16 Perfect Weekend Getaways From Kerala for Your Long – Long Holiday Vacation

Kerala is well known for its marine life, geographical diversity and amazing views that offer a lot for the tourists. A few hours of drive will take you to Lakshadweep, Munnar as well as Coimbatore and many other places. There are numerous places around Kerala that one can visit. Let’s have a look at these weekend getaways from Kerala in detail.

Weekend Getaways From Kerala

Here follows the list –

1. Pondicherry – 643 KM From Thiruvanatapuram:

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Source: Wikipedia.org

Pondicherry is a former French Colony and an ocean of tranquility with its serene views and calm roads. It is one of the spectacular places around Kerala for holiday makers. There’s the Sri Aurobindo Ashram out here and one can go for peaceful yoga sessions.

Time To Reach Pondicherry:

11 Hours

Things To Do In Pondicherry:

Roam around the town and click some pictures of the unique houses out here.

2. Kodaikanal – 411 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

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At a separation of around 8 KM from Kodaikanal, the Dolphin’s Nose gives shows a staggering scene of the valleys and slopes of the surrounding region. It is a generally even rock standing out of the mountain, sitting over a profound gorge, with its shape much the same as that of the nose of a dolphin. Located at a stature of 6600 feet, the intriguing spot is one of the essential destinations for explorers venturing out to Kodaikanal.

Time To Reach Kodaikanal:

8 Hour

Things To Do In Kodaikanal:

Admire the beauty of the hills and go on a trek.

3. Yelagiri – 710 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

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Get wonderfully lost in the otherworldly slope station of Yelagiri, in the Vellore region of Tamil Nadu. Have a tryst with the beguiling neighborhood of tribal towns in here. It is a direct result of the quietness and isolation of this hillock that Yelagiri scores high on the rundown of the most serene places around Kerala.

Time To Reach Yelagiri:

13 Hour

Things To Do In Yelagiri:

Visit the beautiful Tea Gardens.

4. Mysore – 510 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Source: Wikipedia.org

Known for its sparkling regal legacy, wonderful landmarks and friendly people, Mysore is likewise a flourishing place for the production of silk, sandalwood and incense with exchange markets globally and making it a standout among the most frequented weekend getaways from Kerala.

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Time To Reach Mysore:

9 Hour

Things To Do In Mysore:

Visit the Tipu Sultan’s Palace.

5. Ooty – 600 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Source: Wikipedia.org

Ooty is a blend of enchanting British cabins, parks and gardens. Ooty is the most famous hill station in South India and fills in as a big time relief from the dull scenes of life. There are many attractions out here and many Bollywood movies have been shot here as well, the latest to be is ‘Kapoor & Sons”.

Time To Reach Ooty:

10 Hour

Things to Do in Ooty

Visit the Botanical Park.

6. Munnar – 280 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Source: Wikipedia.org

Stashed in the middle of the three mountain rivulets of Kundala, Mudrapuzha and Nallathanni, is the enchanting little town on a slope which is called as Munnar. It features in everyone’s must go for trekking destination. Its most noteworthy crest is called Anamudi.

Time To Reach Munnar:

7 Hour

Things To Do In Munnar:

Try visiting the lush Tea Gardens.

7. Masinagudi – 430 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Source: Wikipedia.org

With calmness and serenity all over the place, this hill town known as Masinagudi is situated in the foothills of the Nilgiris. The town is rich in greenery and is also known to have the largest populations of Tigers in India.

Time To Reach Masinagudi:

9 Hour

Things To Do In Masinagudi:


8. Coimbatore – 380 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Source: Wikipedia.org

It is a little township with and is developing at a fast rate. The nearness to Ooty attracts a large number of tourists around the world. Coimbatore is also known for its Go Kart races and is one of the main hubs of racing in south India.

Time To Reach Coimbatore:

9 Hour

Things To Do In Coimbatore:


9. Meghamalai – 260 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Source: Wikipedia.org

One of the numerous alluring and wonderful spots that are bounteous in nature’s most lovely products is Meghamalai, cuddled in the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu. This is a fantastic spot on the off chance that you crave for a relaxation time and enjoy the surrounding peaks of the hills.

Time To Reach Meghamalai:

7 Hour

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Things To Do In Meghamalai:


10. Vellore – 750 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Source: Wikipedia.org

Vellore is a fort city and it is an ideal mix of the rich cultural heritage of the Dravidian Civilization and also the picturesque views. It is one of the fantabulous places to escape from the noise and pollution of the city life.

Time To Reach Vellore:

13 Hour

Things To Do In Vellore:

Visit the well know Vellore Institute of Technology to know more about the campus life.

11. Cardamom Hills – 230 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Source: Wikipedia.org

The smell of spices that enthrall tourists out here is something worth the experience. The Jewish and Marwari settlers in the early time traded here with spice. The cultivation is so huge that it extends till Munnar and Periyar.

Time To Reach Cardamom Hills:

6 Hour

Things To Do In Cardamom Hills:

You can stroll around the cardamom and talk with the local growers out here.

12. Kollam – 80 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Source: Wikipedia.org

It is a backwater town filled with tourists from all over the country even during weekdays. The houseboats offer an ideal relaxation time. It is a famous place for pepper and cashew plantations. There are many attractions out here to visit and you would certainly not be disappointed.

Time To Reach Kollam:

2 Hour

Things To Do In Kollam:

The backwaters are a major fascination out here.

13. Lakshadweep – 428 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Situated on the western coast of the Arabian Sea. It is a group of islands and an amazing weekend getaway for adventure and beach lovers. You can get to do many things like snorkeling and scuba diving. It is additionally rich in flora and fauna too.

Time To Reach Lakshadweep:

10 Hour

Things To Do In Lakshadweep:

Scuba Diving

14. Coorg – 540 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Source: Wikipedia.org

Coorg is a famous hill station in Karnataka bundled with lush greenery and an ideal place for river rafting as well. Coorg is also known for its Tibetian settlements and coffee plantations. If you are looking for an ideal place as a weekend getaway from Kerala, it is Coorg.

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Time To Reach Coorg:

11 Hour

Things To Do In Coorg:

Visit the famous coffee plantations of Coorg.

15. Kabini – 640 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Kabini is a perfect place for those who are out and out crazy for wildlife activities. The Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is near the river and one can stay at the night camps over here. You will certainly come across herds of Elephants and other animals too. For a weekend getaway, it is a treat to the eyes to be here.

Time To Reach Kabini:

12 Hour

Things To Do In Kabini:

Trekking and camping

16. Tirupati – 860 Km From Thiruvananthapuram:

Source: Wikipedia.org

If you happen to be an archaeology freak, this place is for you. It is a cultural and major pilgrimage city that attracts a huge number of people. There are tons of monuments to look around here and you won’t be dejected for sure.

Time To Reach Tirupati:

15 Hour

Things To Do In Tirupati:

Look around the various monuments located in the town.