10 Unexplored Trekking Places in India

A factual trekker adores discovering and facing new appealing dares. You need to go out of your way and need to explore unknown valleys and speckled picturesque villages. Doing same old trails is now completely tedious and you must explore the new treks and must be brought into the knowledge for the benefits of other hiking buddies. Here is the list of 10 unexplored trekking places in India, which you must try if you love trekking. There are unlimited trekking places in India, where you can enjoy the trekking at its best.

Trekking Places in India

Source – flickr.com/Steven House

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The countless and exclusive landscapes of India summon for a spellbinding trekking experience. No Matter if it is in the north, south, east or the middle of the nation, every state recommends incredible different and awe-inspiring.
Hike through delightful meadows, unstinted oak tree jungles, picturesque ethnic villages, secret waterfalls and eyewitness the wonders of nature unfurl ahead of your eyes. Here are the offbeat trekking places you must try.

1. The Phuktal Monastery Trek

Source – flickr.com/Bob Witlox

This trek is on the top of the list of offbeat trekking places in India. This monastery is located in Lungnak valley that is the isolated valley of Zanskar, Ladakh. The structure of this monastery looks like a big honeycomb on the aperture of a huge cave on a crag above the River Tsarap. It will take approx 7-8 days to cover this trail. The height of this trek is 3850 meters. This can be one of the best adventure trips in India.

How to reach the Base Location: The nearest airport is in Leh, from here you can take taxi or bus for Kargil from here you need to change your route towards the Padum, which is the base location for the Phuktal Monastery Trek. You can also reach Padum through road via Srinagar Leh Highway.

Advice: The best time to go for this trek is from June to October. The Juniper tree is sacred for monks. Weather is quiet cold so keep your woolen clothes. The food offered by monks are simple and boiled that’s the only food available there.

Major Activities and Attractions While trekking you will experience untouched beauty of the nature, which will make you’re hiking more exotic. Other attractions are Mune and Bardan Monastery, which is situated 12 kilometers away in the south of Padum.

Route: Padum – Shilla Camp – Reru – Changpa Tsetan – Purne – Phuktal

2. The Mandani Valley Trek

Source – flickr.com/shovan.d

Mandani valley is the most beautiful valleys of the nation. The valley of flowers is full with unique and colorful flora and faunas and that’s why it is one of the best offbeat treks of India. For beginners this trek is extremely tough trek and would take 8 to 9 days to cover it. This trail is the least explored and travelled trail. This place is dream place for photographer and nature lovers. This place helps in connecting 2 shrines through the tiny picturesque hamlet of Ransi.

How to reach the Base Location: Ransi is the base location for the Mandani Valley trek. Rishikesh is the nearest railway station, which is 198 kilometers away from the Ransi. Ransi is well connected with road from major cities.

Advice: You must carry your required equipments and food supplies with you as after Ransi you will not get anything. June to September is the best time for trekking. You need to reach at the height of 4,750 meters above the sea level.

Major Activities and Attractions – This valley itself is a beautiful and breathtaking attraction, which is also a best adventure trip in India. While passing through this trail you will cross intense forests and sheer climbs, casing 3 high elevations passes and then you will reach Keadrnath. Besides this you can also visit the Madhya Maheshwar and also you can experience hot water springs at Gaurikund.

Route:  Ukhimath Ransi Paturi Manani Bugyal Yeonbuk Col Base Mahapanth Col  Kedarnath Gaurikund

3. Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek

Source – flickr.com/trekpedition.com

This beautiful trail is located in Kashmir and will give you different experience. Here you will experience 2 beautiful lakes covered by Kolahoi Mountain. These lakes are divided by mountain and flow in opposite directions. It takes approx 7 – 8 days to complete this trail. You need to climb till 3,795 meters above the sea level.

How to reach the Base Location: Aru Valley is the base location for this trek. Here you can reach by road. The nearest airport is in Srinagar and the nearest railway station is in Jammu. From Srinagar you can get taxi or buses for Aru Valley, which is 104 – 107 kilometers away.

Advice: In winters it is really cold and in monsoon it’s heavily rainy. The best time for trekking is in September. You can get hotels easily near Tarsar Lake.

Major Activities and Attractions – In winters lakes get freeze and exhibit snowy beauty, which is further enhanced by appine flowers. In summers these lakes are converted into turquoise blue water and birds like Lammergeier, cinnamon sparrows, golden eagles, geese, choughs, and black bulbuls enjoy there. You can also visit Dachigam National Park, which is 10 km away from Tarsar Lake.

Route: Aru Lidderwat Shekwas Tarsar Zachmargi Sonsar Marsar Zachmargi Sonemasti Sumbal

4. The Bhrigu Lake Trek

Source – flickr.com/Andrey Polyanskiy

The Bhrigu Lake trek is another unexplored trekking place in India. This can also be considered as beautiful weekend destination as you can complete this high altitude trail in 2 days. Bhiru Lake is also called “Pool of Gods” and is situated at height of 4,300 meters.

How to reach the Base Location: Gulaba is the base camp for this trek. Here you can reach through road and is well connected with other major cities via NH 154 and NH3.

Advice: Gulaba is the final place where you can have tea and snacks. You must update your food supplies here itself. There are no other food options available further, so you must carry your own food supplies for further trail. Best time for trekking is from July to October.

Major Activities and Attractions – Besides enjoying the holy lake Bhrigu you can also enjoy the Rohtang Pass and also experience the beauty of Kullu and Manali.

