Top 10 One Day Treks around Mumbai

Mumbai also known as the gateway of India is nevertheless short of any other place in the country. It offers a wide range of places for one day treks and doing adventure activities. This article will surely guide you to choose the perfect trekking spot for you and your colleagues.

Treks around Mumbai

Following are the list of one day treks around Mumbai.

  1. Lohagad Trek
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Lohagad is one of the beautiful places to visit around Mumbai. The climate is pleasant all through the year. This place is suitable for doing adventure activities around Mumbai during the summer season, whereas in winter the climate is freezing making it impossible for carrying out any sort of adventure.

Distance from Mumbai: 100 kms

Place to visit in Lohagad:

Pavana Lake, Bhaja Caves, Bhushi Lake, Rajmachi Fort, Lohagad Fort, Reversing Station

Things to do in Lohagad:

  • Trekking at the lower lohagad fort
  • Paragliding at templepilots
  • Visit the viaspur fort
  • Boating at Pavana lake.
  1. Rajmachi Trek

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    Rajmachi is a picturesque place for carrying out adventure activities around Mumbai and at the same time enjoy the natural scenery out there. The duration of the Rajmachi Trek is approximately one day and it will be quite easy for beginners as well. So, if you are new to trekking you can try out this place for sure. It is situated at quite a distance from Mumbai and so it comes under the weekend getaway category from Mumbai.

    Distance from Mumbai: 315 kms

    Place to visit in Rajmachi:

    Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary, Manoranjan Fort, Rajmachi Point, Shreevardhan Fort, Udhewadi Village, Tungarli Dam and Lake

    Things to do in Rajmachi:

  • Visit the Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Camping at the Tungarli Dam and Lake
  • Trekking near Rajmachi Fort
  1. Korigad Trek

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    Korigad is the perfect place for doing one day treks around Mumbai and has a lot to offer for those who relatively new to trekking. The hill stations in Korigad are gorgeous and stunning to look and hence it is a perfect place for a weekend getaway from Mumbai.

    Distance from Mumbai: 110 km

    Place to visit in Korigad:

    Lion’s Point, Pavana Lake, Lonavala Lake, Narayani Dham Temple, Bhaja Caves

    Things to do in Korigad:

  • Trekking in Lonavala
  • Camping at the Pavana lake
  • Visit the spiritual Bhaja caves
  1. Matheran Trek

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    Matheran is locate at a distance of 2500 ms from the sea level and is a beautiful place around Mumbai. You can enjoy toy train rides through the waterfalls and forests of Matheran. Since no vehicles are allowed in Matheran it has a clean and unspoiled environment.

    Distance from Mumbai: 125 kms by road

    Place to visit in Matheran:

    Louisa Point, Porcupine Point (Sunset Point), Charlotte Lake, Panorama Point, Paymasters Park, Mount Barry, Ambarnath Temple, King George Point

    Things to do in Matheran:

  • Walk through the woods in the forests of Matheran
  • Enjoy boating in Charlotte Lake
  • Trekking through Garbert Plateau
  • Visit Louisa Point and Porcupine Point
  1. Kamshet Trek

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    Kamshet might just be the right places to visit around Mumbai if you are an adrenaline freak and has a lot of places to keep your mind occupied. It is an excellent weekend getaway owing to the easy access from Mumbai and is also located very near to. Never miss out to visit this place if you are around Mumbai and Mumbai.

    Distance from Mumbai: 52 kms by road.

    Place to visit in Kamshet:

    Bedsa caves, Bhairi Caves, Shinde Wadi hills, Kondeshwar temple, Karla Caves.

    Things to do in Kamshet:

  • Indulge in paragliding to get a once in a lifetime experience.
  • Visit the Kondeshwar temple
  • Trekking in Bhairi Caves
  • Enjoy city shopping in the local markets.
  1. Sudhagad Fort Trek

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    Sudhagad also known as Bhorapgad is a popular trekking destination near Mumbai. It is must visit place around Mumbai which has to visited primarily for the beauty of it mist covered mountains. It also has a very cool climate all through the year.

    Distance from Mumbai: 110 kms

    Place to visit in Sudhagad:

    Kumbheri Bridge, Aamby Valley Exit Gate, Sudhagad Fort, Pantsachiv Wada., Echo point, Ambarkhana

    Things to do in Sudhagad:

  • Trekking near Sudhagad Fort
  • Sightseeing at echo point
  • Visit the Aamby valley exit gate
  1. Raireshwar Trek

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    Raireshwar is a beautiful place to visit during the monsoon season and makes for an ideal destination for doing adventure activities around Mumbai the trekking level is moderate and historical place has definitely a lot to offer.

    Distance from Mumbai: 260 km

    Place to visit in Raireshwar:

    Raireshwar Mandir, Gomukh Lake, Nakhinda (Aswal Lake), Pandavleni.

    Things to do in Raireshwar:

  • Trekking at Kenjalgad Fort
  • Sightseeing at Gomukh lake
  • Visit the Raireshwar Mandir
  1. Kalsubai Peak Trek

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    The Kalasubai peak is one of the best places to visit around Mumbai for monsoon treks. It offers an enthralling experience for hardcore trekkers and is definitely a place so beautiful that you will be liking visiting the place in your dream. When you are, here be sure you never miss out the trekking part in Kalasubai peak

    Distance from Mumbai: 160 kms

    Place to visit in Kalsubai:

    Umbrella Falls, Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake, Ratanwadi Village, Agatsya Rishi Ashram, Randha Falls

    Things to do in Kalsubai:

  • Trekking around Kalsubai Peak
  • Sightseeing in Umbrella Falls
  • Boating in Arthur Lake
  1. Visapur Fort Trek

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    The Visapur Fort trek is one of the best trekking destinations near Mumbai in monsoons. It is also famously known as the twin of the lohagad fort and both these forts have most features almost common except for a very few differences.

    Distance from Mumbai: 120 kms

    Place to visit in Visapur:

    Scorpion’s sting (vinchu kata), Ganpati Mandir, Bhedsa Caves, Devi Durga parmeshwari temple, Pavana Lake

    Things to do in Visapur:

  • Trekking near malvali.
  • Sightseeing at Bhedsa Caves and Scorpion’s sting
  • Visit the Devi Durga parmeshwari temple and Ganpati Mandir
  1. Vasota Trek

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    Vasota is place near Mumbai to visited for the sole reason of its beauty .it is one of the best weekend getaways around Mumbai you will never forget in your life. So, pack your bags and get to Vasota to get one hell of a trekking experience.

    Distance from Mumbai: 280 kms

    Place to visit in Vasota:

    Konya Wild Life Sanctuary, Bamnoli, Vasota Fort

    Things to do in Vasota:

  • Trekking at Vasota fort.
  • Boating at Bamnoli boating club.