Leh Ladakh Trip Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

leh ladakh trip frequently asked question (FAQ)
leh ladakh trip frequently asked question (FAQ)

Ques 1: How Journey to Leh Ladakh is planned?

There are 3 ways to reach ladakh-

  1. Srinagar to Leh (first approach):

Route: Kashmir Valley >>Kargil>>Ladakh

Distance: Around 430 Kms

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Open During: June to November

You can use State Road Transport (J&K SRTC) buses (both regular, deluxe and ordinary) for travelling between Srinagar and Leh

  1. Manali to Leh (second approach):

Distance: Around 470 Kms

Open During: mid-June to early October

Transport: You can use Himachal Pradesh Tourism (HRTC) and J & K SRTC deluxe and ordinary buses between Manali and Leh.


  • Srinagar – Leh: Around 430 kilometers
  • Manali – Leh: Around 470 Kilometers
  • Srinagar – Kargil: Around 200 kilometers
  • Delhi – Leh: Around 1050 Kilometers
  • Leh – Kargil: Around 230 Kilometers
  • Kargil – Padum (Zanskar): Around 240 Kilometers
  • Leh – Deskit (Nubra Valley): Around 120 Kilometers.
  1. By Air (third approach):

Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is the main airport of ladakh. It connect flight directly from Delhi, Srinagar mainly provided by Air India, Go Air and Jet Airways.

Ques 2: Is there a direct train to Leh Ladakh?

No, there is no direct train to Leh Ladakh

The closet railway station is Jammu Tawi (around 700 km from Ladakh) which is connect to all major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and from there you can use public transport or taxi to reach Ladakh

Pathankot and Chandigarh are two more railways connected to Leh (average travel time 3 day)

Ques 3: What is the fitness level require for the trip?

This trip requires you to be courageous not faint hearted from as you will be trekking at a height of around 13000 feet to 18000 feet in snow with the oxygen level minimum.

You are advised to do the following exercise

  • Cardio Exercises: to avoid breathe shortness
  • Strengthening exercises: To avoid back and body pains
  • Weight and muscle training: to avoid fatigue
  • Rhythmic breathing: to increase lung capacity

Ques 4: What bikes are best suited for Ladakh trip?

Bike Advantage Drawback
Royal Enfield: big engine, heavier size to easily tie luggage around, Good suspension and seating position,  heavy kick, smaller fuel tank, no electric start
Bajaj Pulsar: huge fuel tank Lean Seat position, uncomfortable seat for tripping
Hero Impulse, Yamaha FZ and Fazer, KTM Duke Dual sport tires, long travel shocks, Upright riding position small fuel tank, low speed,

Ques 5: What is the accommodation facility in Ladakh?

Some top accommodations in Leh are:

  • Hotel Nalanda Ladakh; 0.6 km from the Leh Palace and 2.1 km from the golden statue at the rural Shanti Stupa.
  • The Grand Dragon Ladakh: 2.4 km from the Leh Palace
  • The Zen Ladakh: 2 km from the Leh Palace monastery and 3 km from Kushok Bakula Rimpochhe Airport.
  • Hotel Ladakh Himalayan Retreat: 2 km from the Leh Palace and 3 km from both Leh Airport and the golden Buddha at Shanti Stupa.

Some budget accommodations in Leh are:

Zal Guesthouse:  located near Upper Tukcha Road

Barath Hotel: walking distance from the Leh Main Market

Hotel Moonland: Located in Village Lamayuru in Leh district

Generally Hotels here are fully furnished equipped with modern comforts.

Ques 6: What type of clothes one should bring to ladakh?

General list of clothes:

  • 2-3 Pairs of Inner Thermal Suits
  • 3-4 sets of Heavy woolens
  • 1 heavy woolen jacket
  • 3-4 pairs of woolen socks
  • one or two caps
  • 1 Balaclava
  • pair of shoes/gum boots
  • Hand Gloves

Ques 7: What is the average duration of each day travel?

It depends on your plan, but generally speaking it is 6-7 hours per day.

Ques 8: What is the temperature in Ladakh?

December to February: Temperature range (5 °C in day to -20°C in night)

March to April: Temperature range (6°C in day to -5°C in night)

May to August: Temperature range (16°C in day to 3°C in night)

September to November: Temperature range (22°C in day to 5°C in night)

Ques 9: How long does it take to get adapted in Ladakh?

If you taking a direct flight make sure to rest for a day or two to get yourself acclimatized.

Do the following to make yourself adaptable:

  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • avoid drinking and smoking
  • avoid any strenuous activity

Ques 10: Will there be any lack of oxygen in Ladakh?

