20 Best Weekend Getaway Resorts in Jaipur

Though we have all the facilities in cities of the country, we need leisure time so here I have compiled a list of best weekend getaway resorts in Chandigarh. Go to there places when you need some break from the tight and daily schedule of ours. Nowadays a large amount of capital is invested in resort industry in our country. Many investors are making a large amount of money by investing in resorts and they are in a mood of investing more.

I am sure all of us have been in a resort .Resorts are a best place to relax. One can get there for a short period of time and return refreshed. Some of the luxuries which we enjoy are

  • Swimming in pool
  • Playing in the games room
  • Playing outdoor games
  • Performing outdoor activities
  • Relaxing in peaceful rooms
  • Eating the delicious food

And many more.

Weekend Getaway Resorts in Jaipur

1. Le Meridian

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This place is located very close to Jaipur, always welcomes its visitors with best of hospitality. It provides premium most services to the fun seeking travelers. The surroundings of the resort are full of greens which makes one’s mind refreshed. The rooms of this place can be defined in only one word which is luxury.

2. Rajasthali Resort


This place is an ideal option to spend some quality time with family and friends away from the hectic city life. One can start his or her day with a delicious breakfast and seeing the scenic views of the surrounding from the well maintained rooms of the resort. The whole resort is furnished with superb furniture and interior which ads on to the beauty of the resort.

3. Jai Mahal Palace


This resort is rated as 5 star resorts with some superb furnishings which is of a very unique type. This resort has more than 90 well furnished rooms with all sorts of modern amenities to let their customers feel the luxury of the cultural place. Residing here for some time will give you a chance to experience the best of Rajasthani culture.

4. The Heritage village


Visiting this place will make you feel the experience of the ancient time when our country was ruled by our ancestors. This resort provides with best of services and hospitality to its visitors. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life this place is a perfect place to relax and chill with friend’s family and colleges.

5. Hill Side Resort


This place is wrapped in the midst of the Arravali range which offers you the ideal concordance with nature and clean and tidy environment. This place is surrounded by a number of sightseeing spots which make this place one of the popular visits in among its kind. This place is mainly an eco friendly hillside resort.

6. Lebua Resort


This resort is a superb example of Indian style resort in Jaipur. Designed with keeping the Indian heritage style in mind, this place gives a unique experience to its visitors. This place is a mixture of both traditional and modern day facilities which make it a do visit spot for the tourists from not only of India but also from all over the world.

7. Lohagarh Fort Resort


This resort is an award winning eco friendly resort with some of the best scenic views. This place has convincing types of cottages with private pools and other facilities. This place also has luxurious suites with Jacuzzis in it. You can have a royal experience of living like a King or a Queen when you are residing in the resort.

8. Savista Resort


This place is an example of calm and quite atmosphere as one of the best place to relax if you visit in or near Jaipur. One can taste the most famous freshly cooked delicious authentic food of Rajasthan which is surly a result of purity of the state. This place offers many services one of the most exiting is camel cart ride which helps one to explore the local surrounding villages and historical spots near this beautiful Resort.

9. The Treehouse resort


This resort allows and helps the tourist to have an experience of living on the branches of trees like birds do. Located in a calm and cool atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, this place is a paradise for the tourists who are in search for peace. The rooms of this resort is built on the branches of Keekar Trees and small branches moving from the middle of the rooms gives a unique experience which is for life time.

10. Byke Grassfield Resort


This place is based on a superb surrounding with a motive of providing its visitors some of the private villa type experiences. The resort is a hub of modern and traditional facilities and services which make one believe that he or she is residing in his or her house. The resort has a superb pool where one can spend daytime fighting sun’s heat. Then one can spend evening in the green gardens full of flowers. And lastly one can have a food of their choice in the restaurant of the resort.

11. Tree of life Resort and Spa


This place has a pleasing one and is referred as one of the best boutique resort Jaipur. This place is set up in 7 sections of land. One can drive to this beautiful place and see the greenery of this place which will take you to the paradise. The resort has 13 extravagant estates and in each of the 7 sections of this resort.

12. Sunrise Health Resort


This place is a perfect blend of luxurious architecture and nature’s beauty. Beauty lies in every part of this place. Three sides of this place are surrounded by hills and are full of the modern amenities which will make all its visitors live in peace and stress free life.

13. Chokhi Dhani Resort


This resort is a perfect spot for all the things whether it is excursion, conferences, with 5 star offices and with all the modern day facilities and services. This place is far away from the city life and hustle bustle of the city. It is located in the downtown where nature is still alive. This place is a must visit spot over and over again.

14. Cambay Golf Resort


This spot is located on the Jaipur Agra highway and is regarded as one of the most superb resort of the city Jaipur. This place has world class resort known for its quality and unmatched service against all sorts of problems. This place is also famous for the 9 hole golf course which is a paradise for all the golf lovers of our country.

15. The Woods Villa Resort


This place is only 5 kilometers away from the city. One is relaxed and gets soak in the peaceful ambience of this resort. As by the name we get to know that villas of this resort is made of woods which gives an amazing feel. Listening to the melody of the birds in the nature where no one will object you on doing something which you feel.

16. Nahargarh Haveli


Far from the city this place is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a pleasing atmosphere this place is a do visit spot of Jaipur. This place is manly formed for the riches of our country to spend some quality time with all of the others.

17. ITC Rajputana


This place is a part of the ITC chain of our country. This place is only 15 kilometers away from the airport of the city. This place provides some of the best of the Rajasthani culture to us when we reside here to see the tradition of our dear country. This place has 215 rooms equipped with all the modern amenities for the tourists.

18. Pride Amber Villas


This resort will take all of us from the hell like earth to the heaven like earth with ambience and atmosphere of itself. The enhancements incorporate rooms and suites for an amazing stay with a drink and feast will make you fall in love with the pleasing hospitality of the place.

19. Kanchan Kesari Village Resort


This place is only 30 minutes from the city located in the edges of the Jaipur. This place is a perfect spot for a vacation with friends, family and life partner. This resort is regarded as one of the best of its kind of Jaipur. It is spread over a large area with a huge open space and with 7 dinner gardens this place is a do visit spot.

20. Oberoi Rajvillas


This resort is constructed with keeping all the traditions in mind. It is made with the primitive idea of pink city as Jaipur is regarded. The construction of this resort is full of Mughal Curves, Gold Leaf Frescoes, high dome roofs and stone ceiling fixtures makes it a must visit place is one visit the pink city of India.

So all the people reading this article who are in a mood to visit some resorts to relax near Jaipur you now know which place to visit. Suggest your friends and make plans. Go out for amazing weekend getaway near Jaipur, do visit one of these resorts. Experience the hostility of these beautiful places. Don’t forget to take pictures and do capture the life living and most happening moments of your life. Go for a trip with your friends, colleagues and family here. These moments will never return back to your life and yes do believe that life is beyond the daily routine of your life.