10 Road Trips in India for a Hardcore Rider

India being the seventh largest country of the world and with a great longitudinal extent has amazing and uncommon geographical reliefs which is very amusing for the bike riders to go on a long distance bike journeys and for which the upcoming youth is becoming accustomed to. There is a large number of youth who are becoming passionate for bike riding in India and many groups are forming to travel many roads and routes in India.

In spite of this every rider thinks that there are better places in aboard to have a nice bike ride but I want to tell you all that India also have many amazing, heavenly and exciting roads to have a wonderful bike ride to add on to your good memories of bike riding with friends and other companions.

Road trips for hard core riders:

Here are some road trips for a hardcore rider in India

  1. Western Arunachal Pradesh

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With its amazing landscape Western Arunachal Pradesh is one of the best road trips to travel the upper course of the country. While travelling this road one can see the natural beauty of the country and enjoy a life living journey with friends.

The whole road is unpaved here and this is what a rider wants. Seeing the natural beauty and travailing with friends gives a nice memory to the riders. Sometimes landslide and other disasters take place here which makes the travel journey more adventurous.

  1. Guwahati- Khasi Hills

Riding on bike in a group from Guwahati to Khassi hills is a nice and refreshing route for the bike riders who are bored from the life of city. As this route is damped by perennial rivers it attracts more bike riders. There is a risk of travelling this road and young bike riders find it more adventurous to travel this road.

Riding between the beautiful hills gives an ultimate experience which one rider wants to get in his life. There are many instances where the riders have stopped for a while in the middle of the route to sink their soul in the lap of nature.

  1. Manali- Leh

Travel from the beautiful valleys of Manali to the high altitude of Leh is a paradise for the hard core riders of India. It is said that if one do not travel or have a bike ride on this route he cannot be called a hard core rider. It is a well-known route for a bike rider all over the world

It is always advice to take a local of the area who knows the route well. It is also told that one should always travel in a group and carry a bag full of necessary tools and equipments required for fixing any unwanted problem if takes place.

4. Delhi- Leh

This route is a time taken journey and takes around 15-16 days. Although being a long journey it is a very amazing and adventurous bike ride route as a very large distance is covered. One feels free after completing the journey as he gets out of the congested and polluted city of Delhi and enjoys a life living time in the fresh air of the beautiful Leh.

As the route is very long it is suggested to travel in a group. And as I said that the journey is time taken and many places are covered in this journey. An exotic journey includes the city of Delhi; the greens of Chandighar, beautiful valleys Manali, etc. one can taste the flavours of different parts of India during the journey. This route is said to be one of the most adventurous and time taken journey of India and a bike rider is said to be a perfect hardcore rider when he completes this journey in India.

  1. Darjeeling- Sikkim

A beautiful and amazing route is there to travel from Darjeeling to Sikkim. It has a beautiful and romantic stretch of road, witness a life living journey. As the road is situated in high altitude in northern region of India it always experiences sudden rainfall and this road is also very windy.

Due to the physical barriers and climatic changes the road becomes hard to travel and the hard core riders find it amusing. This routes starts from Silliguri and covers many places like Gangtok, Kalimpong, Yuksom, etc. which are world famous for their natural beauty. It is a heavenly route for bike riders of India who are in a mood of adventure.

6. Jaipur- Jaisalmer

This route is a pleasant change for bikers in their bike riding routes. A ride through deserts of India brings a new enthusiasm to the riders and a change in idea for those who think that deserts are always boring.

While travelling from Jaipur to Jaisalmer by road one crosses the golden brown deserts, the jungles with thorny scrubs and the small greens which come in the route. One can stop in local restaurants in the road and taste the local flavors of Rajasthan. And by the hospitality of the waiters and locals we can see the rich culture of this historian place of India.

7. Bengaluru- Kolli Hills

For all the riders who are in or near the city of Bengaluru if you are in a mood of a weekend ride then this is the best route. A hardly 6 hour journey from the main city of Bengaluru to the Kolli hills is the best route for the riders who want a short or weekend ride.

One can see the greens of the city and the unpaved and the rocky road made by man to climb the Kolli hills makes the ride more adventurous for them. The presence of wildlife and small water falls in the hills makes the journey more attractive as the riders can see some wild animals in the way. One also gets refreshed by the waterfalls which are present on the way to climb the kolli hills.

8. Delhi- Nainital

Nature has blessed India with her beauty in many regions. One of the best examples is Nainital, a hill station with all the natural beauty which attracts the tourists towards her. A bike rider fells blessed to travel this route and come out from the jaw of the polluted city of Delhi to rest in the loving lap of nature which is Nainital.

As the journey starts with Delhi a hard core rider is bound to travel and cross the urban Jungles first then he rides a life living road journey due to the smoothness of the paved and well maintained road to reach Nainital. The natural beauty of hills and greens together makes the mind of a tired rider refreshed. The pure wind makes the rider more energetic to explore the inner beauty of itself in his bike. This is a very good place to travel with friends and the inner road of the state of Nainital make the journey more adventurous because of its muddy and rocky road to climb some of the mountains to see the inner beauty of the state.

9. Shimla- Spity Valley

A journey on this route gives the best scenic views in India. While travelling rather riding on this route one gets a heavenly feeling. The natural sounds made by the winds, water and animals, the beautiful and lovely gardens of orchids hand the hilly areas makes it a heaven for the bike riders who wants a time gap from their daily routine and who want peace of mind for a while.

Spity Valley is also called a mini Ladakh. It represents the whole culture of Tibet. The best time to visit this place is summers. It is the season when the flowers grow, the birds migrate and a cool breeze blows over this region. A group ride is the best option for this route as suggested by the other riders who have already travelled this route.

10. Delhi- Rathambore

This route gives the bike riders an ultimate package. It consists of both the types of roads the congested ones and the free ones. When one stars travelling on this route he first gets the congested roads in the city with small lanes and sharp cuttings with small houses on both sides of the road. Later when half of the route is covered one gets the free and long roads with the deserts as their neighbor’s.

While covering this road Agra comes in between. Here the bikers can take rest and refresh their minds by visiting the old forts and monuments and historical places which have witnessed every kinds of situations in the past especially when this place was ruled by Mughals.

So, hardcore riders now you know how and where to travel to seek your passion and do whatever you feel like in your bike. Ask your friends, make a plan and start your journey to explore these amazing and heavenly routes in our country, India. Spend time with your friends travel with them and add more to your bike riding memories. I will suggest you to make plans with friends because if one has a companion with him the journey is always amazing.