Yes, because Ladakh is situated 10,000 above sea level so low oxygen level and you might face some breathing difficulty

Ques 11: What are some symptoms of High Altitude sickness?


  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • disturbed sleep
  • Nausea
  • nose bleeding
  • coughing
  • breathlessness
  • exhaustion

Ques 12: What is the minimum day requiring to fully exploring Ladakh?

A minimum of 5 days is good for covering all the important places in Ladakh.

The itinerary for the trip:

Day 1 Reach Leh – Get Acclimatize; take a visit to shanti stupa

Day 2 Roam around Leh , visit Leh palace or instead go to magnetic hill and drass war memorial

Day 3 Visit Nubra Valley

Day 4 Back To leh relax and do some sightseeing (or go to Pangong Tso)

Day 5 – visit Hemis Monasteries and come back to Leh

Ques 13: Is it recommendable to bring children to the trip?

Yes, no issue provided that there are physically fit and can endure weather conditions. Sometime children are not able to voice out the symptom of high altitude sickness and this create problem.

Ques 14: Should I visit Ladakh during winters?

For exploring the real beauty of Ladakh, it is advised to visit during winters.

Ques 15: What is the condition of toilet facility in Ladakh region?

Toilets facility is proper throughout the trip. You will be getting rooms with attached bathrooms with hot/cold water facility 24*7.

Ques 16: Is laundry facility is available in Ladakh?

Yes you will be getting Laundry services in hotels. You can also avail laundry service at a cheaper rate from outside.

Ques 17: Is a motorcycle rider’s license to participate on the trip?

Yes, it is mandatory for the rider to have a motorcycle driving license.

Ques 18: What are the documents which are required for the trip?

It is advice to carry the following documents so as to avoid any trouble during your trip.

  • Driving license
  • Registration Papers of the bike
  • Insurance certificate
  • Pollution under control certificate
  • Photographs of yours
  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Passport

Ques 19: What kind of tourist vehicles is found in this region?

Some of the tourist vehicle found here are generally SUV’S like Toyota Qualis, Mahindra Scorpio

Ques 20: What kind of bedding do we get while camping?

You will be provided with proper bedding with beds and quilts to keep you warm and protect from to cold. You need not to bring your own.

Ques 21: What are some of the Accommodation in Ladakh?

There are varieties of accommodation facility available in Ladakh:

  • Hotels: Some famous luxury hotels are Hotel Charu Palace Leh and Grand Dragon.
  • Homestays: Gangba Homestay, Gangs Shun Homestay, Ladakh View Homestay and Tukchu Homestay
  • Camps Near Sarchu, Rohtang

Ques 22: Will there be any briefing session before we start our tour?

Yes, there will be briefing session before the tour where you will be given instructions on do and don’ts and about the overview of complete trip.

Ques 23: Are there any ATM’s in Leh?

ATM are scare in this region it is found only at some places like manali, Srinagar etc. furthermore cards are not accepted by petrol pumps . so it is recommended to carry changes.

Ques 24: How much risk is involved on a road trip?

If you are going for any adventures trip it is obvious that some risks will be involved. So be highly cautious especially during riding and Treking.

Ques 25: What about chargers/adapters in the car?

Cares are equipped with USB port for charging.

Ques 26: What is the cost of fuel on a bike trip?

The total cost of fuel for the trip will be in the range of Rs 7000 to Rs.7500/-

Ques 27: Can 3 people adjust in a room?

No, Hotels, generally don’t allow 3 people in a room, but any way it is negotiable in case of kids.

Ques 28: What about medical emergency?

On your bike trip a certified medical person will always accompany and assist you in case of any emergency.

Ques 29: Can accommodations be mix of various categories?


Ques 30: Will we have a tour Guide/Manager?

Yes, a tour guide will be provided

Ques 31: Will the driver be able to speak in English?

Yes, drivers can understand and speak English

Ques 32: What network services are good at Ladakh?

The best network in Ladakh is BSNL followed by Airtel

Ques 33: What about data Connectivity in Ladakh?

Data connectivity is limited to 2G and GPRS but you will be getting WiFi at Hotels.

Ques 34: Do credit cards work in hotels and restaurants?

Yes, it is accepted in many hotels but they charge some additional tax

Ques 35: Is it safe for female solo traveler?

Yes, it is completely safe.

Ques 36: Do we need to carry Fuel in a Jerry Can on Ladakh Road Trip?

If you going on bike it is must to carry fuel.

Ques 37: What are the important things to bring on the Road trip to ladakh?