Route: Gulaba Bhrigu Lake Gulaba

5. Japfu Peak Trek

Source – flickr.com/Caisii Mao

Japfu peak is the second highest peak in Nagaland. It is situated 15 kilometers away from Kohima. While trekking through this trail you will also cross the most beautiful valley of Nagaland known as Dzukou Valley. If you are planning to visit Nagaland, then this trek can be yours best weekend getaway in Nagaland.

How to reach the Base Location: Zakhama is the base camp for this beautiful trek. This place is well connected with other cities and with NH2 and NH29.

Advice: Viswema village is the last place for buying food and water supplies. The best time to visit here is from October to April.

Major Activities and Attractions – You can explore the most beautiful valley of Nagaland. Besides this you can also visit Dzukou trekkers’ hut, Ghost cave and Naga heritage village.

Route: Zakhama – Dzukou Valley Viswema Village Japfu Base Camp Japfu Peak

6. Saddle Peak Trek

Source – flickr.com/Shashi Ranjan

This unexplored trekking place can be your best adventure trip in India. This offbeat trek is in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You need to trek to the highest point in the Andaman that is The Saddle Peak, located near Diglipur. This is small trail with only height of 732 meters. It takes only 6 – 7 hours but it’s worth. This can be best offbeat place to enjoy your weekend getaway.

How to reach the Base Location: You can reach here through air or water ways. From Port Blair Airport you can easily get buses for Diglipur.

Advice: Diglipur is the last place to pack your food and water supplies. You must proceed very early morning, so you can return to the base before sunsets. You also need to take permit from the Forest Department at Lahmia Bay. The Best time to visit here is from November to April.

Major Activities and Attractions – Besides this lovely trail you can enjoy the view of Andaman from the highest point. Other attractions are Alfred Caves, Ross & Smith Islands, Craggy Island and lots more places to explore.

Route: Diglipur – Lahmia Bay – Base of Saddle Peak – Saddle Peak

7. Sandakphu Trek

Source – flickr.com/Mahmud Farooque

Sandakphu is situated at the rim of the Singalila National Park in Darjeeling. It is the perfect trail for the trekkers who want to enjoy their weekend getaway viewing the magnificent views of Kanchenjunga peaks without going on a grueling escapade like the Dzongri Goecha La trek. Sandakphu is the highest peak of Darjeeling Hills. It will take approx 5 – 6 days and you need to climb at the height of 3600 meters.

How to reach the Base Location: Manebhanjane
is the base location for this trek. This place is well connected with other cities. NH110 is the national highway connecting Manebhanjane with other min cities.

Advice: Sandakphu is well known for its poisonous plants. Don’t touch or smell any Himalayan cobra lilies and other flowers. The best time for trekking is from July till September.

Major Activities and Attractions – The view from Sandakphu is amazing and breathtaking besides this you can also visit Singalila National Park and Singalila Ridge.

Route: Darjeeling – Manebhanjan – Jaubari – Sandakphu – Phalut

8. The Milam Glacier

Source – flickr.com/feelfree82

This glacier is a main source of the River Goriganga. It is well known glacier in Kumaon Himalaya. This trek is 27 kilometers long and is longest glacier of the Kumaon Himalaya. This trail is 4 kilometers away from Milam, which was the main trade route between China and India before 1962 Indo China war. It take approx 10 days to complete the trail.

How to reach the Base Location: Munsiyari is the base location for the Milam Glacier. It is well connected with the road from other major cities and even you can get buses easily for Munsiyari from Tanakpur. The nearest railway station is Tanakpur, which is 274 kilometers away from Munsiyari.

Advice: The best time to visit Milam Glacier is from May to June and from September to October. You can get food easily at dhabas.

Major Activities and Attractions – Ragash Kund and Birthi Falls are some other attractions of Milam Glacier.

Route: Munsiyari – Lilam – Bogudiyar – Rilkot – Milam – Glacier – Ragash Kund

9. Chembra Peak Trek

Source – flickr.com/Zoey Francis

Chembra Peak is also one of the unexplored trekking places of India. You can view the true exquisiteness of Wayanad district. It is the highest peak or point in Wayanad in Kerala. Wayanad is also one of the paramount weekend destinations in India. It is small trail, which can be covered in 3 – 4 hours.

How to reach the Base Location: Meppadi is the base location for this trek. It is properly connected with other cities of state. Nearest railway station is Nilambur Road Railway Station which is 83 km away from Meppadi.

Advice: Carry enough water. The best time for this trek is from September to May. For trekking you need permit from forest office in Meppadi.

Major Activities and Attractions: If you stretch this trail you can view the beautiful tea estates, Edakkal Caves, Meenmutty falls and Soochipara falls.

Route: Kalpetta – Meppadi – Chembra peak foothill – Chembra Peak.

10. Dodital Trek

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This trail is bonus for all the angling fanatics out there. You will love camping among the immaculate Dodital Lake that is considered as an Angler’s glory as the sparkler clear waters of the lake are packed of magnificent fishes. The water of lake is so clear that you can actually see the fishes swimming in the lake.

How to reach the Base Location: The base location is Sangam Chatti , which is well connected with other main cities of Uttarakhand and other states.

Advice: March to October is the best time to visit this place for trekking. The total height of this trail is 3310 meters. It will take 3 – 4 days to cover it.

Major Activities and Attractions: you will love the scenic beauty of the trek. Besides this you can also extend your trail to Darwa Pass that is 16 kilometers from Dodital.

Route: Uttarkashi – Sangam Chatti – Agoda – Dodital Lake