22 Activities To Do in Lakshadweep


Are you looking for quiet beach spots and that too in India? Welcome to India’s smallest Union Territory Lakshadweep! Its shinning bright green waters draw many travelers across the world. It is pretty popular beach and hot spot in India. It is well known for white sand beaches, sapphire lagoons, colorful corals and omnipresent silence. If you are looking for a peaceful and chaos free vacation, than this is the place for you. It is a dazzling archipelago of land masses where you can take pleasure in water sports and discover sea life. There are many things to do in Lakshadweep from romantic boat ride to scuba diving in the Kalpeni Island, exploring rare corals, watching turtles and fishes.

1. Various adventurous sports to do in Lakshadweep!

You can do a lot here. You can do adventurous waters sport or even you can enjoy dance with tribal people dances. You will get many exciting things to do
in Lakshadweep. It is paradise for newly married. Lakshadweep is considered as the most stunning destinations, which you can visit during your holidays. This union territory is in the Arabian Sea and includes twelve islands, 3 sand banks and 5 underwater banks. The alluring marine life, the rural communities, the traveler resorts and the light house are enormous magnetism for the tourists. The best season to explore Lakshadweep is from December to May, climate is quite drier and cooler. Let’s check and explore what are all main things to do in Lakshadweep. You can explore various amazing adventurous sports at Lakshadweep and have some unforgettable fun!

2. Enjoy Fishing at Minicoy Island

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Fishing in Lagoon in Minicoy Island (Image Source – flickr.com/MrsFife)

This Beautiful Island is famous for its Juma Masjid, fishing and 300ft tall Light House, besides this you can enjoy its white sand beaches. It is the biggest Island of the Lakshadweep. There are many things to do in Minicoy Island, if you are fishing lover or love monument you will love this Island. It is 208 kilometers from city center.

This Island is also known as cultural centers of Lakshadweep, people also come here to enjoy and contribute in several cultural events. There are many things to do
in Lakshadweep like Lava and Dandi dance are few dance varieties, which are performed here. The bad news is if you are foreign tourists you cannot visit this place due to government set of laws.

3. Breathtaking allure Lagoons at Agatti Island

Enjoy blue lagoons and white sand at Aggati Island! (Image Source flickr.com/nigam76)

This is heaven for water sports lovers. The activities to do in Lakshadweep, Agatti Island include water sports, kite flying, exploring corals and unique fishes. You can walk several kilometers and can get hypnotized with the beautiful flora and fauna. The allure lagoons can attract you with its remarkable beauty. There are lots of things to do in Agatti as you can watch unique and different fishes and can enjoy the adventure of swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling.

This is the barely Island with airstrip in Lakshadweep. An enchanting tourist mark, it offers wonderful endure, palm trees, stunning and scenic beaches with mouth watering food. This island have many fine hotels, it is 180 kilometers away from city center.

4. Devine Destination: Kavaratti Islands

A view from the light house on kavaratti Islands (Source: flickr.com/Paul Varuni)

Most popular destinations amongst tourists are amazing white sand beaches, unique corals, turquoise lagoons and endless greenery with aroma of ocean’s water with rhythms of the waves are must have experiences in Lakshadweep, Kavaratti Island. The dancing palm and coconut trees will make you dance. You can get romantic and can enjoy evening with holding hands of your partner.

Visiting Urja Mosque and watching endless fishes and corals are few activities to do in Lakshadweep, Kavaratti Island. This mosque is one of the most vital pilgrim destinations for Muslims and chief tourist attraction. The mosque offers something more than natural beauty to the travelers. This Island is just 123 kilometers away from city center.

5. Experience the beauty of Virgin Beaches at Bangaram Island

Enjoy different shades of blue at Bangaram Island (Source: flickr.com/Binu K S)

Another amazing island with faultless beauty and virgin beaches are must have experiences in
Lakshadweep, Bangaram Island. This island is also open for foreign tourist. You can find beautiful lagoons enclosed by corals.

The activities to do in
Lakshadweep, Bangaram Island are enjoying liquor, with fine dine and can get mesmerized in beauty of nature. You can spend hours with your partner at unspoiled beaches and can see sunset. This island is 176 kilometers away from city center.

6. Most Scenic Island with Colorful Corals: Kalpeni Island

Aerial view of Kalpeni Island (Source: flickr.com/Lakshadweep)

This Island is a combination of three islands with most scenic vicinity of Lakshadweep, also known as Koefaini. Cheriyam, Tillakkam and Pitti are three islands, which jointly makes the Kalpeni Island.

