Chennai-One of the four metro urban areas of the nation is generally known for its scholarly crowd, serene excellence and lovely shorelines. It is likewise a city that stands as a confirmation for different paranormal activities in Chennai. Whether it the age-old banyan tree or the self-destructive one sided lover, indistinguishable houses or the broken scaffold, Chennai has such a great amount to offer in terms of haunted stories. Here we bring to you the main ten scary places in Chennai.


Here follows the list –


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They say love is visually impaired and agonizing. Madras Christian College is popular along the same lines, where the college is haunted by a soul of a one sided lover who committed suicide at Herber’s Hall when his heart was broken. A great deal of strange happenings have been accounted for, including the breaking of windows and pushing of utensils. This unquestionably shows the way that not just love harms, it likewise haunts.


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Made by John De Monte, this whole colony with ten indistinguishable houses is haunted by his soul and is one of the well-known scary places in Chennai. Situated close to St.Mary’s Road, Demonte Colony in Chennai is a standout among the most dreaded zones of this old city. Meandering ghosts and spirits are peculiar to this spot. There have been occurrences of pets furthermore security guards as well disappearing. Old stretched trees and spooky houses with a strange appearance all together signify the spooky air of De Monte Colony. As of late, a Tamil thriller was likewise released in light of the secretive story of this spot.


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The ruinous 2004 Tsunami waves brought on genuine fiasco, washing away this place of Tamil Nadu. This spot is one of the scariest places of Chennai, known for peculiar paranormal activities. The soul of an old man and a kid are regular sightings of Karikattu Kuppam. The double apparition sightings have given numerous individuals a panic and they are scared past their minds to ever visit this spot. This one is not for the weak heart. It is one of the offbeat places around Chennai.


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Blue Cross Road can be appropriately called the suicide spot of Chennai. Various suicides have been accounted for in this path, making it one of the spooky places in Chennai and in India too. Complementing the suicidal road are the thick shades of trees, which keep daylight from reaching the ground. This road is a standout among the most dynamic bases for paranormal activities and meandering spirits. On the off chance that you happen to be strolling past this territory in the night, you may be welcomed by the spirits of the general population who committed suicide here.


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Located on Adyar stream, the Broken Bridge of Chennai is another frequented hotspot of Chennai. As the name says, this bridge is a big hotspot for paranormal happenings. Additionally a hotspot for silver screen shoots in the day time, Broken Bridge has filled the need of a well-suited area for some movies. In any case, once darkness sets it, the spot is home to dangerous spirits who meander in the late hours of night. The deserted look adds to its spookiness for sure.


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Valmiki Nagar is home to a spooky house which is lying empty subsequent to the most recent 10 years. Apartment number F-2, Seward Road is possessed by the soul of the house-proprietor’s girl who passed away years ago. Cries of the girl along with hammering of doors can be heard all through the day. There have likewise been reports of shouting from inside the house and loss of mobile signal if one strolls past this spot. 2 individuals attempted to research the secret behind this spot, yet it’s said that they got possessed by the soul of the young lady. Really terrifying, eh?


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This spot in Chennai is known for unnerving and strange paranormal things. The road is haunted by the soul of a young lady who died in a road mishap on this very area. What’s more, her wild soul has haunted this road from that point forward. Late hours of the night expand the level of terrifying happenings. A few drivers along this course have pledged to have seen a sudden appearance of the young lady’s figure while they were driving down this road during the evening.


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The premises of theosophical society are popular for sightings of ghosts and creepy encounters. The enormous old banyan tree alongside the countless house in the forested areas and additionally local people claims of spooky things around this place. There have been a few cases of shouting which nearby individuals have reported about this spooky spot in Chennai. A banyan tree, shouting and mysterious ghost sightings have created a lot of problems for the people living here. Visiting this place wouldn’t come under the list of things to do in Chennai.


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This spooky spot of Chennai is known for ghost sightings and bizarre commotions. It is additionally one of Chennai‘s known suicide points. Consequently it is not astounding to hear stories about paranormal activities at this specific spot. Interestingly, these paranormal activities are dynamic both amid the quiet hours of night and in addition in the day time. Weird sounds and apparition activities have been felt by individuals at the later hours of the night.


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Regardless of its quiet and serene appearance, the appearances can be misleading. Besant Avenue road is known to be a spooky spot in Chennai and has an air of mystery and uncomfortable sensations connected with it. Strangely, paranormal activities are experienced not only during the night time but also in the warm hours of day. A great deal of times, individuals are tormented and thrown as well. With each passing hour, the road begins getting creepier. Evil spirits have known to roam around the road. What’s more, it’s absolutely recommended not to visit this spot after evening time.