and Monastery at 3:50am (Picture Credits – Nevil Zaveri)

Have you ever wondered why sky in the movies look so amazing and not from the view of your house? This place will show you how it feels to be in the nature’s lap away from all hustle bustle of the city life. This place will provide you must have experiences in Ladakh with best star gazing nights in your life.

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12. Likir Monastery: elaborated carvings on wood!

Inside Likir Monastery (Picture Credits – Ed Harstead)

The stunning wood work done on the colorful wood is the best non Buddhist thing known about Likir Monastery. This museum caters to the old history of Ladakh and you will confront must have experiences in Ladakh to remember for life long. You will see amazing picturesque surroundings that came third. This list is never-ending.

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13. Suru Valley: trek to Drang Drung Glacier!

Drang Drung Glacier (Picture Credits – Narender Kumar Gautam)

Suru Valley is one of the best places to visit in Ladakh. It is a perfect region for mountainous adventure games. The trek via this valley to Drang Drung glacier is considered to be the best in all aspects providing a blend of all possible things to do on mountains. This is the toughest trek to of in this region as well as it’s taken up only by experienced trekkers.

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14. Shanti stupa: the introspection time!

Shanti Stupa was built to promote World Peace (Picture Credits – Stills By Rakesh)

Shanti Stupa is definitely one of the must places to visit in Ladakh. This is the most amazing place to raise some beliefs from within and asses yourself into life. Now you can introspect time and meditate a little at night in overwhelming view from this place.

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15. Leh Palace: Experience the Royalty!

Leh Palace (Picture credits – Amit Rawat)

The Leh palace may have lost all its grandeur still the stone and wood ruins are same and hence, it has become one of the most popular places to visit in Ladakh. People who are interested in historical architecture usually visit this place as it was built in the seventeenth century by Namgyal King and is nine stories high. This palace is under full control of ASI or Archeological survey of India and provides panoramic views of the Zanskar and Stok Kangri ranges transversely the Indus valley.

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16. Zanskar River: Chadar trek!

Chadar Trek (Picture Credits – Ajay Singh)

The Zanskar River offers a chadar trek for people who are crazy for adventurous sports. It is basically known for trekking over frozen rivers. The trek over Zanskar River is known as the popular trek among mountaineers and trekkers that is undertaken by huge groups of adventure enthusiasts. One can go to this place as weekend gateways and explore this outstanding experience. Trek is usually happens in November as the river is frozen at that time of the month, which is safe and surrounded by snow and responsive enough to keep you survive.

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17. Zanskar River: In summers!

Rafting at Zanskar River best summer adventure (Picture Credits – Andyak)

You will get many options of river rafting in Zanskar River during summers. This is one of the coolest weekend gateways for tourists and people who are looking for some adventurous sports. It can only be done in summer season as in winters this river is frozen. The water of Zanskar is extremely cold and will freeze you. When you are planning to go for adventure games in Ladakh then trip to this river is an ideal one!

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18. Wildlife and snow leopard: Just wow!

Must Watch Wildlife in Ladakh: Snow Leopard (Picture credits – Tambako The Jaguar)

The close locality with rare nature means Ladakh region, which is extremely rich in flora and fauna. The wildlife specially has adapted immensely to the climatic situations and has created its own distinct space. You can visit this place on weekends as this wildlife makes an amazing weekend gatewaysSnow Leopards and flora are the main attractions of this area. Though, you may not wish to see the leopard in real. The local wildlife zoo will provide you the striking experience when it comes to wild animals and it is a must to do activity in Ladakh.

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19. Donkey Sanctuary: everyone needs a little care!

Everyone deserve Love Donkey Sanctuary (Picture Credits – Chang Ju Wu)

Everyone needs little care and when you talk about donkeys then they need extra help. It may come as a surprise to many people but you are going to see the donkey sanctuary in Ladakh. This is one of the most important places to visit in Ladakh. This sanctuary caters to all sick and old donkeys, which are needed by local owning to geographical conditions and usually left when they are old and sick. The place in Ladakh is very lively shed as well as perhaps put a smile on kids face along with adults’ similarly with its graffiti and witty posters.

