20 Best Weekend Getaway Resorts in Delhi

Though we have all the facilities in cities of the country, we need leisure time so here I have compiled a list of best weekend getaway resorts in Bangalore. Go to there places when you need some break from the tight and daily schedule of ours. Nowadays a large amount of capital is invested in resort industry in our country. Many investors are making a large amount of money by investing in resorts and they are in a mood of investing more.

I am sure all of us have been in a resort .Resorts are a best place to relax. One can get there for a short period of time and return refreshed. Some of the luxuries which we enjoy are

  • Swimming in pool
  • Playing in the games room
  • Playing outdoor games
  • Performing outdoor activities
  • Relaxing in peaceful rooms
  • Eating the delicious food

And many more.

Weekend Getaway Resorts in Delhi

1. The Westin Sohana Resort

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This place provides holistic experience to its visitors. Surrounded by the beautiful water bodies and green landscapes this place is a perfect spot where we can find peace and stay overnight to feel refresh and to wash away all the tensions and hectic thoughts of which our mind is filled with.

This place is 65 kilometers away from Delhi situated in Kanari Road, Sohna, Gurgaon. Cost of rooms starts from Rs. 4000.

2. The Heritage Village Resort

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This place is a perfect and famous spot to organize a wedding party, family outing, honeymoon or corporate outings. This place has all the facilities which a resort nowadays requires for its customers. This place is made like a castle or haveli of Rajasthan. The luxurious rooms and hospitality of this place will give you a royal feeling. This place is also famous for the food served here. Some delicacies are so tasty that you will never forget its taste in your life after you taste it.

This place 47 kilometers away from Delhi. Cost of rooms starts from Rs 5000.

3. The Gateway Hotel Resort

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If you are in a search for luxurious stay near Delhi then this place is perfect pick for you. This place is famous among the Delhi visitors and no one has ever told badly about the facilities and services of the place. All the rooms are superbly designed which allows a spontaneous and scenic view of the gardens from the over sized windows common in all the rooms.

This place is 45 kilometers away from Delhi. The cost of rooms starts from Rs 3000.

4. Fly India Adventure Resort

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This place is for the adventure lovers of the city who hardly finds some adventure in their day to day life. This place is made keeping in mind the facilities and demands of adventure lovers. This place also has a regular music session. This place provides its visitors with superb gaming experiences. This place has a spectacular indoor game room and outstanding places for outdoor games

This place is Gurgaon, And rooms start with Rs 1450.

5. Tiger Resort

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This place is in the Jim Corbett National Park at the foothills of Himalayas. Here one can see the rich wildlife of our country. This place is famous for big wild cats which are allowed to roam around the place freely. In the park one can enjoy a jeep safari and an elephant ride which is really an exciting experience. One can also sit in the banks and listen to the pleasing sound of waters of Ramganga River hitting rocks in force.

This place is the best place for the ones who love wildlife. The cost is 1500.

6. Surjiva Resort

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This place is a very peaceful spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. All of us in this world want peace in our life and some diversions in our day to day life which has became very boring nowadays. One can have a ride on a tractor here and can enjoy the calmness and beauty of rural life. One can also enjoy some adventurous activities like wall climbing, gun shooting, flying-fox, rock climbing, etc.

This place is in Manesar. Costs per room starts from Rs 1350.

7. Western Resort Club

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This resort is one of the best resorts near Delhi. One who needs calmness must visit this huge resort which comprises of more than 115 deluxe air conditioned rooms. This place is full of best facilities and services which are of international types. The staff of this place is well mannered and hospitality of this resort is amazing.

This place is located in the outskirts of Delhi. Rooms start from Rs 1700.

8. Golden Huts Resort

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This place is located in the greens of Aravalli hills. This place is a belt of 46 luxurious rooms which each of one having their own climate control. As this place is located in the greens of Aravalli hills, it is quite free from pollution and the air of this place will make you feel free and refreshed. Along with the eco friendly atmosphere the unique and superb architecture of this place makes it an ideal spot to visit in the weekends and rest.

This place is located in Delhi-Jaipur highway. Rs 14500 is the starting cost of rooms here,

9. Aravalli Resort

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This place is a nice option for the person who wants to spend corporate vacation in and bear Delhi. This place is beautifully designed on 7 acres of land surrounded by greens making this place appropriate for the teams to play outdoor games and have fun. This place is famous for scenic locations, grate landscaping locations and a big and beautiful swimming pool.

It is 50 kilometers away from Delhi located in Delhi-Jaipur highway. Cost is Rs 1300 per room.

