21 Luxurious Hotels to spend your Honeymoon in Thailand

Amidst the clear skies and the modern sleek buildings lining the skyline of Thailand, where people find solace under the soothing touch of sunrays in the beach, there are umpteen assorted things to do on your honeymoon in Thailand and places to visit in Bangkok, you’ll cherish them more as you entwine your hands with your loved one while gazing at the nature or just deepening into the thrills of the activities. All Romantic things to do in Bangkok and places to eat in Bangkok are listed below which won’t cease to leave you confound beyond your expectations making it one of the best weekend getaways kindling your love.

  1. Amanpuri

One of the oldest and over the top Luxurious island resort in Phuket, all laced with spellbinding beauty set amidst the tropical green lush of the province. Considered one of the finest resorts in Thailand, the villas and pavilions face the beach through the branches of trees, with elegant décor and exclusive touch to each room. The resort has its own restaurant and bar; you can also walk to the nearby beach bars and sip the drinks bathed in dusk.

Price: + 40,000 baht per night

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Perks: since they’ve been welcoming couples since long, you’ll feel Royal under their care and adventure and honeymoon offers to the nearby beaches.

  1. Trisara Phuket

This intimate resort has its own sandy beach; you won’t feel like stepping out of the island as you lounge in its beach gazing at the spellbinding beauty of nature with your feet digging into the soft white sand as you sip a classic drink. There are small swimming pools for some large honeymoon rooms or villas which face lush and gorgeous downhill clusters of trees, the beach or the swimming pool. You’ll feel like gulping more Thai drinks as you sit in their bar and feel the war of myriad tastes.

Price: + 27,049baht per night

Perks: the service is too excellent with amazing panoramic views. Packages honeymoon and for parasailing, kayaking etc are also available.

  1. Six Senses Samui

This twenty acres of private property nestled in the northern tip of the Samui competes worldwide beating top notch hotels to be voted as the ‘best property in the world’ by the Conde Nast Traveller UK in the year 2008. They’re refined more since, enhancing more the idea of privacy especially for couples. The massive villas mostly facing the beach have their own private infinity pools for couples to swim and spend time in love and leisure, a massive infinity pool is open for everyone.

Price: + 50,000 baht per night

Perks: attention to detail, impeccable service and personal butlers. Canoeing, kayaking, surfing etc are also included in honeymoon services

  1. JW Marriott Phuket Resort and Spa

Located on Phuket’s north-west coast, this five-star luxurious resort is away from the bustling life of the Central Phuket in the island’s most scintillating beach. With traditional Thai and modern architecture, towering palm trees and cascading beach and pool, this is the best place to embark on your journey of love. The special honey moon package includes limo airport transfer, champagne candle night dinners and of course the special spa treatments for the couples.

Price: +50,550 baht per night

Perks: impeccable services, various honeymoon packages, souvenirs, and couple activities in beaches nearby.

  1. Four Seasons Resort Samui

The honeymoon suites and villas overlook the gulf of Siam, with the azure and Celeste beach tumbling below in a flow adding more to the excellence in the luxury that this resort is. They offer spa and other indulgent treatments on-site to revitalize and balm the souls to bring in more love and ecstasy.

Price: +2000 baht per night

Perks: attention to detail, personalized honeymoon packages, Samui island trip

  1. Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

This legendary places its glorious history to more than 125 years ago when it was first inaugurated as a seaman’s lodge by the Chao Phraya Riverside. It’s associated with long victorious stories of both Thai and nearby seamen as they fought the sea and traded goods or fought battles and protected their lands. They cater the needs at the highest level typifying the golden age of travel and tradition. For couples, it’ll always be fall in love over again at dusk when the nature dims its lights to enhance those of the Oriental.

Price: +17,680 baht per night

Perks: Chao Phraya river activities, honeymoon packages, candlelight dinners by the riverside etc

  1. Chakrabongse Villas

These villas are more into intersperse of luxury and nature, will all swish luxury amongst the lining trees and exquisite rooms and furniture, this is the best place to start your voyage of love together. The villas have different views; some face the sea while some simply show the variant pastels blooming in the tropical gardens. The services are excellent and different activities are also offered.

Price: +2500 baht per night

Perks: a few minute walk away from Bangkok city centre, Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Wat Rrun, Wat Suthat etc. swimming pool and champagne dinners in candlelight.

  1. The Siam

Located in the riverside of the Bangkok Dusit district, its set wide and sumptuously in almost 3acres of land clad in tropical splendor. It has various villas, suites and cottages, while some have the river view, some have pools and garden views. This place is unmentionably beautiful for anyone to gawk mindlessly.

Price: +20,530 baht per night

Perks: a few minute walk away from the Elephant Museum, Dusit Zoo, Chitlada Palace, Wat Po and the Grand Palace. Classic bars and packages for couples.

  1. Ariyasom Villa

This villa located at the start of the Sukhumvit Road is a stunning 1940s house offering the best of old and new. Seated behind the tall gates and high stone wall is this beautiful villa, fully designed to make you feel safe and at home. It has one of the best organic restaurants in Bangkok which although serve seafood but are sure to make you swoon if you’re a vegetarian. Na Aroon, their restaurant serves the best vegetarian organic dishes adding more to gape at.

Price: +6980 baht per night

Perks: homely retreat for couples, swimming pool, private dinners and couple packages.

