9 Awesome Places for a Short Road Trip Around Bangalore

It’s weekend here & you want to get away from the city chaos. Only problem is you do not want to spend all your time in commuting to the “Perfect Weekend Destination”. So we have dig deep & got the places which are near Bangalore & are perfect for a Road Trip.

Here is a list of 9 awesome places for a Short Road Trips around Bangalore.

1. Nandi Hills– 60 KMs from Bangalore to Nandi Hills


Travel Mode Taxi
Travel Time 1 Hr
Travel Cost 1100-1300
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You can never go wrong with Nandi Hills as your Travel Destination. Nandi Hills, 60 KMs from Bangalore offers itself as an ideal place to visit near Bangalore. A hill,1479 m in height from sea level, Nandi Hills offers a scenic Sunrise to the visitors. It has a fortress famous as Tipu Sultan’s Summer Retreat. Nandi Hills should ideally be visited early in the morning to witness the morning haze, Cloudy mist & scenic sunrise.

The way to reach here is by road. So, you should plan a Road Trip to best enjoy the ride.

The route from Bangalore to Nandi Hills is- Bangalore >> Hebbal>> Yelahanka>>Devanahall>> Nandi Hills

Activities to do in Nandi Hills-

Cycling        Sunrise/Sunset        Heritage    Sightseeing

2. Ramanagar– 47 KM from Bangalore to Ramanagar


Travel Mode Train Taxi
Travel Time 50 Min 1 Hr
Travel Cost 550-800 1200-1400

If Sholay was one of the best movies you have ever watched then you can’t miss out on Ramanagar where Sholay’s iconic scenes were shot.

From Bangalore to Ramanagar the distance is 47 KM. Ramanagar can be a strong contender when you plan one day trip from Bangalore.This place offers vast varieties of activities such as Rock Climbing, Caving, and exploring Silk Handlooms to paying a visit to temples.

There are lots of history lessons to be learnt. Ramanagar has been ruled by Great emperors like Cholas, Gangas, Vijayanagar & Tipu Sultan. Ramanagar is also to be said as a place where Rama & Sita stayed during their exile. It also has Rama temple which sees many pilgrims paying a visit.

Activities to do in Ramanagar-

Rock Climbing                Trekking                Camping

Caving                    Silk Handlooms                Religious Places

3. Savandurga– 60 KM from Bangalore to Savandurga


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Travel Mode Taxi
Travel Time 1 Hr 50 Min
Travel Cost 1200-1400

Savandurga, a trekking destination for Bangalorean is 60 KM away. The name of Savandurga (meaning fort of death in kannada) gets adrenaline rushing through the body. It is considered as one of the largest Monoliths in Asia & poses great challenges for trekkers.

Savandurga trekking has two hills- Billigudda & Karigudda. Billigudda is generally preferred due to its gentle slopes & sense of familiarity/acquaintance exuded by yellow guided lines to the hilltop. The trek starts from easy to being difficult at the steepest slop to top.

It also offers ample opportunities for Photography enthusiasts for capturing scenic surroundings.

It should ideally be planned as one day trip from Bangalore.

Activities to do in Savandurga-

Photography        Trekking

3. Skandagiri- 60 KM from Bangalore to Skandagiri


Travel Mode Taxi
Travel Time 1 Hr 50 Min
Travel Cost 2700-3200

Skandagiri also known as Kalwarbetta is 60 KM from Bangalore. It is another jewel in Nandi Hills Range.

It has one of the strong forts of Tipu’s sultanate. This place is good for trekking.

Trekking here can be tiring as it is a long trek & rocks are very steep as are the characteristics of Nandi Hills. The trek takes you through dense shrubs along with steep rocks & offers an intriguing trekking experience. Throughout the walk till top, an amazing view of Kalwarbetta fortress. Once you reach Kalwarbetta Fort thinking a finish for trek you discover another fort hill to reach. To wrap your trek you need to conquer 6 such rings of forts.

The route to Skandagiri is Bangalore>> Chikballapur>>Mudenhalli >> Kalwara >> Papagni Temple

Activities to do in Skandagiri-

Trekking        Rock Climbing

4. Anthagange- 70 KM from Bangalore to Anthagange


Travel Mode Train Taxi
Travel Time 1 hr 50 Min (Train) + 45 Min (Taxi)

(Train available till Mandya, then take a taxi for 45 KM)

1 Hr 50 Min
Travel Cost 1600-1900 2700-3200

A perfect place for Caving & Mountaineering, Anthagange invites Bangaloreans to spend a week end with it. The peculiar volcanic rock formations of Anthagange make it a rocky haven for adventure activities. You can opt of many activities such as Rappelling, Rock Climbing, and Rope Traversing.

