Difficulties faced by bikers in Ladakh bike trip

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Ladakh is a land of adventures. While all adventures are fun and exciting, it also comes with certain risks. And an adventure in Ladakh is no exception to that rule. A road journey across the Ladakh region on bikes while exciting, comes with certain difficulties.

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Ladakh is a remote region on the Himalayan range. This factor gives the region its scenic beauty while also creating certain problems due to its geographic location. Don’t worry, as every problem has a solution. Here i will list out certain commonly faced problems of bikers in the Ladakh region.

Food :

The most basic need of human also comes with certain problems. One cannot find many establishments en route which sell food and as such, one has to pack and carry essential food items which have a long shelf life. Maggi, chocolates and dry fruits are the staple food items which bikers prefer to carry.

Carry lots of drinking water as one faces the risk of dehydration. Keep drinking lots of water at regular intervals of time to prevent AMS. Do not consume alcohol as you will dehydrate faster and your brain will shut down.

Communication :

Since Ladakh is a mountain area, cell phone signals are not available at all places. Only few places offer good signal strength and network connectivity. The best mobile network is BSNL. You get decent connectivity in the towns of Himachal Pradesh, but once you start your journey cell signals are only found intermittently.

Bike problems :

SInce your bike is going to be your mode of transport, it is safe to assume that you may run into bike problems. Likely problems faced are :

  1. Puncture.
  2. Running out of fuel.
  3. Water in exhaust pump and engine.
  4. Air fuel mix and a choked air filter.

Bike mechanics are found in the major towns. There are only few mechanics that are scattered on the highways. My suggestion is to read up on these possible bike problems and to learn to fix them on your own. Carry extra fuel in a fuel container to avoid running out of fuel.

Health problems :

Ladakh is a high altitude area and as such the oxygen content is very less. One needs to acclimatize to this air before starting their journey. Apart from this, the ascents are rather rapid and one might start feeling dizzy when riding. To prevent this, drink plenty of water and move at a manageable speed. AMS is another major health concern. Stock up on few medications which has minimal side effects and embark on the adventure of a lifetime cautiously.

Resting spots :

You might have to camp at places where there is no hint of civilization. Carry your camping gear and make sure you don’t set up camp in high altitude places. Carry power banks to charge your phones and restrict the use age of your phones to the bare minimum as you won’t find spots to charge your power banks on the road.

All in all, Ladakh is an extremely fun place to explore and visit. But, one must exercise caution on their bike trip. It is recommended to undertake the bike trip of Ladakh in a group.

Have fun and stay safe during your Ladakh bike trip.

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