21 Places to Visit in Dehradun

Places to visit in Dehradun

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Situated at the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is a city of mammoth natural beauty which is why it very well attracts large number of tourists from all around the world. Located in close proximity to popular tourists destinations like Nainital, Auli and Mussoorie makes it yet again another well-known region for travelers to flock as a weekend getaway spot due to its tranquil and peaceful attraction which is how it grew so popular among travelers. It is rich in flora and fauna Apart from being a vital destination for nature and wildlife tourism, Dehradun is also popular for its numerous religious places and adventure activities. It is inevitable that a trip to Dehradun should be in every traveler’s things to do list.

How to reach Dehradun?

By air – Air India, Indigo, Jet Airways and Spice Jet are some of the airways that offer daily flights from the capital – Delhi. However, Jet Airways offers daily connecting flights from Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram stopping at Bangalore and Delhi respectively. Air India also has a straight 50-minute flight from Lucknow to Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport which is at a distance of 25 kms from Dehradun and acts as the main airport for Dehradun.
By Rail – Dehradun railway station has connecting trains from all major cities of the country that is Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Trivandrum, Vadodara and Varanasi. Shatabdi Express, Jan Shatabdi Express and Nanda Devi Express are some of the daily express trains that connect Dehradun to rest of the Nation. Even the parts of Dehradun will soon be connected by metro railway which is under construction which will be an added boon to the transportation within the land.

Places to Visit in Dehradun

Historical Monuments and Places

1)Silviculture Museum –

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The Silviculture Museum exhibits models and photographs on Silvicultural Systems exercised for economical and scientific administration of the forests. The large models showing the principal methods practiced for regulating and regeneration of a forest. Several attempts have been made in the model to indicate forest species that occur from plains to the higher hills. Even the different set of tools used in forestry maneuver is also displayed. The sketches of fauna of India especially of the Himalayan area are highly captivating and are a learning procedure for school children. Thus is recommended to visit the museum if one finds interest in the authenticity and the procedures to conserve the flora and fauna of the place. Location – FRI Main Building, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

2) Khalanga War Memorial –

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The Battle of Nalapani was the first battle of the Anglo-Nepalese War of 1814–1816. After the war of Nalapani, it established the Gurkhas’s reputation as warriors. It was later that the memorial was built in the honor of the lost lives. However apart from the history, the lush green forest and the road leading up to the memorial is a paradise for every photographer. Thus best Dehradun trip is never complete without a visit to the memorial.

Location – Raipur, Tibbanala Pani, Uttarakhand

3) Mindrolling Monastery –

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Like every Buddhist monastery this is no different offering calm, peaceful magical place to be in. It is one of the main attractions in Dehradun. The Main temple closes at 3pm for one hour. One can find many small Tibetan shops in the vicinity of the temple and is very popular as tourists buy small souvenirs and other Tibetan items, quite a sweet spot for a family venture.

Location – 3, Buddha Temple Rd, New Basti, Clement Town, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

4) Radha Bhawan –

An old dilapidated building which was once a Palace is now in ruins. The government has undertaken the work of reconstruction. Though the building itself isn’t much of a tourist attraction but its location sure is. Located at a cliff from where one can enjoy the view of the valley and the surrounding forest it makes for a great picnic spot.

Location – Sher Garhi, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

5) Landour Clock Tower –

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Built during the British Raj which flaunts old architecture and design is one of the iconic places to visit. One can witness the Himalayan range through telescope at the clock tower. The view of the sunset from this point is breath taking. According to the city tour guide the area in and around the tower is popular for walks around dense forest by both travelers and localities thus making it a must visit place under the best Dehradun package trip.

Location – Rajmandi, Landour, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Religious Places

1)Tapkeshwar Temple –

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Dedicated to Lord Shiva the caves and the path is quite similar to Vaishno Devi Temple. The path is now being carved to make it wider so the journey of the devotees becomes more effortless. The temple has its own aura and is engulfed within the beauty that surrounds the temple. Travelers enjoy the serenity of the surrounding atmosphere.

Location – Tapkeshwar Colony, Garhi Cantt, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Santala Devi Temple –

According to the city tour guide the temple is located at the end of a trekking trail which makes the journey to the temple all the more interesting. The temple holds the cultural aesthetics of the area and the heritage of the place making it not only a temple where devotees meet the Gods but also is a great place for enthusiasts who love learning about the cultural significance of different places, which definitely makes for the best Dehradun trip.

Location – Village Jahariwala, Uttarakhand

3) Tapovan Temple –

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The temple is one of the most important and significant places for Hindus according to the Hindu mythology. It is believed that Guru Dronacharya had undergone his penance here which is an episode from the Mahabharata which makes is a really popular religious place which attracts lots of travelers.

Location – Raipur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

4) Laxman Siddh Temple –

Reputed as one of the oldest temples in Dehradun, Laxman Siddh Temple is an ancient temple with lots of stories revolving around it. Travelers, who are visiting Dehradun, must visit this place while going to Haridwar. This place is located in the thick of the woods that makes it a stunning as well serene location.

Location –
Lachhiwala Range, Uttarakhand

5) Buddha Temple, Nyingmapa Mahabuddha Vihara –

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Situated at a hill top having a view over the city, this Buddhist vihara or Monastery is a chief city attraction. The temple is one of the latest additions to the plethora of Buddhist temples in India. However, according to the city tour guide the best time to visit the place would be during the months of October to April, owing to the pleasant weather of the place during the time.

