35 Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok offers everything from affordable markets such as Chatuchak to flashy high end malls such as Siam Paragon. You are bound to explore several streets with shop-owners selling specialized accessories, goods and when your purse needs a break. You can go to the city’s amazing temples like Wat Arun and Temple of Reclining Buddha are2 of the most famous temples in Bangkok. Let your Bangkok trip culminate in a relaxed float down in the Chao Phraya River. It is the perfect outlook from which you will appreciate everything about this bustling city.

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1. Experience the Mosaics and dawn at Wat Arun!


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The meaning of Wat Arun is Temple of Dawn and it is named after the Hindu god “Aruna” means the god of down. This 260 foot temple is simply glorious to watch sunset or dawn. Wat Arun is covered from head to toe with mosaics that are pieced together with Chinese porcelain. Tourists can pay small price to experience it and to climb in the temple’s mid prang, keeping in mind the steps, which are steep as well as the stairways are very narrow. This is the most jaw dropping temple of Bangkok and getting there through boat all across the river considered to be a beautiful journey.

2. Visit the Lumpini Park in Bangkok!

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Lumpini is Bangkok’s best park that has free entry and it is an ideal spot to spend few hours on sunny days. Apart from running, basketball court, cycling track and a line of aerobics in open air, fencing, yoga classes and Tai Chi, there is a plethora of lush green space just to take out some time for your own. You can enjoy orchestral concerts in winters, on every Sunday at free of cost. You can also enjoy food stalls in Lumpini’s perimeter and indulge in rowing or paddleboat experience in the region of the lake.


3. Explore the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok!


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Nearby the Dusit Palace, Dusit Zoo is considered as one of the best place to discover for few hours in case you want to break through the Bangkok mania, and need a little time out from temples. It is a great place to bring your kids with over 1600 animals, including white Bengal tigers, giraffes, hungry hippos and Asiatic black bear, Dusit is a well-maintained zoo with seemingly enough space for zoo inhabitants. This place hosts the plethora of shows all through the day. There is a huge lake to enjoy in pedal boating and you will even get to see the remains of World War II.

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4. Visit Bang Krachao in Bangkok- experience ferry and bike ride!


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If you have got enough time to spend a day trip then head to the Bang Krachao. It is a Bangkok’s manmade Island in Phra Pradaeng, city’s south from where you will need to get into a ferry to via either Bang Na piers or Klong Toei. There are no skyscrapers it is simply an expansion of elegant green space and a perfect place to escape from Bangkok mania, within Bangkok. One can hire bike for a day at just 100 baht and can explore this beautiful Island through relatively narrow and raised embankments. You can also enjoy floating market on weekends, small restaurants as well as several stilted homes.

5. Khao San road and Chinatown!


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When you go to the old city in east Bangkok, you will come to Yaowarat Road that is also called as Chinatown district of Bangkok. Chinatown is flooded with shop house stores, excellent street food and Chinese temples waiting to get explored. You should take a 10 minutes taxi ride to the backpacker’s paradise at Khao San Road, which is a small street that has enough characters to fill this town with quirky bars, hawkers, cheap nights, hostels where people will have ample opportunities to do things and watch.

6. Explore the Grand Palace in Bangkok!


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The Grand Palace is known as the most popular attraction in Bangkok among all the other places to visit. You can explore this palace as it takes many hours to cover this place, which is spread over 214,000sq meters. This palace was king’s home at one point of time where the Thailand government carried out various work. Always be aware of possible scams while you are outside the Grand Palace and pay only for the enterance fees when you are going inside.

7. Experience the sky train ride!


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There is just one way to see Bangkok at high speed while keeping your cool is to jump into sky trains. It comes with air conditioned carriage and it is considered as the best way to roam around. You will not face any traffic and it is a direct route to most of the places you want to see. You will have a different experience altogether on the sky train ride as you will get to see the city view. You will find station on every city in Bangkok and hence making traveling easy.

8. Take a stroll in chatuchak market!


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Women love shopping and they must checkout this place as Chatuchak market covers around 8000 stalls. It is scattered on 27 acres space and it’s considered as one of the largest market around the world. It is open on weekends and it attracts around 200,000 tourists a day as you will get everything you can ever imagine on sale here and at local price rather than prices set for tourists. It’s definitely worth picking a map prior getting lost in the Chatuchak market.

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9. Explore interesting things in Bangkok National Museum!


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Wow! You have got a really good chance to explore the Bangkok National Museum as it has the largest collection of Thai art and artifacts in Thailand. This museum was primarily opened by the king Rama V in order to display all the gifts given to him by his father. You will get to see many interesting artifacts in the museum like precious stones, clothing, textiles, Khon masks, Chinese weapons and puppets. If you visit the museum on Thursday then you will be given an English guide so that you will be able to understand things pretty quick and easily.

10. Get a Thai massage in Bangkok!


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Whatever country you belong to you must have heard of the popular Thai massage and perhaps have seen many Thai massage parlors in the local village. You will experience an amazing Thai massage here in Bangkok as this massage is originated in this country only. The Thai massage experience will provide you new lease of life while making you feel balanced and invigorated. You can find several options easily nearby your hotel.

11. Experience a Motorcycle Taxi


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Bangkok roads are congested and always full of traffic. Travelling from one place to another in this city is very daunting and time taking task. Although sky train is good option for travelling but it is not connected everywhere so another good option is motorcycle taxi. Distinct to a regular taxi or tuk tuk motorcycle taxi will take on the back seat wherever you want to go. No matter how long you need to go, you just need to pay and driver will take you to that place earlier than any other taxi. It is must to do activity if you are visiting Bangkok.

12. Watch Muay Thai (Kickboxing)


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Entire Thailand is full of Muay Thai Stadiums although the prime fights took place in Bangkok, usually at the Ratchadamnoen or Lumpini stadiums. Muay Thai is the main sport of this country and it is most popular too. Watching Muay Thai’s famous figures on Television are few of the uppermost for any program, which is aired. Spending an evening at the arena is definitely to be thrilled as the Bangkok people get so engrossed in the fights, which increase the temperature due to excitement. If you are interested you can also do betting.

13. Participate in a Water Battle during Songkran


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Celebrate Songkran between 13th to 15th April. It is the customary Thai New Year carnival and surely everyone get wet. In the Buddhist belief it is assumed that by smattering water your indulgence and awful luck will be cleaned away. Nowadays the smattering of water has twisted into a complete on water fight, which the entire country gets occupied in. with the enormous crowds of metropolis there is no enhanced place to witness this carnival as the metropolis turn out to be one big party.

14. Go for Thai Lesson


Image Source – flickr.com/Patong Language School

Thai language is a tonal language, which makes it notoriously tough. There are 44 consonants and 32 vowels, which makes it one of the prime alphabets approximately. if you will speak it wrong the meaning of word can be changed. Bangkok offers several language schools that offer taster sittings lope by volunteers. They are surely significance a visit so you are able to try and try to understand a certain sentences to say while meeting Thai people. Thai people loves and help travelers when they try to learn their language.

15. Must Watch the Puppet Show


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This must be in the list of all travelers, in major puppet shows the puppeteers are veiled from sight however not in this play. The puppeteers are also part of the play and it acquires 3 people to manage every puppet. The puppets enlighten out a traditional folk tale while a live group plays music to make atmosphere more majestic. The set craftsmanship and design, which goes into building the props is wonderful as is the method of the performers as well.

16. Learn about Silk at Jim Thompson House


Image Source – flickr.com/Twang_Dunga

Thai silk is well known in the world and nowhere will you discover an improved place to find out about the past of this craft. As you stroll around the Jim Thompson house besides knowing about the past of the Thai Silk Company, you will also able to know the past of Jim Thompson. House itself is like a complex customary teak construction structuring the entire dwelling.

17. Devour Yourself on Durian


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You will possibly sniff it before you notice it however Durian is called as “the king of fruits”. Populace either hates it or loves it and even in some public zone it is totally banned. A durian fruit is discrete for several bases. Initially its look, it appears like some type of old weapon with its prickly outer shield, and once the outer shield has been aloof the innards are like creamy buttery grain, which some people state is the supreme fruit of all.

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18. Witness the Erawan Shrine


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Erawan Shrine is located in one of the extreme busiest locales of Bangkok. It is a Brahman temple and magnetizes so many travelers, which makes it more famous than any other shrines. Built in 1950’s the temple was made due to the construction labors on the near hotel were too credulous to persist their work as they thought the land spirits were gloomy and creating troubles on the building site. The shrine itself is a 4 façade Brahma lord and populace gather there and place garlands in the belief their wishes will be fulfilled.

19. Witness Vimanmek Mansion


Image Source – flickr.com/Akarat Akwisarn

This mansion is the world’s prevalent teak wood structure. Officially a royal dwelling it was merely used for an only some years previous to being left bare for several decades. The mansion itself is currently a museum, which is home to various ancient relics and even some snaps, which have been contributed by His King. When you are on the ground level of the mansion you may click as many snaps as you desire, however you will not be permitted to take your camera within the museum itself and an austere dress code is in power so make sure you dress humbly.

20. Put Coins in 108 Bowls at Wat Pho


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Of you are travelling to Bangkok then you must positively visit to Wat Pho, it is the abode to the Reclining Buddha that positions at 15 meters tall and 46 meters long, the feet are exact 5 meters long. The entire sculpture is enclosed in gold leaf and appears incredible while you get up near. Within the shrine here are 108 bowls and before entering in the temple you can buy coins for the bowls and put coins in these 108 bowls. According to the local people Buddha accomplished 108 optimistic proceedings on his path to become ideal. While you are at the shrine you can also enjoy traditional Thai Massage.

21. Witness the Gleaming view of Bangkok from Wat Saket


Image Source – flickr.com/Andrea Schaffer

Whereas the near Grand Palace complex has a 500 Baht entrance fee and is consistently all the time full to the edge with tour groups and travelers, Wat Saket is a best substitute as a Buddhist shrine, frequently free from the packs of tourists, offering gleaming visions of Bangkok to wader.

A stunning golden chedi meets atop an artificial hill, which entails a simple climb of approximately 300 footsteps. Even the Golden Peak itself, the lands are dwelling to an ordination hallway, Library, Chapel and cemetery with parts timing back to Thailand’s medieval era.

22. Splurge an Evening in Nana Plaza

image27Image Source – flickr.com/blob15

Nana Plaza is located nearby the BTS station. This plaza is the prime sex complex of the world. Here you can discover several go-go bars occupied by Thai women seeking to give you sexual pleasure in exchange of certain fees. Even if you are not interested in any of the offer you can enjoy outside sitting and slurping your drink and watching the crowd go by.

23. Mount the Sathorn Unique Tower


Image Source – flickr.com/m-louis

Sathorn Unique Tower is the incomplete 49 storey building in the heart of the city. Few years back when world was facing financial crises the construction of this building was stopped due to finance issues. Now it is neglected, extremely big for anybody to do anything with, except you love to mount it. At the entrance point you will get few guards just pay them and you are free to roam around the tower. The outlook from the peak is breathtaking and will make your scramble worth it.

24. Enjoy your Drink on the top of the City


Image Source – flickr.com/Luigi Rosa

There are enormous places in this metropolis where you can enjoy your drink. However the view of Bangkok from Vertigo and Moon Bar will surely hypnotize you. Enjoying your drinks on the 61st level of the Banyan Tree Hotel while looking out and having glimpse of Bangkok will surely mesmerize you. Once you reached on the 61st level you will be outside the building on the roof of the building. So if you are afraid of height, then avoid it. The architectures have designed the rooftop in such a way that you can get entire 360⁰ view of Bangkok without obstructions.

25. Try Mouth Watering Street Food


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With Thai populace deciding to gobble almost all meal away instead of preparing at home the fame of street food has not at all been stronger. All busy roads will have numerous street food sellers selling their goods to the tourists and a local alike, the costs are little due to this is everywhere the Thai people wish to eat their daily meals as well.

Pad Thai is just one of the street food dish, there are so many other famous and mouth watering dishes that you must try on Bangkok streets. Here you will find everything from Squid to Som Tam. Every dish will be prepared in front of you and will be fresh.

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26. Learn about the Thai Tradition at Kamthieng House Museum


Image Source – flickr.com/Khanh Tam

Kamthieng House is located at the BTS station. A museum inside a customary Lanna abode. Fortified from the banks of the River Ping in Chiang Mai, the adobe and displays within educate you regarding life in a rustic Thai society in the 18 century and the widespread farming civilization of the time.

Several artifacts are to be set up inside the double level house, viewing the lot from an archetypal Thai kitchen to merit making customs. Kamthieng offers a mesmerizing imminent into Thai olden times and is an outstanding illustration of everyday life in a Lanna family. It takes approximately an hour to walk around.

27. Drink at Cheap Charlie’s


Image Source – flickr.com/Kalboz

Establish roughly half way downward the nightlife center of Sukhumvit Soi 11, Cheap Charlie’s is a completely exclusive dive bar, which lives up to its name. The drinks are really cheap, with beers preliminary from‎ 60 Baht. Essentially situated exterior with just a hanging roof for cover, the eclectically adorned bar is a gathering place for the bizarre and magnificent expats of city, and an immense people watching spot.

There are a certain improvised tables inside its little perimeter however these lean to get shattered up pretty rapidly so you’ll probably find yourself footing with your good deal whisky. No issues if you’re there for the discounted drinks or just a starting point prior to a Soi 11 bar crawl, you’ll surely have a night to remember.

28. Roam in the Night Market, Asiatique


Image Source – flickr.com/nan-cheng Tsai

Situated on the bank of the Chao Phraya, Asiatique was a great trading dock although is currently a huge, external night marketplace, which has not yet been prevailed by travelers. As well as ordinary shops, there are bounty of souk manner stalls with extremely sensible prices, which entail much less unruly haggling than at Chatuchak as well as a variety of eateries and modest restaurants.

If you’re seeking for various activity – and are ready to spend a few baht there are a certain attractions on tender too, counting a ladyboy cabaret, traditional puppet show and Ferris wheel. The finest method of getting to Asiatique is to grasp the free ferry boat from Saphan Taksin Pier.

29. Go for Horse Racing


Image Source – flickr.com/Mahmud Amin

Spend your Sunday afternoon in a royal way by cheering for your favorite pony. An economical entry fee and chilled beer turn the activity more tempting, still if you aren’t interested in racing. There are 2 tracks in city, the Royal Turf Club and the Royal Bangkok Sports Club. You can enjoy racing every Sunday here between 12:30 to 6 PM.

30. Acquire a Boat Ride


Image Source – flickr.com/David Mckelvey

Although the roads are always packed with heavy traffic you can enjoy a gusty boat ride beside the Chao Phraya River. Just buy one day pass B100 from the Chao Phraya Express Boat and take pleasure in unrestricted trips to discover the metropolis from an entire new outlook. Boats halt at ten main piers counting Phra Athit and Sathorn. On Sunday even you can take ferry to Koh Kred.

31. Take a Bus Ride


Image Source – flickr.com/harry fichtner

There are maximum chances that you will stick into the traffic jam in Bangkok. Besides Car or taxi or tuk-tuk try to take a bus ride and get all new experience with local ones. This life time experience will bring you more close to the locals and you will also know how difficult it can be for major population to travel from one place to other. You can get Air Conditioned Bus or non air conditioned bus.

32. Bathe with Sharks


Image Source – flickr.com/Dushan Hanuska

Add an excitement to your dull 9-to-6 life and catch up close and special with the magnificent sea marauders. No requirement to head to the deep-sea as Siam Ocean World gets the deep-sea to you, precise beneath the mega mall. Escorted by the specialists, the terrifying dive entails no experience, just bravery.

33. Try some Scary dishes


Image Source – flickr.com/Alpha

If you are in Bangkok and you are a food lover then you must try certain scary dishes, which you can only find in Thailand. Goong Ten (a live shrimp with herbs and lots of chilly), Goy (a spicy salad rare pork), Khai Khao (an egg holding immature embryo) are few dishes you can try however, list is never ending. As a beginner try to take a baby pace and begin with fried insects.

34. Wrestle with Crocodile


Image Source – flickr.com/Tontantravel

Zoo and the Samphran Elephant Park is one of the best things to do in Bangkok. The park tenders exciting and thrilling crocodile wrestling shows and Elephant Theme shows. Here you can also try dishes made of crocodile’s meat. This park is open from Monday to Friday 8:30 AM till 5:30 PM.

Look at professional trainer as they do dangerous and thrilling activities will put you on the edge of your bench.

35. Go for Tuk Tuk Ride


Image Source – flickr.com/Simon Schellpeper

Check out Ollie and Saunders’s guide to roam around Bangkok and it’s very clear that you will find tuk tuk everywhere. A cozy seat with a petite engine and very colorful hood, this is the perfect for evading Lorries, veering walkways and overcrowding taxis. These are the most economical and most fun travel choice in Thailand.

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