These Islands are settled and are often visited by travelers. Activities to do in
Lakshadweep Island include Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Canoeing, reef walking, sailing yachts and kayaking. Kalpeni is famed for its turquoise lagoon adjoining the island. You can find several types of corals here. It is popular weekend getaway destination due to its awesome weather and lagoons.

Make sure your camera’s battery is full as this is most scenic area of Lakshadweep, which is just 1 kilometer away from city center. Bird Sanctuary is one of the places you must visit and must have experiences in

7. Take sun bath at Kadmat Island

Enjoy sunbath at Kadmat Islands (Source: flickr.com/Sankara Subramanian C)

Kadmat Island is one of the most likely island of Lakshadweep, travelers love this place a lot. Once you land from your speed boat, you will fall in love with this coral Island, it is lust 8 kilometer long and 2 kilometer wide only. Silver sand beaches are main attraction of this Island. There are many other places to visit in
Lakshadweep. No matter if you are Indian tourist or foreign tourist all are welcomed here. you can enjoy colorful fishes inside the corals, which you can see from sparkling clear water, turtles enjoying swimming, dolphins doing somersaults, views are magnificent and will amazed you with all these scenes.

This small island offers many more beaches activities for all tourists, its breathtaking lagoons with coral reefs are some must have experiences in
Lakshadweep Island. You can also buy coconut oil and coconut powder from the factory outlets of KadmatIsland.

8. Do shopping at Amindivi Island

Enjoy Coconut products: Lakshadweep (Source: flickr.com/Mike Prince)

It is the most inhabited Islands of the Lakshadweep. It lays in the North Lakshadweep and is well known for its choir products. It is a best place for cultural explorers and heaven for shopping lovers. Although due to government rules foreign travelers are not allowed on this Island. Even Indian travelers need to take permission to visit this island. Amindivi Island is the primary and leading place where populace started to subsist in Lakshadweep Island. Rambling up to 3 kilometers and 1.6 kilometers wide, you will enjoy tropical climate here.

The best season to visit this island is from January to May and from September to December. This beautiful island is covered by coconut grooves. The activities to do in Amindivi Island are water sports. Coir products are must have experiences in Lakshadweep. This Island, which is 153 Km away from city center, you can see many products made of tortoise shells and coconut shells. These craft skills are main attraction of this Island. You must visit this place to know yourself completely and make some lifelong memories.

9. Get Mingle with the Nature at Andrott Island

Aerial View of Androth Island (Source: flickr.com/Lakshadweep)

Also known as Andretti Island this place is simply mesmerizing. It is the biggest Island of the Lakshadweep Island and is closest to the India. This group of islands is in east west direction. It is untouched by tourist due to lack of infrastructure facilities. The things to do in Andretti Island are to visit Light house and Untouched Lagoons, which are quite famous and have historical importance. Other places to visit in
Lakshadweep are mosques and Buddhist sites. You must visit Jumaat mosque, which include the tomb of Saint Ubaidullah. He was the first to bring Islamic culture here. If you have patience and luck, you can see octopus. If you are history lover, than this is your destination. This island is very beautiful, however foreign travelers are not allowed here.

10. Scenic view from Light House: Minicoy

Light House in Minicoy Islands (Source: flickr.com/Egon Philipp)

This place should be in your list of best places to visit in
Lakshadweep. Light house in Minicoy is one of the oldest light houses. It was built in 1885 by Britishers, it is 50 meter tall. You can enjoy view from this height. Foreign travelers are not allowed to visit this island. You will surely love this place the view from light house is enormous. You can click various pictures from the lighthouse and memories them later in your life. Amazing life of Lakshadweep will make you go gaga over its beauty!

11. Enjoy never ending water sports

Enjoy water sports at Lakshadweep Island (Source: flickr.com/Sankara Subramanian C)

Lakshadweep has large water lagoons that create natural pools and have many forms to display. Lagoons are quite safe as compared to the sea or ocean water. Activities to do in these lagoons are canoes, Sail boats, glass bottomed boats, snorkelers, kayaks, pedal boats, wind surfers and many other under water sports can easily be hired here.

Among these water sports, Bangaram, Kadmat and Kavaratti Islands also provide the opportunities of Deep sea fishing and scuba diving. The fishing enthusiasts can revel in the vast variety of water sports and several more activities available. These are Traveli, Yellow Fin Tuna, Fina Tuna, Baracuda and Shark. They are present in large quantity and are major attraction for the tourists. This place offers some of the most beautiful scenic life pictures.