Location – Clement Town, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Sai Darbar Temple –

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The architecture of the temple is plastered with white marble, and is dedicated to Saibaba and has a large meditation hall around. The temple can be easily accessed and is quite famous in the region for people to enjoy the charm, or pray or just relax at this location. There are also numerous food joints located around the temple where travelers can taste local delicacies especially momos which includes this place to the best Dehradun package.

Location – 109, Rajpur Rd, IAS Officers Colony, Hathibarkala Salwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

7)Ramakrishna Ashram Temple –

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One of the oldest ashrams in Dehradun dedicated to Ramkrishna who was a Goddess Kali devotee is here worshiped as a symbol of power and devotion. The clean and beautiful ashrams has many followers who come and spend the time their within the peaceful ambience to seek solace and peace of mind. The best Dehradun package includes a visit to this ashram temple.

Location – 182 Rajpur Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Natural Structure and Sightseeing

1)Sahastradhara –

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The name of the place means ‘Thousand-fold spring’, thus it houses waterfall which is thriving during the monsoon as is said to have medicinal values which makes it a budding ground for huge flock of travelers. The best thing to do with your friends at this place is a dip into the water and hit the restart button of your life.
It is definitely the ideal location to experience the feeling of oneness with nature and enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty. Attain nirvana at Sahastradhara and shoo away all your tiring thoughts and idea and just feel the calmness and peace of mind and soul. Location – Khiroi, Uttarakhand Timings- 7 AM – 7 PM

2) Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve –

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It is an ideal place to be at during your weekend getaway trip to relish a walk in the lap of the nature. Being stretched over a land of 100 acres it is also popular for quite some trekking trails and bird watching activities which are both adventurous and fun. However according to the city tour guide carrying your own food, water and tents to rest in is a necessity as there is no other alternative at the place.

Location –Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve, Mussoorie Dhanolti road, Jabarkhet

3) Robber’s Cave Guchhupani –

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The Located at a distance of 8 KM from the city centre, one can reach until Vijaypur by bus and then have to trek for about a kilometer to reach the caves.
Essentially a decent picnic spot for fun lovers and couples, Gucchupani is also known as Cobber’s Cave. The attraction that lures tourists to Gucchupani is the cold spring. There are also numerous small and large waterfalls which relish the travelers and also give them a fair bit of refreshment. Thus such an experience is quite rare yet thrilling, so your weekend getaway plan must include this place to make the trip the best Dehradun trip.

Location – Guchupani, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

4) Shikhar waterfall –

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It is a relaxed natural arena which is popular for hiking, bird watching, treks though rocky terrains and also picnics where the main attraction in the waterfall that is located at the centre. The sound of the waterfall plus the scenic beauty of the dense Himalayan flora adds to the charm of the place which makes it a fun a venture for all tourists and travelers. Location –Kairwaan Gaon, Dumal Gaon, Uttarakhand

5) Kalinga Smarak – Spun with some historical significance the Kalinga Smarak is located at the top of the Tapovan from where one can watch the valley beach with an eagles eye which is break taking.

Location –Sahastradhara Rd, Amrit Enclave, Rishi Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 

Adventure Activities in Dehradun

1) Night Stay and Jungle Safari at Rajaji National Park –

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Jungle safari is definitely got to be the best of it all. Quite scary yet thrilling is an activity quite loved by all tourists and travelers. Watching the Himalayan animals roam in the free world during the night can be quite enchanting as well as adventurous. The safari is well protected and guided by experts to check the sect of all the thrill seekers.
It is delightful as one can also stroll
through the exotic alpine wildlife in the park which is spread around a sprawling area of 820 square kilometer. There also forest quarters where travelers can spend a night and have the best Dehradun trip experience.

Location – Chivalric Ranges of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand

Time – 24 hours

Price – INR 2300

2) Chopta Tungnath Trek –

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It is an unpopular and less ventured trekking route but is home to some breath taking view of the Himalayan range. Located at a distance of 3 kilometers from Tungnath is a trek that takes you to Chandrashila, which is situated at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level. The trek houses beautiful flora and fauna is especially surrounded by deodar and tall pine trees which look majestic during the winter snow.
The arms of Lord Shiva according to popular legends are said to have emerged here which makes it an all the more appealing spot for all travelers. The rays of the rising sun when kisses the peaks of the Himalayan mountains is definitely a sight to die for, according to the city tour guide it takes almost 2 days to make this trek complete so one spends a day and can easily witness the sunrise which is stunning, this trek has to make it the best Dehradun trip on makes.

Location –Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

3)Paragliding –

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Paragliding is an amusing yet exhilarating adventure sport in Dehradun which attracts tons of travelers and adrenalin junkies to view the world with an easels eye. There are numerous service providers in and around the city who are very efficient and trustworthy and once flying in mid air the view of the adjoining valley looks dazzling, wonderful for all adrenalin junkies.

Location – Chhaskhet, Bhadraj Hill, Nag Tibba, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

4) Deer Park –

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One of the best things to do in Dehradun that will make the best Dehradun package the best Dehradun trip is the visit to the Deer Park which is an essential wildlife reserve centre in Dehradun. According to the city tour guide the park is located at a distance of 10 km from the city centre at Mussoorie Road is a small zoological park which has become one of the favorite picnic spots and is also popular for school excursions. The herd of deer roaming around freely in their habitat through the beautiful Himalayan flora is an absorbing sight for the visitors. Bird watching has also gained popularity here and there are also many small rides for children to enjoy alongside watching the deer roam around which makes for a perfect weekend getaway not only for adults but also kids making it the best Dehradun trip, thus a visit to the deer park should definitely be one of the things to do while at Dehradun.

Location – Mussoorie Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand