Not sure if it is useless, as some famous quotes says, but life without besties is certainly incomplete. One would miss the wilderness that we are comfortable to express with close friends, the humour that we go through when they are with us. They are the unique remedies against the adversities and the heart break (sometimes, many) that we go through in our routine. Such is friendship!

For most of us, it is our close friends who come first in the mind when you wish to travel. Here are few reasons for why most of us prefer travelling with close friends, which everyone would definitely accept

Why One Should Be Travelling with Close Friends

1. You go because, no place is ever as bad as they tell you it is going to be. Destination becomes secondary

2. It doesn’t matter how long you guys didn’t meet or talk. You still want to reconnect with them and bring back the memories

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3. Just not the destination, you are excited about the entire journey. And the countdown runs in your mind until you start the journey

4. And when the journey starts, its all fun and adventure the moment you meet

5. They are your besties!! You can be as crazy as you want

6. You would never care to sleep. Your night is also like your day

7. And you will always have the option to indulge yourself in group activities

Happy friendship day folks!!