15 trekking places near Bangalore

Are you tired of the everyday hustle? The late meetings, never ending lines of traffic and looming deadlines? It is imperative to take a break from the mundane hustle and head to your happy place. If your happy place is in the laps of nature, then this post is dedicated to you. Check out the 15 trekking places from Bangalore and plan your next trek.

1) Nandi hills :

Nandi hill

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Source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/quasaratul

This serene hill stop is loved in the trekking community. While the trek is not difficult, the views from the top of the hill is extremely beautiful. Visit the small temple on the apex of the mountain and spend the day exploring the surroundings.

Distance from Bangalore : 60 kilometers.

2) Madhugiri :


Source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/kingnutin

Madhugiri is the second largest monolithic rock formation in Asia. Madhugiri fort attracts lots of tourists and trekkers. The fort of Madhugiri was built in the year 1678. One has to trek the hill in order to reach the fort.

Distance from Bangalore : 106 kilometers.

3) Kunti betta :

Kunti betta

Source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/77872712

This picturesque hill was named after Pandavas, who are said to have visited this place during their exile. Kunti betta also caters to the adrenaline junkies as it also offers rock climbing and rapelling. This serene hill has now become one of the most famous location fo trekking.

Distance from Bangalore : 122 kilometers.

4) Devanarayanadurga :

Devnarayana Durga

Source : https://www.tripadvisor.in

This rocky hill is located at an altitude of 3940 feet. It is famous for the Yoga Narasimha temple. Devnarayanadurga is a famous pilgrimage site. It is a also famous for a natural spring water source called as Namada Chilume.

Distance from Bangalore : 72 kilometers.

5) Makalidurga :

Makali Durga

Source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/98243747

Makaliurga is a grand fort near the Makali village. This fort used to be a grainery storage center in the 1800’s. The view from the top of the fort is splendid. The curving roads, the humm of the train amidst natures bounty evokes a serene state of mind.

Distance from Bangalore : 61 kilometers.

6) Ramanagara :


Source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/13070711

This quaint town in Karnataka is a popular start base for few treks offered by Karnataka tourism. Ramanagara houses Ramagiri hill, the shooting location of the bollywood film Sholay. One can also engage in adventure sports such as rock climbing and bouldering.

Distance from Bangalore : 55 kilometers.

7) Savandurga hill :


Source : https://www.holidify.com/places/savandurga/

Savandurga hill is considered as the largest monolith in Asia. This scenic hill is the most famous trekking destination. The fort on top of the hill was constructed in the year 1543. It was a prominent place during the Hoysala period.

Distance from Bangalore : 48 kilometers.

8) Skandagiri :


Source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/rajesh_kr

The ancient fort of Skandagiri is the best destination for night trekking and bird watching. Surrounded by forests, Skandagiri fort enjoys a serene environment and is hailed as a sanctuary for both flora and fauna.

Distance from Bangalore : 61 kilometers.

9) Anthargange :


Source : https://www.weekendthrill.com

This is a wonderful tourist destination which also has a religious significance attached to it. It is famous for its caves and beautiful temples. There is a pool formed from the water of a nearby spring. It has several caves that one can explore.

Distance from Bangalore : 80 kilometers.

10) Bilikal Rangaswamy betta :

Bilkal Rangaswamy betta

Source : http://www.bangaloretrekkingclub.com

This is a popular hill situated near Kanakapura town. This hill is a part of the eastern ghats and it surrounded by short shrubs. A temple dedicated to Lord Rangaswamy is constructed at the top of the hill.

Distance from Bangalore : 75 kilometers.

11) Channarayana Durga :

Channarayana swamy betta

Source : http://sanchaari-sandeep.blogspot.com

Channarayana Durga is a hilltop fort near Madhugiri. This fort is located at a strategic point and many wars were waged to establish the possession of this fort. This ancient fort was constructed in the 1700’s by Channapa Gouda.

Distance from Bangalore : 100 kilometers.

12) Kudremukh :


Source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/dhruvaraj

Kudremukh is beautiful hill range that earned the title of trekkers paradise, and rightfully so. One can view rare orchids and breathe the pure air in natures lap. The trail leads you through tropical riverbeds and thick timberlands.

Distance from Bangalore : 355 kilometers.

13) Bheemeshwara :


Source : http://www.daijiworld.com

Surrounded by waterfalls and flanked by the Cauvery river, its no wonder that Bheemeshwara is a very popular trekking destination. Surrounded by lush greenery and pure water, immerse yourself and enjoy the natural world.

Distance from Bangalore : 110 kilometers.

14) Coorg :


Source : https://www.tourmyindia.com

Also called as the Scotland of India, Coorg is famous for lots of things. This beautiful place also offers few amazing trekking experiences. Make way through coffee estates whilst listening to the song of the birds as you enjoy the vacation that you deserve.

Distance from Bangalore : 275 kilometers.

15) Ebbanad, Ooty :


Source : https://www.goibibo.com

Ebbanad hill is locted in Ooty, which is also called as the Queen of all hill stations. The long winding roads through lush greenery takes a person back to their roots. The mystical temple Beermuku is frequented by bears also is located in Ebbanad.

Distance from Bangalore : 275 kilometers.