20 Best Weekend Getaway Resorts in Bangalore

Though we have all the facilities in cities of the country, we need leisure time so here I have compiled a list of best weekend getaway resorts in Bangalore. Go to there places when you need some break from the tight and daily schedule of ours. Nowadays a large amount of capital is invested in resort industry in our country. Many investors are making a large amount of money by investing in resorts and they are in a mood of investing more.

I am sure all of us have been in a resort .Resorts are a best place to relax. One can get there for a short period of time and return refreshed. Some of the luxuries which we enjoy are

  • Swimming in pool
  • Playing in the games room
  • Playing outdoor games
  • Performing outdoor activities
  • Relaxing in peaceful rooms
  • Eating the delicious food

And many more.

1. Getaway resort

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By the name only we can understand that this place is a perfect spot for the people who want to experience the home away type of experience in the homeland. Here one can see the old type of furniture and designs of the rooms are also of ancient age. This place has a nice cuisine and provides a number of services to its lodgers.

This place is situated in the hearts of Bangalore and is very close to the people of Bangalore. One can reach here by a few hours drive from the main city. The rooms start from Rs 900.

2. Vana resort

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This resort is built on a large area of land and is a very beautiful place. One can roam around for the whole day and can play a number of indoor and outdoor games. One can also take part in the team building programs which are organized by the management here. After the day ends one can have a superb and relaxing massage or one can also laze around in the beautiful swimming pool.

This place is situated in the hearts of Bangalore. One can reach here by a few hours drive from the main city. The rooms start from Rs 900.

3. Elim resort

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This place is a famous spot among the people of Bangalore for family visit. If you are looking for a place for family picnic, day trip, festivities or business meetings then this place is a perfect one. This place provides activities to all age groups especially to children. This place is a perfect blend of business and family place with fabulous rooms for lodging.

This place is located in the town of Netagere, off the kanakapura main road. The rooms start from Rs 1000.

4.Anandadhama Source: wordpress

This resort is situated in the banks of Kavery River. This is among one of the famous resorts of Bangalore very well known for its services and facilities given to the visitors. This place is a perfect mix of residing place with harmony and nature. This place is a must visit spot for the adventure lovers as this place organizes many adventurous activities. This place also has many outdoor activities like cycling, Tarzan jumping, etc.

This place is located 6.5 kilometers away from the main city. The rooms start from Rs 1000.

5. Urban valley resort

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This resort is a typical lakeside resort of Bangalore. The unique landscape exterior designs of the place promise its visitors a life living stay which visitors expect. This place is a famous spot for corporate outings and has a superb menu which serves some mouth watering vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. This place also has arrangements of a number of indoor and outdoor games for its visitors.

This place is located on Kanakpura road and here room starts with Rs 1050.

6. Ramnagara

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A very famous day out cum adventure camp is organized in this place. This place is a perfect spot to make one feel refreshed by its adventures and natural beauty. Some of the activities which includes the list of adventures are trekking, swimming in lake with life jackets, water sports, etc. this place also have arrangements for indoor and outdoor games.

This spot is around 60 kilometers away from Bangalore situated in SRS Hills. The packages start from Rs 950.

7. Shilhaandara resort

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This place is situated in the laps of rather in the foot hills of Ramnagara Rocks. This place provides some of the best scenic views in the world. Surrounded by the greens on all side this place has a unique beauty provided by the nature. One can enjoy rain dance here and grove in the sound of Dj in the evening.

This place needs a 1hour and 65 minutes drive from the main city to be reached. It is 55 kilometers away from the city. Room starts from Rs 1100.

8. Guhantara resort

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Being the first underground resort of India this spot is a very fortunate place for the people of Bangalore. Famous for its uniqueness the whole country this place has a unique and strange natural beauty. Tourists come here to experience the hospitality which they cannot experience anywhere else in India.

This place is located in Kanakapura Road which is 30 kilometers away from Bangalore. Rooms start from Rs 1150 here.

9. Jain farm

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This place is a perfect spot for those who want to spend their leisure time in greens. The lawns of this place are well trimmed and maintained to provide a feeling of serenity to the visitors. I am sure that the greenery of the place will make you feel refreshed and you will fall in love with the calmness of the place. This place can accommodate 2500 people at once and provides best of the services and hospitality to its visitors.

This place is located only 44 kilometers away from Bangalore and rooms here are really cheap starting from Rs 800.

10. Chairman’s jade club resort Source: Wordpress

This resort is situated in a huge mass of land equivalent to around 8 acres. This place has a 250 acre huge garden called the Jade Gardens. This resort is famous for its international types of services provided to the visitors. This place is very refreshing and spending a quality time here will give you feel of a celebrity. This place is famous for all the activities organized by the management and visitors feel much enjoyed performing those activities.

