20 Tips for a single woman travelling alone

tips for single woman traveling alone
tips for single woman traveling alone

Tips for a single woman travelling alone

Research your destination well before beginning the trip.

When you are travelling alone it is important to know about the places you would be visiting and how you would reach there. You should also carry a map ad a guide book as you are not aware whether you would be able to get help from the local people or not.

Basically, you must be well prepared to travel without depending on anyone. It’s not that the local people would not respond but there can be other hindrances, for example language problem. Researching well will also save your time.

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Spend extra money on staying safe.

It is necessary to carry some extra cash, in case of any emergency. It is preferable to stay in a hotel which is a bit expensive in order to avoid risks of being in an unsafe place.

Some extra cash can be spent on travelling by a taxi at night rather than travelling in a public transport. One can cut down on spending too much on fun activities and spend some money on eating from a good/ decent restaurant rather than eating too much of street food, as good health is necessary.

Dress like a local.

In order to blend well among the people of a certain place one should dress like them. Doing this will not only make you comfortable but enable you to get less noticed. So, it’s advisable to research well before visiting a place to know about the local customs.

Covering your hair and wearing clothes which the people of that place are used to look at and the ones in which you are comfortable would be the best choice. It is a safe option and would not draw the attention of the local people.

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Don’t tell people where you are staying.

It is a safe option for a woman who is travelling alone to not reveal to a stranger where she would be staying. It is not that the people would harm her but it is preferred not to trust random people.

If you want to meet someone with whom you have become friends on your trip then just decide a landmark where you guys can meet rather than calling that person over to your hotel or wherever you would be staying.

Don’t be too outgoing.

It’s best to stay a bit cautious when you are woman who is travelling alone. Being too friendly with the local people and random strangers can lead to trouble.

Some men might think differently about you even if though are just a friendly extrovert person. So, it’s best to avoid being too frank in order to stay safe and it’s better to enjoy your own company rather than inviting trouble.


Learn to read situations.

If you feel that a person is acting over friendly and making you uncomfortable it’s advisable to react at that moment itself.

When you are travelling alone, you have to take care of yourself and that can be done by being smart enough to prevent yourself from being fooled as strangers cannot be trusted. Reacting at the right moment and judging a person’s intentions is very important.

Check in regularly

Stay in contact with one person throughout your journey so that he is aware of your safety. By doing this you can immediately contact this person in case you need any help or you need to inform them about any changes in the flight timings or you might need some cash.

Staying in touch with a friend or any family member would make you feel secure even when you are travelling in an unknown land.

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Do not trust anyone.

Woman travelling alone should be cautious while travelling alone as you do not know what the intensions of the person trying to act friendly are. They might just act to be nice to you or may be genuinely nice but it’s better to maintain a distance from local people.

People might try to fool you thinking you are alone which is why not acting very sweet to anyone would be preferred.

Keep important documents at the hotel.

It is advisable not to carry important documents while roaming in a city as you might lose it by mistake or it might get stolen which would lead to serious trouble.

It is safe to only carry a small amount which would be required for the day and keep the rest in the hotel room with other important documents like your passport, ID proof and other stuffs.

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Carry the address of the hotel where you would be staying.

It would be safe if you carry the address of the hotel where you would be staying as it would help you to read the address in case you need to show it to the taxi driver for ask for help from local people.

You might not be able to explain or pronounce it accurately and the people would find it difficult to understand which place you are asking for. By keeping it written some where you can easily show it to them and reach the place quickly.

Do not venture out alone after dark.

It’s better to stay indoors after it gets dark as at night you might not get any conveyance to get back to your hotel. After it gets dark it would be unsafe to travel alone on the road as you are unaware of the kind of people you might encounter while roaming.

You might not have any idea of the kind of people you would meet on the road so travelling alone can be unsafe.

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If you get lost don’t look at the map or your phone in the middle of the street.

In case you lose your way, the best choice would be to enter into a café or some shop where you can sit and check the right way.

It would be safer as the people would not notice that you are in a trouble and those with bad intentions would not be able to harm you. Sitting somewhere would also prevent you from getting scared and panicking.

Don’t feel guilty about saying no to anything.

It does happen that you meet a lot of new people in the course of your journey and make plans to meet again to party and hangout, but in case you feel uncomfortable it would be best to say no, because it is important for you to be happy rather than making strangers happy.

It’s important to trust your instincts and feel safe by saying no to things you do not approve of.

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Do not sleep while travelling in transport.

Do not make the mistake of sleeping while travelling in trains, buses or taxis, no matter how tired you are. The best way to stay awake even after a tiring day is to carry headphones as listening to music would prevent you from falling asleep and further falling into trouble.

Do not wear real jewellery.

Wearing too much of jewellery and carrying expensive stuff might lead to trouble. People notice you more if you wear expensive jewellery and this might invite thieves. When you are travelling alone as a woman it is advisable to remain as simple as you can to avoid gaining attention of the local people.

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Pack light.

It is really necessary for a woman travelling alone or anyone to carry less stuff, only the necessary ones, so that it is easy to carry from one place to another.

Heavy bags a difficult to carry around and most of the things we think we might need is of no use. Woman get tired of carrying heavy bags and packing them while moving from one place to another might also lead to irritation.

Pick transport which has just spaces for woman.

While travelling in trains and buses it better to sit in the woman’s compartment rather than in the common one. It is safe and would also prevent you from be conscious about men staring.

When you are surrounded by women you feel safer and more comfortable and there is no tension of any eve teasing.

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Learn a few words in the local language.

When you visit a place where you cannot communicate with people at all make you feel handicapped. It is advisable to know a few words in the local language so that you can ask for any help from the local people who cannot speak the language which you know.

Now a days most of the people can speak English but not all so learning a few words from the local language would help you.

Do not keep all the money in one place.

It is preferred to carry a small amount and keep the rest at the hotel as in case of any mishap all the money might get stolen and you would end up being in trouble.

Also keep some money in your bag and a small amount with yourself, in your pocket which would be enough to take you back to the place where you are staying in case your bag gets stolen.

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Carry two keys of your hotel room.

It would be safe to carry two keys of your hotel room, one with you and the other in your bag as you would be keeping all your luggage and important documents and money in your hotel room.

In case you misplace a key you would have a duplicate one to get into your room and get your important stuffs and this would avoid trouble.

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