Activities to do in Anthagange-

Trekking        Night Trekking            Rappelling    Rock Climbing

Rope Travesrsing    Zip Line                Caving

5. Bheemeshwari- 105 KM from Bangalore to Bheemeshwari


Travel Mode Train Taxi
Travel Time 1 hr 50 Min (Train) + 45 Min (Taxi)

(Train available till Channapatna, then take a taxi for 45 KM)

1 Hr 50 Min
Travel Cost 1650-2100 2400-2800

Bheemeshwari is a place to get adventure junky. You can do all the activities as Zip-Lining, Rappelling, Kayaking, Burma Loops, Cat Walk, Elephant Walk in one single trip.

The River Cauvery will be there with you all the while & its wilder serenity will give you all the opportunities to calmness & quietness of the nature post your Adventure junk. Also enjoy the wildlife in surrounding area which includes Elephants, Deers, Turtles, Snakes but must watch specie is the largest tropical Game fish “The Mahseer”.

Activities to do in Bheemeshwari-

Adventure Sport, Camping, Trekking, Rappeling, Zip-Lining, Burma Loops, Wild Life, Water Sports

6. Lepakshi- 120 KM from Bangalore to Lepakshi


Travel Mode Train Taxi
Travel Time 1 hr 50 Min (Train) + 45 Min (Taxi)

(Train available till Mandya, then take a taxi for 45 KM)

1 Hr 50 Min
Travel Cost 1700-2100 2700-3200

The distance from Bangalore to Lepakshi is 120 KMs which places it among best places to visit near Bangalore within 150 KM.

Lepakshi is a heritage site which homes the Vijaynagar styled Hanging pillars. The pillars are carved with minute details sculpted all over the place. The architecture resembles Hampi, another jewel of Vijaynagar Empire. Both these places have a strong presence in Karnataka Tourism.

It is also famous for its collection of mural paintings & has the largest mural painting on the fresco of main sanctum.

The place has mythological significance as Rama has given moksha to Jatayu, the bird in the town by saying Le (Rise) Pakshi(Bird).

Nearby places to be visited includes Dharmavaram, Hindupur for their silk & Cotton Weaving units.

Activities to do in Lepakshi-

Heritage                    Mural Painting                Mythology

Silk Handlooms                    Cycling

7. Shivanasamudram- 130 KM from Bangalore to Shivanasamudram


Travel Mode Train Taxi
Travel Time 1 Hr 30 Min(Train) + 1 Hr(Taxi)

(Train available till Mandya,then take a taxi for 53 KM to destination)

2 Hr 45 Min
Travel Cost 1900-2350 2700-3200

Shivsamudram Waterfall is a must in your list of places to visit near Banaglore to Detox your soul. The Shivsamudram Waterfalls has two streams which are created after River Cauvery runs through 75 Meter gorge before cascading down for 200ft on to islands of Shivasamudram. The branches are called Bharachukki (eastern stream) & Gaganachukki (western stream).

Shivsamudram falls are counted among Best 100 Waterfalls in the world & are surrounded by Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary which can be explored by the inner wild life enthusiast.

Activities to do in Shivasamudram-

Waterfalls        Wildlife         Photography

8. Hogenakkal- 130 KM from Bangalore to Hogenakkal


Travel Mode Train Bus Taxi
Travel Time 1 Hr 30 Min(train) + 1 Hr(taxi)

(Palakkodu (PCV) then take a taxi for 45 KM)

2 Hr 15 Min(Bus)+ 45 (Taxi)

Bus till Dharampuri then take a taxi for 45 KM

2 Hr 10 Min
Travel Cost 1900-2350 1650-2050 3000-3500

Our own Nigara falls in India- Hogenakkal Falls is one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore. The route is straight from Bangalore to Dharampuri to Hogenkkal. You would be travelling through trademark Tamilnadu Roads flanked by Banana & Coconut Plantations.

The falls should be ideally visited in rainy seasons where River Cauvery is on full show & makes the falls glittering & giving Smoke when water falls down (Hogenkkal- Smoky Stone).

You can get yourself pampered through Medicinal & non medicinal Oil Baths & Coracle rides.

Activities to do in Hoggenkkal-

Waterfall                Water Sports                    Natural Spa

Ayurveda                Coracle Ride                    Photography