Some important things you should definitely bring are:

  • Bag and luggage: Waterproof backpacks and handbags
  • Outfits and Footwear: Hiking boots/shoes, Flip Flops, extra pair of socks, woolen clothes (esp. in Winters) like Jackets, Sweaters, Comforters, Shawls etc. and rain coats.
  • Electronic gadgets: camera, battery etc.
  • Medicines: Diamox (for AMS), Avomine (for motion sickness), Pain Killer & Crocin, Anti Allergic Medicine and medicines to deal with loose motion and acidity
  • Other items: some general medicine, sunscreen, moisturizer, water bottle, Sanitizer, snacks, biscuits etc.

Ques 38: What will be the facility for water/ do I need to carry Food/Water along?

Packages drinking water is available throughout the trip at all locations.

Ques 39: Are there local transportation provide for sightseeing?


Ques 40: Is the drinking water safe here?

It is advisable to drink package drinking water like Bisleri, Aquafina, Kinley etc.

Ques 41: Should I carry Rain Gear?

Yes, it is required.

Ques 42: What are the places I can see in Leh and Ladakh city?

The following things you can see

  • Buddhist monasteries
  • Stupa
  • Kali Mandir
  • Leh Palace
  • Nubra valley etc.

Ques 43: What are popular peaks in Ladakh that can be visited?

Some of the popular peaks are:

  • Sasser Kangri 7627mts in Karakuram range
  • Nun 7135mts;
  • Kun 7085mts;
  • Zanskar range;
  • Kang-yatse 6400mts;
  • StokKangri 6150mts in ladakh range.

Ques 44: Is Magnetic Hill dangerous to visit in Ladakh?

No, not at all, Magnetic Hill is situated on Leh-kargil Srinagar Highway, at a altitude of 10000 feet above sea level.

Ques 45: Are there lakes in Ladakh?

Some of the famous Lakes in ladakh are:

  • PangongTso Lake: It is a high grassland lake situated at a height of about 4,350 m, 160km from Leh
  • Tsomoriri Lake: Situated at a height of 4,522 m, Designated as world heritage site
  • Tsokar Lake: salt lake situated in the Rupshu Plateau and valley in the southern part of Ladakh.

Ques 46: What are the monasteries found in Leh and Ladakh?

Some of the famous monasteries to in Ladakh are:

  • Shanti Stupa
  • Spituk Monastery
  • Hemis Monastery
  • Thiksey Monastery
  • Lamayuru Monastery
  • Shey Monastery
  • Stok Palace
  • Phyang Monastery
  • SankarGompa
  • Alchi Monastery
  • NamgyalTsemoGompa
  • LikirGompa
  • Leh Palace
  • Stongde Monastery
  • Diskit&HundurGompa
  • MathoGompa
  • Soma Gompa
  • Takthok Monastery
  • Sumda Chun Monastery

Ques 47: What is Local Cuisine of Ladakh ?

Some of the local cuisines of Ladakh are:

  • Vegetarian: Tsap Thuk , Thud, Sku, Thukpa, lotus root
  • Non-vegetarian: Tigmo, stew, Momos, Tabaq Naat, Tabaq Naat, Gushtaba

Ques 48: What are some of the commonly used Ladakhi Words?

Some of the commonly used ladakhi words are:

  • Hello, goodbye, thank you : Julley
  • How are you? : Khamzang le?
  • I am okay : Khamzang in le
  • What is your name? : Nyerangi ming chi in le?
  • My name is : Nge ming le
  • From where ? : Nyerang kane in le?
  • I come from Delhi: Nga Delhi ne in le
  • I understand: Hago le!
  • Do you understand? : Hago a
  • I do not understand: Hamago le

Ques 48: What are some of the regions in ladakh?

  • Buddhism: 77% of population
  • Muslim: 14% of population
  • Hindus: 8% of population
  • Others 1% of population

Ques 49: What is the commonly Spoken Language in Ladakh?

The most common spoken language in ladakh are Bhoti spoken by approximately 2, 00,000 speakers in India and around 12000 speakers in Tibet.

Other language also spoken here are Balti, Shina, Brokshat and Changshat.

Ques 50: Can you share some insight on Music, dance and sports?

  • Music: Famous musical instruments include surna and daman (shenai and drum)
  • Dance: mask dances is important for Buddhism culture All major Ladakhi Buddhist monasteries hold annual dance festivals.
  • Sports: Ladakh is famous for Adventures sports like River Rafting, Mountain Biking, Camel Safari, Trekking, Jeep Safari etc

These questio will surely cover all the qureer related to your Leh Ladakh trip.