20 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in North India

A trip with your family, holidaying whether in the beaches or the mountains or the plains, a trip without visiting a wildlife park or a sanctuary is incomplete. The fun of spotting rare animals with your family, clicking rare pictures making memoirs are few of the most fun filled things to do. The best part of these visits is that you visit the places of beauties of deep woods, the real life habitats of animal, the way they live and experience the endless variety of wildlife and surrounding rugged yet beautiful environment!

Wildlife Sanctuaries in North India

Following is the list of few of the best Wildlife Sanctuaries in India.

Dachigham National Park, Jammu and Kashmir

The place gets its name from the 10 villages which were relocated to the boundaries of the sanctuaries, hence Dachi-gam. Located at a scenically aesthetic place few kilometers from Srinagar, it is considered to be a cluster of one of the finest flora fauna range. The most easily spotted organisms can be the famous Kashmir stag, Himalayan gray langur, leopard to name a few. Inside the national park you can get away in a weekend during your Kashmir Tour.

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From Delhi you can reach Srinagar via the airways, or the rail ways and then hire a taxi or book a bus and then reach the sanctuary.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

The national parks established in 1936, earlier known as Ramganga National Park and then renamed as Jim Corbett in 1956. The enthralling ride to Jim Corbett takes you about 5 hours from Delhi. The area under the Project Tiger conservation is lush evergreen forest area primarily protecting Tigers and a huge variety of wildlife including King cobra, Sambar deer, Chital, wildlife boar.Located in the Nainital district it is one of the most popularly known wildlife sanctuary of North India. The place is often the weekend getaway for the Delhiites who wants to have some adventurous couple of nights in the woods.

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Sariska National Park, Rajasthan

The very famous Sanctuary of Rajasthan, and one of the most famous, the sanctuary is located in the deep areas of the woods and abodes variety of monkeys, nilgais and crocodiles. This place is located at a distance of about 30 km from Alwar which is about a 4 hrs drive from Delhi and taking the rails would be the best option. In the center of the sanctuary lies a palace which is beautiful place to hand out with your loved ones. The palace is surrounded by a lake and is famous for boating. Many movies have been shot here and it remains to be a continuous attraction for the tourists. The place abodes tigers and if you are lucky you will definitely spot few along with giant crocodiles in the lake.

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The Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh

Amidst the deodar and oak trees and the embraced by the Himalayas, the sanctuary is an absolute beauty. It is located along the Delhi Kullu Highway and hence becomes one of the most sought after weekend getaway. The sanctuary offers few of most exciting activities inside the jungle like of trekking, rock climbing, camping to name a few. Best time to visit the park is the beginning of the summer and winter.

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Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand

Another wildlife sanctuary under the famous Project Tiger of India, located 8 km from Haridwar, the sanctuary is located in the Doon valley. Amidst the Siwaliks foothill forest, it is spread across a large forest area apparently a merger of three major parks. With its very suitable locations from few of the the most visited hill stations in India, this one is a must have experience if you are looking for the best wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks in India. With a home of large number of fauna, Jungle Safaris are a must do and if you are lucky you might spot a pied Hornbill, Leopards, along with beautiful ponds scattered in the Jungle.

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Hemis National Park, Jammu and Kashmir

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If you want to have a freezing camping with your family in the deep green wood of Kashmir this is definitely the place for you. The sanctuary located at comparatively higher latitude and at the upper riparian of the river Indus. The sanctuary is rocky in terrain and encompasses of high length green grasses. The temperatures can go subzero, the best time to visit this place in summers for some awing beauty.

Binsar, Uttrakhand

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Binsar, a must visit place in Uttrakhand if you are visiting Almora which is about 350 km from Delhi and that means leaving the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary would be a sin. Located a few km from Almora and at an altitude of 2270 m the wildlife sanctuary is considered one of the most popular sanctuaries of North India for Bird lovers.Sprawling over the foothill forests of Shivaliks, it is home to about 5 villages inside the sanctuary and over 20 major predator species.

The location is picturesque and the best time to visit is the beginning of the year.

Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh

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Located in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh at the Indo- Nepal border, the sanctuary is a home too large number of endangered species.

The climates are humid so may want to visit the place in winters. It falls in the upper gangetic plains of the mainland. The place is famous for swamp deers, Tigers, Sloth bear, India Rhinoceros to name a few. The sanctuary is open for a jungle safari with special permissions at night and after sunlight.  

Gulmarg National Reserve

The reserve famous for Musk deer and specified mammal viewing bird viewing chances is located 48 km SW of Srinagar. The area holds surreal beauty and other wildlife species too like Brown bear, Leopard, red fox. The area holds about 90% of densely covered pine vegetation and varieties of shrubs. The buses ply from Srinagar which can be reached from Delhi via both air and road/railways.

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Karakoram (Nubra Shyok) Wildlife Sanctuary, Jammu and Kashmir

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Another high altitude sanctuary located in the eastern Karakoram in Leh district is a famous place for migratory birds. The place is famous for the medicinal value of the vegetation here. The sanctuary is mostly a dry cold desert area and encompasses rarest of the rare species of the animals. The sanctuary is embraced within the valleys of the Nubra and Shyok Rivers bounded by the international boundaries of China and Pakistan. It is known for the Ladakhi urial, Tibetan antelope, wild sheeps to name a few.

