Best Adventure Activities to do in Himachal Pradesh

Amidst the verdant alpine vegetation, where variant hues flock together to blossom cradling in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, where the clouds float though the sturdy growling mountains hushed to solace by the pristine sheets of snow. Through the rows of firs, walnuts, chestnuts, birches and pines growing between the endangered fauna flow the glacier melted rivers and streams, gushing down unruly and barging through the rocks and moraines. Not only the beauty handpicked and grown by nature exclusively, the holy presence of His Graciousness the 14th Dalai Lama, a peak into the crimson Tibetan culture, the neo gothic Christ Church in Shimla, and all the mountain sports that follow, Himachal is a must visit paradise.

Listed below are the best adventure activities in Himachal Pradesh to make it your best weekend getaway.

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Rafting in Himachal

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In summer when the glaciers melt to form streams and fill the gushing volatile rivers, it’s a dream for rafters laced with adventurous nerves. These rivers are too unpredictable and tough to surmount surging thrill through the anxious blood. And as you rush in the neck breaking speed you’ll have a brief gaze at the wondrous combination of the endemic and endangered flora and fauna, rafting is one of the best adventure things to do in Himachal Pradesh. Source: aquaterra adventures Rafting in the Sutlej River: the briskly flowing Sutlej breaks through from the snow of the Vindhya Range, Sutlej teams up with Rivers Indus and Brahmaputra, to be the only three rivers which originate from the high Tibetan Plateau and smash down in rapid speed through the might Himalayan ranges. Rampur Bushair, this is where the rafting embarks which drops down to the level of 350 meters in the first two days. Tattapani which is 42kms upstream of the Kol Dam site which in the years to come is set to from a gigantic lake, will mark as the end. This is a levelled rafting, you can be a beginner and enjoy moderate rafting, or you can be an experienced rafter and go on a rapid rafting expedition.

Source: brandifie Rafting in Tattapani:  this is the most exciting rafting expedition near Shimla. This river is one of the rowdiest tributaries of Shimla famous for its rocky and offbeat rafting experience although being a short trip of 6kms. It has 3 levels of rafting, from the beginners level to the professional’s thrill, nature has honed these places to make them more refreshing and adventurous. Source: Ok Travels Rafting in White Water River: this rafting expedition will be in Kullu, a valley between Manali and Largi formed by the river Beas. This is a long stretch rafting trip of 14kms across the senselessly roaming white river water. As you start from Kullu, the scenes changing as in movies will entice you; Kullu being one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh offers more into rafting. Difficulty level is quite easy and is very pleasant for the first timers and hydrophobics as this rafting is provided with trained guides and all safety equipments.   

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Rafting in Pirdi River: this river flows boisterously near Kullu, offering thrilling rafting experience for both the beginners and the expert rafters. Difficulty level is medium and it’s quite a short rafting trip, challenging the wits of the rafters with ascending and descending levels of the raging waves. All the wits are bound to loosen in the rushing raging waves. As you start from Kullu, the scenes changing as in movies will entice you; Kullu being one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh offers more into rafting. The rafts and the equipments provided, meet all the international standards and preventions for safety therefore swimming isn’t a necessary skill to know for rafting.

Source: travel triangle Rafting in the Beas River: this Glacier fed river originates from the Rohtang La and flows into the Sutlej River in Punjab. Beas River offers thrilling rafting experience for both the beginners and the expert rafters beginning this trip from the Kullu Manali road. You’ll feel the adrenaline rush as you battle the unruly waves and the strong fierce current. The short rafting trip is stretched to approx 7kms while the longer one will make you wrestle for 14kms. Difficulty level is moderate. Rafting in Manali: this is a 7km rafting trip, through the snow and serene calmness of nature’s bounty, as you raft through the over enthused Beas. As you start from Manali, the scenes changing as in movies will entice you; Manali being one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh offers more into rafting. The rafts and the equipments provided, meet all the international standards and preventions for safety therefore swimming isn’t a necessary skill to know for rafting. Difficulty level is moderate. You can also make way for rafting in Kullu, Manali, Bhuntar, Leh and Ladakh.

