10 Spellbinding Places for Stargazing in India

Source – flickr.com/Rupal Vaidya

Space and stars are always been the greatest mysteries for human beings. The space and the stars always attract and are the main attraction throughout the life.

You will find toddlers staring the sky with their eyes and mouth open observing the stars. You will find children asking endless questions from their parents. In school you came to know a lot about these stars and space, which amazed you. When you become young or grow old and fall in love then these stars look more beautiful and you become more romantic in the magical twinkling exquisiteness.

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People who have lived in hamlets or small town, which are less polluted, must remember stargazing and searching different faces and shapes in stars lying on the roof. However this favorite past time is not possible in big and metro cities. However stargazing is still very popular among tourist and photographers, they travel miles to chase stars and experience the dazzling stargazing. There are several stargazing places in India. If you want to impress your love with stargazing then the best time for star gazing is a week before new moon or a week after a new moon. Early springs or middle winters are also considered as the best time for star gazing as the sky is clearest at this time period.

Stargazing places in India

Source – flickr.com/Stills By Rakesh

Enthralling experience of viewing clear and glittery sky and star is lifetime experience, which everyone should try at least once in a life as there are many stargazing places in India, here are the list of 10 spellbinding Places for Stargazing in India where you can find clear vision of the sky and can get soaked in the splendor of the sky.

1. Nubra Valley, Leh Ladakh

Source – flickr.com/Waldemar Halka

Ladakh is the best places for star gazing in India. Nubra valley, in Ladakh will fulfill your stargazing dream with finest view of the sky. Here you can enjoy desert at the average height of 10,000 ft above the sea level. The villages of Nubra like Hunder and Diksit have home stay facilities where you can enjoy the stargazing. This is the top stargazing places in India.

Distance from nearby major city: Diskit is the capital of Nubra, it is about 150 Km away from Leh Town.

Other things to do:

  • Monasteries
  • Tallest Lord Buddha Statue
  • Sand Dunes
  • Take ride of Bacterian Camel

2. Salt Desert of Kutch, Gujarat

Source – flickr.com/Deven Dadbhawala

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The Rann of Kutch is the biggest salt swamp in the world. Here you can also experience the strange light effect known as Ghost Light and even you can view the beautiful night sky. Here you can do lots of astronomy and astrophotography and people has experience and see nearly 6 magnitude stars without any telescope. This is a beautiful stargazing place in India.

Distance from nearby major city: Bhuj is the nearest city to Kutch it is 71.7km away from Kutch.

Other things to do:

  • Darbargadh
  • Kachchh Museum
  • Wild Ass Sanctuary
  • Aina Mahal
  • Vijay Vilas Palace
  • Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan
  • Folk art Museum
  • And many more things to do

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3. Katao, Sikkim

Source – flickr.com/puneet vikram singh

Katao is located at 15,000 ft above the sea level. Katao is the most fascinating place in India. It is known as the Switzerland of Sikkim for a reason as its facade in the snow makes it most incredible place in India. Katao in Sikkim is the best weekend getaway to choose for stargazing trip. The sky is clear, air is pollution free and tourists are lesser. This place is near Lachung and famous for snow covered mountains.

Distance from nearby major city: The Nearest city to Katao is Lachung, which is 25.4 km away from Katao. Gangtok is 144 km away from Katao.

Other things to do:

  • Lachen Monastery
  • Lachung Monastery
  • Yumthang
  • Gurudongmar Lake
  • Zero Point
  • Nathu la Pass
  • And many more things to do.

4. Mandarmani, Kolkata

Source – flickr.com/ Михаил Рева

Mandarmani is famous for most passionate night skies weekend destination in India. This place is also a untouched known place for stargazing. The best time to visit this place is during new moon when the sky is clear with zero pollution. It is the sea side small place in the state of West Bengal, India. This is 13 km long beach with red crabs as a special attraction of this beach.

Distance from nearby major city: Kolkata is the nearby city. it is 180 km away from Mandarmani.