Ram nagar Wildlife Sanctuary, Jammu and Kashmir

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A comparatively, lesser known wildlife sanctuary of Jammu and Kashmir, if you are visiting Jammu, this one is a must visit. It is located a much lower altitude and remains much green throughout the year. The sanctuary officials provide a Jungle Safari for an adventurous ride in the woods. If you are lucky enough you may spot few of rarest spotted birds, Nilgais, deers will keep crossing your way. Under the moonlit night you may camp or have a small picnic with your loved ones. The place is 6 km from Jammu, from Delhi you can Jammu both by airways and railways, while further take a short ride to the sanctuary.

Gangotri National Park, Uttrakhand

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For a person searching for a surreal beauty, a hill station like arrangement and some exciting company of world’s rarest fauna, this sanctuary is the place for you. Although, a must visit place amongst the wildlife sanctuaries of North India, it is not so easily reachable. Located at an average altitude of 3500m and at the upper catchment of the Bhagirathi River, it sprawls in the snowy fields of Uttrakhand.

Amidst the enchanting beauty of snow clad mountains, tall dense lush green trees it is home to over 150 species of birds, Snow leopard, Tiger, Blue sheep, Brown bear and many more. For camping and staying you may need to take special permissions, but it is going to be worth and memorable.

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

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Densely covered with Oak, pine trees, Chailis the most famous weekend getaway for the people who want a small break from the daily life.

The sanctuary is a home to boar, porcupines, flying squirrel and also few of the most famous bird species. Best time to visit is March to November. One can take the Shimla Kalka route from Delhi to reach this beautiful destination.

Ranthambore National Park

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The famous sanctuary located along the highways of Rajasthan is open and you may seen predators crossing the road while travelling. Don’t be surprised, but be excited, because this is few of the densest forests in India. Apart from monkeys and commonly available animals of Rajasthan, varieties of giant trees are also found. The place is open for trekking into the woods and also to enjoy small picnics. This place is one of the most sought after weekend getaway, and considered one of the best options in North India.

Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary

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The Sanctuary located near the Kedarnath, a famous tourist destination is a must visit if you are visiting the best of the wildlife sanctuaries in North India. You can get off a weekend to visit this small place. The place is prevalent of common wildlife and domicile of few of the most beautiful flora in Uttrakhand. It has a very rich fauna of carnivores like fox, black bear etc to name a few. Fun activities of Jungle safari, trekking through the forest etc are available there for a fun filled trip. The place is few hours’ drive from Delhi.

Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary, Jammu and Kashmir

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Spread over a relatively small area the sanctuary houses huge quantity of bird species and notable Cheetah and Axis deer. The sanctuary is located on the banks of the river Ujh. It is a beautiful place for a weekend getaway for some peace and serenity. The best time to visit the place is in the summers to spot some some of the rarest species of tigers. The place is a few km away from, Srinagar and one can reach from Delhi by any means of transport.

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttrakhand

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Loacted along the tributary of river Beas, it is very small area of land area. Dense forest dominated by oaks, poplar, Conifers, walnut and many more. The temperatures can be subzero with high amount of average rainfall. A must visit trip this place would be excellent and memorable and prove to be one of your best getaways to one of the best sanctuaries in North India. The sanctuary is located on the Delhi Manali highway and hence a very good option for a short sweet trip to the nature.

Nature Park Kufri Sanctuary, Uttrakhand

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Located in the foothills of Himachal, one of the most exciting trips to this place will prove to be one of your most memorable ones. Due to its vicinity to some of the most beautiful tourist destinations of North India, it is a popular place to visit and a worth one too. The place is famous camping, trekking and animal sights. Wild bears, jungle cats, jackawls can be easily spot.The Jungle safaris are very famous and awing along with the evergreen forests around you. You can reach this place via taxis and buses and it takes about 7 hrs from Delhi by road making it a perfect weekend trip.

Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary, Jammu and Kashmir

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Another cold desert, wildlife sanctuary in Jammu and Kashmir at an average altitude of 12500 ft encloses two of the most famous high altitude lakes Pangong tso and Tsomoriri. These two form the most beautiful of the scenes to spend time in a sanctuary. Though spread across a vast expanse, the sanctuary is formed of a very rugged terrain typically of rough mountains, cold climates, ridges etc. The road trips to these sanctuaries are the best part. Since they are spread across a vast expanse along the river Indus, there isn’t much to look around but definitely much to see. Snow leopard, wild yak, Wild wolf are most commonly spotted wildlife. Reaching the sanctuary itself is a must have experience crossing the few of highest motor able roads, topsy curves to name a few. From Leh it is 5 hour drive, while from Delhi reaching Leh is easily possible through the airways.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

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Unlike the very dry Rajasthan, the low temperature and hill valleys make this part of Rajasthan one of the most uncommon parts of India. A vegetation domination placed relatively at a higher location than the other places of the state consists of dense forest and lush vegetation. Located on the Aravallis, there are a few lakes on the foot hills and boating and paddling are available there. The sanctuary is few of the must have experiences if you are visiting this side of Rajasthan, with enthralling view points, sightseeing, if you get lucky few of the most endangered animals like Jungle fowl, sambar, Chinkara to name a few. Since the sanctuary isn’t very spread across large areas, people take long walks, safaris and do camping under the moonlight.