  1. Praya Palazzo

On the other side of the Chao Phraya River is set the Praya Palazzo enticing in a complete different view of the Chao Phraya River through a boat ride it wades through your destination. This hotel promises seclusion balanced in love and privacy; being a riverside away it still infuses fun from the minute away restaurants and bars of Pra Athit and Khao San, the temple of Dawn and the Wat Pho and Grand Palace are just a short ride away.

Price: +5306 bhat per night

Perks: honeymoon packages, River activities, swimming etc are available.

  1. Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

Being one of the best luxurious hotels in Thailand, with tanned wood and mute lighting, antique collections set to leave anyone awestruck; this has been a talisman of good omen for couples visiting here to embark on their bond of love. It has various buffet restaurants and rooms offering different panoramic views, separate drinking options are well genteel. The Terminal 21, a massive luxurious shopping mall is directly connected to it.

Price: + 7098 baht per night

Perks: honeymoon packages, intimate dinners and activities around Bangkok are also included.

  1. St. Regis Bangkok

In the ultra urbane New York style modern touch corded with comfort and high luxury, St. Regis combines classic with lavishness effortlessly. The silks that reverberate the patter of flowers from Thai temples are set artistically as wallpapers behind the beds made up with 300 count Egyptian supple cotton sheets along the French designed to the taste of Louis XIV. It gives more than the view of the forest area the pools and the rivers.

Price: + 8185 baht per night

Perks: honeymoon packages, rooftop dinners etc.

  1. Hotel Muse

It’s more like the Victorian Britain, dark wood glistening in the low lighting with catchy plush cushions and erratic tastes. The interior décor is all about the vintageantiques all inspired from the era of the King Rama V. it’s rooftop restaurant is the best, you’ll find more than Thai and international dishes a special original Indian taste in Bangkok.

Price: +5309 baht per night

Perks: rooftop bar and restaurant, honeymoon packages.

  1. So Sofitel

Each floor feels different in the hotel, giving glimpses altogether. It’s all white base is filled in a myriad of colors combating the taste of contrast with Klein Blue and Mythical Pantings, the upward wood-inspired rooms give Zen-like experience instilling a traditional Thai and Japanese accommodation with the Bonsai Tree and fish-like features.

Price: + 5460 baht per night

Perks: rooftop bar and restaurant, honeymoon suites and personalized packages.

  1. W Bangkok

The suites are equipped with modern high-tech luxuries and funky amenities. The curtains, the crystals, the interior décor is all in contrast to the surrounding dimming their existence to bloom your love. It’s only a short walk away from the BTS at Chong Nonsi and Silom’s most famous night life is just a taxi away.

Price: + 5912 baht per night

Perks: honeymoon suites, private dining, bars and restaurants with exclusive tastes and features.

  1. Lebua at State Tower

The famous dome of the state tower houses the Luxurious Iebua in the Silom area of Bangkok which overlooks the twinkling skyline of Bangkok with the Chao Phraya River mirroring the towers as it flows beneath. The suites have spectuacular views of both the city and the river. The Rooftop Sky Bar is one of the famous Thai Rooftop bars with thrilling nightlife, a fitness room and spa room can be checked in with full assurance of revitalization.

Price: +4869 baht per night

Perks: large pool for swimming, various cafes and restaurants, packages for couples

  1. Shanghai Mansion Bangkok

Located in Bangkok’s China town, Shanghai Mansion has refurbished to elegance of the 1930s; originally built in 1892, it’s a small China-in- Bangkok Mansion retelling the old Chinese myths. Its restaurant and the Jazz bars offer less of international and more of Chinese concoction in all servings; the bar is the must-be-tried.

Price: + 2498 baht per night

Perks: offers for couples, traditional Buddhist insights, nearby nightlife and various temples add more to the honeymoon.

  1. Shangri-La Bangkok

This tropical city resort towers amazingly by the vibrant Chao Phraya River the Manificnet River of kings from ancient glorious eras. This is the most exotic and luxurious hotel where you would be cared royally as the crimson hues of sunrise dance on the Chao Phraya River. The suites are very beautiful and facing the river, pool and the lush gardens.

Price: +6032 baht per night

Perks: honeymoon packages, intimate dinners by the riverside

  1. Old Capital Bike Inn

This is one of the best offbeat luxurious places in Khao San to stay in during your honeymoon. The rooms and dining areas are comparatively small when compared to the five-star Marriott’s, but ethereal exquisiteness is undefined. The rooms are a lot more cheap but luxurious with all plush comforts and always-at- service staff.

Price: +3190 baht per night

Perks: offers for couples, intimate dining rooms, near to the main Khao San

  1. Baan Kachitpan

You’ll be amazed as you step into the threshold of this place; it gives the ambience of a luxurious home away from home. There’re not many rooms and hence less people at a time with more privacy for couples. Set amidst the green linings and lavish settings, the rooms face the gardens or the city view of the main Khao San. There are bars and restaurants nearby.

Price: +3520 baht per night

Perks: near Khao San, offers for couples.

  1. Dharasom Colonial House

This is also one of the best offbeat places to enjoy your honeymoon in; this house feels like the Queen of England is to visit in a few hours. It has unbelievable luxury at such cheap rates. You’re sure to fall in love all over again once in such serene and antique setting. The old gramophone still floods with traditional Thai tunes, Thai-continental dishes are served the best here.

Price: + 2320 baht per night

Perks: near to major attractions in Bangkok, offers for couples, bars and restaurants nearby.