12. Go for fishing in fascinating lagoons of Lakshadweep Island

Volitan Lionfish at Kavaratti Island (Source: flickr.com/Mike Prince)

You can do fishing while enjoying sunbath. Lagoon fishing is a great deal favored leisure activity amongst the tourists. You can spend hours enjoying sun and fishing. There are many places to visit in
Lakshadweep for people around the world.

13. Yacht trip in Lakshadweep

Enjoy Leisure at Lakshadweep! (Source: flickr.com/Sankara Subramanian C)

You can go for yacht trip and can enjoy the power of wind and water; this antique bliss activity will enliven you with thrill and adventure. Yachting must have experiences in Lakshadweep Island.

14. Go for the parasailing in the sky of Lakshadweep

Show your water love here! (Source: flickr.com/Mike Prince)

You might have done parasailing in Goa, now fasten your belt for parasailing in Lakshadweep Island. This sports the support and speed with steam and jet boats. Enjoy the view while doing parasailing and feel like the emperor. These islands with great sports are great weekend getaways to enjoy.

15. Take leisure and pleasure of boating in Lakshadweep Island

Enjoy different types of boating! (Source: flickr.com/Sankara Subramanian C)

Boating is loved by one and all in the tranquil water. Most demanding and fascinating thing to enjoy in Lakshadweep is different types of boating. Here you can enjoy speed boats, pedal boats, glass bottomed boats, sail boats, kayak and canoes. Enjoy the colorful fishes and antique coral collections while boarding glass bottomed boat.

16. Get shopaholic at Lakshadweep Island

Lakshadweep! (Source: flickr.com/Stefan Krasowski)

Lakshadweep is not a destination for backpackers and makes the best weekend gateways as it is quite expensive as compared to other destinations. You can buy several products made of tortoise shells and coconut shells from Amindivi Island. Even you can buy pure coconut oil and powder from here Kadmat Island. Fish pickles and small mementos are available at Kavaratti Island. Even you can buy several things from Aquarium Museum.

17. Night Life at Lakshadweep Island

Get romantic! Enjoy Sunset at Lakshadweep Island (Source: flickr.com/Thejas)

You can enjoy amazing night life at Lakshadweep Island. The nightlife of this Island is just awesome and incomparable. You can enjoy drinks at Bangaram Island, which is the only Island providing alcohol. Even you can enjoy barbeque and cultural dance arranged by hotel for you. You can get romantic at the sea shores of Lakshadweep. You can enjoy the music of your choice at beaches, getting lost in your own world. Bioluminescent Plankton commonly known as glow worms is visible, if you are staying at Agatti Island. This place makes the best and most memorable weekend gateways.

18. Become observer at Marine Museum

Finding Nemo at Marine Museum (Source: flickr.com/Mike Prince)

The other place to visit in
Lakshadweep, Kavaratti Island is aquarium museum; here you can see unique ranges of fishes. Marine museum displays superfluity of marine related objects and aspires at endorsing marine products and its conservation. The stunning, multihued fishes and unique species are extremely attractive and this museum is an enormous place to see these attractive species. Aquarium of this museum have certain best species of water animals and fishes, it is the most fascinating thing of this museum and Island. You must pack yoru bags and visit this place now!

19. White and Silver sand beaches

Unforgettable beaches of Lakshadweep Island (Source: flickr.com/Mike Prince)

If you are not sporty and don’t want to emerge in any sport, you can enjoy breeze at white sand beaches. You will feel complete relaxation at the Lakshadweep Island and enjoy the weather to the fullest. Get romantic in scenic beauty of Lakshadweep. Enjoy mouthwatering food with aroma of ocean water. There are many activities to do in Lakshadweep Island.

20. Test your Snorkeling skills

Snorkeling in rich coral water (Source: flickr.com/Sankara Subramanian C)

There are several packages available for snorkeling, you can choose according to your requirement and budget. It is the most favored sports among the tourist. You can visit this palce and enjoy the best weekend gateways of your life!

21. Take training from Lacadives diving School

Get Certificate at Lacadives diving school (Source: flickr.com/Thejas)

Get certification in Diving from here. This place offers you some of the best experiences of life and lessons. Get instruction about scuba diving and get masters in it. Join their 8 days course and get trained in night and day diving skills. You will get some of the best sports to play and learning lessons at Lakshadweep. You can meditate in the peaceful atmosphere of Lakshadweep.

22. Scuba Diving at Lakshadweep Island

Enjoy Scuba Diving (Source: flickr.com/Thejas)

Enjoy scuba diving with your partner. The resorts in Bangaram and Kadmat have facilities required to participate in the sport. You can visit this place and enjoy your weekends. This place makes the best weekend gateways around the world. You can spend as much time as you want at this place and experience the leisure of life.