Trekking in Himachal

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Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek:

Hampta valley lies in the base of the towering Pir Panjal’s, is a beautiful scenic valley offering the lush verdant greens of the alpine vegetation on one hand, with meander rivers flowing swiftly like slithering snakes, from amongst these rivers flow out the fuming cascading streams through the rocks and moraines. The occasional visit of endangered species of animals and birds are also a sheer delight for a trekker’s eye. The snow clad peaks of Deotibba and Indrasen are also visible. This trek leads to Lahaul valley, Chatru, and the clear watered crescent lake the Chandratal Lake and then finally to the Kunzum La pass at the altitude of 4600mts. Difficulty level – moderate to challenging. Source: holiday dada adventures

Indrahar Pass through Kareri Lake Trek:

Indrahar pass trek is one of the most stunning trekking experiences in the world. Located at the altitude of 4420mts, it borders the districts of Kangra and Chamba, enticing numerous trekkers from around the world. This trek takes you through the forests and vegetation of the Kangra Valley to the holy aura of the Dharamashala into the village and the lake of Kareri a striking feature of this trek. One can also be spellbound at the intimidating beauty of the Pir Panjals, Kailash and Dhauladhar peaks. Difficulty level- moderate to difficult, Duration of the Tour is 7 nights and 8 days of trekking, camping and Lake Visit. Source: sumit safari Spiti Valley through Pin Parvati pass trek:  cradling between the Pir Panjals in the north and Parvati ranges in the east and Barabhangal ranges in the west, Kullu valley’s is a panoramic serene paradise of nature. Trekking through its dense forests with wild animals and river water flowing by the sides of the terraced fields will feel like nature’s haven. Spiti, which lies between Tibet and India, is a reputed place for beauty, close research in the culture and life of the Buddhists; Spiti’s huddled between small cantons and barley fields. The trek trail passes through the rocky and steep terrains across the snowy fields presenting the sight of the magnificent glaciers. The Pin Parvati Pass is the confluence of Pin Valley in Spiti and the Parvati Valley in Kullu.   Difficulty level- medium.

Bhrigu Lake and Beas Kund Trek:

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Beas Kund is a popular destination for trekkers in Kullu Manali at the altitude of 11000 feet, topography of endless grasslands with streams spluttering from within the tall peaks. Beas Kund are the mountains of the Beas River which rise from the Himalayas and descend to join in the Indus River. From here once can easily spot the Shitidhar Peak and the Friendship peak also famous sites for trekking, along your trekking trail is the Solang Ropeway point, Skiing Point, Bakerthach a camping site and Dhundi an unexplored land. Difficulty level- moderate, duration of the tour is 7days and 6 nights of trekking and camping.

Bara Bhangal Trek:

Bara Bhangal or the Shepherd’s Trail is set to whisk you away to Thamsar and Kalihani Passes exclusively for the expert trekkers. Starting from Manali and heading towards the stunning Postcard perfect sights of Solang and Rohtang valleys. In this trek there’ll be the daunting Pir Panjals and Dhauladhar ranges towering at one side with scree and moraine terrains on the other with streams crossing them and moving on to the meadows and forests of Oak and Birch. Difficulty level- challenging, duration is 14 nights and 15 days of trekking and camping.

Parashar Lake snow trek:

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Parashar Lake, named after the sage Parashar who mediated on the banks of this lake in the ancient times, also has a temple along its banks dedicated to the sage.  This oval lake’s depth is believed to be still unknown, it’s famous for a small circular island floating on its surface and changing its location from time to time. The trek starts from Bandi, and takes 6-7 hours to reach the lake on its 7km long trail. From here you can gaze at the famous Rohtang La, Dhauladar and Kinnaur ranges. Difficulty level is moderate to challenging and the duration is 1 night and 2 days of trekking and sightseeing. Paragliding Staring at the snow clad mountains, the spiky tree tops, the congregation of diverse colors and the lush carpet of nature lingering to a vast expanse of land; Paragliding gives all that in one panoramic view. Before you get ready to cruise around in the sky, you’ll be briefed quickly with all do’s and don’ts.

Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

Paragliding in Bir Billing:

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Bir, a small town in the Kangra district well known for its Tibetan culture and population lies 28kms from another picturesque town of Billing, the entire expanse of stretch that joins these two towns is copious in tranquil and profusely woven natural beauty of stunning mountains, the wild flora and the orchards and terraced fields providing with staple food.  At the height of 2300m, Bir Billing paragliding experience is enthralling, with the majestic views of the Dhauladhar Ranges and the entire emerald green Kangra valley. The journey starts 14kms away from Bir, which sails you all the way to Billing during any time of the day, in the towering companionship of the Himalayas. Difficulty level is easy.

Paragliding at Orchard House:

You’ll rise like an eagle and soar right through the bird view of Manali to seep in the delight of the Dhauladhar ranges. This is one of the best Paragliding destinations in India, which will ascend and attach the wings of wonder and awe at the nature and the intimidating colossal mountain ranges clothed in the white of snow. The difficulty level is easy and you can also spend rest of your time in hiking, skiing, trekking and rafting.