10. Hans Resort

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This place is located in the hilly area surrounded by hills on all sides. The services provided by the staff of this place makes one feel that he or she is in his or her house being away from it. This resort is rated as a four star resort. This place holds a world class convection centers which makes it a perfect spot to organize a perfect business meetings, training services and etc.

It is 85 kilometers away from Delhi located in Delhi-Jaipur highway. Cost is R 5000 per room.

11. Fort Unchagaon Resort

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Near Delhi if you are finding any place for a weekend family get together then this place is the best option. With large size living rooms and bed rooms this place will give a royal feeling which one finds in family outings. This place has 23 spacious rooms, 21 spacious villas and 2 huge family suits. This place has huge space for family gatherings and business meetings.

This place is 115 kilometers away from Delhi on NH24. The package starts from Rs 7000.

12. Botanix Nature Resort

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This place is an adventure cum farm tourist’s destination. It provides some scenic views to its visitors as situated in the foothills of Aravalli Hills and in the edge of Dumdum lake. The entire retreat is situated in 30 acres of land of Global Green Park offering its visitors with a series of theme parks surrounded by the marvelous Nature.

This place needs just a 20 to 25 minutes drive from Gurgaon. Cost start from Rs 1800.

13. Neemrana Fort Palace

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This place is crowned in the Aravalli Range. A mind blowing Fort now has been transformed into a lavish resort with all world class facilities and services. This place will let you experience luxury of royal style living. This place also provides a service of some Ayurveda Massages which will make you feel relaxed. One can also relax in the large swimming pool and have a vintage car ride provided by the staff. This place also gives a camel ride which is a life living experience.

The packages start from Rs12000.

14. Water House Resort

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This place is located in Jaipur. Away from the sound of honking cars and other irritating sounds of city this place will provide your mind peace. This place provides its visitors with best of facilities and services one of this being a boat ride on the pond full of ducks. One can challenge his or her friends in a match of tennis or on a table of billiards. You can relax in taking a dip in the marvelous swimming pool of the Resort.

The cost is Rs 15250.

15. Mud Fort

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This place is actually a Fort which has turned into a luxurious resort. Famous for its warm hospitality all over the globe this resorts attracts tourists from every corner of the world. This Fort was home to Jatt rulers in the past but the cultural heritage of the Jatts are still prevailing in the interior decoration of this place.

The costs per room start from Rs 1900. This place is situated in Kuchesar near Delhi.

16. Castle Kalwar

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this place is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. This place has such a pure atmosphere and surrounding that you will be tempted to meditate. People also do yoga over here. This property is a perfect example of our country’s ancient tradition and culture which is rare nowadays. The food of this place will give you a house like feeling.

This place is in the Delhi-Jaipur road. Costs per room start from Rs 2700.

17. SB Mount Resort

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This place is located on the top of mountain. One enjoys the scenic views of the rivers from the luxury rooms of the resort. This place has a very pleasant climate and a restaurant which serves home like delicacies. This place has arrangements for outdoor activities for its visitors. this place also has an indoor games room.

Here costs per room starts from Rs 3500.

18. Dusit Devarana

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This resort is built with a motive of providing an experience of sophistication to its visitors who feel like living here for a long period of time and visit this place very often. This place is like heaven on earth and has a unique natural beauty which makes this place very famous. the rooms and interior of the resort is superbly designed.

This place is located at a distance of 31 kilometers from Delhi. Costs

19. Sita Heritage Resort

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This place is among the must visit resort of Delhi. the green covering of this plot is very reliable to spend the holidays. This resort is constructed and designed in Rajasthani style and is one of the most popular tourist spots of Delhi. the 155 rooms of the resort is marvelously built and the services and facilities provided is of top quality.

The costs of rooms start from Rs 5000. This place is located 55 kilometers away from Delhi.

20. Heritage Haveli

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This place is among the finest spots of Delhi for family get together. This place has hosted some very famous and luxurious weddings. This place is surrounded by breathtaking environs. This place has a lavish and luxurious bar with a stock of some national and international brands locally acceptable by the people.

This place is located 50 kilometers away from Delhi. Costs per room start from Rs 5000.

So all the people reading this article who are in a mood to visit some resorts to relax near Delhi you now know which place to visit. Suggest your friends and make plans. Go out for amazing weekend getaway near Delhi, do visit one of these resorts. Experience the hostility of these beautiful places. Don’t forget to take pictures and do capture the life living and most happening moments of your life. Go for a trip with your friends, colleagues and family here. These moments will never return back to your life and yes do believe that life is beyond the daily routine of your life.