20 Best Weekend Getaway Resorts in Pune

Though we have all the facilities in cities of the country, we still need some leisure time to spend. We all need some break from the tight and daily schedule of ours. Nowadays a large amount of capital is invested in resort industry in our country. Many investors are making a large amount of money by investing in resorts and they are in a mood of investing more.

I am sure all of us have been in a resort .Resorts are a best place to relax. One can get there for a short period of time and return refreshed. Some of the luxuries which we enjoy are:

  • Swimming in pool
  • Playing in the games room
  • Playing outdoor games
  • Performing outdoor activities
  • Relaxing in peaceful rooms
  • Eating the delicious food

And many more.

1. Ambrosia Resort

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This property is the best example and a perfect blend of coziness with luxury. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life this place is perfect place for an ideal weekend get away with family to enjoy nature and calmness of the place.

This place is within 15 kilometers from Pune. The cost stars from Rs 3500.

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2. Cloud 9 Hills Resort

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By the name only we get to know that this place is located in higher altitude. This place is located in a place 1500 feet above the mean sea level. Being located in such a place this place provides some of the best of environment which we cannot imagine in the busy daily life in the city.

This place is located in Lonavala. The costs start from Rs 5000.

3. Rutugandh Resort

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This place is located Gorde Khrud, beautiful plot near Pune. Located in a place with full of peace and calmness this place gives some scenic views and life living moments to the people who are buried under the daily life responsibilities.

This place is within 25 kilometers from Pune. The cost stars from Rs 1300.

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4. The Lagoona Resort

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It is India’s first eco friendly Resort. This place promises a class products and services to its visitors. This place comprises of more than 65 rooms well equipped with modern days facilities required for its visitors. Every room consists of king size beds and furniture which gives a royal feeling. The wooden flooring of the place will take you to the times of British when Indians were ruled by them.

This place has an amazing swimming pool which can accommodate 70 people at once.

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5. Camp Temghar Resort

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If you want a break from the city life and you are planning for an outing near Pune but away from city then this place is a perfect spot for you. This is one of the best nature concern resorts of Pune. A day spent here will refresh your mind and will unwind you.

This place is within 30 kilometers from Pune. The cost stars from Rs 3000.

6. Soma Vine Village

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This place is ideal for a friend outing. The visitors can hire the villas as per their requirement. The villas are appropriate for 14 members and there are separate rooms with three bed rooms for 6 people also. Spend some time in the middle of the vineyard tasting some of the best vines of India and between the pleasing smell of the plants. Some villas have swimming pool which helps the visitors to relax and forget all the hectic situations of life.

The cost of the rooms starts from Rs 6200. This place is situated in Nasik.

7. The Lake Weekend Resort

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This resort is a beautiful eco friendly resort of Pune. Tourists come here to see the natural beauty of this place in which Sahadri hills are the show stoppers. These scenic views make one feel really refreshed and Warasgaon Lake is another calming spot in the resort.

This place is within 70 kilometers from Pune. The cost stars from Rs 4500.

8. Della Adventure Resort

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This place is a result of unique mix of two never meeting components, relaxation and luxury. This place provides exclusive rooms to stay with or without balconies. All rooms are well equipped by all sorts of modern facilities which make one feel relaxed and tension free and comfortable to the place. The balcony of each room faces the marvelous adventure park of the resort. The restaurants and resorts own cafeteria serves best of oriental Indian and Continental dishes. This resort also has an amazing lounge bar too.

Cost of rooms starts from Rs 11000.

9. Saj Resort

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This resort located near Pune, on over 5 acres of green lushly land. Bound close to nature this place will give you all the facilities and amenities, required by you to live a luxury life. It is a paradise for nature lovers and will help one to live life king size in today’s world.

This place is located in Mahabaleshwar, beautiful city near Pune.