Paragliding in Halan:

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Halan a town near Manali is one of the secluded and quite places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, it provides with a paradise for all those feeling forlorn or in a need to get away from the virulent pace of life. Halan is one of the best places for Paragliding; it takes you on a trip of 15 mins of pure heaven in the sky, above the treetops near the mountains.

Paragliding in Barot:

Through the views of valleys, near the mountain ranges, seeping in the thrill of the nerve-racking height, this paragliding experience in Barot will be more than a memory etched in your brains. In the 2 hours spent cruising around, you’ll find yourself settling into a deep connection with the nature and what it beholds.

Paragliding at Dharamashala:

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This experience is set to sail you beyond your wildest dreams. The beautiful sky, the aerial view, the surge of the Tibetan Culture below, it’ll be like some strange place at the height of 2500 feet above the sea level. Not only the peaks of the mountains nearby, the vegetation and the people below, but it’s the holiness in the place and the love in the air that’ll draw you to be mesmerized in the beauty that this place is.

Paragliding at Bilaspur Bir Billing:


As you sail by the azure blue skies, with silken winds wrapping your body in goose bumps protruding out, you’ll be awestruck at the gorgeous beauty that nature is. At the height of 8000 feet above the sea level, delighting in the green pastures below, different from the usual sightseeing in Himachal Pradesh; this will be an exciting experience.

Camping in Himachal Pradesh

Under the twinkling stars, the clear sky and the daunting moonlight spreading over the vast span of land, when thoughts and memories come unbidden to think of, when everything seems ideal and just as it should be; you’ll delight under the small tent offering the view of all that’s enthralling making it one of the best things to do in Himachal Pradesh.

Dharamashala Camping:

In the upper stretch of the Kangra Valley encompassed by thick coniferous timberland essentially comprising of Deodars lie the exotic camps of Chrysalid near Gaggal Airport at 4870 feet. The Bhagsu Nag falls which flow through the rows of the thick oak and pine trees, cascade down elegantly behind the camps, the celebrated sanctuary of the Indru Nag popular internationally for the closeness of his Holiness the Dalai Lama can also be visited. The rooms are spacious and offer a pacified stay with the view of the towering mountains. The rooms are sophistically designed with cutting edge luxuries, musical instruments, sports and other necessities for refreshments.

Camping in Shimla

Hail Himalayas Camp: this is an offbeat camping experience in Shimla amongst the forests of Oaks, Rhododendrons, cedars and pines; a perfect refreshing retreat for youngsters and stressed out professionals in search of a haven in the nature’s lap at the altitude of the 7000 feet. Amidst the serenity and stillness of life where the only movement is caused by the winds clapping with the leaves, the perennial water bodies sometimes frozen offer all the solace one needs. This camp near Shimla is everything one needs to escape into the succor of nature’s touch.   

Camping in Kufri, Chail

Snow Trails Camp: these camps offer the most, encamped at the height of the 2250 meters above the sea level on the Kufri- Chail Road, set between the snow –topped pinnacles of oaks, pines and deodars. These camps offer more than natural sites, snow and solace, people go back in the hustle bustle of life with stirring memories of camping memoirs. Year round activities like Rock Rappelling, Flying fox, Rock climbing, Bamboo Bridge, Burma Bridge, Rope Bridge, monkey crawl and Tarzan swing make this camping more exciting and adventurous; the Snow Trails Camp is the perfect pick for a treasured vacation any time of year.

Camping in Junga

Camp Chrysalid, Junga: amongst the apple blossoms, and the wild flowers spurting beneath the backwoods of oak and pine trees, Camp Chrysalid in Junga is a perfectly immaculate weekend getaway available throughout the year.  The gushing river Ashwini splashing against the giant rocks and moraine lands, the lush vegetation and the climate draw people into the land of the tranquil filled place instilling calm and a peace of mind. The camp provides all basic amenities upgraded with a tinge of luxury at all portions. Sports and exercise areas are the most refreshing betwixt the lavish greenery.

Camping in Kullu Manali

Camp Exotica: Encamped at the side step of Kullu Manali, cradled in the serene environment of blossoming deodars with sprouting branches; it’s a paradise where all campers would like to take refuge into. Camp exotica provides with an appealing acquaintance of a comfortable camp, with plush Persian rugs, luxuriant settings, glorious styles; a domain studded with finest comforts for any types of gatherings where you’ll desire to take shelter in from your demanding life.

Road Trips in Himachal Pradesh

Road trip to the Himachal is like riding upon the roads, trails or gravel paths sometimes under the clear sky, or foggy haze through dense forests amidst the clouds, waiting for some wild animal to quietly pass by. When at night you retire in a camp, the stunning constellations, the mountain air and the fragrances of pine, orchards and woods will leave you breathless in the soft cradle of the lush nature.