This place is located 25 kilometers away from the city of Bangalore. Cost of rooms start from Rs 1600 onwards.

11. Jaladhama Resort Source: flikr

This resort is one of the oldest in our country. For the past 30 years this place is serving best of its facilities to its visitors. B0eing located in the backwaters this place has a calming climate which helps and makes the mind of its visitors full of peace. Unlike other resorts this place has all old equipments and sports goods to play both indoor and outdoor games.

Cost of the rooms here are Rs 1900 and more.

12. Holiday village resort

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It a well developed and very famous resort of Bangalore. With a luxurious appearance and full of facilities and services this place gives its visitors all the best of experiences for which they came for. This place is a perfect spot to organize a business meeting and also a superb place for having and giving family parties. The swimming pool and other facilities inside the resort are of international level. This place also has a game room for indoor games and has arrangements for outdoor games which are of international standards.

This place is located in Vajrahalli Village on Kanakpura Road. Cost of rooms starts from Rs 1700.

13. Jade coconut grove

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While we get out for a weekend visit we could only visit one place which not always has luxury, leisure and adventure together. One has to sacrifice others and gets only one or two above mentioned points together. This resort is a place which will provide you all the things under one roof. The views of this place will also please you the food provided here is really delicious. Spending money to spend some quality time in this place is not worthless in any manner.

This place is located this place is 90 kilometers away from the center of the city. The cost of rooms stars from Rs 1600.

14. Eagleton resort

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It is a place where leisure meets luxuries and also a place with best of business facilities. This place is appropriate for both the requirements of today’s world. One can experience all the world activities provided here in the unlimited space. The golf course of this resort is one of the best of India and it is the center attraction of the place. Golf lovers find their paradise in this beautiful place.

Cost of rooms here start from Rs 1500.

15. Golden Palms Resort

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It is one of the most luxurious resorts of Bangalore. it has open doors for large conference meetings which are very prominent in the city with its big conference hall. This place is also a very common spot for the high-class of the city for private parties and wedding parties. This place has a superb interior and the services and hostility is commendable. The staff of the place is very friendly and they do all they can for their visitors.

This place is a five star resort located in the middle of Bangalore. Rooms start from Rs 1400.

16. Imera spa and resort

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Located away from the city life this resort is full of luxuries. The big swimming pool and the refreshing greenery will make one forget all the worries of his or her life. The rooms are very well decorated by the stylish paintings and advanced hard-wares are used in every parts of the room. This place is a perfect mix of luxuries and nature and is one of the very few of its kind in Bangalore.

This place is famous for its massages which helps the body muscles rest and relaxed. Rooms over here start from Rs 1100.

17. Ankit vista green village

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This place is a well designed resort in Bangalore with rich greenery views and pleasing hospitality. This place is a perfect blend of beauty, calmness and nature. This place is visited very often in a group. Whether it is a family picnic and night outs with family member or outings with corporate team this place result in being a perfect choice. This place always lightens up the mood, mind and soul of its visitors.

This place is located in the outskirts of Bangalore and rooms start from Rs 11000.

18. The Windflower Prakruthi

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This resort has a chain in South India. In Bangalore this resort is located in Devenehalli. It has a large luxurious space for its visitors to enjoy the facilities provided like this place has many outdoor and indoor games which makes this place a perfect weekend getaway spot in Bangalore.

This place is 32 kilometers away from the center of the main city and rooms starts from Rs. 1400.

19. Olde Bangalore resort

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This is one of the most appealing and calm resort in the whole city, Bangalore. it is a perfect blend os old tradition and warm hospitality which will take you closer to the charm of the beautiful city. It has an amazing decoration and openness by which one can experience the love and beauty of Mother Nature. This place hosts many indoor, outdoor and leisure games for its visitors. this place is a true paradise for the food lovers.

This place is located only 12 kilometers away from Bangalore and rooms are available for Rs 2000.

20. Jade 735 resort

Source: Jade resorts

Visiting this place is dream come true moments for many of us. This place is not just a weekend get-away spot or a resort this place is a small and wonderful villas. It is an experience which we owe to our self. All of us live life only once and we must experience some happy moments of life. Living in a 12000 sq.ft. Villa will make you feel like a king. You will be pleased by the climate of the place which will make you forget about the boring and hectic daily life and fill your mind up with calmness.

This place is located 90 kilometers away from the city.

So all the people reading this article who are in a mood to visit some resorts to relax near Bangalore you now know which place to visit. Suggest your friends and make plans. Go out for amazing weekend getaway near Bangalore, do visit one of these resorts. Experience the hostility of these beautiful places. Don’t forget to take pictures and do capture the life living and most happening moments of your life. Go for a trip with your friends, colleagues and family here. These moments will never return back to your life and yes do believe that life is beyond the daily routine of your life.