Other things to do:

  • Watching Sunset
  • Walking on the beach
  • Ride beach bikes
  • Try ropeway
  • See sunset at mohana

5. Roopkund, Uttarakhand

Source – flickr.com/Jamie McGuinness

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Mainly tourists visit this place to experience one of the most fascinating and beautiful treks in their lives. Besides this experience the stargazing is another thing tourist do here. While camping in Roopkund you cannot miss stargazing, this is the most mesmerizing weekend getaway for nature lovers. This place is famous for its skeletons lake, the hundred of skeletons are found near the lake. This place is 16,499 ft above the sea level and is surrounded by sprinkled glaciers and snow capped mountains.

Distance from nearby major city: Haridwar is the nearby major city with the distance of 155km.

Other things to do:

  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Climbing

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6. Neil Island, Andaman

Source – flickr.com/Michael Ver Sprill

Neil Island is one of the most beautiful Islands of Andaman, this island is lit up by stars in evening and the flourishing forest whispers the wind to embrace your cheeks as you can lie down on the beautiful and clean beach and can gaze the stars. Andaman is one of the most fabulous spots for stargazing. This place is most romantic weekend destinations in India. The blue is in the air, the sky and water both spread the bluish and you can see stars for miles. This place is calm and quiet and it is like heaven for honeymooners and couples.

Distance from nearby major city: Port Blair, the capital of Andaman is 40km away from Neil Island..

Other things to do:

  • Swimming
  • Coral watching
  • Glass bottom boats
  • Sunrise
  • Wild life sanctuary
  • And many more things to do

7. Coorg, Karnataka

Source – flickr.com/Ashwin Kumar

Coorg is a popular place for nature lovers and honeymooners who want a beautiful and quick break. This place also offers awesome night life. Here you can do stargazing in the clear and beautiful sky. It gives you a chance to get romantic in the jungle with only stars to accompany you. This is definitely a worth weekend getaway to enjoy with your partner. The cloudy hills with sandalwood and teakwood forests with acres of tea and coffee plantation, all these combination makes this place Scotland of India.

Distance from nearby major city: Mysore is the nearest city, it is 120km away from Coorg

Other things to do:

  • Dubare Elephant Camp
  • Cauvery River
  • Nisaragadhama
  • Bylakuppe
  • Thalacauvery
  • Bagamandala
  • Omkareshwar Temple
  • Abbey Falls
  • Raja’s Seat

8. Sonamarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Source – flickr.com/Abhinav Singhai

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Sonamarg or Sonmarg means “Meadow of Gold”. This place is surrounded by snow covered mountains opposite to blue sky. The sky is so clear that in the night the campers lie down under the sky and enjoy the amazing view of stargazing, which looks like so dazzling that it seems very near to you. This mesmerizing hill station is 2730 m above the sea level and the Sindh River increase the beauty of this enormous valley. This is the best weekend destination for camping lovers.

Distance from nearby major city: Srinagar is the nearby city, which is just 80 km away from Sonamarg.

Other things to do:

  • Trekking
  • Horse riding
  • Enjoying local sports
  • River Rafting

9. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Source – flickr.com/Souvik Chakraborty

This desert mountain valley, Spiti means “The Middle Land” is considered as a paradise for all stargazers. The sky is crystal clear with zero pollution makes this place the most spellbinding places for stargazing in India. Kibber is known as the highest motorable village in the world. This place is 14,000 ft above the sea level. This is an ideal weekend getaway for stargazing and enjoying the nature beauty.

Distance from nearby major city: Manali is the nearby city, which is just 196.4 km away from Spiti.

Other things to do:

  • Lhalung Monastery
  • Udaipur of Himachal
  • Key Monastery
  • Lossar
  • Komik
  • Dhankar Monastery
  • Pin Valley National Park
  • Tabo Monastery
  • Chandratal
  • Rohtang La
  • River rafting
  • Trekking
  • Camping

10. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Source – flickr.com/Gunjan Sardare

Stargazing in the middle of the Thar Desert is always a special experience. Here you can lie down and can gaze the dark sky covered with dazzling stars. The Night safari in this desert is worth staying. This is one of the most fabulous weekend destinations for Desert Safari lovers.

Distance from nearby major city: Jodhpur, which is 275 km away from Jaisalmer.

Other things to do:

  • Camping in Desert
  • Desert Safari
  • Jaisalmer Fort
  • Bada Bagh
  • Salim Singh – Ki Haveli
  • The Thar Heritage Museum

Other Amazing Experiences 

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