Road Trip from Delhi To Himachal

This is a 7 day road trip to Himachal; you can either hire a taxi or a motor bike, or ride along if you have your own vehicle. This planned trip will take you to 4 popular destinations in Himachal to soak in the beauty and frail culture of this Indian state. The roads to Himachal are smooth and safe unless you’re planning this trip during monsoon which can be purely risky.

The first stop is Shimla, you can either go to Shimla or rent a vehicle there or drive, this route is planned from Delhi:
Bus – you can always opt for the Himachal Road transportation services or other private bus services which are connected to major cities in North India. Reach ISBT Kashmiri gate in Delhi, and hop on to a bus to Shimla which goes early in the morning or late in the night. For better private bus services you can check online for Volvo buses. Car drive- get behind the wheel and drive off to the outer ring road and head towards the GT Karnal road, then turn to right and take NH 1 which will take you to Ambala. Once in Ambala, take NH 22 which will take you to Kalka. From Kalka, reach Solan, and move ahead to Shimla. This journey is of approx 50 kms, which won’t take more than 7-8 hours.

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Delving deep into the history of modern India? Shimla not only gives glimpses of it, breathe the air of Shimla for once, you’ll feel that you belong to this hill station. From the past of Indian glory to the sophistication of the British life, from the beautiful natural painted scenes to the gothic architecture, Shimla is bound to show you all.  
There’s a list of things to do- visit the Gaiety theatre and appreciate the art, not only of the plays if you happen to see one but also the beautiful Gothic structure with Victorian history. Trek to Jakhu hill and don’t forget to say your prayers at Lord Hanuman’s temple. A visit to the vice regal lodge will out you in a haze, the architecture is crafted to entice you. Shop at the mall road and don’t forget to see the Christ Church and the Scandal point from where the Maharaja of Patiala eloped with the daughter of the then viceroy of India in 1892. Once in the Ridge, give a Shot to your Polo skills at Annandale. You can also trek to some famous trekking spots and go for rafting or other mountain sports.

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Early in the morning, you can drive towards Manali. There are two routes to reach Manali, the best and the smoothest one is through Bilaspur. The first place is Totu, from there you can drive to Shalaghat and then Darlaghat and Brahmpukhar. From Brahmpukhar you’ll head off to Binaspur and take right after crossing it to hit the NH21, after 50kms you’ll start entering the terrain of Mandi the town of beautiful vistas near the Beas River and the Pandoh dam. Bhuntar will be the next stop, another beautiful town of verdant greenery laced with florals in pastel colors. Kasol is next, cradling in the lap of the Parvati valley, Kasol is also known as the Israel of India, it’s on the way to the holy town of Manikaran with hot water springs. The strong Parvati River that flows unrestrained is also a mighty sight. If you wish to take a break and spend some time relaxing or indulging in a sport, trekking in this stoner’s paradise is an experience you’ll always hold to your heart. Hiking in the jungle area along the trails of the Parvati River, Trekking to Kheer Ganga amongst the hot water spring will be mesmerizing. Kasol will finally lead you to Manali. If the nature lover in you wants to gaze at the snow reigning on the mountains and the thriving green hills with delicate flora, Kullu Manali is the best place to visit, for further exploring Kullu Manali, the old temples with rich mythical tales, Manali bird sanctuary show a great deal of the fauna;Trekking, river crafting and camping in Kullu are also one of the best things to do.  Adventure sports in Solang valley are also quite thrilling. You can also visit Rohtang La, to ram up the surging excitement in you, thrilling activities like skiing, mountain biking, snow scooter and many others are also offered. Rahala, the waterfall 16kms from Manali thunders down from the altitude of 2500 meters looking unbelievable and breathtaking.

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From Manali your next stop will be Mcleodganj, you’ll have to course back to Kullu, then Jogindernagar, Baijnath and then Palampur amidst the towering Pine and Deodar forests and tea gardens with umpteen streams pouring through, Palampur is the mesmerizing blend of cascading water and greenery. It’s nestled between the holy laps of the mighty Dhauladhar ranges; its tea plantations are famous worldwide for their finest quality. It has various mansions and cottages and governmental offices in Victorian styles amongst the picturesque landscape. As you drive through Palampur, you’ll never stop feeling the thrilling goosebumps. Dharamashala, the stunning Tibetan seeped city will be the next stop which will lead you to Mcleodganj. From Mcleodganj, you can drive to Dalhousie beside the towering Pir Panjals and the lush which will make your heart skip a beat at the panoramic vista. The serene and calm of the nature is set to soothe and de-stress you in its tranquility.
There’s a list of things to do- St. John’s, the oldest Anglican Church in the town has a deep profound connections with Indian history.  Panchpula, Chamera, Satdhara are the cascading waterfalls which gush down the hill, this is one of the best places to visit in Dalhousie. Trek in this exciting topography and reach Dainkund Walk, Bakrota Walk or Ganji Pahadi Walk. You can also visit Khajjiar, also known as the Switzerland of India. You’re sure to feel anew and refreshed, the memories of this beautiful weekend getaway will leave you astonished at each site.

