Best Camping Destinations near Bangalore.

Trekking in India is undoubtedly popular because of its unique geographical features. We all know that life in a metropolitan city is extremely busy hectic and the only mode of relaxation is a weekend trip to a nearby place. The city of Bangalore which we know is located on the Deccan plateau region of India and has a number of hills which acts as amazing spots for trekking to enable people to create everlasting memories.


Manchinbela is located at a distance of 40 km from Bangalore, Karnataka. This is one of the best camping destinations near Bangalore and is popular for its scenic beauty where the tourists can take part in the adventurous and fun activities. The visitors can have a thrilling and refreshing weekend away from the monotonous and hectic city life. This is a beautiful place surrounded by lush green trees and hills and is a perfect destination for camping.

Things to do- Paintball, zip line, jumaring, burma bridge, tight rope walk, rappelling, kayaking, swimming, canoeing, raft building.

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Anthargange is located at a distance of 67 km from Bangalore. It is an ideal destination to spend a weekend surrounded by the mesmerizing natural beauty of this place, between the hills and greenery. Apart from trekking and enjoying other activities the visitors can also explore the beautiful caves which have been formed by the volcanic rocks. The difficulty level of trekking here is no very high and therefore this place is perfect for a fun and relaxing weekend getaway.

Things to do- night trekking, caving, bonfire, nature walk.

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The Savandurga Hills is considered to be one of the most popular and adventurous spots for trekking. It is located at a distance of 69.6 km from Bangalore, Karnataka. This hill is a part of Deccan plateau which rises to a height of 1200 meters above the sea level. The Savandurga hill has gentle slopes which allows easy trekking and can be covered by most trekkers within a time of 2 days.The scenic beauty of this place is breathtaking and therefore this is a perfect destination for a weekend trip. Winter would be the best time of the year to visit this place.

Things to do- Trekking, kayaking, high rope traversing.

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Shivagange trek is located at a distance of 54 km from the beautiful city of Bangalore, Karnataka.The black granite hill of Shivagange is also known as the Kashi hill is a place where trekking and religion comes together as an instant weekend gataway. This hill has a unique feature which is that it looks like a bull from the east, Ganesha from the west, ShivaLinga from the south and cobra from the north. It has a beautiful view and the best time to visit this place would be between August and May.

Things to do- trekking, rappelling, kayaking, rock climbing, bonfire.

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Ramanagara Trek

The Ramanagara trek is located 55km away from the city of Bengaluru and offers a wide range of activities rappelling, jumaring, rock climbing, cave exploration, target shooting, mountain biking and many others which attracts a number of young adventurous people. The best season to undertake this journey would be winter and it is recommended that it undertaken by physically fit and strong hearted individuals. This place is quite nearby to the city and acts as a perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

Things to do- jumaring, rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, bonfire.

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Narayan Giri Trek

Narayan giri trek is situated around 76km from Bangalore, in a small town of Jalamangala. The best time to undertake trekking here is between September to May. This hill is not often frequented for trekking which would make your trek even more unique and special. At the peak of this hill is the Lakshmi-Narayan temple made of glossy dark granite and the view from there is extremely beautiful. This place is a perfect destination from night trekking weekend trips and the slope of the Narayan giri hill is quite gentle so it can be covered in a short time span.

Things to do- Camping, trekking, rappelling, nature walk, bonfire.

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Kanakpura trek is located at a distance of 63.7 km from the city of Bangalore, Karnataka. Kanakpura is a beautiful place and spending a weekend here would be refreshing. This place is surrounded by Banathmari Forest and camping in this region would definitely prove to be a thrilling and memorable experience. There a number of luxurious resorts where the tourists can stay after they have enjoyed all the adventurous activities and feel like extending their vacation.

Things to do- Ice walk, tent pitching, zip lining, boating, kayaking, bonfire.


Bananthi Betta

Bananthi Betta is located at a distance of 55 km from Bangalore, mid-way between Konanadoddi and Kyathanahall. This is one of the best camping places near Bangalore, and the hill surrounding this region enhances the beauty of this place. The soothing atmosphere, lush green trees, hills, fresh air the cool climate makes this place worth visiting. This is one of the nearest camping location from Bangalore and one can spend a memorable and rejuvenating weekend here.

Things to do- target shooting, ladder walk, balance walk, trekking, rappelling, treasure hunt, camping, bonfire.

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Kaurava Kunda Trek

It is located 75km from Bangalore and is a twin hill located in the little village of Hariharapura named Pandavas and Kauravas from the Hindu mythological texts. This night trek is quite a challenge because of its steep slopes which might get slippery and risky at nights. This place is quite adventurous and the best time to plan a trip to here would be between August and March. Apart from extreme summer and heavy monsoon this is a wonderful place for trekking during weekends. This is a perfect location for adventure enthusiasts as for them trip to this place would prove to be thrilling and memorable.

Things to do- Rock climbing, trekking, camping, bonfire.

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Nachikuppam is located at a distance of 75 km from the city of Bangalore, Karnataka. It is located amid the hill of Krishnagiri and is an ideal destination for forest camping near Bangalore. This is a beautiful camping site surrounded by lush green trees and small water bodies. There is an ancient temple on the hilltop and numerous mango farms surrounding the campsite. This is an ideal destination for nature lovers and photography freaks. Tourists can enjoy a peaceful weekend here, in the calm forest away from the noisy city life.

Things to do- trekking, camping, bird watching, nature walk, boating.

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