12 Oldest Inhabited Cities in The world

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There are many cities in the world. These cities with millennial record can proffer you a lot more than just stunning structural design and inimitable artifacts. They abide the signs of preceding civilization and eras, shows both negative and positive expansions of mankind. These towns are full of marvelous legends and stories and are the leading lures for seasoned travelers. Let’s discuss a little about the 12 such oldest inhabited cities around the world.

Oldest Inhabited Cities

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1. Damascus, Syria

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Damascusis the capital of Syria, it is also the second largest city of the country. The population of this town is approx 2.5 million. The history of this city is 10,000 – 8,000 BC old, though the exact time is still not sure. This city is considered as one of the oldest city on the earth. This city enjoy the geological location advantages as it is intersection of the east and the west, it is positioned between Asia and Africa.

From ancient time Damascus was a major commercial, cultural and administrative center. It was a place of overseas and local craftsmen and traders. The people from around the world loved to come here for trading purpose. This city has experienced the numerous civilizations that had crafted it Roman, Islamic, Hellenistic and Byzantine. This old walled town astonishes with antique architecture, green patios, white houses and narrow passages. Tourists from around the globe loved to visit this old inhabited city. You will surely love this incredible place.

2. Athens, Greece

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Athens is the frame of Western evolution and is the capital of Greece with three million populations. This city is colonized for more than 7,000 years and the plan of the urban is patent by Byzantine, Ottoman and Roman societies. This place is a birthplace of many outstanding writers, artists, philosophers, dramatists and the classical stylist.

Nowadays this city is a cosmopolitan city and enjoys the media, political, educational, industrial and cultural center of Greece. The chronological center of the town is unruffled of Acropolis, a gigantic hill with the leftovers of prehistoric Parthenon and buildings. While Athens is recognized to be a remarkable archeological research center, it’s filled with chronological museums like the intricate and Christian Museum, The New Acropolis Museum and National Archaeological Museum.

While your visit to Athens, you must visit the Port of Piraeus, which was the most essential port of the Mediterranean for the decades because of its geological location. Athens is one of the most beautiful places, which has combination of History and modern culture.

3. Byblos, Lebanon

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Byblos is another milestone of many primordial civilizations. In Phoenicia this is the oldest city and has been persistently colonized for about 5,000 years, although the initial signs of evolution go back to prior periods. Byblos city is unswervingly related to the growth of Phoenician alphabet. The Phoenician alphabet is used even nowadays. For your information the English word Bible is resultant from the name of this city Byblos. This city was an essential port as papyrus was imported from here.

Byblos is one of the most hot spot these days as this city has lots to offer like ancient temples and citadels, scenic view overlooking the Mediterranean, the ports and ancient ruins. This city has become metropolitan city over the years. However you can find the touch of antiquity easily in entire city. This place is a burly combination of complexity and custom and is still loves its antique heart. You would definitely fall in love with the culture and tradition of this city.

4. Jerusalem, Israel

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Jerusalem is the most important religious destination in the world. It is most visited and famous place in the world. This place is recognized to be a holy place for Christians, Jewish and Muslims. According to one of the holy book, Jerusalem was the capital of United Kingdom of Israel. This city is now populated by 8 lacs residents in which 60% population are Jewish followers.

Over the eras Jerusalem has witnessed the multiple tragic events, counting numerous sieges, attacks and destructions. This old city was recognized 4 thousand years ago. It has been alienated into four quadrants, which are known as The Muslim Quarter, The Jewish Quarter, Christian Quarter and Armenian Quarter. This is one of the most beautiful oldest inhabited cities in the world. Don’t forget to enjoy the Turkish Hamam if you are here. In late 80s, the old city was enlisted in the list of World Heritage Sites in Danger. The transformation has broadened far ahead of the precincts of the prehistoric center. This place has implausible symbolic importance for Jewish Community from all around the globe, which implies their craving to approach back home.

5. Varanasi, India

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India is a famous birthplace of many ancient civilizations, spirituality and religions. In ancient time it was always on the list of traders and explorers. Varanasi is one of the holy cities of India, which is situated on the bank of the Ganges River. According to Hindus this place was established by Lord Shiva. This city is older than 12 century BC. This city is measured as the oldest city in the world.

Varanasi is also known as Benares (Banaras) or Kashi. This place is always filled with pilgrims and wanderers. One of the most famous writers Mark Twain once said about this city “Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.” Varanasi is an exceptional enriching and spiritual center with many famous authors, musicians and poets determined in the town.

6. Jericho, West Bank

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The some fortification of Jericho is quiet old and back to 6800 B.C., which makes this city the initial known walled town and other facts proves that this city is older than 11,000 years, which makes it the real competitor for world’s oldest town. Jericho has remained inhabited and dry throughout the history, although the position of this city is beneath the sea level. This incredible facts also formulate this city the lowest enduringly populated site on the globe. Today Jericho is home of 20,000 people.

7. Aleppo, Syria

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According to the history and evidence it seems like Aleppo is approx 8,000 years old, however certain evacuations 15.5 km away from the north of the city prove the area was populated about 13,000 years ago. That means that Aleppo and its outer skirt region are the oldest recognized human colonies on the earth. The town is first stated in cuneiform tablets from approx 5,000 B.C., where it is mentioned for its marketable and armed adeptness. This city is in between the Mediterranean Sea and Mesopotamia it was essential in ancient time. Aleppo was also a part of silk route, which ends here passing through Central Asia and Mesopotamia. This place was center of the ancient world. Nowadays this place is the major city in Syria.

8. Argos, Greece

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Argos is the competitor of Athens in the race of oldest town in Europe. This place is inhabited for last 7,000 years. This city was quite powerful as compared to other cities. Its superior position in the lush unadorned of Argolis has made it an influential position, although it has the past of neutrality. For example, the town declined to fight or send materials during the Greco-Persian Wars. Possibly that’s part of the cause the town has withstood the examination of era.

9. Plovdin, Bulgaria

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Greeks knows Plovdiv as Philippopolis. It was initially a Thracian conclusion and was the main city for the Romans. For some period of time Ottomans has also ruled here. Plovdin was very beautiful city and has a very rich history since millenniums. According to the evidence found, this place is 6,000 years old. Even in modern era this is a beautiful city and is the second largest city of Bulgaria. Plovdiv still enjoy an essential economic, educational and cultural center.

10. Sidon, Lebanon

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Sidon is inhabited form more than 6,000 years. It is one of the most essential Phoenician towns since of its location as a vital harbor on the Mediterranean. This milieu also leads to the town being subjugated by a spinning door of the world’s immense empires including the Babylonians, Greeks, Ottomans, Assyrians, Egyptians and Romans. Nowadays this awesome place is home of 2, 00,000 people.

11. Rayy, Iran

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Rayy (Rey) is located in the Greater Tehran urban area, which comes under Iran. This city is inhabited from last 8,000 years. This place is highly populated from last 6,000 years. This metropolis holds a wealth of chronological memorials, which are very old like Cheshmeh Ali Hill and Gebri Castle. This city was very sacred for Zoroastrians.

12. Luoyang, China

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Luoyang is one of the inhabited cities in Aisa. It is located in the plains of central China. It is the oldest city of China and was the ancient capital of China. From facts it seem like this city is since Neolithic times, with an incessant population for at least 4,000 years. Luo and Yi Rivers are crossed at this city. This town was measured as a geological hub of early China.