Health precautions to be taken during Ladakh bike trip

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Ladakh is a land of adventures. While all adventures are fun and exciting, it also comes with certain risks. And an adventure in Ladakh is no exception to that rule. A road journey across the Ladakh region on bikes while exciting, comes with certain difficulties.

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Ladakh is a remote region on the Himalayan range. This factor gives the region its scenic beauty and its fame. Because of it geographic location and its altitude, Ladakh experiences low oxygen pressure accompanied with cold climatic conditions.

It is recommended to follow these tips and suggestions so that one might be able to fully appreciate the beauty of this wonderful region.

Health precautions to be taken are :

  1. Spend a whole day in Manali or Leh and get acclimatized to the high altitude air pressure. If one ignores this important rule, then the probability of increase in health issues can be observed.
  2. Drink lots of water to stave off AMS (acute mountain sickness). AMS is a very common health complication and it can be avoided with proper acclimatization and hydration.
  3. Carry essential medications. Make sure to take medicines that do not cause any side effects. The most commonly used medicines are Diamox, Dexamethasone and Aspirin. These medicines also help combat AMS.
  4. Pack a first aid kit which contains essentials such as bandages, fever medicine, stomach medicine and headache medicine.
  5. Pack warm clothes and a windbreaker to keep you warm on your journey in the chilly Himalayan winds. Woolen clothes are recommended.
  6. Apply sunscreen and moisturizer before beginning your bike ride to protect your skin.
  7. The main hospital in Leh is SNM hospital. Apart from this, other private clinics are also available in Leh.
  8. Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol during your bike trip in Ladakh. Drink plenty of water at regular intervals of time.
  9. The importance of proper sleep cannot be overemphasized.

These are a few tips that will allow you to enjoy your trip to Ladakh without compromising your health. Follow them and have a safe and enjoyable adventure in the Land of the llama.

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