10. Silvassa Resort

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If you are fed up of the heat and sun of Mumbai then do visit this place. Famous for its water park Silvassa Resort is a common visited place by the locals of Mumbai. This place provides best water park services in the region and also has a superb indoor games facility. One should spend his day in water park, evening in games room and night in fabulous rooms of the resort. Food facility of this place is also lovely.

This place is located very close to the city and the package starts from Rs 14000.

11. Elysium Resort

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This place is undoubtedly one of the best resorts near Pune. Best known for its luxuries this place provides world class facilities to its guests. The star of this place is poolside restaurant with superb views and delicious delegacies.

This place is within 160 kilometers from Pune. The cost stars from Rs 3000.

12. Ramsukh Resort

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This resort has more than 40 well appointed rooms equipped with all the facilities need to make it an ideal stay for the visitors. equipped with all sorts of modern amenities this place is a perfect spot to experience luxury in small amount.

This place is within 120 kilometers from Pune.

13. Machan Resort

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This place is one of the only eco luxury resorts of Mumbai. This place is famous for providing some awesome tree houses to its visitors which are 35 to 40 feet above the ground. This place makes you feel isolated and provides some space especially to the couples who do not get space and tine for each other in the city life.

This place is situated in Jambulne, near Pune.

14. Malhar Machi

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This resort is a premium lakeside resort located in Pune. This place is an ideal get away spot with family to enjoy the calmness of Lake Mulshi in Pune. This place is ideal for corporate and business meetings. The show stopper of the resort is the furniture which is made totally with Bamboo.

This place is within 40 kilometers from Pune. The cost stars from Rs 7000.

15. Prakruti Resort

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It is a 4 star deluxe resort spread over 100 acres of land. This place provides scenic views of Mother Nature to its visitors. One can find peace and calmness in the air of this resort. The pure air of this place will make an ambience in which you will be forced to do some Yoga. This place provides bungalows to its visitors each of which comprises of all the facilities and a lawn where one can sit and relax in the evening, after a hectic day.

Rs 13700 are the starting cost of the bungalows and this resort is located in Raigad.

16. Centurion Spring Hills Holiday Resort


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This place is an ideal spot for a luxury stay with best of hospitality. This place is located in the area called Mukaiwadi, in Pune. It is one of the most famous resorts near Pune with well equipped conference hall and other facilities.

This place is within 25 kilometers from Pune. The cost stars from Rs 5500.

17. Paradise Country Resort

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It is one of the most beautiful resorts to visit near Pune. These places offers endless world class facilities to the people and welcome them who are fed up of the chaos and hectic city life. This place is true meaning to its name, it is a living paradise for tired bodies and souls.

This place is 40 kilometers away from Pune.

18. Sentosa Resort

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This place is ideal get away in summers. The services provided here to the visitors are commendable. The water park of this place consists of some amusing rides which youths want to defend the heat of the sun.

This place is within 22 kilometers from Pune. The cost stars from Rs 3500.

19. Monteria Resort

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This place has proved itself as an ideal spot near Mumbai and Pune as one of the perfect leisure spot. This place provides both some fun and exciting and quite moments which will make you fell light. One stay at this resort is always full of engaged activities. One can perform adventurous activities like archery, zip lining and rifle shooting. After the lengthy day full of activity one can rest and laze around in the swimming pool of the resort.

This place is located on Mumbai Pune Highway and cost of this place starts from Rs 2700.

20. Corinthians Resort

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This place is located very close to Pune, always welcomes its visitors with best of hospitality. It provides premium most services to the fun seeking travelers. The surroundings of the resort are full of greens which makes one’s mind refreshed.

This place is within 100 kilometers from Pune. The cost stars from Rs 5500.

So all the people reading this article who are in a mood to visit some resorts to relax near Pune you now know which place to visit. Suggest your friends and make plans. Go out for amazing weekend getaway near Pune, do visit one of these resorts. Experience the hostility of these beautiful places. Don’t forget to take pictures and do capture the life living and most happening moments of your life. Go for a trip with your friends, colleagues and family here. These moments will never return back to your life and yes do believe that life is beyond the daily routine of your life.