Offroading, ATV Rides & Difficlut trails in Himalchal for Best adventure offroading experience

There are many offroading sites in Himachal instilling sheer delight and excitement. Places like Manali, Kasol and Shimla offer ATV rides at the ATV terrains. These ATV and Buggie rides are meant for only those above 23 years of age, all the ATVs are of best and safest class- Polaris (USA) and Knk Karts. The tracks are set up in these terrains which help you move around from the forests through the rivers and the streams. The prices are set according to the Laps and the Kilometers covered by each lap, at some places there are ATVs for children too, to enjoy in some safe terrains. First, some classes are safety measures are given at the beginning by the kind trainers or the team members who follow to the end.

Few of the most famous Difficult & adventurous trails for Offroading in Himachal Pradesh

  • Manali – Leh I
    Near Duff Dunbar –                                     Manali- Leh II
    Near Darcha

    Miles: 88.04
    Difficulty level: moderate Trail Rank: 55                            Miles: 95.84
    Difficulty level: Moderate
    Trail Rank: 53

  • Manali- Leh IV
    Near Kulang

                                            Himalaia Indi X (Kiber- Losar)
    Near Kibar

    Miles: 39.54
    Difficulty level: moderate Trail Rank: 51                            Miles: 25.81
    Difficulty Level: Moderate Trail Rank: 51

  • Triund – Chamba through Indrahar Pass Near Mcleodganj                         Kareri Lake Trail
    Near Naddi

    Miles: 23.22
    Difficulty Level: Moderate Trail Rank: 50                            Miles: 6.81
    Difficulty level: Moderate Trail Rank: 44

  • Himalaia Indi (XIV) Keylong- Zing Zing Bar
    Near Keylong                         Kheerganga
    Near Pulga

    Miles: 37.56
    Difficulty level: moderate
    Trail Rank: 41                            Miles: 6.04 Difficulty level: Difficult Trail Rank: 40

  • Sar Pass From Grahan – Barshaini
    Near Kasol                                 Himalaia Indi (XV) zing zing bar- Sarchu Near Darcha

    Miles: 14.04
    Difficulty level: moderate Trail Level: 40                            Miles: 29.6
    Difficulty level: moderate Trail Level: 40


While fishing was one of the famous British recreational activities, angling through the years has grown rapid enviable reputation. Along with other mountaineering sports, fishing is one of the best things to do in Himachal Pradesh, in the clear waters, where the azure sky kisses the transparent water making it glow blue, where the shimmering fishes of multiple breeds swim amongst the water weeds and everything seems peaceful and still as a painting. If you plan a weekend getaway of tinge of trekking, a dash of skiing and paragliding and some rest while fishing and angling in Himachal, you’re bound to fall in love with the nature and cherish all these memoirs in manifold hues.

In this clear water of Himachal, the sea bed, the meadows below, and the flickering colors of the fishes are clearly visible giving an Alaskan experience. There are usually general water streams and trout water streams in Himachal, Mahseer and trout are the best sought after fishes.

The best spots for trout angling are Chirgaon, Barot, Rohru in Pabbar Valley, Sari Marog and Chamba Pattan. The roaring rivers of Himachal are not only good for rafting, fishing and angling are one of the oldest and the best adventure activities in Himachal Pradesh; River Beas, River Sutlej, River Ravi, River Uhl and the streams in Trithan Valley, Sangla Valley, Baspa Valley and Pabbar valley are the most exciting places to catch fishes of numerous species. Rohru, 120kms away is said to be the ideal place for fishing, it not only houses trout and Mahseer and their species, many other fishes and their various species found only in such mountain regions are the best catches. Brown trout and rainbow trouts are rarely found anywhere else other than in Chiragaon, Pong Dam reservoir is a fisherman’s paradise, the fishes and their varieties are appealing that once when you catch the fish you’ll want it to swim back in the water and glisten from between the ripples.

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We hope you enjoy a perfect trip to the Himachal and enjoy each moment in the nature’s bounty.