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20. Backpacking in Ladakh

This Manali – Leh Road will always excite you with its endless Beauty (Picture credits – Pankaj Kaushal)

Ladakh roads are known for effluent safety and concern at the border. It means roads are kept in amazing conditions as well as provide perfect weekend gateways for bikers. You will easily get bikes on rent in Ladakh as well as surrounding places. Bikes are generally scale these ways smoothly. Though, the roads are smooth and but it’s always good to keep some important backup products.

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21. The road indication by BRO: simply awesome!

Sign with meaning! (Picture credits – Tushar Ahire)

There is no need of any explanation here and the picture says it all! This will be your most amazing must have
experiences in Ladakh!

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22. The local market experience: culture and people!

Fashionable Market (Picture Credits – Christopher John SSF)

You will experience amazing things in the market of Ladakh. The culture and people everything is just so mesmerizing and it looks like a dream. You will find many things to do in Ladakh. You will make your own stories and experiences in Ladakh when you visit this place. Children and monks are specifically helpful as well as will reach out to you at various places and accustomed with various cultures of Leh. They will make you feel just like home.

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23. Delicious food of Ladakh!

Must Try Cusines (Picture Credits – Chang Ju Wu)

Ladakh is the region which is famous for its cuisines, which is developed uniquely from Kashmiri Cuisine. You must experience the food made by local people and visit the home of local people to experience the local food of Ladakh. Pictures definitely do not do justice with the taste for sure!

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24. Shopping in Ladakh: buy gifts for the ones who are not fortunate enough to experience the beauty!

Shopping is always fun (Picture Credits – Thomas Battut)

You can buy many things in Ladakh that will make a perfect gift for your loved ones. The small shops cater to tourists and locals alike as well as they are very jolly. The souvenirs and artifacts are frequently displayed on road side stalls and it is quite easy to bargain. When you are at it then do search around for local Pashmeena Shawls and dresses.

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25. Cannot spot celebrities, yet you can watch Milky Way!

Milky Way Galaxy from Ladakh (Picture Credits Stefano Cocozza)

Leh Ladakh is definitely a must visit city for all armature and professional photographers, especially Astro photographers! Such photographers have taken by collecting several pictures one by one of Milky Way! It’s very important to know that clicking any picture might take more than 3 to 4 hours but your purpose will be solved for sure of clicking something gigantic and out of the world. It usually takes dedication, skills and patience to click such pictures. One of the main reasons why people find this place more attractive for photographers is because this offers clear night sky to complement scenic beauty.

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26. You will get stunning views from the loo in Leh Ladakh!

Better than Other Views (Picture Credits – Satish Krishnamurthy)

When you are searching for view in other places then you will get view from the loo in Leh. This place has view everywhere and you don’t have to search for it! You can see it in the picture itself!

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27. Do the camping in the lap of mountains!

Everyone should try this thrilling adventure (Picture Credits Jamie McGuinness)

You can plan a camping in the mountains as it will give you one of the most amazing experiences for lifetime. Go camping with family and friends in Sarchu. You will not find water in a mug when you wake-up early in the morning. It will turn into ice. This place is so chilled out.

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28. Experience wedding in Ladakh as destination wedding!

Enjoy If get chance to attend Ladakh wedding (Picture Credits – Christopher Michel)

You will find amazing ways to get wed and choosing Ladakh is definitely shows your adventurous side. It will be an out of the world experience for both of you.

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29. Experience moon watching!

Moon From Sarchu (Picture Credits – Alex)

You will find moon very close to you in Ladakh. In Sarchu, you will feel like sleeping under the Galaxy and moon. The experience will be overwhelming and guarantee you some unforgettable moments.

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30. Lose yourself in the winds and beauty of Ladakh!

Incredible Ladakh (Picture Credits – Varun Suresh)

If you are looking for peace and meditation then this place is just great! You will find a new self within you when you reach here. You need to lose yourself in the mesmerizing beauty and eye captivating scenery of Ladakh. Each place is a view in itself and you don’t have to look for any specific place to click pictures. Just go with the flow of Ladakh’s beauty, it’s just awesome place to visit at least once in a lifetime!

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